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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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back in as many weeks of merkel's conservative alliance her judea coalition partners the social democrat party has threatened to ns their partnership if there is no political improvement the poor results have sparked an energetic debate about who will succeed merkel and when her party is tolerated because she was able to negotiate coalitions where they would be the strongest. that's been less sense the last elections the social democrats would only join the government if they got the post of foreign minister and finance minister and many in the party say well you sold was too cheaply political uncertainty in germany is also a worry for the european union at a time when the blocs dealing with the rising populism a budget crisis in italy and brics it. she has been a stable force in europe for more than a decade the whole authority at home has steadily eroded the fall kept al-jazeera. heads on al-jazeera. jubilation and anger in
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brazil as far right candidate. wins a divisive. and the victims of stalin's a person are remembered any controversal ceremony in moscow. however we do still have some right in the forecast across parts of the middle east clouds and wetter weather just making its way out of iran towards afghanistan easing over towards to many stan and is back to star bright skies come back in behind you can see the line of sherry rain just nudging its way up towards the eastern side of the region further west it's generally five android now settle conditions coming back in by route twenty seven degrees celsius over the next couple of days similar picture as we go on into wednesday before the race look how
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that rain really gathers across a good part of afghanistan snow over the high ground to the north of that we've got that mix of rain sleet and snow temperatures in our mattie and in tashkent getting up to around eleven degrees celsius could do well with across pakistan finding dry temperatures at thirty four degrees celsius we have got some disturbed weather still across the right input into the however us here in qatar should be largely settled over the next couple of days i'm optimistic that the clouds and the rain is now in the process of pushing away but further west certain parts of saudi arabia the western side of saudi arabia over towards the red sea could see some heavy rain over the next couple days that comes with it the risk of some flooding then southern parts of africa generally dry and warm johannesburg twenty nine. well the online when you're looking at wildlife and the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you
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join us on sand if you could take me around the content way would you tell me you don't have the fed up your experiment with your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a points you actually raised several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera sources have told al-jazeera others the turkish prosecutor's office was unsatisfied about its meeting with saudi officials over the murder of. saudi arabia's top prosecutor had been expected to provide
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testimonies from eight hundred suspects being held in the kingdom but didn't turkey says the saudi prosecutor did admit that the murder was pretty much. at least nine people have been injured in an explosion in capital tunis state radio says a woman has blown herself up near a group of police officers in the center of the city an area. cordoned off. officials leading the search and rescue operation following the crash of a passenger plane off and say they're not expecting to find survivors rescuers have started to retrieve human remains from the java sea one hundred eighty nine people were on board the lion airplane which lost contact with air traffic controllers minutes after takeoff. well the man accused of shooting and killing eleven people at a u.s. senate dog is due in court forty six year old robert bowers is facing twenty nine murder and hate crime charges and the gallagher's just outside the court of pittsburgh joining us from there what can you tell us about what's going on in the
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courtroom and what's happening in the investigation. well he's due to appear in about fifteen minutes time he hasn't been seen this morning he was brought to court very early all that's been seen is a federal van with a wheelchair inside because bowers was injured when he engaged officers on saturday morning at the investigation is moving at quite a pace the synagogue will be closed for about a week as friends again experience go through the three stories of that building where this hate crime happened on saturday morning meanwhile bowers faces twenty nine charges eleven of which are related to each of those deaths eleven murder charges and more than a dozen related to hate crimes bowers himself according to one of the senior members of the tree of life synagogue who went into the hospital because he wanted to see bowers was still screaming and to sematic marks even as he went into hospital to have his injuries treated in the cord into that senior person from the synagogue the first three people that treated him were in fact jewish themselves
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now crowdfunding here in pittsburgh is running at quite a pace a local muslim organization has raised one hundred twenty thousand dollars so far because they say this could have easily happened in one of their houses of worship meanwhile here in the city of pittsburgh hate has no home here is going up all over the place including the local sports teams have changed their insignia because this city is not something that wants to get defined by what happened on saturday morning but it's showing a real coming together and backing of one of the oldest jewish communities in the united states remember according to some of the jewish organizations here this is the worst crime against the jewish community in u.s. history and some in the community and in sending a loud message to the president himself. you know this is fairly unprecedented this is an open letter to president trump from jewish leaders here in pittsburgh and some of the highlights of that letter already saying to president trump you are not welcome here unless you denounce white nationalism you are not welcome here unless
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you stop targeting immigrants refugees and other minorities it's a very strong message from jewish leaders here we still don't know if president trump intends to come and visit the city of pittsburgh but the message from jewish leaders is certainly many people that we met over in squirrel hill is loud and clear a lot of people upset the president was saying that if there had been an armed guard at the synagogue on saturday morning things would have turned out differently and incidentally the synagogue here in squirrel hill had practiced for a an active shooter possibility they brought in a former f.b.i. investigator to run through security protocols with them and in fact that meant that those nine eleven calls to police were made far quicker because the congregants on saturday morning had cell phones with them that's what they've been trained to do but that's a proposal that they should have a armed guard at the synagogue has been widely rejected by people here they don't want to see armed guards in their houses of worship they simply don't think they should have to clearly a lot of people here are for gun control it's important to remember we're just
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a few days away from those midterm elections and i think events like this these rises in hate crimes across the country will just galvanize people on both the left and the right to turn out and vote on november the sixth all right thank you well the f.b.i. says it's intercepted another suspicious package addressed to c.n.n. in the u.s. it's bomb squad responded to the discovery at a postal service center in atlanta it's the latest in a series of parcel bomb sent to prominent people or organizations who oppose u.s. president donald trump the man accused of sending explosive devices says our sale is expected in court in the coming hours. the former army captain joe your ball so narrow has promised to take brazil in a radically new direction after winning the presidential runoff vote and despite offending many with remarks considered a mistake racist and homophobic also narrow tapped into voter anger over corruption
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crime and economic problems there is about reports from rio de janeiro. until a few months ago jade also noticed chances of making it to the presidency were slim now he supporters call him the myth and knife attack last month and the general disenchantment with the political class have propelled him to the presidency georgia that we are here. finally we will put our beloved brazil above all else this government will be one of constitution democracy and freedom the says a pledge not of a party it's not the vain empty words of a man but it's a promise to god freedom will make us a great nation what happened today in the polling places was not the victory of a party but rather the celebration of a country. also natalie's a former army paratrooper and an admirer of brazil's military dictatorship he said that a good criminal is a dead criminal and has promised to clean the country of what he called the red
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communist threat he supporters say he is the man brazil needs. first like the poor people in his very simple way i feel like everybody. hundreds of people have gathered outside i have also not only that part when they're chanting the national anthem and celebrating they say they want order and progress something that's written in the brazilian flag but they i meant me who fear that both are not a selection is the threat to democracy. i know told us he celebrates every election in brazil because he was banned from voting for twenty seven years during brazil's military rule. i cherish every election because it's our way of expressing l. selves and this election is more important than ever because of what's at stake and what's at stake is our democracy. this is the first defeat of the workers' party in sixteen years when former president won the presidency.
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what we saw was an awakening of people as to what was at play in the selection we are seeing the precipice being put to the test we had twenty sixty one president dilma was being a beached we had the un for a president of president the failure to follow the u.n. resolution we will forward with courage to take our listeners to all corners of this country democracy is of value above all of us. has vowed to appoint former members of the military in cabinet and that he run the country with an iron fist analysts believe his election with presents a challenge do the brazilian situations have the capacity to defend themselves against a challenge to the democratic way of doing things and what we've seen i think from the. electoral courts and some of the other instances makes me worry that perhaps not for so narrow will take office in january he's job will be to fulfill his
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promise to kick start brazil's economy and the crime wave that has already left thousands of people day. it is our religion iraq. sri lanka's sacked all minister has been granted bail after his arrest police say are june are run on to a security guard opened fire on a crowd of people who had come to his ministry to protest the shooting was the first act of violence since president my three policy the prime minister plunging the country into a constitutional crisis meanwhile the new prime minister has assumed duties but parliament is still suspended. the former bangladeshi prime minister of what it does year has been sentenced to seven years in jail for corruption the seventy two year old was convicted of taking more than three hundred thousand dollars from a charity in february she got five years after
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a conviction for stealing money from an orphanage zia says this is all aimed at keeping her out of politics with elections coming up in december a police officer has been killed in the afghan capital after a suicide attacker targeted an election commission office several staff members were injured taliban and i saw have threatened to disrupt parliamentary elections that began on october the twentieth there have been several attacks since then israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian man during protests at the gaza border fence gaza's ministry of health says another fifteen people were injured by live gunfire israeli forces have killed at least two hundred ten palestinians and injured more than eight hundred thousand since protests began in march while the new development comes as hundreds attended the funerals for three palestinian teenage boys killed in israeli drone strikes in gaza on sunday harry fawcett reports. mourners gather at a hospital morgue in southern gaza inside lay the bodies of three boys killed the
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night before it israeli airstrike israeli military said it targeted a cell that was laying explosives along the border fence the father of one of the boys denied they were doing any such thing that i look not good. but these were young boys don't plan to explode i wish they had gained a lot of going to get. his son a deal hamid in the middle was thirteen as was mohammed el sensory here on the right on the left khalid was fourteen. their bodies were brought briefly to the family homes in the village of what. locals here have suggested they might have been trying to set nets for the birds in the nearby fields when they were targeted as the convoy carried on to the mosque it passed the village school where classmates looked on men can look. at the ham it was in my class even now that he's dead he will always be my friend he was a good student i will keep him in my heart attending the funeral hamas is most
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senior leader. the faction which controls the gaza strip is now facing calls for retaliate. it follows friday's exchange of rockets launched by the palestinian group islamic jihad and israeli air strikes the israeli government itself on the domestic political pressure has promised toughened military responses to rocket fire incendiary balloons and breaches of the border fence such measures though heighten the chances of airstrikes like this one it's instructive to get a sense of the geography here this is the cemetery where the boys are now being buried just a little distance down this road and the homes in which they lived in if we cross the road and have a look over here we can see just how close all of this is to the israeli border these boys lived and died within a few hundred meters of where they're now being buried up. later on came the weekly protested sikkim where the israeli border extends into the mediterranean sea the hamas leadership has signaled it doesn't want an escalation towards war of you said
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to be shared by the israeli government despite the bellicose language of its defense minister but every few days it seems dangerous forces are being let slip only to be reined in again no one can say how long that can last harry force an al-jazeera. hundreds of russians are remembering those killed during the era of soviet leader joseph stalin relatives activists and others read out the names of the victims at a ceremony in moscow for the stuff awesome reports commemorations also touch on rights violations in today's russia. i mean. one moment they're not just a name or forgotten victims of the brutal regime of fields of style in the one nine hundred thirty s. turned into people during this hour long ceremony every year more people are turning up to call out the names of the professions in the days of executions of the thousands killed in moscow right here in front of the former k.g.b.
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office the former secret service. the so-called return of the name ceremony nearly did not happen here this year moscow thought is initially didn't want to give organizers a permission because they said it would hamper reconstruction work but after a public outcry the event was allowed to go ahead. the life in the country today is that the political prisoners haven't disappeared they're here and you once appear and they don't get released immediately of course it is relevant today it is good that there is so many people different and god willing no one will be standing in their way the human rights organization who is organizing this event has recently been branded a foreign agent by the authorities because it receives foreign funding it also has become increasingly under pressure at the same time monuments for your sprung up around the country and a recent survey done last year shows that forty three percent of the people here in russia say is atrocities would justify. the main thing is for people to know what
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has happened and why has it happened there is a restriction of freedom of speech which we can see the exclusion of political competition which we can also see limitation of citizens rights for freedom of gathering. and that's where we can witness know if people understand what it leads to in the past they will be more vigilant and. the more reason for those here today is to say they keep fighting. not only to remember those killed in the past but as a warning for what is happening today. all over again they had lines on al jazeera sources have told al-jazeera that the turkish prosecutor's office was unsatisfied about its meeting with saudi officials over the murder of. saudi arabia's top prosecutor had been expected to provide testimonies from the eight hundred suspects being held in the kingdom but didn't
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turkey says the saudi prosecutor did it meant that the murder was meditated at least nine people have been injured in the explosion in tunis capital tunis state radio says a woman has blown herself up near a group of police officers in the center of the city an area around avenue which is considered to be the heart of the capital has been cordoned off officials leading the search and rescue operation following the crash of a passenger plane off indonesia say they're not expecting to find survivors rescuers have started to retrieve human remains from the java c. one hundred eighty nine people were on board the lion airplane which lost contact with air traffic controllers minutes after takeoff. the german chancellor angela merkel has announced she is stepping down as leader of her ruling christian democratic union party merkel says she will stay on as chancellor until the next election but won't run in three years' time both major parties in germany's
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governing coalition suffered heavy losses in recent regional elections. that could see to. the next party called mr december and hamburg i would not put myself forward again as candidate for the cd secondly the school term is lost his job. at the federal election twenty twenty one i will not stand again as chancellor candidate nor as a candidate. and for the sake of political i want to seek any further political offices the f.b.i. says it's intercepted a suspicious package addressed to c.n.n. in the u.s. the discovery was made at a postal service center in atlanta it's the latest in a series of parcel bomb sent to prominent people or organizations who oppose u.s. president donald trump israeli forces have stopped at a palestinian man during protests of the gaza border fence gaza's ministry of health says another fifteen people were injured by live gunfire those are the latest headlines on we'll have more news coming up after inside stories they were.
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another mass shooting in the united states eleven dead in a pittsburgh synagogue how worrying is the rise of right wing extremism in america who's to blame and as president all trumps rhetoric feel the hate this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran kong the number of reported hate crimes in
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the united states rose in two thousand and sixteen the year donald trump was elected president the second consecutive year the figures have increased african-americans jews and muslims were all targeted last week a florida man was arrested off the mail bombs were sent some of trump's high profile critics and on saturday eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh she had written say reports on the latest mass shooting. a message of defiance out of the need to address the causes of rightwing extremist bottoms was heard at a multi-faith vigil in pittsburgh sunday evening we will recognize this moment there's a moment when this nation needs to heal in the nation needs to come together under the common sense of how we stop of them it's like this from happening ever again ah rabbi jonathan pohlmann was there as the shots rang out and attempt to help congregants to safety what happened will not break us it will not ruin
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us. we will continue to fly and sing and worship and learn together and continue our historic medic's legacy in this city with the friendliest people that we know. as police and swat teams responded it soon became apparent that this was a hate crime the suspected gunman robert bowers told police he wanted to kill as many jews as possible with an assault rifle and pistols thousand killed eight men and three women their ages range from fifty four to ninety seven american couple and two brothers among the dead during the course of his deadly assault on the people the synagogue bowers made statements regarding genocide and his desire to kill jewish people after a standoff with police powers eventually surrendered and remains in federal custody today. so our complaint charges powers with twenty nine separate federal crimes.
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outside the tree of life so we've got people who've been laying flowers of the victims all day this is one of the oldest jewish communities in the u.s. there was to be no tolerance for into semitism in america or for any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice shortly after the shooting president trump calling for unity in a nation where hate crime is on the rise but in fact as investigators search bowers home for evidence there's no renewed focus on the rhetoric the president himself uses bows appears to have been triggered by a white extremist conspiracy theory about u.s. jews funding the caravan of central american migrants making its way through mexico a theme president trump himself has alluded to the president and his supporters however disavowing any linkage is donald trump instead musing that perhaps an armed guard may have prevented this massacre shepparton see al-jazeera pittsburgh. before we go to our guest let's remind ourselves of some of the other attacks one
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woman died in charlottesville virginia when a car plowed into a crowd cheering rival protests by white supremacists and racists mosques became targets one in michigan was burned down another in arizona broken in two and a homemade bomb was detonated at an islamic center in minnesota african-americans were attacked by whites a university student in maryland was stabbed to death and a sixty six year old man in baltimore was killed with a sword immigrants were also victims a white man was kicked out of a bar in kansas city after racially abusing two indian men he returned and shot them killing one. let's now bring in our guest joining us enough late new jersey we have steve rogers he's a member of the trump for president and visor a board and a former member of the f.b.i. national joint terrorism task force in new york stars copula c.e.o. of bend the arc that's a jewish. action group and in boston glenn call former deputy national intelligence
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officer the charms national threats of the cia a warm welcome to you all starts a lot to start in new york with. you've written this open letter also being the u.s. president donald trump to denounce white nationalism you'll very convinced that it's because of his rhetoric that's allowed the pittsburgh to happen why do you think i absolutely believe that this president and his administration and all of those who enable him have created an environment where so many of us are in danger jews are in danger muslim communities are in danger sic communities immigrant communities people of color communities trans communities all of us have been named explicitly and implicitly in the rhetoric in the. campaign. rallies that have been held we have been made to be known to the rest of this
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country as dangerous as menaces which we all know is not true and what we also know is that when language and the vitriol and when the tone is so. when it is so elevated we can be certain that someone will take that tone as permission to create in cause violence what happened this weekend and actually what happened to that with the murders of the two black people in kentucky this week all of these are examples of what is inevitable when we have a president and when we have an entire republican party who refuses to denounce white white nationalism who refuses to renounce white supremacy and who create the conditions where people feel like they can act without repercussions our communities are being terrorized and this president needs to be held accountable but this is a very strong let's some could perhaps accuse you by saying that president donald trump is not welcome in pittsburgh of amping up the rhetoric and using the same
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type of language as you're accusing the u.s. president of well i would i would frame it differently the letter says very clearly that trump and members of his cabinet and this administration would in fact be welcome in pittsburgh and everywhere else with this simple request that he and all members of the republican party denounce white nationalism that is in should be quite straightforward white nationalists are extremists white nationalists have been known to be called and are domestic terrorists there is absolutely no reason why the president of the united states and the republican party and its members should not have the common decency and the moral compass to simply say that white nationalism is not acceptable in the united states let me bring in stephen roach is a new jersey hey you've had to our guest as how to say president u.s. president donald trump is responsible for the rhetoric that's fueled the karna
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hatred we've seen over the weekend would you agree with that. absolutely not the president of the united states and the republican party and democrat party and every decent living human being on this earth has denounced white nationalism bias and prejudice on the face of this earth that's number one number two look i've been in law enforcement for thirty eight years and i've learned one thing that those who commit acts of violence and crime they're the ones accountable and responsible for their actions we have gone through decades of violence on television violence on radio violence in the newspapers we've been fed in this country decades of violence from hollywood i mean look we have a culture that has been growing up for years on violence so it is unfair on unwarranted the to blame this on the rhetoric of the president of the united states and let me add this you have the jewish communities throughout this country do
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support the president the prime minister of israel supports the president so at the end of the day this is not to be pinned on the president and his rhetoric or anybody else's rhetoric for that matter the people who committed these crimes acts of violence are responsible for that but the healing we have to begin and i agree this point we have to be grant begin to think about healing and it's going to be must begin in our elementary schools we must talk more and teach more about anti-semitism and prejudice we haven't been doing much of that and we should focus our attention on that like you say you've been in lauren's full assessment thirty eight is you all saying that there is a violent of violence a culture of violence in the u.s. but nothing happens in a vacuum. where else can you is is the reason the pittsburgh shooting happened is because the shooter felt and enabled by a rise in white nationalism in the u.s. because he felt that the u.s.
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president certain members of his administration have been sympathetic or at least understanding of white nationalists if not outwardly supporting them. well look i can't get into this individual's mind i mean there have been criminals who i have interviewed over the years who have said that. they have certain beliefs certain the ology that they believe in but never never have i heard anyone say well i blame it on one particular person one particular actress or actor or president or politician i think that's kind of using that person in this case the president as a scapegoat look that we have people all over this country look at the actors and even some of the sports figures calling out for awhile and eric holder maxine waters calling out for for people to commit violent acts against republicans i don't think they're responsible for some lunatic walking into a restaurant doing what they did a few weeks ago to mitch mcconnell and others so accountability and responsibility
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is on the shoulders of those who committed the crimes let me bring in boston ahead and then call you had that the it was an individual lunatics who used. the how of the how much of this has to do with being able to operate much more openly now being able to say that i am a white nationalist and their full these are my beliefs do you think things have changed for the worse in the united states of america. i don't think so i know so it's not a question of my opinion or even. an informal assessment there's empirical data that demonstrates that this is the case for years the intelligence community has assessed formally that's includes the f.b.i. the cia all the law enforcement that the greatest danger to american lives and treasure in the united states comes from the far right militia vigilante groups
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unfortunately or tragically terribly the intelligence community was not really allowed to say that clearly because according to the republican leadership who denied us the authorization to state that that would then tar quote unfairly the conservatives who are the republicans but that that is clear also just as when in sports your body goes where you turn your head similarly our thoughts go where our words lead us words have have imp practical physical material demonstrably will effect and to allege that statements that create a false equivalence between whites nationalists let's call them what they are racists and american fascists with people who oppose that is either disingenuous or naive it's a fact let me bring in new york hence toskala play you just heard both both our
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guests have to say the defamation the reporting the rise in hate crimes has gone up by fifty was going to fifty seven percent a d. a big spike since the us president trump took over what's the language that the us president uses that worries you the most before the pittsburgh it's had happens will you will you alarmed by the kind of things that he was saying. yes i've been alarmed by this president from the moment he took office and in fact when he started his candidacy and i just want to double down on the words of the speaker who just spoke before me i really want to make sure that it is very clear that the jewish community seventy six percent of the jewish community did not vote for dollars from thirty percent of the jewish community only identify as republicans we are overwhelmingly a can pick a community that does not support this agenda this administration's agenda and the
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language the rhetoric the rallies the incitement to mob violence the scapegoating this is creating a sense of permission for the individuals who do follow trump and this administration to act brazenly and to act as if they are not going to have consequences and because of that i think it is imperative that all of us around the country all of us who feel like we are in the crosshairs right now of a dangerous administration who is not interested in caring for our lives the lives of our families or communities in honor of those who were slain in pittsburgh in honor of those who are calling for donald trump to either renounce white nationalism and his party the republicans to now it's white nationalism or they are not welcome in pittsburgh i believe it's time that all of us across the country hold up that call as well that all communities who feel like we are targets of trump make it clear that neither he or anyone in the republican party is welcome in
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our towns in our cities in our states unless they do the simple basic right thing which is to denounce white nationalism to make it clear that that is a party that does not want ties to these radical extremists but really these ideas are not only held any longer by extremists these are ideas that have become mainstream part of the republican party's platform overall and it needs to stop signal which is in new jersey is it time for the u.s. president to denounce what nationalism. he has he has denounced white nationalism and so has the republican party and let me add this one of our guests used the word mob well that word mob didn't come out of the president's mouth that came out of the mouth of some of the river the democrats that was maxine waters and that was eric holder they were the ones that said let's get the mobs after the republican leadership in the restaurants so you see that my point is is that look we can point the finger in the direction of the president or in the direction of the democrats
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it's the person who commits the act of violence yeah we can do better we can work well together but what we must do is recognize the root cause of this problem has been going on for decades and decades and decades and we still have massive violence in chicago massive violence in baltimore that has nothing to do with the rhetoric that's going on my point is together we could work very well together if we start elementary school level start refocusing on the things that we need to focus on to stop violence and may i add one more thing it also begins in the home we've got to get parents engage with their children about all of the things that go on and this was a tragedy of all tragedies i've had in my lifetime this is the worst one and it should be a wake up call to everyone but let's. point the direction that we should to start healing these rooms playing call in boston. guest in new jersey steve merges is
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saying that it needs to begin at home that perhaps hollywood is to blame full of this that there are a there's a culture of violence in the u.s. that's perhaps the playing the role of this is it also to do the fact that the u.s. has some of the most lax gun control laws in the world is gun control a pos of this as well the ease of availability of weapons. well what we just heard are the tired old. shell game rationalizations when the facts are pretty clear the statement that guns don't kill people people kill people is is part of this whole silly trope tragic trope. what are guns intended to do they're designed to kill people if people didn't have guns would guns kill people the answer is no there is a clear again imperiously demonstrably overwhelmingly proven relationship between the availability of guns and the number of people who are killed by them in europe
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dozens of people per year in a are killed by handguns in a population that's larger than the united states in the united states it's twelve thousand per year what is the one difference between the two societies to civilizations or societies is the availability of guns so this business that it's because of video games or violence being condoned or not talked against in the home is dissembling it's for the simple word for it is that it is a lie again either it is naive because it sincerely believe but wrong or it is misleading the facts are clear guns lead to death and gun control will reduce it that's just imperiously of the monster demonstrated. there in new york this was very much about two about racism about anti semitism but you'll concerns a slightly larger than that in that you feel the minority communities are being targeted under this administration i'm going to toss you about the gun control laws
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do you think that would have helped or do you think the hatred would simply manifest itself in a different way. well i believe that we absolutely are country that needs to have an entire transformation on how we are approaching the issues of gun violence and gun control i absolutely agree we need to have a very different and aggressive set of reforms that in fact most gun owners most members of the n.r.a. most folks who actually use guns for things like hunting and to provide food for their family they too also want for there to be commonsense solutions so that people aren't using guns to murder and accidentally cause deaths i do believe as well that the slaughter of eleven people on saturday morning during a prayer service when a baby was being named that that did happen at the hands of an individual who was
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wielding a gun and i also do believe that the hatred in the bigotry and the ability to dehumanizing an entire community of people entire communities of people mean that there will be individuals who are given a platform by our leader in this country the president of the united states who calls them fine people that these individuals will find ways to harm and injure and kill others of us who this president the republican party and many others have deemed to be. people who don't matter people whose lives are not worth saving are caring about so yes it's true i do very much believe that we need to have a very different set of gun reforms in this country and there are fantastic organizations that are doing that work i do want us to keep a focus on the fact that this violence happened because we have as
2:42 am
a country created an environment where certain communities are deemed to be more disposable indispensable than others and for all of us who are in the crosshairs of this administration this administration who is too cowardly in this moment to simply denounce white nationalism right now today let's have everyone just say white nationalism is not acceptable in the united states we will not only want to get answers we are running out example not i'm going. to come in there because we already outside i do want to get you all again stephen roach is this two questions i really want to ask you his gun control do you need little gun control would a good guy with a gun have been able to stop the attack in pittsburgh and secondly why doesn't the president denounce white nationalism in clear terms in the wake of the pittsburgh. ok once again i must tell here that he has denounced white nationalism as has the
2:43 am
republican party he's done that a few times so that's already been done and if he needs to do it again and i believe he does i'm sure he's going to do it again but regard to gun control yes the prior speakers right there should be a commonsense gun regulations or some sort of guidelines that could keep guns away from mentally deranged people but let me say this chicago has the toughest gun control laws in the nation the highest murder rate by guns baltimore high murder rate by guns washington d.c. one of the toughest murder rate by guns the fact that a matter is and look i've been involved in a shooting i've seen victims who have been on the other end of a gun barrel and had they had a gun in their hands maybe some of them would be alive responsible gun owners with guns as we've seen this past week by the way will will put an end to these people who are coming in and at the very least minimize more violence if a person did have a weapon in the synagogue well who knows what would have happened if he were to
2:44 am
bring in we are running out since we already have that one but let me just bring in boston and then call i saw you shaking your head it was steve rogers was saying why are you shaking your head well this is another imperiously proven mistruths and false statement all of the data shows that the possession of guns actually by people who think that it will lead to their self help for self defense leads to an increased danger of their being them being harmed by by somebody else with a gun or violence. it doesn't it does not make one safer it puts one in greater danger that simply imperiously proven. thanks to all august save norges glenn call and stores called and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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big challenges facing human pride in the twenty first century and they are look we're war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this unli too well. but as the sixtieth wedding anniversary approaches own parents are looking hones rather than alms like the others without a doubt cannot daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye to eye . my father my mother. part of the viewfinder asian series on al-jazeera. in the united states the religious right is on the we were always hunting for the guy who would take our script and read it their goal is to take
2:48 am
control of one of the political parties and they've effectively done that full lines examines the trumpet ministration special relationship with the religious right what do you get out of it the presidency and what evangelical support means for the future of the country church of trump announces iraq. this is al jazeera. you want to minimize our life from a headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes the turkish prosecutor's office say it's unsatisfied over its meeting with a senior saudi official investigating. a murder. suicide bomber blows
2:49 am
herself up near a police patrol intern as u.s. capital. into an easier gives up any hope of finding survivors from a plane that crashed into the sea with one hundred eighty nine people on board after more than a decade dominating european politics the end of an era beckons for german chancellor angela merkel and i'm here to stand with all your sports as lester's footballers pay an emotional tribute to the late owner who was killed in a helicopter crash at the ground on saturday. hello sources have told al-jazeera that they took us. prosecutor's office was satisfied about its meeting with saudi officials they discussed the killing of journalism out of the city inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul on october the second the top saudi prosecutor and mars job had been expected to provide
2:50 am
testimonies from the eight hundred suspects being held in saudi arabia but didn't neither side turned over their files of evidence turkey again pushed for the suspects to be extradited from saudi arabia it says their allegedly use of a local collaborator in the crime is a legitimate reason for them to face trial on turkish soil saudi arabia though wants them tried in the kingdom meanwhile the turkish foreign minister says the saudi prosecutor edited the murder was pre meditated has come out about joining us from istanbul to talk us through these latest developments have some. degree of the meeting didn't really go well because each poncy has its own expectation is what to get from the other party the turkish government for example want to the top. prosecutor to deliver more information particular the
2:51 am
testimony from the eighteen suspects this is number one they want to know exactly who gave the order to kill. and also the body that was crucial for them to be able to build a strong. case with the strong evidence and then make the findings ultimately the saudis of the same time we're expecting to hear more from the turkish investigator particularly about the circumstances and why the turkish believe the turkey believes it has strong evidence about the case of the model it was a short meeting about the now of fifteen minutes and this explains why the turkish government said that it were not satisfied about the meeting of expecting more from the saudi now at this particular moment it's most likely the saudi investigator is going to return to sandy arabia for further consultation with the top political leadership that swear we're going to get more clarity about whether there's going
2:52 am
to be more corporation or strange relations between the saudis and the turks and in the meantime has some of the turks are saying that they have not gotten what they've asked from the saudis then do we expect the the turks to be leaking more information as we saw the leaks over the past couple weeks. that could be well the case because of the beginning it was that steady stream of leaks to the international media somehow some pressure on the sunday government to change its account about the. killing of the from absolute denial to saying finally that it was a premeditated. killing but that it seems that a certain point the turkish government wanted to give diplomacy a chance by saying that. this should be judicial cooperation from both parties and
2:53 am
then we sold those statements back and forth from the sounds of government and from the turkish government about the need to move forward with a united. to be united team to investigate the case now with this meeting. today it seems that most likely it would be a political decision that could either pave the way for war corporation or sponsor will be just entrenched saying that we need to hear first from you before we can come out openly about what happens is a crucial juncture for both parties of this explains why the saudis are really cautious because as you know the rain now for the turkish government is about two or three things here who gave the order took is a model how was it someone close to the crown prince or was it the quince of the crown prince himself and where is the body of. that i think is something that would have definitely would need to come from the highest nationalism in the government
2:54 am
in saudi arabia all right as a man but i thank you. now stephen bomb as an international lawyer he says the saudi suspects are unlikely to be prosecuted in turkey. it seems to me that certainly the the the turkish collaborator if he or she can be identified can be prosecuted in turkey that goes without saying but i'm not certain i understand why the fact that turkish collaborator was used confers jurisdiction on the turks for events that took place it diplomatically or in this case a consular protected residence or office i don't i don't see where that makes a difference any more than using the turkish telephone lines or turkish mail would would would matter it seems to me that again the turkish defendant can be prosecuted in turkey surely and the others could be presumably could be prosecuted in turkey for acts that they might have committed on soil of which turkey has
2:55 am
jurisdiction but even then only if they can be extradited to stand trial in turkey and only of the evidence can be collected in turkey at least nine people have been injured in an explosion and soon as u.s. capital tunis state radio says a woman blew herself up near a group of police officers in the center of the city and cinesias president basically condemned the attack. i regret to say that security personnel are always paying as the heavy toll paying it to the blood i'm sure officials will identify causes and consequences such attacks undermined the state its authority and state i believe any gathering must be licensed as it is a right guaranteed by the constitution we thought we had driven terrorism out of all cities in two decades yet it is now in the heart of the capital city ricardo gonzalez is a tuna space journalist who lives near the site of the attack and he describes what
2:56 am
happened. the explosion happened and knew. it was not a very strong explosion so i have to. or maybe. one down to three as many people are moving or labor. so when i had i. mean i saw that there were. plenty around i'm complaining about and some of them were receiving some medical attention yen. meaning sorrentino. again. and then only three reports and then i. found it. indonesian authorities have given up hope of finding any survivors after a plane plunged into the sea on monday the lion air flight had one hundred eighty
2:57 am
nine people on board when it crossed just minutes after taking off when he reports from jakarta. the paintwork confirmed the first pieces of debris recovered from the crash site were from lion air flight six one zero it's believed to have crashed around thirty five kilometers off the coast just minutes after takeoff from jakarta there were early signs that the chances of finding survivors would be slim but. i think there were no survivors because we found body parts on the surface of the water but now it is already several hours after the incident so i think there were no survivors this was the flight path of the boeing seven three seven max eight reconstructed by the flight radar twenty four website using satellite data it took off at six twenty local time on monday morning for what was supposed to be a one hour flight north according to the transportation ministry the pilot asked to turn the plane around two to three minutes after takeoff contact was lost soon
2:58 am
after. at the airports in jakarta and the flight's destination punk family members gathered to wait for details about the plane's fate. i waited until after eight am but there was still no news so i asked an official then he said the flight had lost contact indonesian president joko widodo offered his support and said the search will continue around the clock. so. we understand the concern of the families but we hope the family members can be patient to wait for the search and rescue teams they're working very hard at the location of the crash in tunisia has a poor transport safety record and at times its airlines have been banned from u.s. and european airspace is because of concerns over safety standards has been involved in several incidents since it began operating eighteen years ago but nothing as. serious is this. several people were injured in two thousand and thirteen when a rookie lion air pilot landed
2:59 am
a boeing seven three seven in the water while approaching. the plane involved in monday's crash was new considering boeing's track record and this new generous that we have got it doesn't look like any mechanical failure or something around those lines but there will be further questions about a fault that was discovered before it's proceeding flight from. the plane was cleared to fly but lying there hasn't said what the fault was. well the german chancellor angela merkel one of europe's most influential leaders says she will leave politics at the end of her term in office and twenty twenty one she is also standing down as the leader for a center right party in december they surprise announcement comes on the heels of a big electoral defeat by her christian democratic party in regional polls barker reports. german chancellor told leaders of her christie and democratic
3:00 am
party the c.d.u. that it's time to begin a new chapter this would be her last term in office she also said she would quit as party leader by the end of the year very nice to be don't i will not put myself forward again as candidate for the c.d.u. chair secondly this fourth term is my last as john and chancellor at the federal election in twenty twenty one i will not stand again as the child in a candidate i know as a candidate for the. and for the sake of protocol i won't seek any further political offices when is. angela merkel's been chancellor for thirteen years she wants to remain in office until the next shot childer lections in twenty twenty one . stepping down as leader of her party a position she's held for nearly two decades is expected to spark a race to find a replacement allowing a new figure to build a profile ahead of the next election you know what came after merkel's party experience big losses in a regional election in the western state of west.


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