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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 271  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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an f.b.i. investigation into the sexual assault allegations made against a supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that means a vote by the full senate on his confirmation will be delayed for at least a week seven palestinians including two children have been killed by israeli troops in gaza thousands of people were rallying along gaza's barrier fence with israel and responds to calls by hamas the palestinian group which rules the territory and russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of undermining world order and says relations between the two are at an all time low. want against us protectionist policy and his speech at the u.n. general assembly but those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us and side story is coming up next thank you very much for watching. counting the cost why iraq is failing the power amp its electricity grid calls for consumers to wake up to what goes into making coffee plus google turns twenty one. it's.
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counting the cost. extending a hand of friendship the turkish president's in germany on a mission to mend ties he's not seen eye to eye with the german chancellor on many is recently called groupies to nato allies and on and town this visit was still this group of really this is inside still. elegant i'm peter dhabi this is inside story from doha the turkish president is in the middle of a three day state visit to germany it is a critically important tool for wretch up to i've heard on this turkey faces an economic crisis brought on by the crash of its currency the lira and german chancellor angela merkel could be part of the solution but behind the chordal
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greetings on the joint news conference is it has been a rocky relationship now for years the two leaders have traded barbs over everything from human rights abuses to political campaigning and migrants but with three million turks living in germany it's always going to be a relationship that needs to work john a whole has more now on merkel and it was meeting from berlin. well first and foremost of course this was a full state visit but also a meeting between two political leaders with very different trajectories turkey's register now strengthened with sweeping new presidential powers chancellor merkel of germany widely seen as a political lame duck but two leaders who appear to recognize that their countries share important common concerns and interests even though the peace agreements between them were hard to hide so there was talk of the syrian conflict they share ideas about how to end it they've announced a new meeting bringing in the french and the russians in october there was talk of
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the migration and refugee crisis turkey currently holding back on its soil three and a half million syrian refugees desperate to make you see your face economic crisis turkey's worst in fifteen years german banks and businesses badly exposed and the issue of course that turkey as a nato member is currently at loggerheads with the trumpet ministration and the united states that has germany could help unlock that little problem and so in her comments reflecting the difficult nature of these talks chancellor merkel said this that we hope for a common strategic and good relationship but on the issue of a free and open democratic society she said we perhaps have different perceptions of what that looks like a president heard one responded that he hopes for a win win relationship between turkey and. germany but he said that both countries need to respect each other the clear implication don't lecture us on democracy on human rights on the judiciary as difficult meeting as i said then
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a balancing act an exercise in political expediency rather than choice joe now al-jazeera inside story in berlin. and here's a taste some of the jews missed the one of mrs no call had been touching on. to get . expressed to the esteemed show so the. economy is built on strong foundations we have taken structural steps to respond to to speculation challenges in the economy we are prepared for any difficulties in our economy just as we are prepared to meet any other challenges in any other respects we feel that the relations between germany and turkey are very important and we want to advance a win win scenario. if you took a life that have always found us busty turkey has achieved enormous results when it comes to hosting three and a half million syrian refugees we discuss the subject and we want
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a meeting with the russian president the french president myself as well as president edouard and we're aiming to host a meeting in october to discuss at length. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests today joining us from berlin is foreston banner the co-founder and director of the global public policy institute in istanbul joining us from turkey bay can't columnist and political analyst and from lancaster in the u.k. mirecki has an r.t. international economist at lancaster university welcome to you all. coming to you first demonstrations today and tomorrow planned against mr erdogan and his visit does he understand why do you think. i think he understands why that there are people who are very unhappy with his offer of terrorism these are typically the people who we put in prison in turkey but they're free here in germany as it should be and they're free to demonstrate so i think he gets
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a glimpse of what an open society looks like and what opposition in an open society looks like sin and bacon in istanbul how easy or difficult is it for mrs merkel to on the one hand roll out the red carpet and on the other hand come up with some uncomfortable truths because it's not an easy sell for her well in international relations you should sometimes sacrifice your ego to sue for for for the better cause you know for the sake of your country so germany at one to hand needs turkey to assure european security. but also. has the pressure of the public opinion in germany to assert that president don's. policies may sometimes drift through. authoritarianism but as i
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said in the national relations. even if you don't like your partner of or you you have no sense sympathy for him or her you should swallow things up and look at what's best for your country mirren susan adi in lancaster you're an economist who specializes in this region on this region who's messed up the turkish economy is it the turkish economy turkish politicians is it mr irvine or is it donald trump with his tariffs. well i have to say that there's another factor is a joint act if you want a turkish economy as not being in great shape or for some time but has not been in a dramatic situation for sure the sanctions vote on a tramp as imposed on turkey are taking their toll and that their community their fate the depreciation of the turkish lira and therefore the problem is seen
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international trade relationships of it then translated into most economy are exhibiting the political and economic situation that present there to go on is a facing so you know way as we think of ease of easing germany to me as an international economy is a question comes to mind also following on the previous contribution he may not like that american very much but maybe even more than what the current position is of the press then charm clearly did an issue between. germany turkey in the us not being very warm recently but possibly their mission in the united states i mean been called there and saw your is that balancing out the politically madame even more so economically on what the president of the one can try to do in order to try to come out to to sort of of the economic issues vet is facing keeping in mind there but i believe is also facing a very strong political constrain sinan in istanbul let's just talk specifics for
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a second here what merkel wants from this two day get together and also what mr erdogan wants he wants the for to look glenn movement designates it as a quote terror organization he must know that is not going to happen because the german line has been consistent there is simply not enough evidence about yes but i really don't think that. the meeting today was was about that you know it wasn't about the human rights issue in turkey it wasn't about the requests from president to do on about the peak of kerry or for the good in east. organization members warrants access or it wasn't about that we should or should the adopt here and macro look to the situation let's let's face it both countries are fed up actually with the american unilateralism so.
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on one hand germany faced the trump administration's harshness especially three issues one the trade tariffs the second about the russian gas and deterred about the iranian embargo on the other hand turkey is facing also difficulties. with the administration namely one the currency crisis that we are going through the second is related to the detainment of branson and thirdly we have this issue about the american sponsoring of northern syria so this is this meeting today december eighth this by letter will summit today was. just to open the pave a way. i think for any eurasian solution for the region
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so i think there is. a new axis forming today between burley in moscow. tara and maybe maybe not maybe. i mean maybe also paris so all of these countries may be france is an actual exception here but all of these countries are fed up with american units unilateralism and excessive. excessive policies that displayed by administrations. so this meeting is a prelude as you can say to a bigger solution that is coming up today it's not it was it wasn't about the human rights violations the so-called whale nations or the p.k. members or defense organised members it wasn't about that the media has covered up
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all need these parts these features of the meeting of the press conference ok but it was much more than let's just turn this lens around for a second thoughts to burn in berlin three million turks live and work in germany two thirds of them voted for him is that an area that merkel has to be sensitive to. that. i think that's an area but elect to say if you were it's on scene and surf and to see if there's your asian solution to supposedly join problems we have with the united states there's no ottoman foreign policy didn't quite work out so there's a new fantasy it seems. and i don't think the meeting between mr erdogan and chancellor merkel was primarily about joint problems that germany and turkey have with mr trump it was about joint interests and differences and an honest conversation on that and it's in germany is interest to have
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a stable and prosperous turkey for that you need good economic relations and good economic policies on the part of part of turkey also but on for that you also need to respect of human rights the freedom of the press and you need to stop interfering and that come back to the turkish german community here you need to stop harassing citizens that are living in germany that are being harassed by mr out of bounds government so there is joint interests also regarding syria and it's true that mrs merkel announced a joint some. and with mr put in mr erdogan and mr mark on it's useful and helpful for the french the germans and the turkish side to coordinate ahead of the meeting with russia because there are some joint interests on that front we we all want an end to the human human suffering human tearing cast catastrophe in syria but
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this is very convenient and somewhat funny framing i heard it from see none as this kind of just new big you're asian fantasy quoting russia which doesn't work at all from a berlin perspective we don't like these axis anymore anyway that's that's a nonstarter and they're ok for a fantasy than reality let's just take that debate a little bit forward briefly sin and if you're living in fantasy land is there a grain of truth in what thought thorston is saying in as much as every country operates basically of two bank accounts both of turkey's bank accounts are massively in the red and there's not enough money in the system for the one to dig his way out of this financial hole it is that bad and on top of that he's scared away potential investors because of the way he started looking in on how your central bank does what it does international money does not want to come into your
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country let me put it out first that. calling the eurasian solution a fantasy is. is what learn to figure. is what what is what a pro atlantic figure might say you know this this works this works this is this is called and pure is because when you are went on one side american administration namely the trump. administration is pushing the trade tariffs all all the way through. wants to impeach germany from buying the russian gas and dictates the iranian go well that the eurasian solution comes up by by itself you know this is not
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a fantasy this is not. a dream a funny dream as. as the circled it but it's pure reality and this is what's going to happen as you will see during. during the summit the upcoming summit between france germany russia and turkey and it's always a incidental not on the program so we guess the financial issue let's just wrap up our financial discussion there with more it's years an r.d. at lancaster university is it a simple that he has a banking bowl or if he gets money pumped into the economy when will it happen and what would it be. well but who's going to pump the money into the economy i mean here is is there a situation where he doesn't either that is a big question of the independence of the central bank in turkey iaapa only said that he doesn't like interest rates or the central bank of thirty increase the interest rate a couple of weeks ago or possibly not enough for four to counter the effect of the
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drop in the turkish lira so i don't think of going on some of the comments from earlier that the meeting today is going to bring any direct effect in terms of germany offering to pumping money into the turkish economy or any other that are much solutions from my perspective and this is on the boundary between politics and economics if press the trump was not in the white house i don't think that they have to go on when they've been burning today both for political and economic reasons now presidential easing that white house is doing a massive measures these m b c's of the the gas market and so on that if you want to miss that out of the gun and i'm going to america on the same side in the sense of being pushed by press and charm but i'm very different dimension person charm is impose a sanction on turkey on political grounds or mr trump has imposed. on european union and other countries on economic let's say cards but even if one may want to
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dispute that these are very different in their ground so is not fair i don't think that european union or germany can create an alliance an economic alliance we've turkey to try to have an upper end of the donor trungpa even for an alliance even economic elias would be needed would be needed weaver partners without a bigger and yet i'm thinking possibly of japan on the other side of the world that so here. is in a very strange position because it is that there is out of political constraints and i don't think that means there than we like to give up the much face any audio terms to the requests the president. but then the moment that they made it kind of an american economy can put a lot of pressure on turkey and the meeting with anger that can possibly end that can down the markets from an economic perspective a little bit about cannot offer a solution of money cannot offer a dramatic solution of saying yes we can say we will try to invest more but the markets that we decide depending on what is the situation and what that in the
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policies of the turkish government that these are the rest of the world and. so coming to the wrapping up of the financial question unfortunately i don't really see a solution on that one and i over dissension between maintain its independence and probably act again or to raise interest rates but even there is ing of interest rate can only ever buy as so much as that is something that is the engine will end but the markets can best see that as a beneficial to their side and also beneficial in it terms of long term station i just want to interrupt you there just going to interrupt you there for a second to point to thorston burn in berlin is the central assumption here that everyone's been speculating on thorston in effect completely floored because everyone's been saying basically it might come down to what happens in the next couple of weeks in it live because angle in merkel is politically weaker than she was before the german election refugees she come she can't go with the idea of more refugees trying to get out of syria across the border into turkey and she's got to
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say to mr erdogan look you've done a really really good job with refugees nobody can take that away from you but i will in effect help you with your economic situation if you help me with the refugee situation in turkey as an interest. first of all it's turkey that holds most refugees more than three million three point nine million i think in total and it needs to be commended for that. remarkable achievement on the part of turkey so turkey has it has its own interests in in not having crease in the number of know. amber of refugees even if the situation escalated they won't be in germany tomorrow but we have every human to terry an impasse in order to to address the situation in live but i don't think there is a quid pro quo on on on the economy and it live at the way you you portray it did
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germany has a general interest in a stable turkey we don't want turkey to go down the drain economically because german businesses are invested and they would like to do business in a prosperous and and unstable turkey we have three million turkish germans who are deeply connected. with with turkey and where afraid of what would happen if turkey destabilized politically so we have every in we have every interest to work together with the president at a gun for measures that as you said as you put it before that increase investor confidence ok sin and sin and he cannot in istanbul is there a very very subtle calculation on the part of mr erdogan and it's this he knows full well that he can work with mrs merkel he's betting mrs merkel can work with him although there is a a writer a code just still which is this she has to implicitly say to him i'll work with you but i don't like your political direction i don't like where you are where i think
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you're continuing to take your country. yes but on the other where there isn't like . this mogul either i mean when a count three shells you know are. good in this really nice terrorists pig terrorists it's normal that you have initial differences but on the other on the other hand when it comes to international sin and just interrupt you there you say now are you claiming that germany is sheltering terrorists is that what you just said yes of course of that that's your allegation and attacked i just want to put a rider on that for our audience that it's not that it's not that it's not an allegation it's a pure it's a it's a fact ok the fact you're saying that i was carry on with the point you were making
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. so but it comes when it comes to international topics. things changed and you have to collaborate in order. for for the sake of your country i mean as i said before mrs merkel we wants to assure ropey and security and that in order to assure the security. she knows that she has to collaborate with. mr hu. in times of crisis says that if germany continues to meddle in our international internal affairs that he would open the borders and let the let the refugees go to her was germany so this is not this is not an ideal point i know it and everybody knows it but ok
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when on the other hand you have you have you have germany. think kater is a good name is tailgating i just want to give the last thirty seconds of the program please to merits here's an r.t. at lancaster university i think it's fair to say in international politics and diplomacy you know assumption is the mother of all bad relationships they may not like each other do they trust each other. i don't know i mean the air here it's a it's a meeting of it is needed because there is some sort of a common enemy are much of the interest each other yet as their previous speaker were saying there are major differences be politically ideologically between the two countries can they ever but they need each other and european union also needs a turkey but turkey's in it was not that the methane involved your opinion now becomes a need there because of having a different front or took over so can they trust each other i don't know can we
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trust the president trump as well we don't know so it's a big uncertain situation to be going certain ward so i would see two days of easy there for three days in germany as a starting point of a conversation and where there are equal what if we needed to is it very much in there and both sides will have to show it or somebody from european perspective more the turkish side we left shortly thought more of actions to put the actions behind that their words and what they would like to achieve and i think that's a good place maybe to end our conversation gentlemen thank you so much they were our guests thorston burna simone bacon and but it's you as an audience thank you to you tube for your company you can see the show again any time to the website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash inside story you can join the conversation on twitter at age inside story for i'm pat answer they'll be one for me on the entire team here in the heart thanks for your time with all the game tomorrow of.
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this is our babies as a nation where we can find full blown maybe spaces every time there isn't a visitation i get my. dad would be out for me to even live or die he appreciates that what he does contribute to the prevention of such. big together many sectors to achieve one goal eliminate the baby's island by lifeline the quest for global health on al-jazeera. with jealousy to expose she just exquisitely. very classy it's battled our culture. our very first for a special commission and for people who spend money everything you see on the top will be to eat it if there is going to be longevity is the goal after calling it a calendar to tell you things to my nigeria on al-jazeera.
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hundreds of people now confirmed dead after an earthquake and tsunami hit the indonesian island of slip away. and welcome to al jazeera life my headquarters in doha with me is withdrawn and still ahead. emotions run high on capitol hill as brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination moves forward. undermining world order a big accusations thrown at the u.s. from russia's foreign minister as he delivers a scathing attack at the u.n. and another major dollars for breach more than.


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