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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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killing the count on al-jazeera. the u.s. national security advisers takes out a hard line position on the international criminal court. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha john bolton his remarks come as the u.s. moves to close palestine's diplomatic office in washington also ahead i'm. no place to go or the u.n. says thirty thousand people are displaced in syria's rebel held it may province and gunmen attack libya's national oil headquarters in tripoli two people are dead.
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the as. the united states has threatened to impose sanctions on the international criminal courts national security advisor john bolton made the announcement in remarks week conservative group in washington d.c. remarks at a still ongoing john bolton says sanctions are necessary to protect american military members from the i.c.c. the court is considering investigating alleged american war crimes in afghanistan he also said the u.s. will do anything in its power to protect its allies from the i.c.c. citing that as a reason for shutting down the palestine liberation organization's office in washington the p.l.o. has been calling for an i.c.c. inquiry into israel let's go live to our correspondent in washington kimberly hockett kimberly this is john bolton's first major address since joining the trumpet ministration and he's been going hard at the i.c.c. . oh there's no question about it in fact sort of really undermining its
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credibility saying that and pointing out that the majority or at least two thirds of the nations in the round the world don't recognize its authority that the united states believes it is rife with abuses that it undermines u.s. sovereignty and for that reason the united states says it will in no way shape or form respect any sort of attempt to prosecute u.s. citizens particularly with respect to alleged war crimes in afghanistan in fact arguing that if that were to happen the united states would take swift action today on the eve of september the eleventh i want to deliver a clear and unambiguous message on behalf of the president of the united states. the united states will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court we will not
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cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. and we certainly will not join the i.c.c. . committee as john bolton said that the united states is not part of the i.c.c. they didn't sign on to the rome statute so when they talk about sanctions against the i.c.c. what exactly do they mean. well it has a very specific definition and with regard to that it would mean essentially that individuals could face sanctioning by the united states that could mean prosecution under the u.s. criminal justice system it could mean banning entry into the united states so it's it's sort of got a multi-pronged effect sensually this is we should point out for anyone who wonders who the society is that john bolton is speaking before it's very conservative the federalist is very conservative audience so when he made this announcement you
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heard the applause there there was also applause with the announcement of the closure of the palestinian liberation organization office here in washington d.c. essentially that acts as a mission advocates for palestinian interests and essentially the reason for this closure it is something that the united states has threat for some time and that is the advocating by the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to sort of request that israel be prosecuted for alleged war crimes of actions against palestinians so this is a retaliatory move but again one that is getting applause among this audience and many conservatives in the united states the closure of the piano office in washington kimberly just the latest in a series of moves by the trumpet ministration against the palestinian leadership what is it trying to achieve through these various moves that many people say. the palestinians. right what it's saying is very
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counter-intuitive it's arguing the united states that is it's arguing that by closing the office that it is pushing or pressuring the palestinians to the negotiating table to try and work on some sort of mideast peace solution and in fact we are told by officials who have spoken to al-jazeera off record it as sort of on background that in fact the idea is to roll out that plan in the coming months but at the same time as we've said many times here in al-jazeera the words of the united states are very different than the actions of the united states not only the closure of this mission but also turning a blind eye to ongoing israeli settlements back. expansion rather and also the cutting of bilateral aid to the palestinians and also of course the most symbolic one of all is the moving of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem so well we hear that this is an effort to bring about peace is seems just the opposite thank you for a white house correspondent live there in washington now we'll have reaction to the
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closure of the piano office in washington in just a moment we'll be speaking to ari fawcett who is standing by in ramallah in the occupied west bank but first let's go to i.c.c. headquarters in the hague in the netherlands and holder is therefore is quite a tough posture from the u.s. administration from john bolton as we heard in his remarks any reaction from the i.c.c. so far. well like you mentioned hard harsh language she was not diplomatic but we did get reaction from the international criminal court before her before that speech excerpts of that speech were released by the media so we contacted officials in the international criminal court and they were very diplomatic they chose their words but at the same time in one way or another they dismissed really the importance of what john bolton was saying let me just read to you what they told us we are aware that bolton is to deliver a speech and talk about the international criminal court but the court believes that it benefits from the membership of one hundred twenty three parties
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representing all regions of the world in one way or another really defending its credibility defending its legitimacy even though the united states is not a member of the i.c.c. and in their statement they also talk about their commitment to quote independent and impartial exercise of our mandate saying that they're not going to pick really and choose which cases to try because we know that the united states and the i.c.c. has had a rocky relationship since it was established years ago but the situation the relationship really house is worse than following the prosecutor's determination to try cases involving the u.s. military and the u.s. intelligence in afghanistan and that's what we heard bolton say we will not allow them to try this case this is an illegitimate court but we did manage to speak to human rights defenders former prosecutors here in the hague and they say we're not shocked because this is double standards on the part of the u.s. they believe they're above the law and that everybody else should face
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international justice apart from u.s. citizens and they especially point out to john bolton a man who was involved really in the war on terror saying this is really not the first time he has criticized the i.c.c. this way yeah a broad american assaulted seems seen out on the i.c.c. not just on the show afghanistan but also on israel palestine the palestinians as you know threatening to go to the i.c.c. over crimes committed against them by israel how likely is the court to undertake an investigation on israel. well the quarterly is in a difficult position at the end of the day the court relies on the political will of nations and so when the united states feels that it is above the law and it will take any action to protect its own personnel as well as its allies in this case israel it is going to be a very very difficult situation and this is what you know most human rights defenders have been telling us where you know the united states uses this court as
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a political instrument for example it voted to refer libya to the i.c.c. the international criminal court it was among the united nations security council members to refer libya to that court so it uses the court when it has an interest that uses it as a political instrument and when it doesn't want a case to be tried it is just not tried thank you for those in a harder with reaction there from the hague now let's get reaction from ramallah in the occupied west bank carry for us it is our correspondent there harry we knew that the piano office in washington was going to be close we heard confirmation there from john bolton in early in the state department tell us first about the reactions there. well yes and indeed the palestinians themselves were told much earlier they were given confirmation of that closure the man who was supposed to be the head of that mission and was withdrawn from that post in may by the palace in of the president mahmoud abbas he said that he was notified at five thirty am
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palestinian time by a u.s. official who cited among other things the i.c.c. the pressure by the palestinians for israel to be brought before the i.c.c. as part of the russia now for that decision and indeed we heard that confirmed in this speech by john bolton in which he said that the investigation of israel the pop possibility of investigation of israel for crimes under the i.c.c. was one of the reasons that a the united states was taking the stance against it and b. the closure of the p.l.o. office in some sort of punitive measure for that i think also really interesting in this speech was some of the language used on the israel palestine issue saying that the united states would stand with any of its allies especially including israel israel was the only nation that it has explicitly outlined in this speech in terms of fighting back against the i.c.c. if it was accused in the court and he said that's. what he was
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a loser dating some of the things that the palestinians wanted to prosecute the israelis over he talked about building housing projects on the west bank not even talking about settlement construction any more obviously under international law. it is viewed as illegal settlement construction if you go back to the early days of the trumpet ministration when there was still some optimism among the palestinians that this new president might shake things up and might be someone that they could deal with those that famous meeting in the oval office between benjamin netanyahu and donald trump in which he said one state two states whatever the two sides want and he also suggested that benjamin. who cool it a bit on the circle in construction and now his national security advisor isn't even calling him settlements anymore a lot of pressure harry on the palestinians from the trump administration in recent months it started off with the move of the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem they were funding cuts and so on in the p.l.o.
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office being closed in washington just the latest in a series of actions against the palestinian leadership where do they go from here palace in india's. well we spoke to cyber earlier today the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization and he was saying this is basically the last in the line of actions of the united states could possibly take against them and therefore they have nothing to lose now in terms of relations with the u.s. he cited the jerusalem declaration the moving of the capital or rather the moving of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which the u.s. now views as the capital of israel the decision to withdraw two hundred million dollars in aid from the palestinian authority u.s. money ending all u.s. support for an ra the agency the u.n. agency which assists palestinian refugees and indeed just this weekend withdrawing twenty five million dollars of u.s.
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money for palestinian hospitals in east jerusalem so as far as erica it was concerned he said well that's it they've done everything they possibly could do but we won't budge indeed we will add another file to our calls for prosecution at the i.c.c. that being the impending demolition of the bedouin village in the occupied west bank something that was indorsed by the israeli supreme court just last week and so he says that they will redouble their efforts at the i.c.c. palace in leadership more widely saying that this just confirms our stance on not cooperating with the united states ahead of this potential deal of the century that the united states still says it wants to publish the the trump peace plan between israel and the palestinians it says this is a way of trying to pressure them to change that stance the palestinians are simply saying that it just confirms the rectitude of our stance thus far thank you for that harry foresaid life for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank let's turn to other world news now and united nations says more than thirty thousand people have
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been displaced within syria's edler province since the acid government and its russian allies began airstrikes in the area last week the last significant rebel held region in syria aid organizations have warned that any military campaign to retake the region would spark a humanitarian crisis stephanie decker has more from antakya on the turkish syrian border. there's a huge numbers given by the united nations over thirty thousand people fleeing the areas where the bombardment is taking place and going to different areas inside it most of the people according to the united nations are going into camps these are camps that are along the turkish border turkey's borders of course remain closed some people going to stay with relatives also others according to the united nations are in informal camps and others renting it just shows you the concern going forward particularly turk by turkey other mass potential civilian exodus towards its borders its borders remain close with sad and it has no intention of
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opening them up regardless of what happens it says it is on its own and it is at capacity when it comes to dealing with syrian refugees hosting already over three million inside turkey so what what they're doing to prepare for this they tell us that they already have material inside syria in the sense that they can be setting up more camps more tense also medical facilities tree our facilities if that is needed because they do expect if the offensive gets closer to the cities to the more densely populated areas they are warning and a lot of people have used this word of a potential bloodbath stephanie deca in antakya there still ahead on al jazeera iraq's prime minister arrives in basra after days of protests against the government.
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hello again well this hour we are going to start just out here towards the eastern part of the mediterranean notices clouds pushing up across parts of turkey we are seeing some showers affect your own career as well as the northern section of the country but done along the eastern parts of the mediterranean really not looking too bad beirut seeing a partly cloudy day ten twenty nine degrees there jerusalem at about twenty eight and as we go towards wednesday well things. get a little bit warmer with temperatures in beirut seeing thirty two degrees and speaking of those warmer temperatures quite city forty eight is your high here on wednesday and we are seeing some dry conditions winds are coming out of the north northwest so as long as they are there it is dry but it's still very very warm make their way across much of the middle east we are lucky here in the gulf doha at thirty eight degrees very humid here so that is going to be very uncomfortable for most people here on tuesday as well as into wednesday but down across the low in oman we are looking at clouds along the coast a temperature few twenty degrees then as i make our way down across parts of southern africa we are looking at one funnel system way off the coast so across
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much of the region really looking at mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions but as we go towards tuesday it is going to be relatively nice for cape town at nineteen and up towards durban it is going to be twenty three degrees in your forecast and twenty nine on wednesday.
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this is al jazeera live from doha the top stories this hour the u.s. is struggling to impose sanctions on the international criminal court. the advisor john bolton made the announcement a short time ago calling the i.c.c. ineffective unaccountable and dangerous he also said the u.s. will close the palestine liberation organization's office in washington d.c. and the united nations says more than thirty thousand people have been displaced within syria province into the asaad government and its russian ally began as strikes in the area last week is known as the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria. more than one child will die every minute from hunger in war zones that stopping conclusions is at the heart of
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a new report by the charity save the children the group warns that starvation is now frequently used as a weapon of war victoria gate and the reports. in towns and cities across syria forces loyal to president bashar have long used a surrender all stop strategy against civilians in rebel held areas eastern due to is now under government control but earlier this year four hundred thousand people were besieged and many starving a similar military strategy is being used in yemen both the fighters and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition deliberately obstruct deliveries of food hunger has become a weapon of war and its use is more prevalent now than it anytime in the last twenty years. save the children has looked at child hunger in the world's ten worst conflicts it's found that four point five million children under five will need
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treatment for mt nutrition this year but five hundred ninety thousand a likely to miss out on the care they need and die of starvation and disease that's an average of sixteen hundred a day or one child a minute i think what we've seen this time is a book and kind of a two decades trend where diaper hunger has been.


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