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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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what. the listening post on al-jazeera. of clean. the united nations says work crimes may have been committed by all sides involved in yemen's war. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters and. also ahead canada faces the pressure as the u.s. and mexico reach a new trade deal that replaces nafta. to let you know all of us were women have been wondering how much time we will have to live inside of a. call for concrete action after a damning u.n. report indicts myanmar's military for genocide against the community plus the czech republic battles against the heat wave that's dried up one of its most important
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rivers and wiped out crops. hello united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible war crimes a report by the un experts say there is reason to believe that the government of yemen that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it says the internationally recognized yemeni government and the saudi u.a.e. coalition may have conducted disproportionate attacks that could constitute war crimes the group also presented evidence that's cool with the other rogue groups have committed potential war crimes which include torture attacks on human dignity and engaging child soldiers under the age of fifteen. individuals in the government of yemen and the coalition including saudi arabia and the united arab
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emirates may have conducted attacks in violation of the principles of distinction proportionality and all precautions which may amount to walk crimes and also acts that may amount to walk crimes including cruel treatment and torture outrages upon personal dignity rape and conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifteen or using them to participate actively in hostilities individuals in the de facto or thor says have committed acts that may amount to war crimes including cruel treatment and torture outrages upon personal dignity and conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifteen or using them to participate actively in hostilities ellen fessor joining us from neighboring egypt seen this thing into
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that past concert while ago is a very strongly worded statement put out by the un alan. exactly the united nations said to me fourteen separate flights finding trips but access was still a difficulty but they spoke to eyewitnesses and they spoke to victims and as you see they have concluded that there may have been actions throughout this conflict that could well constitute war crimes they have compiled a list of names of people that they believe are responsible and they will cast came on to the united nations high commission there are particularly strong words as well when it came to sexual abuse and fight what they said was that sexual abuse is horrendous also lies outside their mandate but they called on nations that are not involved directly with the conflict to stop providing weapons they didn't go into specifics but we know that iran is believed to be supplying the wiki site and we certainly know that the united states and the united kingdom are supplying this so
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if you like coalition and fight you'll remember when the saudi crown prince was at the white house for a visit with donald trump donald trump a poster board which showed the weapons that they were company selling to so dear arabia and so this report will now be handed out to all the united nations members the question is what happens next will anyone pay any attention we know that the united nations has called on all parties to be involved in peace talks it's time for the six this may help give a bit of leverage to say to the parties that are involved we believe you are guilty of war crimes and the panel of experts has made it very clear but the targeting of civilians has got to stop and it would be better if pick on police stops as they said no one has clean hands but what's going on in yemen ok alan fischer thank you let's not get the reaction from the yemen and bring in presented his approach who is the activist is also a journalist what can we expect the reaction to be from the who sees. when
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the u.n. panel so experts say the de facto authorities are responsible for human rights violations for areas within their control. the whole. government has many will come down invited any international investigation team to come in d.m. and to investigate all crimes we remember that. by the by the dutch government was blocked by united kingdom and united stated. the whole of the. most parties in yemen has committed a crime but now what's the next step. that. step in and saying what can we expect that reaction to be when the un experts have just said this the de facto authorities are responsible for human rights violations and those include torture attacks on human dignity and involving child soldiers under the age of fifteen.
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is my committed might have done i was a crime so they need to send investigators into yemen which have been welcomed by the many many time so when they have good evidence then they can bring anyone to justice is that of. the movement or from the coalition but these experts just to state the fact that they did enter yemen and they outlined the areas that they did go into yemen but let's just look ahead for a moment and talk to us about how likely you think that this report is going to achieve any sort of accountability and impunity when it comes to human rights violations in the country because that is what the u.n. experts are hoping to achieve what will that be achieved. i don't know the time to explain if this report will end in to bring in
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individuals into court for the crimes that they have done into yemen from all parties then i believe that all most of those crimes in yemen will be reduced because if you bring that criminal i did admit he will try to commit any any other crime but let me make it clear that we are not sure the united nation will it go ahead. if they have collected all this evidence will they go ahead to bring those criminals into court all will this report end the same as the same list. in two thousand and sixteen which saudi arabia would have briefly blacklisted in the in that list and then what was withdrawn from it so the united nation must take a serious step to stop those crimes in yemen. and if we look into into into the war in general is an illegal war of the entire war in yemen is illegal is a war crime because there is no you in a solution that has given
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a green light to this war on human rights a sign and we thank you for speaking to us from sun up now the united states says it will vigorously defend itself against a legal challenge by iran at the un's highest court iran wants the international court of justice to suspend the u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago they were imposed after the u.s. pulled out of twenty fifty nuclear deal iran accuses the u.s. of plotting what it calls economic strangulation lawrence lee joining us from the hague day to lawrence has a playing out today. well the americans just started speaking of about five minutes ago but in many ways i think they're in they've got an easier job on their hands than the iranians did on monday yesterday the iranians had two similar tenuously argue first of all the sanctions that the americans
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imposed on them when they pulled out of the nuclear treaty were extremely debilitating things like a lack of inward investments there that the difficulty of iran's work sport oil the collapse of its currency renewable projects and being shelves at craft parts not being able to be imported deals with companies like boeing going south all these sorts of things but they also had to argue that all that was in breach of this relatively obscure nine hundred fifty five agreement between iran and the united states which calls for amity or friendly behavior between the two countries and they say the court should block the american sanctions because they're in breach of this nineteen fifty five agreement the americans of course don't have to argue that the sanctions aren't debilitating towards iran because politically that's entirely what what they're supposed to be the american the american government has said so what the americans have to try to do is to say that the sanctions breach of a nine hundred fifty five agreement which i'm sure they will say is completely out of date now and it was effectively rendered null and void by the islamic revolution
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in one nine hundred seventy nine so that's i think is going to be the focus of their arguments here today and the thing that is a said yes they have most of all in their favor is even if in the fullness of time the court rules in favor of the iranian side the americans don't have to take any notice of its ok lawrence thank you canada's foreign minister is heading to the u.s. for trade talks the united states and mexico reached a new agreement on trade on monday it will replace their original contract set out in the north american free trade agreement known as nost up and donald trump says he hopes canada will be part of our white house correspondent kimberly health it has more. frequently accusing the news media of not reporting on his accomplishments u.s. president donald trump brought reporters into the oval office well to listen in real time to a phone call with mexico's president. where you good morning
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thank you and congratulations together the two leaders jointly announce their breakthrough by lateral deal changing parts of the north american free trade agreement that trump says hurts us worker i like to call this deal the united states mexico trade agreement i think it's an elegant name i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off. the now after agreement was signed twenty four years ago between the united states mexico and canada it saw many manufacturing jobs move south to mexico as a result where labor was cheaper one of the worst trade deals ever on the campaign trail trump promised to renegotiate nafta and bring back jobs particularly in the auto sector the new deal will require seventy five percent of an american car to be made in mexico or the united states up from sixty two percent workers making those
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vehicles must also be paid a minimum sixteen dollars an hour but missing from this latest agreement is canada will start negotiating with canada irrevocably soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly. relations between the two countries have been frosty since trump slapped tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum canada's foreign minister will travel to the u.s. this week to restart negotiations but it's not clear canada will agree to the changes the nafta changes still need to be approved by the u.s. congress follows weeks of negotiations between the united states and mexico their agreement now puts pressure on canada to remain a part of the pact kimberly held at al-jazeera the white house still ahead on al-jazeera the ugandan opposition member of parliament bobby wine is released on bail but his legal troubles are far from over plus we'll take you to london's
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notting hill carnival europe's biggest street party. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. colorado we should see some slightly khwaja weather pushing into western parts of europe over the next couple of days slightly clearer skies coming in but always want to show us any possibility across the british isles as those winds just fade in for more of a northwesterly direction still a little bit of heat to the eastern side of it on the other side all of this weather system hey this cold front twenty seven celsius there for moscow twenty eight in kiev we are still getting up into the thirty's they say for remain if it's and also for greece other side of that line of rain getting into the mid twenty's there for vienna picking up to around twenty three in london see the cloud just making its way across and into scotland i will sit down across into this we go
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through wednesday tending to fizzle out but you can expect to see a little bit of time weather into the southeast for a good part of wednesday afternoon as stretches down the low countries into a good part of eastern france step towards switzerland to west of that hyperion still looking pretty warm thirty three celsius thirty three celsius once again there for athens and on the other side of the med more warm sunshine coming through here so thirty six full kyra getting up into the high twenty's across good parts of north africa algiers at thirty two degrees a little bit a cloud coming here it's fine dry and sunny and repat with a high of twenty five. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade in the euro so i'm consistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate vaca and of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that that mobile produced. that ass in
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europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth the resistance began to take full on from sugar to rebellion episode two of slavery when it's on al-jazeera . again the top stories on al-jazeera a united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible war crimes a report by the un experts says there is reason to believe that the government of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it also says that both the rebels may have committed torture. us government lawyers are defending it against a legal challenge by iran at the un's highest court the iranians want the
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international court of justice to suspend the u.s. sanctions they were reimposed three weeks ago after donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. canada's foreign minister is due in the u.s. for talks after donald trump announced a new trade agreement with mexico the u.s. president says he hopes the canadians can be part of the new deal to replace the north american free trade agreement known as nafta. i mean mars government has dismissed a damning u.n. report which calls for some of its top military generals to be prosecuted for genocide u.n. investigators have documented what they called the grave first crimes under international law against provenge on muslims they estimate at least ten thousand people were killed during military attacks that began last august the u.s. says the probe adds to growing evidence against me and maher mohammed reports.
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the u.n. says military commanders in me and more should be prosecuted for genocide against the real hinge are following their recent fact finding mission on me and more three investigators presented their report in geneva on monday. included among the findings that mean more is armed forces also known as the top down took actions that in the words of the un investigators undoubtedly amount to the greatest crimes under international law. the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tatmadaw or generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes after attacks by rohinton gunmen in iraq and state a year ago government forces began a crackdown against the rohingya the un says reports of up to ten thousand killed are conservative estimate. around three quarters of a million of the muslim minority fled to neighboring bangladesh many live here in
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ca to belong camp the largest refugee settlement in the world the report from un investigators includes accounts of numerous atrocities including gang rape in slave meant and the killing of children there are hendra who are among the most persecuted minorities in the world have faced decades of persecution and sadly they've grown accustomed to the international community ignoring their plight. reacting to the investigators findings rohinton rights activist says she's cautiously optimistic but wants action. that i love and it's been a year now since the federal same international organizations have come here but we haven't seen any solution it's all of us for him to women have been wondering how much time we will have to live inside and i think. that's one of the reasons say many women went out to demonstrations us today. those large protests show they were
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him joe are growing tired of waiting for the world to act they mourned the first year anniversary of the beginning of the violence in iraq and state or is the real hindu demonstrators called it genocide remembrance day as chairman of the hinges society for peace and human rights. has been working for months to document crimes against the rohinton he's not at all surprised by what the u.n. fact finding mission reported yet. the genocide against his has been going on systematically for thirty years and the world didn't know now the u.n. fact finding mission has allowed the world to know with their work so we're hoping that this will be a lesson to the world so no other countries go through what we went through this is why we're working for justice. will less as they were hinge it will continue to demand justice even though justice isn't likely to be delivered soon. at the critical long refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh the reuters news
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agency is reporting that saudi arabia's king solomon has stepped in to prevent the national oil company from issuing shares to the public his son crown prince mohammed bin simon wants to sell five percent of the company which is known as a ram co such divestment would open up the company's finances to independence auditors but the reuters report says the king doesn't want to do that officially they saudi government says the offer has been postponed not counseled roberts' model nikki is a senior analyst at the group it's a consultancy an advocacy organization he says saudi arabia has economic outlook is improving. we have to remember back when this i.p.o. was announced it was early two thousand and sixteen the economic context was very different than it is now saudi arabia was coming off of a year where their budget deficit reached close to one hundred billion dollars the price of oil was still low there were a lot of reforms that were on the agenda but had yet to be implemented and i think
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we have to remember that that's the context within which the i.p.o. idea came about now. after the enthusiasm around that i.p.o. has to decided we see a very different economic context in saudi arabia the i.m.f. issued relatively positive consultation that they concluded in july we saw growth not oil growth reaching about two point three percent a decrease in the but year on year budget deficit from about nine to four point five percent expected in two thousand and eighteen and also the introduction of various other economic measures like the value added tax and reducing fuel subsidies so of course there's going to be some disappointment from global investors that we're very hungry for to be part of this i.p.o. there will certainly be disappointment from some policy makers within saudi arabia that hoped that they could. arrayed approximately one hundred billion dollars from this that would then feed into the public investment fund uganda high court has
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granted bail to opposition leader bobby wine the thirty six year old musician turned politician who was detained two weeks ago and charged with treason he is accused of inciting supporters to attack a convoy carrying presidency arima seventy catherine sawyer has more from the capital kampala. freedom for bobby wine twelve days after his arrest blocked up by both the military and the police he accuses of. wine is charged with treason on long thirty two august after a presidential where in the seventy's malta kate was stones during their recent local election campaign what do you want to listen to during the course of the show well let us not many ugandan such as radio presenter james peterson have to say he watched developments. he dedicated and now on to bobby white and his music it's been a big hit for young people oddly my journey to and most times they have sat back and said well you know politics is for the old for but right now the young people
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waking up and wanting to get involved in the future of this country ugandan politics have been controlled by presidential. who has ruled for thirty two years and that divided opposition led by keyes at best who was arrested recently for young people have with the greatest stake and the responsibility for it with out on . and that's why you did the young people are standing up in many townships such as this one in the capital kampala will wind up it's all about his message. this is a song recently produced by other musicians calling for his food on many ugandans who are struggling to make ends meet today that will be why understand their problems he was raised in poverty in this township and he has worked in music and politics to get to where. family's day that he's popularity has confounded tribal differences and
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a lot of people in different parts of the country i'm talking about. why no posed a reason he passed you know ending the seventy five years old age limit for presidents the seventy to seventy four years old first america that i think that one also led protests against tax on social media uses what has opinion on his politics is that a face. it's the best and so it's visit israel russia. for fifteen years then comes but boy. it's a little. bit about me many ugandans say the treason charge is trumped up by the government to suppress dissent government officials say the politician incited people to violence uganda's next election is due in twenty twenty one of the popularity perhaps highlights how that election will shape up by winning the hearts and minds of young frustrated ugandans they're desperate for
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political change catchy song al-jazeera kampala. a supermarket shoppers in europe are banks are being warned to expect higher food prices this summer heat wave is mainly affecting farmers and fruit growers including in the czech republic assam a binge of aid reports. an ominous message from the year sixteen sixteen the inscription reads when you see this we. the boulders have reappeared in the river elbe which flows through the czech republic the czechs call them the hunger storms and the drying river has revealed dozens of them before you know what they said was recent years some of them have been appearing every year that since two thousand and fifteen when we've had the dry conditions that we've had recently. some scientists are linking one of the hottest summers in europe and an extraordinary heat wave to climate change but the hunger storms are also remind us that drought isn't a new phenomenon. the german government is promising to compensate thousands of
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drop hit farmers either farmers in belgium britain france the netherlands hungary in poland are all having their fruit and vegetable production affected with prices expected to rise gunge religious figure does one zero regarding a vegetation we've had a very difficult year severe conditions below average harvests and a lot of regions and failed harvests had to describe the situation best we use this word given the fact the crop yield this year is fifty sixty seventy percent lower. continental europe record temperatures have also been recorded in both north and south america as well as the middle east and drought in australia means farmers are struggling to keep their cattle alive what i challenge is is to ensure that until it comes back that we do everything we can to ensure they families that these communities that these towns get from now until then. a recent study concluded that twenty first century droughts are the most extreme and severe with
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global average temperatures expected to rise by two degrees or more by the end of the century some fear there's worse to come some of the job i'll do there. a new cabinet has been sworn in in australia it follows the ousting of malcolm turnbull as prime minister last week he's been replaced by scott morrison turnbull is expected to resign from parliament on friday and that'll put more pressure on the government's already slim majority hundreds of thousands of people are in west london for europe's biggest street party the notting hill carnival the event celebrates afro caribbean caribbean culture and to promote racial tolerance it's taken on special significance this year following the british government's when dressed importation scandal now the in baba reports. it's noisy colorful and exuberant and hugely popular but as well as bringing visitors from around the world onto the streets of west london the nazi hill carnival is
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a chance to celebrate the history of britain's caribbean population. this is seen a political scandal over how badly some of the so-called wind generation and their descendants have been and are being treated seventy years on from the first arrivals arrival of more than four hundred headed to macon because of a hardening of home office rules hundreds have been deported or threatened with deportation others lost their jobs and their right to health care despite being longstanding british citizens. this year is also the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called race riots in notting hill when white youths went on the rampage attacking west indian immigrants and their property. was. lovely oh. and at this year's opening ceremony local children performed a song remembering past and present struggles in trying to celebrate the pioneers upon the full without him we wouldn't have conical color we see a unique a baby and this is come about by the contribution of many people over many years so
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it's important that we recognize as being. one of the is matthew's father clive he came to the u.k. from trinidad in one hundred sixty one five years before carnival as we know it got going he says even some in his community was skeptical at the start and i don't doubt people wanted to know that i was more or less you will get the good media and did talk well we model something in the street about his school started it and then gradually people put on course to and it escalates. with the cell phone systems. and the different thing. for years now carnival it's been britain's main showcase for carrying culture not just music whatever think robots and troughs to food and it's taken a sustained fight to keep it in this area but for now it remains rooted in a particular place and a particular community. of course it's now
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a policy that everyone's invited to but it's determined to hold on to its identity . getting bob al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible war crimes a report by the un experts say there is reason to believe the. the government of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it also says that the rebels may have committed torture canada's foreign minister is due in the united states for talks after donald trump announced a new trade agreement with mexico the u.s. president says he hopes the canadians can be part of the new deal to replace the north american free trade agreement known as nuff the. us government lawyers are defending against a legal challenge by iran at the un's highest court the iranians want the
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international court of justice to suspend u.s. sanctions they were reimpose three weeks ago after donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal mean mars government is dismissing a scathing u.n. report calling for army generals to be prosecuted for a genocide of the. u.n. investigators documented what they called the grave risk crimes under international law against the muslim minority. and he need not see and left wing supporters have been injured during an immigration protest in eastern germany tension is high in the city of chengdu it's following the stabbing to death of a man from the cuban community two migrants from syria and iraq have been arrested on suspicion of murder hundreds of protesters marched to demand foreigners leave germany at the same time counter-demonstrators demanded what they called the nazis
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to the city. and the new cabinet has been sworn in in australia it follows the ousting of malcolm turnbull as prime minister last week he's been replaced by scott morrison turnbull's expected to resign from parliament on friday that will put more pressure on the government's already slim majority in the us president donald trump and kenya's leader kenyata have agreed to boost trade and security after holding talks at the white house can he also wants more access to u.s. markets for kenyan businesses trump's been wanting to discuss security and china's significant investment in african countries those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we will have more news after this stream that's coming up next stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to better our relationship with the natural world soon there will be nothing left facing reality or a lot of friends and allies opposable defense and his commission for taking this
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hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. hi emily could be here in the stream live on al-jazeera and on you tube china's thriving economy has attracted people from all over the world not least africans seeking better opportunities but many black residents and visitors have found that endemic racism has soured their experience today in the stream what it's like being black in china. most people are familiar with china's lucrative economic projects in africa from building roads and railways in tanzania to running copper mines in zambia but for many years economic opportunity has been a two way street take the chinese cord city of long ago thousands about african business people have made it their home over the last two decades.


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