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people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same power. to gambia back home from al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so wrong and this is the al-jazeera news our live from doha also coming up in the program the u.n. calls for me and miles top generals to be investigated and prosecuted for genocide . also a new us mexico trade deal donald trump says it replaces nafta and he hopes canada will join. and iran goes to the international court of justice seeking relief from the u.s. sanctions. plus ugandan opposition leader bobby wine is released on bail but his
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legal troubles are far from over. what into the news are united nations investigators say mere miles top military generals should be investigated and prosecuted for genocide the recommendation is included in a fact finding mission report that concludes that at least ten thousand people were killed after the military launched a crackdown on ring of muslims in august last year hundreds of thousands fled across the border into neighboring bangladesh from where mohammed june reports. the un says military commanders in me and more should be prosecuted for genocide against the real hinge or following their recent fact finding mission on me and more three investigators presented their report in geneva on monday included among
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the findings that me and mars armed forces also known as the top of my down took actions that in the words of the un investigators undoubtedly amount to the greatest crimes under international law the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top ten the door generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes after attacks by rohinton gunman in iraq and state a year ago government forces began a crackdown against the rohingya the un says reports of up to ten thousand killed are conservative estimate. around three quarters of a million of the muslim minority fled to neighboring bangladesh many live here in code to belong camp the largest refugee settlement in the world the report from un investigators includes accounts of numerous atrocities including gang rape in slave
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meant and the killing of children there are hendra who are among the most persecuted minorities in the world have faced decades of persecution and sadly they've grown accustomed to the international community ignoring their plight. reacting to the investigators findings rohinton rights activist says she's cautiously optimistic but wants action. that i love and it's been a year now since the federal say many international organizations have come here but we haven't seen any solution and all of us are hinge women have been wondering how much time we will have to live inside and i think. that's one of the reasons say many women went out to demonstrations as today. those large protests show they were him joe are growing tired of waiting for the world to act they mourned the first year anniversary of the beginning of the violence in iraq and state or is the real hinge of demonstrators called it genocide remembrance day as chairman of the
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society for peace and human rights. has been working for months to document crimes against the range and he's not at all surprised by what the u.n. fact finding mission reported yet. the genocide against his has been going on systematically for thirty years and the world didn't know now the u.n. fact finding mission has allowed the world to know with their work so we're hoping that this will be a lesson to the world so no other countries go through what we went through this is why we are working for justice. he will less as there were hinge i will continue to demand justice even though justice isn't likely to be delivered soon mohammed atta at the critical long refugee camp in cox's bazar bangladesh but the swami is part of the un team that presented its findings she says all the evidence points to a genocidal intent by the me and. we have had overwhelming evidence
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that that kind of crime has been committed our recommendation is that they should be investigated and prosecuted for these crimes because in terms of the whole issue of genocidal intent which is a requirement for genocide there needs to be a criminal process so we ourselves did not find that it constituted genocide but except that the factors of genocide all seem to be present and that they should be investigated and prosecuted for genocide and these we mean the top military command of the tatmadaw we're happy to note that within the council human rights council there seems to be political will to set up a mechanism to preserve the evidence to collate it to get new evidence and basically function till a court is set up or a prosecutorial body is set up so we are happy to know that we will at least go
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that step we went to the camps in a cock's bazaar just weeks after what happened in august and i must say what we found was quite horrific and the women actually showed me the scars on their bodies and a whole host of other indicators that showed that sexual violence of the worst kind had taken place and it was very very shocking facebook has taken down pages linked to military officials in me and all the companies that it removed girls for twenty individuals and groups it includes pages associated with the armed forces commander in chief this is the first time facebook has taken such action against the country's leadership the social media judge was criticized in the past for allowing hate speech against a range of muslims although it it saw. united states and mexico have agreed a new bilateral trade deal now it replaces the us mexico terms agreed in the north american free trade agreement known as nafta donald trump says he hopes canada will
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join the deal the canadian foreign affairs minister is jew in the u.s. on tuesday for trade talks our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more . frequently accusing the news media of not reporting on his accomplishments u.s. president donald trump brought reporters into the oval office. well to listen in real time to a phone call with mexico's president. for you this morning thank you and congratulations together the two leaders jointly announce their breakthrough by lateral deal changing parts of the north american free trade agreement that trump says hurts us workers i like to call this deal the united states mexico trade agreement i think it's an elegant name i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off. the now after agreement was signed twenty four years ago between the
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united states mexico and canada it saw many manufacturing jobs move south to mexico as a result where labor was cheaper one of the worst trade deals ever on the campaign trail trump promised to renegotiate nafta and bring back jobs particularly in the auto sector the new deal will require seventy five percent of an american car to be made in mexico or the united states up from sixty two percent workers making those vehicles must also be paid a minimum sixteen dollars an hour but missing from this latest agreement is canada will start negotiating with canada relatively soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly relations between the two countries have been frosty since trump slapped tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum canada's foreign minister will travel to the u.s. this week to restart negotiations but it's not clear canada will agree to the
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changes the nafta changes still need to be approved by the u.s. congress follows weeks of negotiations between the united states and mexico their agreement now puts pressure on canada to remain a part of the pact kimberly helped at al-jazeera the white house. well john holden hustle from mexico city. just like the united states on monday makes her brand new book could be a new trade deal between the two countries as a trial it's something that the current administration have been working towards for more than a year and desperately wanted to get done before they leave office it's something also that the incoming administration which takes over in december who so desperately wanted to get out of the way they don't want the economic uncertainty that it brings clouding their first few months in office but there is a problem here and that's canada canada is a member of the trading block with the united states and mexico that's covered by
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nafta and that was what was meant to be renegotiated here a deal between the three countries now the united states has suggested that it could just do this deal bilaterally with mexico mexico first said that canada really needs to be part of this pact but then later on on monday the mexican foreign minister came out and said although be preferable to have canada than the united states and mexico could do a deal on their own looking at what mexicans now know is that in either of those scenarios there will be trade agreement between mexico and the united states independently on what happens with the negotiations with canada we now have to see if mitt incoming administration will hold the same view they described canada as indispensable to the deal but it does reflect the fact that about eighty percent of mexico's exports go to the united states the deal on the table at the moment might
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not be as beneficial to the country as before it might not have canada at the moment as mexico would like but at least it is a deal after an extended period of uncertainty with what is by far mexico's biggest trading partner while the north american free trade agreement created one of the world's largest free trade zones. they came into effect in one thousand nine hundred four but the deal was laid years earlier nafta was pushed through congress by u.s. president bill clinton but it was president george bush sr who signed the pact two years earlier the deal made it easier for companies in the u.s. mexico and canada to move goods across north america's borders it also got rid of tariffs on items traded amongst the three nations but not just pros and cons of being hotly debated the cost of many products has dropped and it's improved diplomatic relations but the biggest issue for president trump is the loss of u.s. manufacturing jobs well from all this we're joined by robert scott he's an international senior economist at the economic policy institute joins me now from
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our washington d.c. studio good to have you with us mr scott i mean what are contributors through the day you have been telling us that this agreement between the u.s. and mexico lacks detail the detail everybody wants to know in what is this bilateral agreement in principle i think that's right i view this as a press release in search of an agreement there's a handshake deal but i think without seeing the details without the inclusion of canada in the agreement we really don't know whether or not this is going to work and be acceptable to the u.s. congress went to the governments of mexico and canada how much of this then is one might say a new deal and how much of it is a review of the detail that we do have. so far this is really just a. revamp a restructuring of the existing deal they have tweaked some of the built in
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agreements concerning the levels of what are called domestic content that is the share of vehicles that must be built in north america they've added the new requirement that a certain share of the workers must be paid a minimum of sixteen dollars an hour if they're going to get the benefits of this agreement they've also expanded protections for intellectual property rights name may some changes to agricultural provisions some of this is just updating some of it is refinement of the terms in the original agreement depending on the point of view of any economist to the deal could alienate canada who could be cut out of it i mean it's pretty frosty with all to what the bible tough the implementation of steel an element of tyrus that's right and the president is holding both mexico and canada hostage over those tariffs on steel and aluminum and we still haven't heard what if anything is going to be done to provide relief to those countries on this
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particular question in addition hanging over their heads is the threat that trump may impose a similar tariffs on imports of all motor vehicles that they're going through are you now at this so-called national security investigation do thirty two investigation auto part and it would appear that this agreement is built on the assumption that those tariffs are going to be implemented on at least some producers in other countries do you think kelly just going to roll over because i have been shot was between the leaders of by will canada and the u.s. especially after the seven summit. the fact is that canada and mexico are much more dependent on trade with the united states then vice versa the us for us to trade with those countries makes up about five percent of our gross domestic product for canada and mexico those shares are much higher i expect they can and we will try to work something out with the united states and i think that's true in part because
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the economies of the three countries have really changed in a fundamental way since the agreement took effect to nearly twenty five years ago we now have an integrated north american economy with detailed. extensive supply chains across all three borders of course this could be seen as a policy success if it does work in principle full president bringing jobs back to the u.s. especially in the lead up to midterm elections a very important time for us politicians i think there's no question that i think the trump is not really very approved him to be very effective on policy development be his member he has certainly been very astute in politics in announcing policies that seem to address the concerns particularly of his voters in this case in the upper midwest in michigan and wisconsin in ohio and pennsylvania where autos and auto parts are produced well for the moment robert scott we'll
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leave it there thanks very much for your insight it's good to have your opinion on al jazeera thank you you're welcome. now the u.s. says it will block the reappointment of a judge the world trade organization the appeals court holds hearings on international trade disputes the move would reduce the number of judges on the body to three which is the minimum number needed for the court to function diplomats wall of impending crisis if no new judge is added to the bench. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news the trumpet ministration bows to going criticism that it hasn't done enough to honor the late senator john mccain. also germany's chancellor pushes back after far right protest in the city of it's. getting out of the frustrations and in a shocking first round exit the world the born samantha hull of the u.s. open in new york.
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welcome and now the reuters news agency is reporting that saudi arabia's king saul man has stepped in to prevent the national oil company from issuing shares to the public his son crown prince mohammed bin sylmar wants to sell five percent of the company known as a ram co officially the saudi government says the i.p.o. has been perceived not cancelled but according to the report the king doesn't want to disclose the company details to regulators something that any listing on the western stock exchange would require robert malkiel nikias a senior analyst at this group or consultancy an advocacy organization joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program now the king a stop to the air i'm cosell off it sort of speaks volumes perhaps about who's still in charge of the kingdom and also the relationship really between him and the
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crown prince. well he is the king of saudi arabia and i think if these reports from reuters are to be believed and confirmed we we have to expect that he is still a very influential member of policy making decisions in saudi arabia i think looking pat back in the past two years his son has assumed a very high profile and visible role both within saudi arabia and on the global scale the king solomon has taken a quieter more conservative approach but nevertheless again if these reports are to be believed he remains a very influential. policymaker within the kingdom indeed i mean there is a suggestion that taking part of taking part of leaves it open to sort of financial details having to be disclosed publicly if that i.p.o. goes forward perhaps the fact that the saudis would like to share what don't they want to share with the international community and financial houses when it comes
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to disclosing that business dealings regarding the company. i can't speculate as to exactly what saudi arabian policy makers do not want to disclose by keeping the company private what i can say is it's very normal for his ations to consider remaining private or in fact going private in order to make organizational changes or perhaps await him to wait until a different time in order to in order to conduct an i.p.o. we saw that most recently with tesla and all of the conflict around their chief executives statements about going public and then actually backtracking so this is certainly a strategy that is used by organizations again i can't speculate as to exactly what policy makers do not want to disclose or if that is in fact their decision all i can say it is it is one strategy that organizations use and we'll just have to wait
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and see if the i.p.o. does go forward at a future date what types of details come come out indeed whether one is suspended or delayed what sort of messages does that send to the financial institutions who might want to actually invest in it or invest in the country in this case saudi arabia. sure well we have to remember back when this i.p.o. was announced it was early two thousand and sixteen the economic context was very different than it is now when saudi arabia was coming off of a year where their budget deficit reached close to one hundred billion dollars the price of oil was still low there were a lot of reforms that were on the agenda but had yet to be implemented and i think we have to remember that the context within which the i.p.o. idea came about now. after the enthusiasm around that i.p.o. has subsided we see a very different economic context in saudi arabia the i.m.f. issued relatively positive consultation that they concluded in july we saw growth
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not oil growth reaching about two point three percent a decrease in the but year on year budget deficit from about nine to four point five percent expected in two thousand and eighteen and also the introduction of various other economic measures like the value added tax and reducing fuel subsidies so of course there's going to be some disappointment from global investors that we're very hungry for to be part of this i.p.o. there will certainly be disappointment from some policymakers within saudi arabia that hoped that they could generate approximately one hundred billion dollars from this i.p.o. that would then feed into the public investment fund of course but again that's something that certainly please finish i was just saying that that is something for saudi arabian policy makers and economic policy makers to decide and we'll have to see what comes of that indeed i mean this little going to
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a little doom and gloom really full investors because on the horizon there is another suttles. well being muted and that's with the subject which is the state chemicals group if that does well how important is it that it goes ahead and is not perspire and. well again i think with all of these economic measures it's about managing expectations and saudi arabia set a very high bar in early two thousand and sixteen with the with the intended i.p.o. and the valuation of around two trillion dollars so there were very high expectations to meet there and i think you know two years on we see less of an immediate need for first first such an urgent initiative and some of these economic policy makers taking a step back saying we won't go ahead right now we might postpone that i think as we look ahead at future initiatives like with saavik we'll probably see a similar cautious approach which probably will not launch economic policy makers
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who will be unlikely to launch as. full fully ahead with with such a valuation as they did in the case with with around co but we'll see what does happen in the coming weeks robert little nicky thanks so much for joining us from washington bureau thank you thank you very much. now the united states says it will vigorously defended iranian legal challenge to the un's highest court in iran that wants the international court of justice to suspend unilateral u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago they were put in place after you the u.s. pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal to hold accuses the u.s. of plotting economic strangulation and says it may even take military action in the gulf to block the country's oil exports closely has been following the proceedings at the hague. the iranian side spends its three hours of court time here on monday trying to do two things in front of the judges first of all to explain how very damaging the american sanctions were everything from issues to do with renewable
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energy projects aircraft parts car manufacturers who now couldn't invest in iran. sports going down the debasing of the iranian economy all of these things a direct result of the american sanctions program their lawyers said but at the same time trying to link that back to a nine hundred fifty five very obscure trade agreement sixty three years ago signed between the u.s. and iran a treaty of amity of friendship and a friendly behavior beside between the two countries and the iranians saying that the sanctions regime has broken the treaty of amity the lead lawyer for the iranian side made it very clear that they had no choice but to come to this court because all of the political and diplomatic avenues it simply fails trace the moment to a corner make pressure. sense to settle for this view through the party demands did not succeed. iraq had no other choice but
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to seize the international court of justice with the present requests are sixty two large because of the american side of course contest this entirely their legal team left without comment and they'll have their three hours here on tuesday their main argument is likely to be that the treaty that was signed when the u.s. and iran with friends sixty three years ago doesn't apply anymore because in the after nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution all the different sets american sanctions the ability fifty five treaty of amity doesn't mean anything and anyway the americans had the biggest thing in their favor which is that even if in the end this court agrees with iran that decision might be binding but the u.s. doesn't actually have to go by what the court says so it's a good attempt i think by iran to try to get somewhere with this but ultimately likely to not be very successful the u.s. president of trump and his kenyan account of are who are going yet or have held
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trade talks at the white house and it's the second time trump has met a leader from sub-saharan africa since taking office to discuss trade and investment as well as strengthening security tyner's. in staying on the continent uganda's high court has granted bail to opposition leader bobby wine the thirty six year old musician turned politician was detained two weeks ago and charged with treason he's accused of inciting supporters to attack a convoy carrying president yarima seventy catherine sawyer has more from the capital kampala. freedom for bobby wine twelve days after his arrest blocked by both the military and the police he accuses of. wine is charged with treason along with thirty two august after presidential werriwa seven his motorcade was stones during their recent local election campaign what do you want to listen to during the course of the show well let us not many ugandan such as radio presenter james peterson have to say he watched developments. he dedicated an hour off show to
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bobby white and his music it's been a big hit the young people are there my jury did and most times they have sat back and said well you know politics is for the old for but right now the young people waking up and wanting to get involved in the future of this country ugandan politics have been controlled by presidential. who has ruled for thirty two years and that divided opposition led by keyes and who was arrested recently for young people harbor the greatest stake and the responsibility for it claim with it on. and that's why you did the young people are standing up in many townships such as this one in the capital kampala where wind grew up it's all about his message. this is a song recently produced by other musicians calling for his food on many gondolas who are struggling to make ends meet paul b.-y. understands their problems he was raised in poverty in this township and he has
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worked in music and politics to get to where families say that his popularity has transcended tribal differences and a lot of people in different parts of the country at talking about. why no posed a reason he passed you know ending the seventy five years old age limit for presidents the seventy to seventy four years old first america that was the first one also led protests against attacks on social media uses what as a politics is that a face images. it's the best instrument so it's revolver for. for fifteen years then comes bobby right and said will be one revolution. but what about me many ugandans say the treason charge is trumped up by the government to suppress dissent government officials say the politician incited people to violence uganda's
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next election is due in twenty twenty one. popularity perhaps highlights how that election will shape up by winning the hearts and minds of young frustrated ugandans they're desperate for political change catching some al-jazeera kampala. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news of the verdict told two journalists who were uncovered during a massacre last year this dispersant by a week. and from a country where cricket is king pakistan's baseball players are using some of the same skills to impress at the asian games story with in sports after the break. how i once again welcome to the look at the international full cast because i'm a very lively storms pushing across parts of north america cross the northern
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plains south of the prayer is right in primaries big area of disturbed weather just fading its way through this area of low pressure which will continue to drive this wet and at times windy weather eastward so certainly out of ontario into quebec some very very heavy rain possibility some localized flooding ahead of that they don't hate getting into the low thirty's there off the worth of new york and also for d.c. and a few storms just bring up for good measure further west it's a fair bit quieter getting up to twenty six celsius in seattle tuesday afternoon little colder as we go on through wednesday but twenty one is still too bad twenty three there for calgary the wetter weather is further a so we got some heavy rain by this date really tucking in across a good part of quebec down across the lakes through the central plains all the way down towards the southeast. it's arkansas northern parts of texas even into if there was a colorado you could see some very heavy showers from time to time large house at a possibility gusty winds damaging winds will seize a few showers too into
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a good part of florida want to see showers there a possibility to caustic right around tilly's i'd also west. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the morning all shops the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them you know my joy one little. sound mother boxset this is us. on al-jazeera. a journey both dark. there's a very forever there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and woodies also the city has ascended you can see how i was introduced to
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in the when my father and my mother where working for the king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven an hour just. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news arms a whole rob a reminder of our top stories the u.n. investigators say near mars a top military general should be prosecuted for genocide the recommendation is included in a fact finding mission report it concludes at least ten thousand people were killed after the military launched a crackdown on ring of muslims in august last year. also the united states and
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mexico have agreed a new bilateral trade deal it replaces the us mexico terms in the north american free trade agreement known as nafta trump says he hopes canada will join the deal. and the u.s. says it will vigorously defended the iranian legal challenge at the un's highest court iran wants the international court of justice to suspend unilateral u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago to iran accuses the u.s. of plotting economic strangulation and says it may even take military action in the gulf to block other country's oil exports. for a lot up stories the continuing crisis of me a ring of muslims to reuters journalists who are investigating attacks on radio communities are on trial and meanwhile accused of violating state secrecy they were supposed to receive their verdicts on monday but as when he reports there's been another delay. this was supposed to be the day they walked free
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they were hoping they would be acquitted of charges they violated me in my state secrets act instead they left the court in yang gone still in custody after the verdict was delayed was today they decided to postpone the verdict we don't know the exact reason behind it but apparently it is due to the judge's medical condition no matter what the circumstances are we are not going to be scared the justice is on our side since we did nothing wrong no matter what the circumstances we are not going to be scared nothing can shake us. the pair were arrested in yang dawn in december last year as they were investigating a massacre of rigging in rakhine state by security forces the prosecution alleges they were in possession of secret documents that could threaten national security that the reporters say they were handed the papers by police moments before they were arrested for testimony that was backed up by a policeman. leader aung san suu kyi once a champion of free speech and human rights has been largely silent on the case
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lawyers for the journalists speculate there may be political reasons for the delay it came just before the release of a report into the ring new crisis by the united nations human rights council and a briefing by the un security council whatever the reason why lone inshore so will be spending another week in jail awaiting what they hope will be an acquittal but monday's events prove the judiciary is often unpredictable wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. the u.s. senators paid tribute to john mccain's six decades of service he died of brain cancer on saturday two days after his death toll trump has said he respects mccain's work the president had faced criticism of to the u.s. flag on the white house was not flown at half mast until the senator's burial or mccain it was a staunch critic of the president and had requested that trump not attend his funeral vice president mike pence is expected to speak at the ceremony honoring mccain on friday let's get more on this with our correspondent rob reynolds who's
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in washington d.c. for us the reaction to trump sort of lack of words for mccain's death is now sort of another hot debate in the usa what's being said. well so though you recall that on the day that senator mccain died president from shortly thereafter issued a very terse tweet only two sentences and offered his sympathies to senator mccain's family but did not go into any detail of fame thanks or gratitude for mccain's service to the country the fact that he ran for president is the standard bearer of trump's own party the fact that he spent years as a prisoner of war and all of these prior graphical details that our viewers by now have inferred a great deal about this was in contrast to an outpouring of praise from everywhere
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across the aisle in the washington political circles president obama who defeated mccain in a. presidential election in two thousand and eight sent a very few soft tributes so did george w. bush the former president so today when president trump appeared in person before reporters at various meetings he was bombarded with these questions about what you know what why haven't you said anything more and he basically ignored all of those now as far as the flags go the flag being lowered to half staff as it's called is a sign of respect that was done immediately after senator mccain passed away but then forty eight hours later the flags over the white house went back up again and the white house said well this is all according to the code of the american flag which is written down apparently in a book somewhere. critics said it was
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a sign of pettiness and said that the flag should go back up so this afternoon the flag went back down i misspoke that. they should they said it should go down and it did it is now at half staff and president trump finally issued a statement which reads in part despite our differences on politics and policy i respect senator john mccain's service to our country and in his honor have issued a proclamation to fly the flag of the united states at half staff until he is in term and the funeral ceremonies for senator mccain will be held at the weekend at the national summit excuse me the national cathedral here in washington in attendance will be vice president mike pence also eulogies to be delivered by the two presidents i mentioned earlier obama and george w. bush and a ceremony at the u.s.
2:39 am
naval academy where. senator mccain studied and grade and graduated as a. naval aviator. the president said he has authorized the transport of mccain's remains to washington and he's given the go ahead for a full scale military funeral with horse drawn case on and and all of those elaborate funeral touches so all of this has left kind of a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths the people who support trump think that. mccain doesn't deserve this kind of thing because he was the detractors from the people who are not quite as supportive of trump or actively opposing him see this as the president doing something rather petty and carrying on a grudge even past the point of death the thing is the rub regardless of what the president said as though it doesn't say to be fat to haim he initially made no
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attempt to say that he liked mccain the men didn't like each other it's quite obvious so if trump had been gushing with complements of the time of mccain's death as you say people would have criticized him pouts of being a hypocrite he's just been true to himself as he knows. well yes you could say that he's certainly been been true to the behavior traits and ways of acting that have characterized his time in office but if you if you look at for example george w. bush he fought a bitter primary battle against mccain especially in south carolina which i recall very well in the year two thousand so they were political enemies at that time they had very little nice to say about one another in the of course obama and mccain but it heads in two thousand and eight but. trump's.
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lack of praise for mccain really did stand out even among people who were political opponents of mccain there were there were eulogies there were there were full some tributes to the president of the united states also traditionally has a role at a time of national sorrow of trying to bring people together of you know reaching across the aisle and trying to unite if there's a tragedy if a significant figure in american history dies and people would argue that mccain was such and president made no attempt to do that whatsoever mostly what happens in the coming days of the moment rob thanks for the update. now the french president will not quote has called for the european union to stop relying on the united states for its security in a speech setting out his diplomatic agenda mccrone said europe needed to have an integrated defense policy with a common budget he also cool for it to develop the trade and financial tools needed
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to send off u.s. sanctions. simply called didn't she think you will have been gritter solidarity means we will have to look again at the structure of european defense and security by initiating a renewed dialogue on cyber security chemical weapons conventional weapon right territorial conflicts basic euro to the protection of the polar zones in particular with russia i want us to launch an exhaustive reflection if with all of our european partners with us from paris. him out omar can use this speech to the ambassadors to in a way promote his multilateral vision of the world and politics in the face of what he sees as rising nationalism and populism in terms of the european union he said that the union must try and strengthen its abilities in terms of security and defense and not be so reliant on the united states and the french president said it is going to come up with some plans and some proposals on this issue in the coming
2:43 am
months months which will include things like consultations with other e.u. members and partners like russia he didn't give any more details but there is no doubt that perhaps this fits into our calls vision of the strengthened and reformed european union we know in the past you've spoken about the possibility of an e.u. military force it also comes at a time when donald trump a certain distance himself from his nato allies well the french president also had some words for him brags that he said that britain he hopes can come to an agreement with you can by the end of the year. but he said. not compromise the integrity of the so personally the perfidious lee pro european president really making his message very clear indeed that he intends to continue on his part to try and revive the blocks. will buckle also use the address to speak
2:44 am
about brics it hopes a deal can be finalized by the end of the year but the barber has been. president michel says that he wants the e.u. to have a deal with the u.k. by the end of p.s. this year but the priority remains the the integrity of the european union this is his quote france wants to maintain a strong special relationship with london but not if the cost is the unraveling of the european union now the prime minister and her officials have been going around europe to places like the netherlands and and finland is trying to see whether there's any leverage on those governments to push the european commission to offer concessions nothing has been forthcoming and at the moment everyone is looking now at seriously at the risk of a no deal breaks if you really dislike micron's saying yes we want a deal but they're stressing that they can't break their own rules to get there so at the moment it really does appear that time is running out for a deal. now there's tension in the eastern german city of chimney it's where
2:45 am
several people were injured on monday as rival wing protesters fault with each other now this follows violence linked to far right groups following the murder of a local resident on sunday think syrian man and an iraqi man are being arrested in relation to the death several people have been hospitalized during protests led by far right groups chance like glenn murcutt vigilante justice will not be tolerated dominant cain has more. there's been widespread condemnation of the violent scenes that took place in the eastern german city of kemet on sunday where hundreds of people rampage through the city and the police appeared to struggle at times to bring the situation back into order these scenes were caused by a violent altercation that took place earlier on in the city on sunday which left a thirty five year old german dead from stab wounds and two people of migrant origin in custody involved in this this incident the question for the state
2:46 am
authorities for the city or for a g.'s is what does this say about what's really going on in their city there skipped. hours so there's definitely a sense of rejection especially towards those migrants who came in two thousand and thirteen that was clear but the arrived here in the town hall meetings are led at the time the interior minister in the state of saxony has a sense about what took place over the weekend is a new level of escalation of violence the point to me here is that politically saxony is perhaps the state with the highest concentration of the far right voters and far right supporters while paradoxically it also has among the fewest numbers of refugees and migrants of any state across this country the question therefore for the fate of saxony for the city of kemet but perhaps also for this entire country is how resolved is the migration situation right now and how likely is it
2:47 am
that they'll be a repetition of the sorts of scenes that took place in chemist's on sunday now the u.s. is urging saudi arabia to cut the number of civilian deaths in the war in yemen the pentagon says a senior u.s. general with saudi leaders last week to deliver a message of concern. american television channel is reporting that the pentagon is threatening to reduce support for saudi arabia if civilian deaths in yemen continue at their current level earlier this month the coalition bombed a school bus killing dozens of children the u.s. is providing intelligence and logistic support to the coalition and its fight against iranian backed three battles. well still have him. to. have the best of the action. coming up next.
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looking back it's time for sports history. thanks very much what we start with a huge upset in new york at the u.s. open the well no one simona halep has been knocked out in the opening round the top seed was right in saying she had a tough first round draw as she struggled against well number forty four quiet kinetically it took the opening set six to. you alex was broken five times and she took her frustrations out on her racket as she became the first top seeded woman to lose in the first found rushing meadows
2:50 am
study this and that the winning the second set six four it's always tough to lose a match because i'm very competitive player and also when i go on court i want to give everything i have so it's a tough to lose sometimes i have to use it's normal but now i feel better i feel that just was. a bad day and move on fast. another upset in the men's draw eight seed grigor dimitrov was knocked out in three sets by stander franco it was a repeat of the first round at wimbledon with the same outcome the swiss is on seeded at the tournament after an injury plagued couple of seasons. but andy murray made a winning return to grand slam tennis the scot came through his first best of five match in fourteen months after having had surgery on a hip injury at the start of the year he beat australia's james duckworth three sets to one in the first round mari who won the us open back in two thousand and
2:51 am
twelve and also has two wimbledon titles will play fernando verdasco net i. was now to a huge result in the english premier league and the pressure is building on jerry's a marine you're off to manchester united with thrash three no home by tottenham because morris scored twice for spurs after hurricane open the scoring at old trafford is nearing year's biggest ever home defeat as a manager at any club in any competition of full time he spent around a minute applauding the home fans it's now two defeats in the opening three games of the season but he insists the team is united next they played burnley. roma left it late to snatch a point in the second match of the season they were trailing atlanta three one going into the second half of the sun for the one thing they done in the fight that midway through and cost us money last grabbed a late equaliser as it finished three three the result puts atlanta into full head
2:52 am
of roma on goal difference. liverpool's mohamed salah has his house at the egyptian football association over a month long dispute accusing them of ignoring letters and failing to respond to his concerns the real centers around the use of his image during the world cup what he describes as excessive security following him everywhere in a lengthy video posted to his facebook account put his side of the story forward. big name said when you have players that can sleep until six o'clock in the morning and when security is there following us everywhere you know there's a problem we should be able to solve i ask this not only for me but for all players you can't have a security guard next to us all the times i don't need us i'm already with another prayer in the room some law doesn't need special treatment i don't need to be treated differently from other players i've never asked for that and i will never
2:53 am
ask for it i wanted the place to be free in the hotel on guard for lunch to speak freely in the lobby just to be normal really they say that because i'm at liverpool and i'm finding excuses to not go to the next training camp in news yeah but i've been in liverpool for a year and everything has been going smoothly so what's the difference now. to the asian games now and thomson hanmin remains on track to get the gold medal he needs to avoid military service in south korea david stakes has the best of today's action from the games. south korea march on to the semifinals but only just maybe the penalty in extra time to get past is back a stand if they go on to claim gold the team will gain exemption from military service back home. oh south korea's basketball team had a tough quarter final two against their oldest rivals the philippines and their
2:54 am
n.b.a. star jordan clarkson he racked up twenty five points but couldn't stop korea taking the match ninety one to eighty two before the track cycling got underway in jakarta and like in so many events at these games there was plenty of success for china they craned gold in both the men's and women's team pursuit. they were celebrating in the track and field to five if when you took gold in the men's high jump and on the bump into their women's doubles team beat japan's a limp pick champions to claim goes by i want to the shouting it died down there was time for a quick selfie on the medal podium there are plenty of cameras trained on india's peavy sin due this week the world seventh highest paid female athlete is through to
2:55 am
the women's final but it's going to be tough against taiwan's world number one tease you yang david stokes al-jazeera. pakistan's baseball team beat thailand one in the group stages earlier for a country where cricket is king there's also distinct trust cyrus skills needed for both sports as highly reports from to consummates players on the team have a cricket background and still play it on the site. cricket's been played in pakistan for decades but it sporting cousin baseball only arrived about twenty six years ago the national baseball team wearing the same green made famous by their cricket compatriots practices at the asian games here in jakarta and the baseball team benefits from pakistan's cricketing heritage all because we play we love we still do they go back and forth you do play season cricket and season baseball and baseball only baseball baseball and sometimes bigot. and one of those successful
2:56 am
crossovers bowler come pitcher is son both sports were lined up players with the strong and accurate are but he found fine tuning was needed to alter his bowling technique in the pitching. seems and there was some difficulties when i came from cricket to baseball because in cricket ball moves softer hits the ground but in baseball the top is in the air so at first this was tough but i got the hang of it other sacrifices are needed to improve at baseball and the pitcher and his teammates could probably be making more money with a career in cricket after losing their first match of these asian games to a strong team from japan pakistan is able to put their first mark in the victory against thailand and that's thanks to a very strong showing on the pitching mound only allowing one run at work and good pitching to you have very good pitching. and the pakistanis hope the strong pitching continues allowing them to stay here in indonesia competing for a few more days yes. it's got harder al-jazeera jakarta. and just time to
2:57 am
show you a bizarre red card in the romanian second division the winger was running down the side when he was trips by the opposition coach watching on the sidelines it looked like more of an instinctive reaction and the coach was very apologetic afterwards but the referee had no choice but to send him to the stands to watch the rest of the game and. thanks to a well hundreds of thousands of people are in west london for europe's biggest street party the notting hill carnival. the event celebrates afro caribbean culture to promote tolerance the show's carnival sixty years since a series of riots broke out in the area and it also has taken on special significance to shift following a government deportation scandal people were incorrectly deportees to the caribbean after living in the u.k. for decades. with me so robert i'm back with more news on the other side of the
2:58 am
break do stay with us.
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they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade where europe so i'm consistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate that kind of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that that mobile produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full on from show that to rebellion episode two of slavery when it's on al-jazeera . when the u.s. a song called lapsed this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the run. fifteen years old his daughter embarks on an extraordinary journey to find him.
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my six million dollars father a witness and documentary on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for me a top generals to be investigated and prosecuted for genocide. cops and robbers you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up canada is set to return to the bargaining table on tuesday after the u.s. and mexico make a trade deal also iran goes to the international court of justice seeking relief from u.s. sanctions. and it's one of europe's biggest street parties we'll take you to
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london's notting hill carnival.


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