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and i'm going we'll continue to move forward so you know the this group we saw today has some details it really highlights some of the changes that the u.s. wants to see and mapped around autos for example or intellectual property so you know they're kind of putting your cards on the table a little bit and that's information for and to take into account but it doesn't fundamentally change the negotiation. and what were the big issues then. for mexico and how they how that how they relate to canada. well that the big issue that's getting all of the most attention is around the automotive sector so all three countries have a very highly integrated automotive sector it's going to cross borders many times in the actually are so working through the details around rules of origin and so want to been a big part of it and that's that's part of you know it's been today increasing the amount of north america content. and nafta of your posts. so it's part of the you know it's going to impact to
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a certain way out of print to be around every well sir. you know after property and really every part of the agreement will be touched in some way. but relations between the just going back to u.s. and canada relations between the two have not been a that best of the last few months particularly with the. device public spats between between the two leaders. this year might that figure into any of these negotiations at all. well certainly they could and trump is obviously very vocal about nafta and canada has been a little bit defensive about it what's interesting is that there's a whole parallel process out meeting between negotiators and bureaucrats in both countries so even as trump says for example that he's going to throw out nafta are changing or what have you and canadian and u.s. negotiators to go to the table and try and work through some of the differences so you have to kind of keep the political pronouncements of the greatest song because
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there is actually a technical process happening at the same time in history. or i could to speak with you. since kirkwood joining us there from ottawa thanks for being with us if you. the u.s. state department says iran's case against it at the international court of justice is an attempt to fear with to interfere with u.s. sovereign rights iranian government lawyers are appealing to the un's top court to hold three new american sanctions iran argues the u.s. violated a treaty signed in one thousand nine hundred fifty five which emphasizes friendly relations the us government to reimpose sanctions three weeks ago after withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal last lee has been following those proceedings for us to declare on the hague in the netherlands. the iranian side spends its three hours of court time here on monday trying to do two things in front of the judges first of all to explain how very damaging the american sanctions were everything from issues to do with renewable energy projects aircraft parts car manufacturers who now
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couldn't invest in iran. sports going down the debasing of the iranian economy all of these things a direct result of the american sanctions program their lawyers said but at the same time trying to link that back to a nine hundred fifty five very obscure trade agreement sixty three years ago signed between the u.s. and iran a treaty of amity and friendship and a friendly behavior beside between the two countries and the iranians saying that the sanctions regime has broken the treaty of amity the lead lawyer for the iranian side made a very clear that they had no choice but to come to this court because all of the political and diplomatic avenues that simply fails trace the moment to economic pressure. sounds to certain that this view through diplomatic means did not succeed. iraq had no other choice but to seize the
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international court of justice with the president's request on sixty two large compounds with the american side of course contest this entirely their legal team left without comment and they'll have their three hours here on tuesday their main argument is likely to be that the treaty that was signed when the u.s. and iran with friends sixty three years ago doesn't apply anymore because in the after nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution all the different sets american sanctions the ability of fifty five trees you see to me doesn't mean anything and anyway the americans have the biggest thing in their favor which is that even if in the end this court agrees with iran that decision might be binding but the u.s. doesn't actually have to go by what the court says so it's a good attempt i think by iran to try to get somewhere with this but ultimately likely to not be very successful and new u.s. sanctions have just come into effect against russia there related to the poisoning
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of a former russian agent and his daughter in britain last march so again you are now recovering after falling victim to what the u.k. has declared was navi chock a military grade nerve agent russia has denied any connection to the attack the latest u.s. sanctions n. foreign aid to russia and hope some weapons sales. are pro kremlin analyst said gay markov is the director of the institute of political studies in moscow he says russia is ready to take on the new sanctions and any other retaliatory measures. we expect that in syria yes insurmountable from now united states we'll push forward enough of a serious of sanction also expected sometimes on from some of the european allies or united states but we are ready to do it even if united states will switch off thrift banking system or russia on the financial system and
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a quantum me read to police and also or building now or. alliances economic alliances with china and don't care to have to break between our continents was not with us here in davos but it is a. country could insist i mean what donald trump is hosting in kenya is who kenyatta at the white house the two expected to discuss trade and investment as well as strengthening security cooperation kenyatta is hoping to further boost exports to the u.s. . we have a tremendous relationship with kenya we have terrorism. a lot of trade getting bigger and bigger although. we're working on a major infrastructure project a massive roadway that will be record setting in many ways and we are going to
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conclude a lot of good things we have the president's representatives in the next room and we're going to be going in there and we're going to be making some great deals for both countries so thank you very much both of these if this is the film and this is . very very i want to thank you. all let's take a closer look at the trade and security ties between the two countries last year the u.s. was kenya's third largest export market while kenya is america's seventh biggest customer the kenyans want their u.s. bound exports to grow to more than a billion dollars within the next five years in twenty seven thousand kenya received nearly eight hundred seventy million dollars in aid from the u.s. mostly to its health sector and it's also an important u.s. ally in the region for combating armed groups let's speak now to joshua must serve me in washington he is a senior policy analyst analyst specializing in africa at the heritage foundation thanks very much for being with us so let's talk about president kenyatta first
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what what what what is he looking to get out of these discussions while he's in the u.s. . i think there's a number of things one is that any sort of meeting with the president states where you get to take some photos particular in the oval office is good for you domestically back home so i think this will give him a bit of a bump with his constituency back home i think also he is interested in potentially balancing away from the chinese presence that is in kenya and now owns a lot of kenyan debts is building a lot of their infrastructure projects and i think that the kenyan government including the second yacht are starting to become a bit concerned about that and so are hoping to. attract more u.s. investment as a way as i said of balancing and offsetting some of this chinese activity i also
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think he's just looking for the usual support in the sense of security assistance. more trade more investment as i say and what's in it for the u.s. . there's a number of things one africa is an increasingly important continents we see that through through increased activity that a range of other countries have undertaken on the continent and kenya is very much a part of why africa is important it's a rapidly growing economy it is a strong u.s. counterterrorism. in other ways as well so i think the u.s. wants to both strengthen that relationship reaffirm that relationship have some discussions around some of these bilateral issues that are important to both and i think that. you know this is potentially a way for the u.s.
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to get somewhat back in the game so to speak on african issues. and as we've pointed out before this was. the kenyatta is only the second sub-saharan african leader to meet with president trump in washington and there were the reported comments several months ago in which president trump was reported to have said talked about people from african countries and in a very disparaging way how is that is that perhaps going to figure in any of these discussions because many people observing this will be will be looking at that. i suspect not i don't think this is something they'll discuss privately. everyone knows about the alleged comments it's been thoroughly covered in the media the african press has covered the us press has covered it so i don't i think this is
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very much the goodwill visit so i don't think that this sort of contentious issue will be brought up in the meetings between the two now probably there will be some media questions about it i wouldn't be at all surprised if during a media availabilities either the kenyan press or the american press are both asked questions about this and this is a delicate topic obviously that but i suspect both leaders will try to downplay the alleged comments and focus on the purpose of the visit which is to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries get to get your perspective on this just in washington thanks very much now the first of a kind referendum in colombia puts anticorruption proposals to the people but it's failed it's not because the measures weren't supported by the sons of m.p.'s he explains from bogota. almost eleven million seven hundred thousand colombians came
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out to vote on a landmark anti corruption initiative it was an unprecedented turnout for a citizen driven referendum but still not enough to make the result comb. then they should have would have limited politicians salaries impose term limits and introduced mandatory jail sentences for corruption those who voted overwhelmingly favor to the proposals that the turnout was four hundred ten thousand short of what was needed to reach a quorum. organizers say it's still a political victory and a huge citizen mandate can't be denied pardon me. today we won against corruption no doubt about that today colombia has taken a big step historic step almost twelve million colombians only incentive being there free conscience participate in the largest vote in the history of colombia for citizens. most colombians agree corruption is a plague needs to be exterminated ten percent of the country's g.d.p.
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is lost to graft every year but organizing to defeat it is difficult especially in a country where low voter turnout is the norm even in presidential elections most of the anger is directed toward congress which has repeatedly voted down similar measures in the past unlike most in this party president did vote in the referendum he insists his government will tackle corruption simple. regardless of the results today it's clear that colombia will not put up with any more corruption these eleven million colombians who voted who went out to the ballot box sent arizonan message of rejection against a permanent pillaging of public resources but some political analysts warn that without a binding result the country's politics will go back to business as usual it's really sad that it came up so short because we were so close to making it mandatory
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for the congress to have to pass these laws this simply gives them a chance to ignore the popular vote and go ahead as they would anyways. well historic this result will be very frustrating for the tens of thousands of volunteers that have worked tirelessly to bring this referendum to the ballot and it will be a disappointment for the millions of call long distance who were finally hoping to impose concrete change and a cunt ability to the country's politicians listen there. are hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets in west london for europe's biggest street party the notting hill carnival the event celebrates afro caribbean culture and aims to promote tolerance it's taken on special significance this year following a scandal surrounding people who immigrated to the u.k. from the caribbean decades ago that then by about went along to the festival. it's
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noisy colorful and exuberant and hugely popular but as well as bringing visitors from around the world onto the streets of west london the notting hill carnival is a chance to celebrate the history of britain's caribbean population. this year seen a political scandal over how badly some of the so-called windrush generation and their descendants have been and are being treated seventy years on from the first arrivals arrival of more than four hundred have it illegally because of a hardening of home office rules hundreds have been deported or threatened with deportation others lost their jobs and their right to health care despite being longstanding british citizens. this year is also the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called race riots in notting hill when white youths went on the rampage attacking west indian immigrants and their property. and at this year's opening ceremony children performed a song remembering past and present struggles in trying to celebrate the pioneers
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upon the full without him he would have called me to call him the wheezy a unique a baby i mean it's come about by the contribution of many people over many years so it's important to be recognized as being. one of the is matthew's father clive who came to the u.k. from trinidad in one thousand nine hundred eighty one five years before carnival as we know it got going he says even some in his community was skeptical at the stotts i don't. want to do it all the. more or less he will get the good media and did talk well we model something about his school started it and then gradually people put on course tools i need to escalate so i'm good with the sound systems. and the different thing. for years now carnival it's been britain's main showcase for carrying culture not just music but everything from lots and troughs to food and it's taken a sustained fight to keep it in this area but for now it remains rooted in
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a particular place and a particular community. of course it's now a party that everyone's invited to but it's determined to hold on to its identity. getting bob al-jazeera. oh joe is here in a moment to with sports and she'll tell us about the football coach got a bit too involved in this match. thanks.
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we. thank thank. we .
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well again type of corner his job hasn't thank you or we start with a huge upset in new york at the u.s. open the well number one simona halep has been knocked out in the opening round the top seed was right in saying that she had a tough first round draw as she struggled against world number forty four connect p. he took the opening set six two. was broken five times and she took her frustrations out on her racket as she became the first top seeded woman to lose in the first round at flushing meadows estonia's canopy winning the second set. and upset in the men's draw a seed grigor dimitrov was knocked out in three sets by sandra brinker who's unseated at the tournament after an injury plagued couple of seasons and he also lost his first set straight as james duckworth but fought back to take the second and it is one love in the.
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to the asian games now and tottenham's he hung mane son remains on track to get the gold medal he needs to avoid military service in south korea david stokes has the best of today's action from the game's. south korea march on to the semifinals but only just they needed a penalty and extra time to get past is back a stand if they go on to claim gold to the team will gain exemption from military service back home. south korea's basketball team have a tough quarter final to up against their oldest rivals the philippines and their n.b.a. star jordan clarkson he racked up twenty five points but couldn't stop korea taking the match ninety one to eighty two. but the track cycling got underway in jakarta and like in so many events at these games there was plenty of success for china they claimed gold in both the men's and women's team pursuit. they were
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celebrating in the track and field to. the five when you took gold in the men's high jump and on the back into their women's doubles team beat japan's a limp pick champions to claim gold thanks i want to the shouting it died down there was time for a quick selfie on the medal podium. there are plenty of cameras trained on india's peavy sin due this week the world seventh highest paid female athlete is through to the women's final but it's going to be tough against taiwan's world number one tease you yang david stokes al-jazeera. pakistan's baseball team beat thailand eight one in the group stages for a country where cricket is king there's also distinct crossover of skills needed for both sports reports from jakarta most of the players on the team have a cricket background and still play it on the site. cricket's been played in
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pakistan for decades but it sporting cousin baseball only arrived about twenty six years ago the national baseball team wearing the same green made famous by their cricket compatriots practices at the asian games here in jakarta and the baseball team benefits from pakistan's cricketing heritage all because we play we love we. do they go back and forth you do play season cricket and season baseball baseball only baseball baseball and sometimes to get. it and one of those successful crossovers bowler come pitcher is son who are both sports were lined up players with the strong and accurate are but he found fine tuning was needed to alter his bowling technique in the pitching. seems and there was some difficulties when i came from cricket to baseball because in cricket ball moves after hits the ground but in baseball the top is in the air so at first this was tough but i got the hang
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of it other sacrifices are needed to improve at baseball and the pitcher and his teammates could probably be making more money with a career in cricket after losing their first match in these asian games to a strong team from japan pakistan is able to put their first mark in the victory against thailand and that's thanks to a very strong showing on the pitching mound only allowing one run at work good pitching to have very good pitching. and the pakistanis hope the strong pitching continues allowing them to stay here in indonesia competing for a few more days yes. it's got harder al-jazeera jakarta. now tiger woods has done his best to sidestep control of a c. one. it was also about his relationship with donald trump would suggest finished in a tie for forty at the northern trust open but he was also about his friendship with the u.s. president his what he had to say what is or is a president i stay so you have to respect the office of other foods in the office.
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you may. like dislike. personality or of the politics that we all must respect the office so that comment about respecting the office one trait brown praise from trump who treated this the fake news media worked hard to get tiger woods to say something but he didn't want to say tiger wouldn't play the game he is very smart more importantly he's playing great golf again to the english premier league matches united play later looking to bounce back from the shock defeat to brighton there at home to tottenham who have lost at old trafford four years in a row since maurizio puts the tino took over as coach one thing that we need to improve is winning in again some clubs i was from home and it was as much as united in the last four years that we played there always we lose for a different reason playing well in some game not so well but i think some of the
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challenge for us is a message on for us to go monday to manchester united and show that we will be able to win. and take a look at his bizarre red card in the remaining in second division the winger was running down the way when he was tricked by the opposition coach watching on the sidelines it looked like more of an instinctive reaction in the coach was very apologetic afterwards but nevertheless the referee had no choice but to send him to watch the rest of the game in the stands. all right that is what i have more feel later has i'm not a clumsy coach and i'm sure that was completely accidental from a place where i must tell you that a bit for this news out now and taylor is in london with more in two minutes they will. travel off to. my tranquil gotos and the forests they provide.
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safari. city. on sunday trendsetters. it's the self. same sky it's. a place of glass. it's the places you train. and literally. when you live for adventure. and discover it. when you. when it's me. is my. song in places closer. together these cats are always.
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whether online this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit into their shops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism is creating it this is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice and part of civil society i did but i never get listened to play those illegal residents join the global conversation. on how to zero.
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it's an incredible deal it's an incredible deal for both parties most of the u.s. and mexico agreed to overhaul the nafta trade deal but canada has yet to sign off on it. and aren't taters al-jazeera live from london also coming up genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes the un says myanmar military chiefs should be prosecuted for genocide against the rangers in rakhine state. the french president says the european union must stop depending on the u.s. for its security. and on crutches and now on bail popstar turned opposition politician bobby wine is released in uganda.


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