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it's always your reaction oh they found in the place we continue we will but we don't want anyone to know you have sun goes head to head with the full pakistani foreign minister on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is a new live from london coming up in the program a thai kids aged eleven to sixteen make a series of coordinated strikes against prince and chechnya several officers are wounded. with shame and repentance the pope begs forgiveness for the pain suffered by abused victims the hands of priests. a new currency in five zero slashed from prices the controversial financial reforms facing people in venezuela.
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uganda police far on demonstrators protesting against the arrest of opposition politicians. i'm joined again with your sports news japan's asian games delegation sends home for basketball player in disgrace. so that russian police have shot dead five young they launched a series of attacks in the chechnya region offices say they were between the ages of eleven and sixteen policemen in the provincial capital of grozny open far on a call that trying to run over to offices police bases in two other cities were also attacked eisel says it was behind the assaults on the chechen authorities insist the young group does not have any support in the region for a challenge is following developments from moscow. well there are two notable things about this series of attacks the first is that it took place at all despite
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its warsaw and history these days attacks like this are a pretty rare event in chechnya the second was notable thing is the youth of these attackers or thirty's in chechnya say the youngest was eleven years old and the oldest of them was almost seventeen teenagers kids basically now the attacks three of them happens over the course of a short span of time one of them was an attempted stabbing on police officers the second was an attempted suicide bombing which fails the attacker didn't kill himself nor anyone else and the third was a kind of hit and run in a car no police officers died in these attacks no civilians died in these attacks in the aftermath all but one of the attackers was killed by the security services
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so you could say that this was not particularly sophisticated in its execution and not particularly successful either the lead a chechnya rams i'm good dear of has said that they were. basically young people that have their minds perverted by eisel and indeed in the aftermath of this attack or these this series of attacks i still through its media channels has claimed responsibility now then pope francis has condemned what he calls the atrocities of child sex abuse in the catholic church and the years of cover ups in the open letter to the world's one point two billion catholics he wrote with shame and repentance we acknowledge isn't it clean zeal community that we were not where we should have been we did not act in a timely manner realizing the magnitude of the gravity of the damage done to so many lives we showed no care for the little ones we abandoned them. he goes on it's essential that we as
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a church should be able to acknowledge and condemn with sorrow and shame the atrocities perpetrated by consecrated persons clerics and all those entrusted with the mission of watching over the and caring for those most vulnerable but as beg forgiveness for our own sins and the sins of others well the open letter comes as an international research group has just released a list of child sex abusers in island's catholic church on the internet your noise ation says it wants the to pressure the pope to act ahead of his visit to ireland this week well it's on now we can speak to christopher lamb who's the rome correspondent for the international catholic newspaper the tablet he joins us now via skype it is indeed a strong letter isn't it chris of unusual for a pope to act in this way. well it's not unprecedented let's hear it so far let's just say every cat that will lead the world will see a billion thanks for the peace of god is this coming with explained macit to
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say that you've received shame benson's nasa for giving us these terrible crimes but also trying to get at the root cause of coverups and that's really where the church is at the moment in terms of this crisis how to hold those people the bishops the leaders in the church accountable fully the mishandling of up abuse and there are some people who feel that this that doesn't really set out in concrete ways what should happen next now what the pope says is that the issue is clericalism which means the concentration of power of a marxist elite group in the church and this clerical this mentality ments that was a abuse of power abuse of sexual abuse but also at the conference of these things because it's about preserving power are keeping one's position and having power unchecked and the pope wants to get to the root root cause let's get rid of this
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clericalism and reform the church police calling for a conversion of the church from within of course is a very very difficult thing to do with the church spanning across the globe with these crises going to coming across the globe as well right ok it's interesting is that as i just jump in there he said he wants reform is a powerful letters i say but it is a terrible indictment on the church that only now is a pope prepared to say such things. well francis has spoken out about what you see as school to zero tolerance he has made attempts to. call bishops to account couples to account. it is as you say a terrible crisis that is seemingly you know on a basic and it's continuing we have the pennsylvania rangel report which came out last week with the pope's visit to ireland where the views issue is again going to
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be on the on the radar and the pope is under a lot of pressure to it to address this but he has yet taken some steps but the point is that this is a crisis that continues and the chest does need to take much stronger steps across the halls and as you say given that the problem of the concentration of power within the church in certain elite groups and the enormity the sheer enormity of the catholic church around the world can we be confident that this can be stamped out. well i think what we're seeing in in some parts of the world this is strong action to try and hold people accountable the problem is it is it is not coming from often from within the church is coming after there are inquiry spine assent to say to authorities now i think what francis is saying through his reform methods of the church which are that this idea that to be
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a chant leader is to have a lot of power and status and privileges that's going to be thrown away and the pope is leading by example with his own approach which had been francis is ultimately a very own clerical pope he's someone who has disrupted the clerical system by choosing the name sir francis of assisi for example of the same to the poor in the sense of humility so strong as has the tools available to bring about reforms the question is can he get the rest of the church to go with him on this can he reform this system and can he take the necessary tough steps to hold those who covered up abuse accountable and that that will take a lot of time and france is going to start making a start but this is this is an ongoing process it will take a lot of a long period to get to the to get to the bottom appreciate your perspective that
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christopher lamb the rome correspondent at the top thanks a lot. venezuela has cut five zero is from its currency in a bid to tackle the country's soaring inflation president nicolas maduro is also in implementing a three thousand percent hike in the minimum wage and a rise in the price of fuel the international monetary fund has estimated that inflation in venezuela will hit one million percent by the end of the year it's made food and goods an affordable for many the u.n. says more than two point three million venezuelans fled to other countries let's speak now to us on the ramp yet see who's in colombia's capital of bogota. how much resistance has there been to these reforms. well nick there has been a lot of resistance coming in and particular from venezuela as base in its sector the biggest business association there said that he's the measures that are being
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put in place with child much preparation in a very harsh way that they will have severe consequences for the economy making matters even worse that this of course is not what the government says president who will introducing the measures said that he wants to see the country's economy recover and that he has a formula and that this will make things better what they're hoping of course is that that through this massive devaluation and by taking the boulevard to this crypto currency the petro that was introduced months ago and which in turn is connected to the oil industry that the venezuelan currency will remain more stable will this be the case we'll have to wait until tomorrow tuesday as the government fell so they decided that today monday was going to be a holiday so bank are closed most businesses are closed while this transition takes place but at the same time the opposition already called for
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a process for tomorrow on tuesday and national strike and that is only because what goes on in venezuela has a big impact on his direct neighbors what are they saying about this how they react . well definitely we have to have seen an increase in the exodus of desperate venezuelans leaving their country trying to flee to brazil to colombia ecuador peru all across latin america and that with an increase came more stricter rules being put in place by many countries. august eighteenth demanding passports for venezuela and trying to cross through their country to ruth said that they will do the same on august twenty fifth but we've also seen tensions rising in many border crossings the worst incident happened on saturday in brazil in the state of roraima the governor there the state of iraq is now asking for the president's supreme court to essentially stop the flow as they need to well and closing the
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border which the government had already done at the beginning of august but the fact is that none of these measures that will stop the flow of people and the truth is that many governments here in the region fear that this might be spiraling out of control or that's a picture from bogota i was going to run p.c. reporting this week. so to come here on the. perilous state india one of five thousand relief centers to be set up across the state for evacuees from the flats. people here facing days if not weeks of living like this. long awaited family reunions hundreds of koreans separated by the war in the one nine hundred fifty s. reunited some of the more than sixty. plus sunrises to gold in the pool and jay will have the best of the action from the asian games.
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ugandan police have been rounding up protesters in the capital kampala using live gunfire to disperse demonstrations police say demonstrators. barricaded roads but despite the live. feeds opposition supporters were protesting against the president's u.n. he was of any people are angry at the arrest and alleged torture of several opposition politicians including the well known musician robert it. who goes by the stage name of the wind. reports now from come paula. supporters of the. wind started protesting in the city. and the police in the army really. using live gunfire and big i can see the remains the men are bending. over here.
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angry following incident that began a week ago was campaigning with candidates. in northern uganda campaigns that have gone peacefully and in violent driver was shot dead by security forces but we whine that they were trying to kill him meanwhile the president said that opposition supporters that the president brought in the windows when the vehicle. that they were reacting to protect the president then bobby wine was arrested. police say that they found the weapon in the hotel right there is being accused of treason it did appear in front of a military court in a couple of days for another. industry. more than one hundred people taken hostage in the taliban ambush in northern afghanistan have been freed they were traveling on buses in the province of couldn't use when they were stopped officials say some people are still being held hostage in the tribal elders that trying to negotiate their release meanwhile the
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taliban is yet to respond to a three month cease fire offered by the president for afghani on sunday al-jazeera as you know as i as more now from the capital of kabul. less than twenty four hours after president bush of twenty announced a cease fire taliban today announced that they kidnapped dozens of passengers in conducive province in the north taliban said that they. kidnapped those passengers because they received some intelligence that among those passengers were top security officials the security forces have their own story they said that the taliban did not free those passengers but the and the security forces managed to free them. but the main question asked by many afghan here in afghanistan is is that even going to accept the offer of ceasefire for three months offered yesterday by president any. taliban has yet to answer this this question
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but according to our sources some members of the leadership of taliban are leaning toward accepting. the offer not it's not for three months at least four or seven days but some of the members in taliban leadership believe that the movement should keep the taliban should keep fighting the government and force them to offer more concessions in the future let's take this on we can speak. to see a former senior advisor to the chief executive of afghanistan mr smart welcome to the program so the president offers a three month cease fire the taliban respond by abducting several bus loads of people what hope of a ceasefire do you think. well there's always hope and you have to keep hope alive but in afghanistan it's been almost twelve years or so or sense the previous government and then the new government initiated these overtures to the taliban
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sometimes with the help of the international community sometimes directly through sometimes through pakistan other regional countries and we haven't really seen any movement anything that has come out of it yet so this means that we need to figure out exactly who we are talking to i think that at times we're not very certain as to what faction of the taliban may be on the other side or deciding or maybe having arguments among themselves in what is it exactly that they want at the end of the day short term or long term strategic tactical and i don't think we should get involved in an tactical issues that hurt the afghan government the afghan people and lead to bloodshed. we've had these direct talks with a senior u.s. diplomat which took place in back in july the taliban will only talk peace with the united states is that the case and is that the only real route forward to potential
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peace to a cease fire. that is the only one that exists right now unless there are back channel talks that we don't know of and if they have in they do exist you know they've always talked about it in they have never really materialize into anything so the only channel that has over the past few weeks been operationalized is the one with the americans but it is now sort of on a wait wait and see mode the afghan government is trying its best to offer you know cease fires and make overtures and offer all kinds of concessions by the taliban don't seem to be in the mood and that means that they still think that they need to gain more ground that they need to be more powerful than we need to probably be emboldened more so that they can have a more stronger negotiating position later on if they agree or under certain circumstances if some of their allies and supporters in the region also think that
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it's time to now start talking seriously about peace and how to negotiate peace which is by itself a very complex situation in the afghan case to say the least of course president recommitted the united states in afghanistan didn't even stepped up airstrikes to try and force him to pressure them to the negotiating table this is in be working to the. not really not only. on the military side we still have a stalemate of sorts which in my in my view is sort of in for stalemate in it meaning that the taliban think that they are gaining ground the afghan government thinks that it's not losing ground but at the same time what we see is that we have huge casualties on all sides especially with civilians and that has really. i think sent the wrong chip you know a chilling factor on on afghanistan now doesn't mean that we have to go she it
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under all terms in any term and give up everything just because there's fighting going on about the american position has evolved since then back then they wanted to break the stalemate and now they want to talk about it or talk about whatever the taliban want to talk about that it seems that the taliban leader in a statement two days ago was not happy about what the americans were offering or requesting or asking for we don't know we don't have any details but it seems like they are not seeing eye to eye yet i was a disgrace to get your perspective on this appreciate it thanks very much the. afghanistan is experiencing a drought so severe that two million people may run out of food within the next six months more than eighty thousand people have left their villages in search of water in cities united nations fears that number may double ballasts reports now from herat province in western afghanistan. at this mosque in
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rule herat province that main h.b.o. is the skin tells the toll of the harsh climate. and the encroaching three of the taliban now there is a new danger that's beyond the control agriculture the main livelihood is turning to dust. two thirds of afghanistan is facing a severe drought rain never arrived in the winter or the spring and now it's summer . we're suffering a lot because of the straus we had so many animals and we lost all of them and there's nothing left for us these animals that are left we are feeding just once a day and what we're just trying to keep them alive. at fifty sario is the matriarch of her family the currency here runs in leases and they are wealthy at than most. she has kicked twenty sheep alive from her flock of one hundred fifty the go ahead we sacrificed our animals that they should be the first victim rather
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than losing our children. in one a village and across here our province agriculture provides ninety five percent of income so when the water dried up and their livestock and crops died many were forced to leave for the city the u.n. estimates more than eighty thousand people have abandoned their homes and travel to herat city the main hub in the west all in a search of water. and this is what they found blankets by sticks and could by rocks formalized into a community of people children suffer from skin diseases smell nutrition and eye and fictions from the dust. and some people have been here for four months living on nothing more than breed and water. is here with her daughter in law and two grandchildren when you were the last drop made them poor and then her son was killed by the taliban my region. well you know when my son died my life was ruined
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we lost everything we left after that everything went like the wind and. i told my grandchildren that your father is not here to help you there's nothing here for us my grandchildren could die here you tell me what should i do where that's hannah the numbers are expected to rise the u.n. cautions they may double the summer where on the water will join up and more people will likely come here looking for answers that the afghan government is not providing the un is slowly filling the gap offering water no and food from september shallop ballasts al-jazeera herat afghanistan at least eight people have died after heavy rain flooded to gorge where hikers were tricky in calabria in southern italy thirty six hikers were walking in the gorge of regular on the eastern side of the preliminary national park where the area was flooded twenty three people have been rescued including
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a ten year old boy and four others who have been treated for hypothermia these five people remain missing. italian plays have released footage showing the moment a major bridge collapsed in the northern port city of general the video shows a heavy rain four minutes before heavy chunks of concrete plummet to the ground at least forty three people were killed last tuesday when a two hundred meters section of the morandi bridge gave way in busy traffic plunging vehicles and debris to the ground. there been emotional scenes in north korea as families separated by the korean war six decades ago were finally reunited with their relatives eighty nine families from north and south korea wept and embraced when they finally came face to face at a resort near mt. the families were selected for more than fifty seven thousand who had applied for a family reunion more than sixty percent of those lucky enough to be reunited more than eighty years old and government data shows over twenty percent are in their ninety's they were accompanied on the bus trip north by their children and other
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relatives from turn one was more. they waited a lifetime to make this journey families separated by war will finally be reunited . they are the lucky ones tens of thousands applied but only a small number get to go. eighty five year old boxing on was a teenager when the korean war broke out in one nine hundred fifty she still remembers the horrors she witnessed as she fled after her parents were killed she made the perilous journey south get involved like a jet would come down with a loud noise and there would be bombs being dropped those massive amount of people would fall down to. her siblings in the north are no longer alive but she's looking forward to meeting her niece for the first time jill oh no you cannot describe that in words and i'm probably not the only one who feels that way they share the same blood and i wanted to visit the place where i used to live. another from the group
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this ninety four year old one suck her union will also be bittersweet. i did not get to see my son but i'm happy that i will be meeting my granddaughter. they set off on their journey north it's just a few hours' drive but for decades that's been an impossible distance but. when the moment finally comes many urges to tears they. think they know this three day reunion will almost certainly be their last. but i am so thankful and grateful that you could come all this way i finally get to meet you after so long. i know it was hard i remember how beautiful you. thought that we were separated when you were two and i was four wow what happened to us what a world i'm so happy together they share memories of times past and stories of
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family they've never had the chance to know. only twenty reunions have been organized by the red cross since one thousand nine hundred five south korea's president has called for more as relations improve with the north. more than fifty thousand people in the south are still waiting and for many time is running out. on al-jazeera. so to come here on the odds are in news are we not also part of. the guatemalan mother's plea to be reunited with her son one of hundreds of children in government care after their parents were deported from the united states. as more than two million muslims before the hodge saudi arabia is accused of mixing religion with international politics. and song wins return to his national team put south korea on the road to asia and go to the job school.
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hello get welcome back to our international weather forecast we're seeing quite a bit of weather associate with the remnants of what was a straw pickle storm making its way across parts of the baltics and this storm is still going to bring quite a bit of activity over the next few days especially with a cold front it's going to be meeting up with combining with a lot of winds to parts of western sections of russia moscow you can be six thunderstorms pushing through you can see that line right there in those winds can be very destructive at times possibility of even seeing a tornado or two across that region as we go towards wednesday that system makes its way more towards the east but we are looking at some more wet weather coming into parts of the u.k. that's going to start to make its way towards london on wednesday evening and storms anywhere from circle over here towards vienna with still some very warm
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temperatures here in rome at thirty three degrees we have seen some clouds rolling across parts of algeria over the next couple of days and that is going to continue for tonight as well twenty nine degrees for most locations along the coast will be seen benghazi twenty nine cairo a little further inland at about thirty seven degrees there really staying the same as we go towards wednesday but clear skies across much of the coastal regions and over here towards much of the northwest ribot and morocco's coast is going to be seeing a nice day with a temperature there of about twenty nine degrees. zero travels to the furthest reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing lifesaving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. which are the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's health
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. on al-jazeera. for five years venezuelans have been flailed their country to escape a socio economic disaster of a magnitude where lisi now the latin america is facing a refugee crisis in a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an already volatile region. he is a self-proclaimed messenger of god painting millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involves the rape and abuse of his followers one of one east investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera .
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and again a reminder of top stories turn out as are an eyesore says it's responsible for a series of attacks on police in the russian region of chechnya five of the attackers have been killed they were aged between eleven and sixteen. pope francis has written an open letter to the world's one point two billion catholics condemning what he calls the atrocities of child sex abuse in the catholic church he says any more cover ups by the clergy will not be acceptable. venezuela has cut five zero is from its currency in a bid to tackle soaring inflation president nicolas maduro is also implementing a three thousand percent hike in the minimum wage on the rise in the price of fuel . the spread of disease has become a new worry for rescue workers in the southern indian state of carola one and a half million people have been forced from their homes of the worst flooding in a century nearly eight hundred fifty thousand people are living in temporary relief comes under thomas reports now from cairo. and still it rains the
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downpours all less heavy less frequent and shorter than they were but in kara they are still coming to people here fresh rain lengthens the time they'll have to stay in a camp. for more than five thousand frost carola although really camp is to ground the worst they're simply community holes and schools which have opened their doors and quickly filled with people and each evacuated as a similarly harrowing story. that not the water has destroyed everything we had it was up to my neck it even took my cows. everything at home is lost and here there is nothing to do what can we do. it's hot in this hole there's no privacy or dignity some here were evacuated on
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thursday and a mouse spent four days living this public school in life others were rescued only on sunday having spent four days and nights on the roofs of floors of their flooded homes both parents are equally exhausted. the exhaustion shows. but there is enough food here enough drinking water and medicines. volunteer doctors at the center so they haven't yet seen outbreaks of disease i also know that around the world thanks lou and thanks to that or not maybe communicable disease or something like that it's just. been spreading because we're also getting prophylactic medicines acids so that they let us know if we can make it something like that of that sort so we are really working hard for that. but people's mental health is suffering everybody is simply sat. in his f.
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. on monday distributed dramatic video of a total this rescue the most amount you see evacuations. and off to the drama reality hits. carol. at least fourteen people have been killed as brazilian police and military forces targeted drug gangs and originary more than four thousand two hundred soldiers backed by vehicle today across launch raids in two of the city's most impoverished villages they were moved roadblocks and detain suspected drug traffickers brazil's military took over all security in the region area six months ago as police failed to reduce its violent crime from the cities the tourists drug traffickers friend scheuer john to tell has officially pulled out of a multi-billion dollar gas project with iran to tell of its contract to develop the south polish gas field it's in reaction to threats from the united states to sanction companies that do business with iran washington has reimposed sanctions on
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iran after pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen you could deal well the u.s. decision to withdraw from the deal and iran's role in syria the focus of talks between the u.s. national security advisor john bolton and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in west jerusalem it's a question of the highest importance for the united states that iran never get a deliverable nuclear weapons capability it's why president trump withdrew from the wretched iran nuclear deal it's why he is really imposing economic sanctions it's why we've worked with our friends in europe to convince them of the need to take stronger steps against the iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program i want to use this opportunity once again to present in triumph from walking away from the term will be a living. the nuclear deal did not block iraq as
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a path to the ball it paved path to an entire nuclear arsenal. and by removing the sanctions it enabled iran to bring in billions and billions of dollars to its coffers which only fuel do rob's war machine in syria and lebanon and yemen and elsewhere. the u.s. embassy in the turkish capital of ankara has been targeted in a drive by shooting police have made two arrests at least one gunman opened fire from a car early on monday morning peppering the building with bullets sever the shots hit the window of a security place but there are reports of any casualties so that africa has opened a judicial inquiry into alleged corruption at the highest levels of government hearing will investigate claims of fraud in the public sector during former president jacob zuma time in office it's likely to last up to two years and will focus on the gupta brothers who had one of the country's largest corporations there
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accused of using influence to secure political appointments and government contracts. malaysia's prime minister wants to consul billions of dollars worth of deals with china as part of plans to cut his country's national debt to him how much it has been meeting the chinese president jiang in beijing that he has already suspended energy and rail projects that was signed by his predecessor. lazy as national debt is at around two hundred fifty billion dollars. also to get tiny to understand the problems being feast by militia day and night and all that and i believe that and we look sympathetically through it's a problem that we had to resolve and perhaps have us in dissolving some of. the physical problems so. i think this visit to china has
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been very proof. well it's an hour from our reporter ajor brown who's in beijing. malaysia is china's most important trading partner in southeast asia and i think on monday chinese leaders were hoping to present a united front with dr mahathir because of course his visit here to the chinese capital comes amid the deepening trade friction between china and the united states ahead of this visit dr mahathir had said he wanted to renegotiate a number of trade deals with china deals that were struck by his predecessor. and deals that he says are skewed in china's favor lopsided with the words the doctor used before coming to beijing there was no sign though the jury in his talks with chinese leaders that they had in fact agreed to do that dr mahathir says that he hopes that china's leaders will look favorably sympathetically on his request he said malaysia didn't want confrontation he said malaysia supported free trade but
12:39 am
also wanted trade that was fair he said he wanted to avoid a situation where a new type of colonialism was developing where it became difficult for poor countries to compete against rich ones it's not clear whether he was quoting china with being a colonial power now dr materia who turned ninety three last month is respected here in china and he was due to meet president xi jinping on monday night and of course dr mahathir becomes one of the oldest leaders that president xi jinping has made the trouble ministration is having trouble finding a number of people they deported under a controversial scheme children taken from their parents after crossing the border from mexico into the u.s. earlier this year remained in government care unable to be reunited with their parents after all four of his have failed to locate them i did your caster as this
12:40 am
report. since being deported to guatemala two months ago or donna's lopez's lifeline has been her telephone each ring brings hope she'll hear the voice of her seventeen year old son jordan calling from two thousand kilometers away i always ask if he's ok he says yes but as his mother i know that's not true because he tells me mom my experience has been very difficult i never thought he'd be so far from me and he's heard mother and son had left quite a mullet together in may at the u.s. border they used a raft to cross into the country then they turned themselves into u.s. border patrol. i thought i would find hope but instead i found this very cruel law the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy resulted in the separation of almost three thousand children from their parents was prosecuted for
12:41 am
a legal entry and deported while her son remained in detention in the us i wonder that also it was very painful my intention wasn't to leave him in the united states my intention was to fight for him to fight together if a son is behind the gates of this government funded shelter near the us mexico border the children here are cared for they're fed they're even educated but they are not allowed to. jordan has been here for nearly three months despite a judge's order that all children separated from their parents at the border be reunited with their families earlier this summer the government says the delayed reunifications are due to the difficulty of tracking down more than four hundred parents who like ever had been deported without their children in washington a democratic member of congress called the operation a colossal mistake i know. systematically separate infants and toddlers from their families. seem to me.
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the trail of the american government says it has no parental information of at least five children in its care effectively rendering them orphans of us worst fear is to never see her son again. someone to say mall or i regret all of this because of the pain i've suffered all i had was my house i lost it but more important than that i lost my son the u.s. government has yet to say when or how her son will be returned to her until then she says she thinks of nothing else. castro al-jazeera. cattery citizens and expatriates have been blocked from traveling to saudi arabia to perform the hajj the annual pilgrimage muslims make to mecca it is the second time they've been prevented from making the journey since the saudi led blockade on gaza began more than a year ago we have a vile as
12:43 am
a story. for over fourteen hundred years this was called the land of hejaz hundreds of thousands of muslims from faraway lands flocked to these holy sites in mecca and medina to perform hajj the annual pilgrimage one of the five pillars of the faith. in one nine hundred thirty two a bedouin clan by the name of. what was ruling in the desert region of nudged to the east and next to him leading to the creation of what is currently known as saudi arabia over the years the number of pilgrims grew to millions the saudi monarchy imposed a quota system limiting the number attending from each country in the name of safety and logistics. but foreign muslim countries accused saudis of utilizing had visa restrictions to serve political goals. i mean that for the fourth consecutive year saudi arabia refuses to give clearance the yemeni pilgrims even to receive official documents sent by our yemeni ministry during the last few decades it
12:44 am
became more and more difficult for saudi arabia to insulate had from the impact of politics. in one nine hundred eighty seven saudi security forces killed about three hundred reigning pilgrims during an anti-u.s. demonstration which they staged in mecca in two thousand and fifteen year on accused saudi authorities of complicity in a stampede that caused the death of hundreds of iranian pilgrims the following year iran decided its citizens would not attend and since june last year when saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar saudi arabia banned any coordination with qatari had agencies for programs. it said qatar is welcome but because land sea and air routes were closed qatar is founded difficult to travel the absence of any consular representation in saudi arabia also raised safety concerns and it's not just qatar is have had problems according to the french lamond newspaper saudi authorities
12:45 am
threatened to reduce had visa quotas to some west african countries with sizable majority muslim populations unless their governments cut ties with qatar and during the last few weeks the kingdom became the joke of social media platforms when it granted three hundred visas to its new ally the lebanese christian maronite leader . photoshop pictures of zara and his wife in had uniforms were circulated in the middle east media under his leadership and in coordination with the israeli army just for large party militias were behind the one nine hundred eighty two sobre and shatila massacre in which hundreds of palestinian civilians were killed outside beirut. with a blockade on qatar still in place qatar is and mostly makes party its living there say they continue to be denied a basic religious and human right. the
12:46 am
months of curfews and security. it's getting back. we'll tell you why. it's appealing to young. business updates. going places together.
12:47 am
business updates. going places together. we're going to welcome back time for an update on the asian games the rest of sport has joined.
12:48 am
next thank you very much china's swimming superstar sonia ng has won his second gold medal at the asian games in as many days it came in the men's eight hundred meter freestyle with it he becomes the first chinese male swimmer to win two individual goals at two asian games having already been a double asian gold medalist from in cheer on four years ago. joy that was a nice summer it's really nice it's my first asian games gold medal in the eight hundred metres i'm really happy it's the big games you only have it once every four years it's an opportunity that i have really all the meetings that i have one of the recognition of my hard work as you can see my level has been stable. but son was unsuccessful in helping china to gold in the men's four by two hundred meter freestyle relay he and his team had to settle for silver behind japan extended their own records to sixteen wins in this swimming event joseph schooling led
12:49 am
singapore to bronze japan also won the team dressage gold for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety four beating south korea the silver medalist though have finished on the podium on all eight occasions the discipline has featured at the nation games thailand took bronze. and in the men's trap shooting chinese taipei's yang couldn't pain equalled the world record with forty eight points to win gold. north korea won its first medal of these games in the women's weightlifting research was victorious in the women's forty eight kilo category but she failed in an attempt to lift one hundred seventeen kilos and break the asian games record three more goals came in weightlifting and wrestling on monday bringing north korea's gold medal haul to four in a single day. meanwhile the unified women's basketball team convened to race towards a place in the knockout round they beat india one hundred four to fifty four on monday knockout spots were on the line in the final round of men's group four
12:50 am
football matches mean mob set iran to qualify for knocking out thailand in the process tottenham saw the young men scored as south korea be kyrgyzstan to reach the last sixteen or hosts in tunisia for back for one real down against hong kong to beat them three one and take the group tie. so china continue to lead japan in the medal standing south korea third and with four gold medal so far these games host india have already equalled their performance from the last games they're also up to fourth in the table. but there's also some disappointment for japan as they sent home four of their basketball players at their own expense that softer they visited a red light district in jakarta or apparently still in their team uniforms following a win over cattle last week the head of the country's delegation said on monday that the players had shamed japan which hosts the next olympics in tokyo in two
12:51 am
years' time eight players remain the squad. the more. in what ways can we prevent these incidents the japanese olympic committee has already launched integrity education program but as the head of all sports delegation if we fail to execute this we will keep betraying the japanese people this is an acceptable well the asian games incorporates over forty different sports and with an exhibition of east sports this year the list continues to grow because of that the age range and backgrounds of the participants is very diverse scott heide live reports from jakarta. many of the competitors in the asian games are some of the most physically conditioned athletes in the world training and competing for years but with a wide range of events of the games it's not always about muscle strength and enduring and in the case of the bridge competition age does not necessarily play
12:52 am
a role it's about skill and strategy this is the first year the card game is a sport in the asian games. michael balboni hard toto is seventy eight years old and is one of the top bridge players in the world and one of the oldest competitors in the games how does he feel about that very proud and. i think i'd choose sports would scan less. than eight siblings so. you can play when you're five or you can play when you're one hundred years old this is teamwork you depend on yourself. and your. team. sports is a demonstration sport at this year's games and a host indonesian team is taking their practicing very seriously one movie id is only nineteen years old he made it on the team after winning a competition in syria by
12:53 am
a very happy and. i say. they're fired because. good at this game and. so yeah i'm scared of the us but i have to practice the team will be competing in the game arena of valor they practice in the offices of the company that distributes the game in indonesia so i feel that even though the east boards bring in younger competitors and interest they don't belong in the asian games unlike when an athlete uses a certain brand of equipment to compete like shoes in basketball rackets in badminton these sports are actually events created by companies so you get used to be a sports journalist he's concerned about the technology companies influence yet. there's no physical activities involved no running swimming throwing nothing more about business and it's dangers it's more
12:54 am
a technical thing and he develops very fast there are six games in four years it will triple. not all my degree of e-sports in the asian games but they will bring younger faces to the competitions good news for the organizers as for many of them this will be the first time watching the games got harder al-jazeera jakarta liverpool have made it to wins from tuesday's start their english premier league season on monday you can cops team were away from home at crystal palace james milner as goal came before r n one the psycho was sent off for the hosts a late study of money strike wrapped up a two no win india in a dominant position at the close of play on day three of the third cricket test against england the tourist starts of the day on one hundred twenty four for two caps in vera cody scored a century to help the indians post a formidable title and set england five hundred twenty two as a victory target at trent bridge at the close of play the hosts were twenty three
12:55 am
without loss many motorbike enthusiastic enjoyed popping a wee during a casual right but did you know there is actually a world championship for motorcycle wheel ease sessile bubba my is of the united states is the straight line is motorcycle week we meet world champion after this amazing effort he was travelling at over three hundred twenty one kilometers per hour for a kilometer on his coat on just one wheel he beat out thirty four rivals to win the title and that is all yes but for now it is back to make in london great thank you very much for the months of protests and government crackdowns in nicaragua have had a huge impact on tourism in the country it is the second largest industry in the central american nation but the fear of violence has kept many people away the national turns and chamber estimates about a third of restaurants have closed for now a few nicaraguans are starting to visit the capitals bars and restaurants again this gentleman reports. police have been i work for the last three months that's been the signal for frights and residents to hurry home and unofficial
12:56 am
curfews room naked i work as protest as men street barricades while government forces and paramilitary groups hunt them down. but in the last few days the captain's night life has begun to emerge again a few brave the souls are starting to venture out and the relief at restaurants like left is palpable with this place could've closed down and we would have been without a job there's about fifty people that depend on it the barricades have been destroyed beyond most groups are less visible but full but that doesn't mean all these well everyone we talked to said they're still scared. to be safe we just crossed from our house opposite this place they're still paramilitaries around six o'clock at night we head home and not say it because we're not safe in this country. protests continue demanding the president's resignation that daniel will take his
12:57 am
government insist that everything's going back to normal so the pictures idea here in terms of people enjoying themselves in the restaurants in these calls. ten eleven the night so i believe in progress if they will. not only huff chimed with what we saw him and i were outside of the capital locals and journalists told us the streets are even quieter a mood tense the government desperately trying to get the bar restaurant saying in the capital going and going easing up restrictions on liquor stores and then in bars open up till five in the morning but there's no quick fix to regain trust with locals and foreign visitors tourism operators say that will take years. and that's only if the fragile calm in the country holds i don't home and i'll just hit a minor one. and that's it for me for this news hour but i would back in just a couple minutes with more of the day's news to the article.
12:58 am
where on line this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit of their stops or if you join us on sacked rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice and part of civil society i meet all but i never get listening to by those in the corridors of our joining the global conversations announces iraq.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go from other potential understand that this is something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. as helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter unless we have a new generation scrolling up to understand better our nation's ship with the natural world then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends
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and allies played a positive role and preventing any escalation for taking place here their story on talk to al-jazeera. attackers aged eleven to sixteen make a series of coordinated strikes against police in chechnya eisel claims responsibility. hello i'm nic this is al jazeera live from london also coming up with shame and repentance the pope begs forgiveness for the pain suffered by abuse victims at the hands of priests. a new currency and five zero slashed from prices the controversial financial reforms facing venezuelans a president for.


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