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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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zero. former u.n. secretary general and nobel peace laureate kofi annan has died at the age of eighty . hello i'm so robyn you're watching i was there live for my headquarters here in doha also coming up hundreds killed and tens of thousands displaced as the indian state of carola is hit by the worst floods in a century a new leader at the helm in one car takes charge as pakistan's prime minister promising a corruption free government also a state funeral in italy as more bodies are recovered from the site of a bridge that collapsed in genoa.
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welcome to the program former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died and was eighty years old he served as the seventh secretary general from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six and was the first to rise to the top of the united nations from within the ranks of the organization he received the nobel peace prize jointly with the united nations in two thousand and one for their work towards a more peaceful world now the current u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has voiced his sorrow at the news that is passed away in a statement he said. it was a guiding force for good it is with profound sadness that i learned of his passing in many ways was the united nations. deputy secretary general of the united nations i mean the mohammed joins me now on the line from nigeria good to have you with us live on al-jazeera this mohammed your reaction to
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the news of kofi death. stakes credibility cups a little speeches karen strange. but quite surreal to to even talk about kofi annan and. credibly. tragic it was a very sudden illness and certainly there were no indications that he was ill but you worked with this man or you worked alongside him. generally as a politician as a diplomat he had a way of maneuvering very difficult subjects a very difficult scenario as it is tenure as secretary general what did you learn from him as of the first secretary. all i have to say is my first meeting with the cochairman was when i or in nigeria was trying to implement the empty cheek and he was very much the highlander socks and this really was about never ever giving up
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doing this that you reached out to all sides it didn't matter who he was doing with those that were very difficult or they were you were speaking to the choir. punky he chose torch you have to keep everyone in the tents and to find a solution for them to hold or devalue sort of we had another is what we continue to use and he told his father never to let them down. i mean it's actually lives are claimed they even long after he left the un so i guess it was always about speaking truth to power but also the ready to to to fund up what you say and keep trying to get to that you know light at the end where you can continue to keep hope alive for for people indeed he was a very proud african and that's a classic phrase of you know african should find solution and african should find solutions for themselves and he was the most about guiding light when there was a problem in africa finding a solution came from africa especially in sanaa areas like kenya for example and
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the disputed election. yes she did i mean they can't play much about him sitting down quietly was never watching actually not anyone but he was telling you the truth i think wasn't really trying to bring your class to the light side so that one but at the end of the day what it was all about and i'm glad you did sleep well seven humanity well actually my list every day is that you know people wanted that remark responsibilities collective or otherwise and he was really good at speaking to leaders from any walk of life and the one out of like to hear some of the things that he said to them but i can tell you they took it. for a great deal of respect for him and just to get my things that he also was able to to build that separation of trust and confidence building for the moment to deputy secretary general. of the united nations thanks so much for joining us on the phone and for your memories of kofi annan the world leaders have also been paying tribute
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to the former u.n. secretary general and on twitter garners a president who for said the government and people of garner first lady rebecca and i are deeply saddened by the news of the death of one of our greatest compactly it's mr kofi annan india's prime minister narendra modi said the world had lost not only a great africa diplomat and humanitarian but also a conscience keeper of international peace and security and they're on top diplomat java gerry's tweeted extremely saddened by the passing of kofi annan a towering global leader and unwavering champions of peace justice and the rule of law rest in peace my dear old friend our diplomatic editor james faith joins me now live from london the tributes pouring in james it's one thing to be for top of very well in diplomatic circles it's another thing to be respected especially in
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diplomatic circles and kofi annan was definitely the latter. he definitely was this was a towering figure on the global stage and i think you heard the emotion in the voice of the deputy secretary general moments ago real shock i think around the world in the diplomatic community at the loss of a secretary general and i think he made such an impact for a number of reasons one was his record now the top job of the u.n. is always going to be a very important job but you normally only do it for five years or ten years if you get two terms he did the full two terms of ten years but of course that's not the only part of his record of service to the u.n. and the international community because he actually joined the u.n. back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two he had worked in diplomacy worked in the humanitarian side of the united nations so he'd been working at the u.n. for such a long time before he got the first of the top job the first person to rise through
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the ranks in that way and he didn't go into quite retirement he then became the u.n. and arab league's envoy in syria two thousand and twelve came up with a peace plan if the parties in the ward listened to him there would have been peace six years ago in syria also with regard to myanmar the current plan of the international community is the one that he's come up with people also talk about the annan plan in cyprus an amazing diplomatic wreck or spanning more than fifty years but i think there's also the stature of the man that we should look at so because he was a man who had real dignity real grace he just had to look at him all listen to him and had a particular style which was very strong words very softly spoken indeed and he had a way of actually if i dare say it james that we had it from the secretary of the u.n. talking about sort of being able to talk to leaders quietly to one side where there
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was an impasse and they were impasses where they're not in africa you know we saw them in west africa after elections we saw them certainly is a bar where you also seen them over the years in kenya as well he was able to speak to africans that at a level and on a level that they understood him and he understood their dad. yes he was able to operate as a diplomatic troubleshooter in the twelve years after he left the job of u.n. secretary general and he didn't have an easy time as u.n. secretary general yes he and the organization won the nobel peace prize but remember this was also a secretary general who served at the time of the bush administration at the time of nine eleven that are unprecedented turmoil at that time leading to a war in afghanistan and then more controversy really to an intervention in iraq which divided the security council in the u.n. system and the current secretary general antonio terrace faces it now that's the
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hardest thing for a secretary general when the u.n. security council is divided and the five key players the permanent members of the security council out are divided as they were on iraq then they are supposed to give the instructions to the secretary general but when he's getting different voices in his ear he must steer his own course and that's what kofi annan did also of course the biggest controversy of his time as secretary general also came from iraq the oil for food program the idea to try to help the iraqi people use their their natural resource oil for humanitarian game ended in a great deal of corruption even implicating kofi annan son well for the moment as we'll leave it there thanks very much. thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in the southern indian state of tara is heavy rain continues to batter the region more than one hundred ninety people have died in just over a week almost all the districts in carol are with the flooding potentially
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affecting most of the state's thirty five million people it's so bad the international airport a coaching has been closed down for at least a week the tories have been told to stay away so far three hundred ten thousand people have been displaced by the flooding most of them are now living in the fifteen hundred relief camps that have been set up with more traditional rain forecast over the weekend the government has pledged seventy one million dollars in aid hiper bogan reports homes nearly submerged in flood waters. people forced to leave their properties behind in order to avoid the floods or landslides this has been the scene for over a week as the southern indian state of caroline battles heavy rains. the subsequent floods are being described as the worst in nearly one hundred years. water levels are rising since yesterday the rains have been heavy it's still ongoing people are worried. the floodwaters and mudslides have killed hundreds of people since the
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start of the monsoon season in june. some parts of the state have received nearly double the average annual rainfall. more than three thousand people have been forced out of their homes. and that has not been easy as water's flood access points in many areas leaving air evacuation as the only option the language of. the rainfall has led to massive landslides where chunks of the mountain of come down blocking the entire stretch although the clearance team is working to open the road it's unlikely it will happen people have been shifted to camps in the nearby areas. where the forecasters say heavy rains will continue over the weekend but will east afterwords. but while that is good news for those affected in carolina the remains will likely be drifting to other states in the country people morgan al-jazeera well andrew thomas joins me now from carolers capital to ruin at the bottom and of course andrew the aid operation continues unabated really because
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help is required through the night as well what's happening where you are. well have a disk i was not there of the problems that need to be sorted out today a little snapshot hair of the relief effort that's going on so some of those problems on here one of five different central collection points in this the state capitol of tara and this is where over the donations that have been delivered to schools and hospitals and other collection points around the city a big brawl and behind may of course it's paused briefly now but for the last half an hour there has been a constant conga line of books is going along this line of maine and as it goes along they all shout out whether it's food or water or medicines or towels and depending on what it is it's going into different rooms and then it's being collected prone there and being taken off in lorries to travel further north where the worst of the floods are because it's like capital has been lost the unaffected by the floods and not only is there a congo line of men here but just behind the camera there's
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a road where they aid is coming in here in the first place and every minute every two minutes a bus full of boxes or bags drives in dumps its mixture of stuff and then that gets taken along the line so you can just get an idea i mean they must be hundreds of people volunteers helping here and that's is our site is one of just many many across carola states like this you know idea of the operation the grassroots operation largely but it's kicked in now to try and help some of the people the north that needs all this i need and as his report there said they need is huge three hundred thousand people now living in different camps that is us number that is bigger than the population of many small countries it is a staggering lead for i that is there is one small part of what's being done to sort it out. while you of course get more information of what's going on in the day yesterday countersigned sound very. well still ahead here on al-jazeera mexico's
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president says he wants to put the fate of a new apple to a vote to stay with us. hello again good to have you back well this hour we are going to start here across central parts of asia where we did see one particular tropical cyclone that made its way through vietnam across laos and now it is making its way into the bay bridge also that is still bring some very heavy rain showers here across parts of myanmar as well so we're going to be watching that very carefully over the lek next couple of days but here across the southern portions of china still very heavy rain in the forecast that's been going on for the last few days and for hong kong we do expect to see thirty three degrees for you up torching high though not looking too bad of course you have seen quite a bit of heavy rain with your tropical storm that went through there but for a forecast on monday thirty three degrees there i want to take you now over here towards india of course carol has been hit very very hard with months in
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a rain over the next few days though things are slowly going to get better in terms of the amount of rain we're going to be seeing on the coast still rain but not as heavy as what we have seen we are now going to focus a little bit more towards the north into the northeast where heavy rain is going to be a big problem as it makes its way off the bay of bengal now that is the remnants of that old tropical system so that system is going to bring some winds as well to kolkata for the time to there of about thirty one degrees and then very quickly over here towards the middle east we are looking at some northerly winds and northwesterly winds coming in to doha and we do expect to see a temperature over the next day forty three degrees. tensions are high. little is changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but will the event unite on drive a wedge between the village and. crack jazz part three of
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a six part series filmed over five years to plan china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching off zero zero robin a reminder of our top stories former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty he served as the seventh secretary general for nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six was the first to rise to the top of the united nations from within the ranks of the organization he received the nobel peace prize jointly with the united nations in two thousand and one. indian prime minister narendra modi has surveyed what's been
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described as some of the worst flooding in a century of the southern state of carola thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued as heavy rain continues to batter the region. well saying in south asia imran khan has been officially sworn in as prime minister of pakistan a day after being formally approved by the national assembly his three kids are party while the most seats in last month's elections to solve a binge of it looks back at iran khan's journey from cricketer to the new leader of pakistan. after a twenty two year struggle in manhunts taken pakistan's top job the charismatic cricket captain who got home the world cup is now the prime minister for years his vision has been to build what he calls a new pakistan. the state has become one viable no you can only get out of this by a complete u. turn and what we call a new box them you know we want but what they were is go back to the vision of the
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founding fathers. it all began with the launch of that they regained sar or p.t.i. in one nine hundred ninety six but it wasn't until the twenty thirteen election that it emerged as pakistan's third largest political party in this election can campaign on a track record of establishing a hospital in a university and more recently running the government of the fabric of our problems . he's long been at the center of media attention both at home and abroad which meant his private life was also no spotlight from marrying british socialite jim i'm a goldsmith whose most recent divorce the journalist ron hahn even his third marriage with a spiritual advisor bush has not been without controversy. hans also denied his rival's accusations that he won as many seats this time because he was the military's favorite candidate. but he has been the favored candidate of many first time voters the youth as in round one calls them his party supporters have disrupted to dish
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and politics in the last few years but their energy and aggressive social media present and they've also put pressure on iran and members of his party have misbehaved. imran khan's one of the most recognizable faces of pakistan who's been a vocal critic of u.s. drone strikes and has insisted that dialogue with groups like the taliban is the lead to achieve peace people do not want this x. so judicial killing in the name of drone attacks is hinted at better ties with neighbors including india and afghanistan in a positive relationship with the us based on what he calls mutual respect. to mankind's become the first former cricketer to have two and popular support into an election when. he gets ready to fulfill his promise of the so-called new pakistan he faces major challenges including finishing his full five year term as because none of his predecessors remained in power long enough to complete their time in office some of the job it was there. well the remains of a family
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a husband wife and their nine year old daughter have been recovered from the rubble of the bridge that collapsed in italy on tuesday now this brings the number of dead to more than forty with hundreds more injured a state funeral has taken place for victims of the disaster presents surgery a battle rather was among those attending but some families blame the government for the disaster and boycotted the ceremony. or of the funeral service for those victims with david chaytor as a correspondent in general of course it was very solid day really a national day of mourning across italy but we are expecting a press conference as well david who'll be speaking. yes for. the first time you will be seeing in public giving response to this disaster the company that were responsible for actually that bridge itself for its maintenance and also the made sense of other bridges very similar to that motorways across italy so we haven't heard yet exactly what they intend to say but clearly
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people will be waiting to hear about to what sort of compensation they will pay to the the victims' families and how soon they can try and reconstruct that bridge and also did they get any warning signs i was an engineers report only last year which said there were worrying signals that the structure was beginning to degrade so it'll be their chance to actually give their side of the story but they've been highly criticized and it's felt that this design should have been lasting for a hundred years and started just over fifty years with tragic consequences so that'll that'll be a press conference in the next hour we'll hear from the man actually responsible but that bridge and maybe its collapse the force will come back to us and when that happens for the moment david thank you. qatar is accusing saudi arabia of blocking its citizens from performing the muslim hard pilgrimage the government says its
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nationals are unable to get permits to travel to mecca saudi arabia denies this saying an unspecified number of categories of arrived for the pilgrimage the united arab emirates saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar more than a year ago they accused of supporting terrorism a claim that the qatari government has strongly to know it. it's almost a year since me a military crackdown began targeting was the aid agencies say seven thousand have been killed and seven hundred thousand forced to leave the country you and investigators suspect a campaign of rape murder and arson was organized at the highest level but me a bar says it's on track for peace and reconciliation its government appointed panel was submitted its final report this was set up to implement recommendations of another commission which was led by the former un secretary general kofi annan that commission have called for concrete steps to ensure the rights of rohingya and
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hold violators accountable but the u.n. and rights groups say none of this has been done at the security council will debate the issue this month the fact finders will present their final report in september relatively is their anger researcher at deakin university he says we're barres government has consistently failed to implement kofi annan the recommendations. well the miramar authorities have prevented any independent outside investigators from accessing northern rakhine state they've prevented the un. human rights council's fact finding mission on me in my from entering the country and they've prevented the u.n. special repertory of human rights and me and my young he leave from investigating fully what has occurred in northern rakhine state but what we know is that seven hundred thousand desperate. refugees have fled across of the international front here in terre and that happened coincidentally this week one year ago so this
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day one year ago coffee and then would have been in me and mark preparing to present the findings of his yearlong investigation into the situation in northern rakhine state and central to the recommendations that the late coffee and then made to the me and more authorities was concrete steps and those concrete steps ought to have would have included citizenship rights for the world's largest stateless group the wrecking of muslims there are hundreds of thousands of who today will be praying that the recommendations coffee and then made one year ago will someday be implemented because this situation would be significantly improved if that was the case the migration agency says that more than sixty three thousand migrants refugees or did europe by sea in twenty eighteen forty two percent of them have been arriving in spain but many of those undertaking the treacherous journey to not make it alive call panel reports now from attorney for in southern spain where
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a very real node has become all too common. nobody knew their names and soon the letters spelling out on the migrant who peel away to. get are you. going to the grave digger packer gliss yes remembers where they're all buried. a lucky few have been identified merlin you and little hope. destiny we all have our own destiny we all know when we're born but none of us really know when we're going to die it's packer's work to this cemetery into reefer on spain's southernmost tip for fifteen years when a refugee or migrant dies mourners rarely come. i've got a heart and we're all human beings whether you know them or not you must treat them well if this ever happens to me i'd like to think somebody would help me to this
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crossings to the spanish coast of surge this year migrant drownings have tripled spanish authorities spend months trying to identify remains and repatriate them if possible. calls these the pioneers twenty two moroccans washed up two decades ago. flower seller antonia of alaska has a message for the mothers of all those buried here. they are here and where treating them well they are dead but if i can i will put a flower on their great there are some people here along the coast it's a short distance to the town of a part of the grave digger claims shows me the tomb of the five year old congolese boy some world was swept ashore here his mother was found dead on the other side of the mediterranean in algeria. it's outrageous there's so much
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power and money in the world and yet the rich don't invest more in the countries where margaret's come from so they don't need to travel here like animals. until those in power he dad advice the grave diggers just help juggle the consequences. as i bury these migrants i told them that they didn't find a better world down here but i'll ask god to give them a better life out there they have sacrificed everything and this is what is left another monument to a wandering son or daughter name another. culprit whole al-jazeera to refer spain. mexico's president elect says the fate of a controversial new thirteen billion dollar appled will be decided by referendum the vote will take place in october there's manuel lopez obrador made the project one of the main issues of his campaign from mexico city rodriguez reports.
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almost from the moment the ground was broken structure of the new airport in mexico city has been to focus of controversy accusations of overspending and corruption tainted what is the biggest public works project right now in mexico president elect and there's been a look at the brotherhood has long threatened to cuz of the project as part of his pledge to crack down on public waste and improve mexico's finances. on friday a lot of other said it will be the mexican people who ultimately will decide on its fate. all mexicans will decide there will be a public consultation transparent and honest to reflect the feelings of most mexicans and that result will be binding. the airport is being built on the lake bed of lake takes cocoa at the rain probably to see flooding and they impact of earthquakes. a challenge that contractors solved impaired of to search in the nia by hades thousands of tons of metal and it woke up being extracted from around one
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hundred and fifty mines like this one in the state of mexico the material is being used to strengthen the sorry i'm from end the sinking of the oil but it's been done at a price and resulted in even more controversy as many of the mines are illegal those intel and such just to so you can say they are dealing with the consequences of the over extraction of the well when the when there was i mean that we didn't go to the mine the mine came to us we are just fifty centimeters from the edge of the sinkhole these are our homes and those are the people threatening us dispense complaints about the mines have been met with indifference by the local authorities when we visited the mine we were ordered to leave you know the residents of to say uga will be among those making the vote head at the national level about the future of a project which many had hoped would become a symbol of a new mexico. i just needa mexico city.
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you're watching all just there i'm still robert these are all top news stories a former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died and that was eighty years old he's dancing seven secretary generals from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand and six or was the first to rise to the top of the united nations from within the ranks of the organization he received the nobel peace prize jointly with the then in two thousand and one for their work towards a more peaceful world. indeed prime minister narendra modi has surveyed what's been described as some of the worst flooding in a century in the southern state of carola thousands of stranded p. people are waiting to be rescued as heavy rain continues to batter the region. most of the remains of a family a husband wife and their nine year old daughter have been recovered from the rubble of the bridge that collapsed in italy on choose day it brings the number of dead to
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more than forty with hundreds more injured a state funeral has taken place for victims of the disaster present surge of material or was among those attending but some families blame the government for the disaster and boycotted the event. former cricketer iran card has been officially sworn in as prime minister of pakistan it's taken him two decades to get the top job after retiring from sport and turning his attention to politics he was elected prime minister in a vote at the national assembly on friday. and qatar is accusing a saudi arabia of blocking its citizens from performing the hard pilgrimage the government says its nationals are unable to get permits to travel to back in saudi arabia denies it saying again unspecified number of guitars have arrived for the pilgrimage the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain really to cut diplomatic ties with qatar more than a year ago and accused of supporting terrorism
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a claim the qatari government has strongly denied turkey's credit rating has been lowered by two financial agencies moody's and standard and poor's says it's become more difficult for turkey to make payments on its debts and washington is threatening to impose more economic pressure on a group it wants turkey to free an american pastor who's been detained since twenty sixteen and the asian games is underway at the deletion capital jakarta with the opening ceremony festivities away in full swing on thursday when the ceremonial torch arrived in the capital is one of the world's biggest multi sporting events and second only to the olympics those were the headlines here on al-jazeera with more news in half an hour do stay with us. as protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises and. someone says i'm staying or power no matter what the have to crash into all of reality that usually gets painted blood. said here america's ortega's from
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a vice president talks to al jazeera. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each shia driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. you can still ijaz rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption. and made a crackdown activist shreds implore died in police custody. but if you can achieve think about the right.


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