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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. cricket star turned politician imran khan is to be sworn in as pakistan's prime minister. about this and this is all just a live from doha also coming up the u.s. and threatens to impose more sanctions on turkey as turkish debt is downgraded. a u.n. report suggests four ways to help protect palestinian civilians. and mexico's next president says he wants to put the fate of a new airport to
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a vote. civilian and military leaders are gathering in pakistan's capital islamabad for the formal swearing in of the country's new prime minister and non-con was the country's most famous cricketer before turning to politics but it's taken him more than two decades to find any claim the top job will come all hydras joining us now from islamabad come all first of all just set the scene for us what's going to be happening. as you mentioned. from the navy army air force. bureaucrat diplomat have all gathered at the president a way the president. will be administering the oath to him ron is going to be a very many. indian cricket doing another
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thing. and of god he has. made from india. going to be. taking prime minister of bug very well will be taking. at the predator. that you can keep behind me all the dignitaries have it i. shortly. many will begin with the. koran. administering. and the president of administering the oath to him run on come all i mean his part is to. party has a very what some would say wafer thin majority in the parliament in the national assembly that's going to make it very difficult for him to try to push through any sort of legislation and he's got big problems to face.
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country where corruption is in. many of the government organized. and that's going to be talking to try and get back to their professionalism it is going to be a different. country the economy drums. politicians and bureaucrats. corruption. so. to be appointing a cabinet many. qualified and of course the people. change a big country where traditionally. for decades
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and it's. imran khan's party which was formed back in one thousand nine hundred six . he is going to. the fact that he had to. know what the independents so he won't have to do. that they need to move legislation through parliament however he really become doing on some of the elements of the opposition party particularly the. stain from the war during yesterday's going to be interesting to see the way that he can get some of the opposition board in order for him to get. to be able to move legislation.
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for him. the deal of responsibility is. to deliver a come out just as you're talking there and seeing some of the agency pictures work which are coming out from new delhi. and i think preparing to arrive for the ceremony but one of the issues that he is going to face and it's going to be a significant one is whether or not he can distance himself from accusations that he is the favorite of the military and that the accusations that during the campaigning that the military actually played a significant role in his campaign that's going to be a very tough hurdle for him to cross isn't that. strong institution and any. country has to have a good understanding would. deny having any and water.
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election day to make sure that the elections are held in the first place because don has come under attack from die. several hundred people during the election campaign and would. have been hailed by the government because of the challenges. tried to move. that in. and tried to work with them rather than against them because that had always been a problem even end up to many of the political leadership. because of their relationship would. be an important factor denying at the same time they're dead and. they are saying that who have been elected by the people who. had the right to rule dish country come out how to live for us in islamabad come out
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thank you very much indeed. our summer brings our very lives back at enron cons journey from cricket star to the new leader of pakistan. after a twenty two year struggle in amman tuns taken pakistan's top job the charismatic cricket captain who brought home the world cup is now the prime minister for years his vision has been to build what he calls a new pakistan the state has become one viable no you can only get out of this by a complete u. turn and what we call a new box them you know we want to but what they were is go back to the vision of the founding fathers. it all began with the launch of that they regained soft or p.t.i. in one nine hundred ninety six but it wasn't until the twenty thirteen election that it emerged as pakistan's third largest political party in this election can campaign on a track record of establishing a hospital in a university and more recently running the government of the fabric of our problems
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. he's long been at the center of media attention both at home and abroad which meant his private life was also no spotlight from marrying british socialite jim i'm a goldsmith whose most recent divorce the journalist ron hahn even his third marriage with a spiritual advisor bush has not been without controversy. hans also denied his rival's accusations that he won as many seats this time because he was the military's favorite candidate. but he has been the favored candidate of many first time voters the youth as in round one calls them his party supporters have disrupted to dish and politics in the last few years but their energy and aggressive social media present and they've also put pressure on iran and members of his party have misbehaved. imran khan's one of the most recognizable faces of pakistan who's been a vocal critic of u.s. drone strikes and has insisted that dialogue with groups like the taliban is the way to achieve peace people do not want this xo judicial killing in the name of
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drone attacks is hinted at better ties with neighbors including india and afghanistan in a positive relationship with the us based on what he calls mutual respect. imran khan's become the first former cricketer to have turned popular support into an election when. as he gets ready to fulfill his promise of the so-called new pakistan he faces major challenges including finishing his full five year term as because none of his predecessors remain in power long enough to complete their time in office some of the job it is their. turkey's credit ratings being lowered by two key agencies moody's and standard and poor's now say it's become more difficult for turkey to make payments on its debts the country's already being rocked by a financial crisis and sanctions from the united states are reports from new york. for the turkish lira it was a week that could not in soon enough he week that started with the lira sliding to a record low of seven point two against the us dollar the currency has lost nearly
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forty percent of its value against the dollar this year alone as a full fledged economic crisis continues to simmer the trumpet ministration this week threaten to impose additional economic sanctions on turkey over the country's continued house arrest of a u.s. pastor on terrorism charges the diplomatic standoff led trump on friday to again say sanctions are justified turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can take our face but some analysts say the u.s. is being overly aggressive with the sanctions and use them to march and use them to recklessly if you don't have allies on board when you use the. you erode their effect of this over time however there are some signs of potential relief on wednesday qatar's emir tahmima bin hamad out funny visited ankara bringing with him
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promises of an investment package worth fifteen billion dollars that money will mainly be injected into turkey's financial markets and banks turkey also promised to inject more money into the economy here on wall street they're watching the events in turkey very closely but most analysts say they have not seen any significant signs yet that events there are objecting the u.s. stock market but elsewhere that's not the case markets in asia remain mixed and european stocks were mostly down primarily because many european countries remain heavily exposed to turkey's debt while the list of grievances between these two nato allies is substantial this crisis ultimately boils down to a battle of wills between two leader. there's the big question now which one of them will blink first until then how far will the lira fall in the mean time
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gabriel is on to al-jazeera new york. out of sight and as a national security and foreign policy analyst he says turkey's economy doesn't stand a chance against u.s. sanctions the vast majority not if not all of the civilized world banking and trade sort of transactions go through one and one and only sort of transactional route and that's new york that's american transactional routes if the united states decides what sanctions on those which control the vast majority of the banking transactions world. turkey doesn't stand a chance now you can get some direct investment from qatar it's being get some direct investment from other sovereigns but again your banking system is beholden rely and also the and on american watching american is even a broken clock is right twice a day american president president trump would always falls flaws and problems and
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stability he's right about this case president carter gone it's checkers act to correct those maneuvers needs to come back to the western allies turkey sovereign has kept turkey prosperous a lot kept turkey away from a lot of threats facing east and north and east to palestinian protesters have been killed and two hundred seventy people have been wounded in demonstrations to the gaza israel border fence palestinians have been staging protests every frighting since march the demanding a right to return to ancestral lands that they say their families were forced to leave they also want an end to the israeli blockade of the gaza strip. the united nations says more money and un personnel should be used to protect civilians in gaza and other palestinian territories the un secretary general has been asked to look for ways to shield palestinians from what's being described as excessive and indiscriminate force by the israeli military also in jordan has more from the united nations. the u.n.
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general assembly ordered the secretary general and tonio good tenors to come up with the report of recommendations so that there could be new ways or perhaps a reinforcement of old ways of protecting palestinian civilians in the ongoing dispute with the israeli government the recommendations for coming from the secretary general are for the first would be increasing the number of you would personnel in the occupied palestinian territories in order to help palestinian civilians improve their quality of life the second recommendation is essentially more money for u.n. and other governmental organization programs to improve health care education and the economy in the occupied territories the last two recommendations from a terrorist would need a security council resolution and indorsement before either could be employed wud deploy an observer mission that could also act as local bt interest to keep the
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israeli military and policy of protesters for of getting into an all out conflict the final would be a deployment of perhaps a peacekeeper force an armed force as the document calls it in order to basically make certain that these two sides don't come into any clashes and that people are killed or injured as a result those last two would be very difficult to get into doors but from the security council without considerable debate and to go see a ship and because the u.s. president donald trump has been very vigorous in its defense of israel's right to protect itself it is likely that should a resolution even be to go see it that the u.s. would veto such a measure essentially putting this whole proposal into the waistband but because the u.n. general assembly decided to debate the matter and to have a good tears take a fresh look at the ongoing crisis in israel and the palestinian territories it is
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certainly something that's going to lead to at least a new round of discussion in the u.n. security council. still ahead a knowledge of zero the move by the trumpet ministration that some say signals are u.s. withdrawal from the syrian conflict. the polls women boys their fury over a proposed law they say will reduce them to second class citizens. hello there we've got lots of showers around the black sea again they've been plaguing us for past few weeks and there's still more of them as we head through saturday and sunday you see them they stretch from the black sea across towards the caspian sea and some of them have been rather heavy more of them are expected as we head through sunday away from there it's largely fine and dry with beirut up at
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thirty degrees and it's rather hot in baghdad put it around forty three it's hotter in kuwait the air here is a bit dry so forty seven degrees will be our maximum here in doha we've also got dry air at the moment it's not too shumate so our temperatures will be comfortably above forty further south more cloud over here over parts of a man and into yemen and that could be squeezing out one or two showers particularly along the south coast of a man a round. if we head down towards the southern parts of africa we're seeing more cloud now in the southeastern parts that's just taken off to give us a few outbreaks of rain particularly in the durban area eventually as we head through saturday and into sunday that begins to break up and for many of us it will be a drier and warmer one so for jo'burg will get to around seventy nine for durban will get to around twenty five it's not that warm if you head down towards cape town here with all the winds coming in off the same or cloud as well so temperatures will be held back just a fourteen degrees. and
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this new delhi swell artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. tomorrow we disappear a witness documentary on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories in mind khan is due to be sworn in as pakistan's
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prime minister a day off to his confirmation by parliamentarians these are live pictures from the pakistani presidency in islamabad where the formal ceremony is just getting underway as to he can insert party became the largest in the national assembly often last month's national election a former cricketer has promised to tackle corruption. and believe. in the unity. of alumni. the books of. the holy koran. being the last off the prophet. peace be a. bad. as that of the prophets.
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and of the no profit after him. rule the day of judgment. the day of judgment. and the requirements of that. all the holy koran. that i. will faith and allegiance but in london. that as that i have been through faith and any chance to pakistan. that as prime minister of pakistan. i have been discharged my duty. and the fall my functions. honestly. to the best of my
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ability. faithfully enough auden's. the constitution of this law maker public of pakistan. and the law and always in the interest all suffered added. integrity. integrity so the sun a day to day well being. and. that i even strive to preserve the islamic ideology. which is the basis of the creation of pakistan. that i believe would you not allow. that i would not allow my personal interest. to influence my official count up to. all of my official positions.
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that i did preserve protect. and defend the constitution of this law make a public of pakistan. and be protected and defended. in all circumstances. right. to all manner of people. according to know without fear favor affection intervale. that i did not directly aught but in directly. communicate to all reveal. to any person any matter which
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shall be brought undone like consideration. all shall become known to me. as prime minister. except as may be to quiet for the do discharge of my duties. as prime minister. them. and i believe discharge all my duties as prime minister. when it is very necessary for me to do it. may allow almighty help and guide me. we
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. know. and you're watching al-jazeera these are live pictures from islamabad on the swearing in of imran khan as pakistan's new prime minister imran khan had run a populist campaign promising to change the lives of pakistanis and come down hard on corruption but his then majority could make it difficult to push through his reforms agenda that's particularly because they opposition is accusing him of leaning too heavily on the powerful military to be able to set up the elections let's move on the united states says it is cutting two hundred thirty million
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dollars allocated for so-called stabilization programs in syria and says the funding will only be provided if syria engages in a credible peace process led by the united nations is being seen as a move to extricate the u.s. from the conflict as kimberly hawk reports. its you have another think of the tribe administration's desire to withdraw from a visible role in syria on friday and announced it was redirecting two hundred thirty million syrian stabilization funds frozen in march to other foreign policy priorities move comes following contributions in pledges totaling three hundred i call issue partners to help rebuild parts of syria. no longer held by isis among the contributions announced this week one hundred million from saudi arabia. president trump since the start of his presidency has been carefully cultivated his relationship with the kingdom but the donation is
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a fraction in comparison to the reported four billion trump reportedly requested in march for syrian assistance and rebuilding still the u.s. says in former eisel strongholds like rocka one hundred fifty thousand displaced residents have been able to return the city's drinking water is now safe but according to a recent u.n. report up to thirty thousand eisel fighters remain in iraq and syria syria has called saudi arabia's contributions to the u.s. led rebuilding effort morally unacceptable through its state news agency it argued the coalition's only goal is to fragment the region that's what the u.s. contends is the goal of iran in syria and throughout the middle east is pushing for the withdrawal of iran's forces in syria we're going to continue to care for the iran regime is more an activity to support iranian voices and to galvanize international support for efforts the u.s.
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denies the shifting of funds for syria signals a lessening of its strategic goals it says it's humanitarian assistance is not effective and defeating eisel remains a top priority we continue to be committed to this fight and we're not backing down from that isis needs to be defeated in the u.s. government stands firmly by that for years president thomas complained about u.s. allies not sharing the financial burden for efforts in syria including preventing syrian president bashar last thought an iranian allies from creeping into newly liberated areas it is a goal saudi arabia says it shares kimberly health at al-jazeera washington. the special counsel investigating the russian interference in the run up to the twenty sixteen election has recommended a former trump campaign aide should be jailed george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to f.b.i. investigators in a tobar he's to be sentenced to early next month special counsel robert muller says
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he should serve up to six months in prison mexico's president elect says the fate of a controversial new thirteen billion dollar airport's going to be decided by referendum the vote will take place in october the incoming president made the future of the construction one of the key issues of his campaign is described as a waste of taxpayers' money from mexico city. reports. almost from the moment the ground was broken struction of the new airport in mexico city has been to focus of controversy accusations of overspending and corruption tainted what is the biggest public works project right now in mexico president elect and with the brotherhood has long threatened to guzzle the project aspect of his pledge to crack down on public waste and improve mexico's finances. on friday with a brother said it will be the mexican people who ultimately will decide on its fate
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. all mexicans will decide there will be a public consultation transparent and honest to reflect the feelings of most mexicans and that result will be binding. the airport is being built on the lake bed of lake takes i to rain probably to see. if quakes. a challenge that contract is solved in part after by heath's thousands of tons of metal and it was just been extracted from around one hundred fifty mines like this one in the state of mexico the material is being used to strengthen the saw the sinking of the oil but it's been done at a price and resulted in even more controversy as many of the mines are illegal those such as to so you can say they are dealing with the consequences of the over extraction of work when the well you know we didn't go to the mine the mine came to us we are just fifty centimeters from the edge of the sinkhole these are our homes
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and those are the people threatening us. distance complaints about the mines have been made with indifference by the local authorities when we visited the mine. to leave you know the recipients of to say you we be amongst those making the votes had at the national level about the future of a project which many had hoped would become a symbol of the new makes to go. i just mexico city. this is all just here are these are the top stories cimarron khan has been sworn in as pakistan's new prime minister is to reconstruct party is the largest in the national assembly but he still needs to form a coalition government at a formal ceremony at the presidency in the capital islamabad he promised to work for the people and to come down hard on corruption. turkey's credit ratings been lowered by two key agencies moody's and standard and poor's say it's become more
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difficult for turkey to make payments on its debts the country's already being rocked by financial crisis and sanctions from the united states washington's threatening to impose more economic pressure it wants turkey to for u.s. pastor who's been in jail there since twenty sixteen. he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as the french. will see what happened they have a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful pastor brunson. made up this phony. by. not is by. going through a trial right now. they should have given him back a long time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last that we are not going to take it down they can't take our people so you will see what happened. more than three hundred people have died
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in widespread flooding in the southern indian state of catalogue tens of thousands have been left stranded soldiers in local fisherman trying to rescue them. the u.n. secretary general says there are four ways to protect palestinian civilians until you reach out as was told to find methods of shielding people from what's being described as excessive and indiscriminate force by the israeli military. meanwhile of these two palestinian protesters have been killed and two hundred seventy people have been wounded during demonstrations in the gaza israel border fence friday protests have been held in gaza for twenty one weeks. russian and turkish defense ministers have been meeting in moscow to discuss the plight of syria's refugees millions of people have been forced from their homes since the war began and those are the headlines next and al-jazeera it's the road to hutch buffa. look so doing it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the
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world's record for this the size and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy a machine america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. india home to more than a billion people a land of great diversity and beauty. yet one which has been scarred by a legacy of violence between hindus and muslims. the second most populated country in the world india is home to more than twelve percent of the world's muslim
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population. some of india's hundred fifty four million muslims live here in an area at the heart of the country's capital.


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