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tv   From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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and don't you saw there on head of the citrus growers in the mexican state of veracruz recalls how nafta's promises turned sour. each one of. them on. nafta inflicted two blows to mexico's farmers. cheap subsidized u.s. produce flooding the market. and the rise of the supermarkets paying rock bottom prices to mexican farmers. the outcome of a handful of growers controlling production and the loss of more than two million agricultural jobs.
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don't be the it's all. all of the in one of those up was. this until well one of the. nafta has widened the gap between rich and poor. for most mexicans free trade with foreign companies has come at a heavy price. the prospect of more of the same under the new energy reforms looks like history repeating itself. this country has been right many times every nigerian has and the role that the spaniards sprain had here and the americans and other foreign businesspeople who have come here our person as being a potential rapist in the minds of the average mexican citizen you need to keep that in mind oil is the symbol of that potential rape. mexico's president indicating and yet there is waging
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a publicity campaign claiming his reforms will usher in a new era of prosperity. is that of former president the level of must go on this report to me that this but i'm a he. has separate chance to be secure and simple zimmy listen we will simply else equal mccourty saleratus see gave our motor car with a form of. evil yes it was meant behind it but it was for this in consequence here mr mass are better muscly mentos space use. and there is something for the multinational companies to. share in the profit bonanza from sixty billion barrels of mexican oil. it's a black gold rush that has companies beating a path to the door of consulting firms like control risks it's the last frontier that has been opened for private investment basically every other country in the
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world including countries like cuba. have allowed foreign investment in their oil reserves mexico had not and potentially mexico has enormous reserves particularly in deep water place that will require investment by private companies to be exploited. antonio guterres a former u.s. ambassador to mexico now legal adviser to u.s. oil companies is selling a bright future in mexico to his clients obviously energy companies are very excited about the prospect of investing in mexico they see the risk return is very attractive they've done business in foreign markets they recognize that this is one proximate to the u.s. there's a very real sense that mexico's a rocket about to lift. as foreign oil companies prepared to celebrate the profits still make from the reforms mexican economics and justice expert in the guy that
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was goglia doubts that ordinary mexicans will get a share of the spoils and you need to make sure that all this investment in older returns from those investments to some degree will provide. a remedy to those sectors within lexy go that have never experienced any benefits from left. cultural sector or the small farmer but i haven't seen any kind of government plan or strategy indicating that they will go that way so far considering the precedence of mexico's opening to the world i would say that the privatization of the oil sector in the hands of all the all police will bring more corruption more unequal distribution of income and more social instability. but corruption isn't always considered a bad thing by big business. where there is corruption there's no accountability. the oil industry has a track record of thriving in places with poor regulatory regimes they pollute and
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get away with it. mexico's state owned oil company pemex has been accused of this. reporter and that his committee has been following the trail of oil investigating cases of corporate impunity. be boring on average he. said that they were that i might have to go to vienna. say last. year about it was. sick it can't be a good idea to see a lawyer was kind of maybe it was going to be bad this. makes little but i. don't like up to. edgar is on his way to major oil spill which has polluted abidal water supply sider point they've been there but
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upset about a little. and. more than a million liters of crude oil poured from a broken pemex pipeline and spread into the truck on his creeper that supplies water to thousands of people. entire communities had to be evacuated because of the toxic fumes. with a man that there was this highly messed up the ass like out of the full gas of those they ask oh maybe anarchy. that i live in a fire and i will be cement their thoughts about all that i could buy that. in two thousand and thirteen alone pemex was responsible for two hundred fifty environmental emergencies. like every oil disaster he's witnessed and there has approached local residents for an interview. they often
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won't talk to people living next to despair. are no exception yeah. but he can last yes i want to. see him. but if you're ok yeah like. that mask there but also want to. give up on having a fear of medical if i use it again about him out. and makes me scared the consequences because he is the backbone of the country's economy. panics profits for nearly forty percent of the federal budget. in the oil rich state of tabasco on mexico's gulf coast it's the largest employer providing forty thousand jobs bandmates in lay still makes me. premix is such an integral part of life in tabasco that from an early age children
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are taught the story of oil. india should draw them out of the land out there on their own syria. libya that. there. may be you know not when i like them. but for the communities where pemex drills the relationship is a troubled one. group we say look has got to see as the head of the local a he the our land council. a small tabasco bill each of fifteen hundred indigenous people. they have the money you. know how the how the board is. the the woman of the lord the v.c. on the move on but on the appropriate amount of in the in the. yellow bit about it a little ball in the balls given that you're not
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a more sort of. love in their views you can also. give more thought or. by law the profits made by panics are supposed to be reinvested in social and economic development but how much of the profits filtered down to the people in two thousand and thirteen pemex made billions of dollars from oil into basket yet eighty six percent of the population live in poverty. it's typical of that inequality. easy in battle. they don't this is. very. normal lives absolute i mean the another series of oil disaster in the area has added to their problems the basket human rights lawyer. has taken up the bill it costs i mean as you know i mean.
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they may. say that they. see. you know. in two thousand thirteen pemex begin work on a well close to movie sale spillage. what happened at the drill site nunez one two three was unlike anything that had ever seen. on the. home. of.
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the kids of our. government. on terror york in the one. year. they don't serve. i love the but i think which i want to watch a movie. almost a movie i love into each day some more explosions a toxic cloud of fire and smoke rose over the village and nearby farms. the army cordoned off the area. point out all the other. one point. i don't know me come. close almost and you know and i get on my knees there's
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a whole lot of that i want to. get out i'm out of. the well burned uncontrollably for fifty five to. ten weeks could quail depletes. people would put it suffering from skin and respiratory diseases and the death of their livestock. loving when by using go the. way they grew to be they got input pulse on the. bone a. bit but all you do in my mind. going to. work. but if you're both. saw them or even a movie. you're not going to see on
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a lot of war when. they look at the are they always the better they're going to be able for you know. they came and made us and. what. brought a lot. more last. month. in the years since the explosion bill richardson affected by the disaster have taken to the streets and blockaded pemex well sanaa physis. senior clerics officials complained it was costing them three million dollars a day in lost production but refused to offer compensation. because he is the baby
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then people. just by the door in the middle and. i think. the company sin different string the farmers of oxy kalki on the a kilometer away from the well explosion into activists. money. you know that work i'm not. good today is the one year anniversary of the explosion and the community of folks back it has received no compensation for their suffering not to grumble see others doing or using or to be in the moment when i was a member of a primary level not one of them well. not yet happy thought yeah that was ok well again look like i'm i'm on my go there you know because if it did. that would give. me that will play out the grievances are many including claims of a skyrocketing breed of health problems man oh man get out of it no matter how it
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you know my presence here i'll get in a settlement over goes a. lawyer if framed legal has come to report on his efforts to get them justice. she's demanding that the government releases studied conducted of this soil air and water contamination around the well but the government has so far refused to last as a single day really here. in their new our cave where this is was a deliberate and impartial lee thing the ground zero one one zero one zero they're saying for the marciano they've been in the lab either the brindle as a little bit up as well or recurring or have a jolt it will be a more variable bill where you're going to get bunch of old air of course i really don't want them with no go up where you might there and say this was it to you easy a little yellow rallies or. cares gone think you're golden i can get him to be here
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. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are food in world news it looks ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world record holder to the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy at least three america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime.
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or. where ever you. i'm sam is a dam in dar with a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now at least forty four afghan soldiers and police have been killed in a taliban attack on an army base local media say the incident took place in the military outpost in the northern province of badland in the early hours of wednesday morning the ministry of defense has yet to comment at least thirty five people have been killed and many more injured after
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a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa it came down during heavy rain sending vehicles plunging around one hundred meters to the ground rescue workers are still searching for survivors turkey has increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and its president called for a boycott of u.s. electronic products rajib tired of the one says it's in retaliation for an economic attack on his country and friday washington impose new sanctions after the detention of a u.s. pastor in turkey the turkish lira has fallen more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year the crisis in turkey is spreading to other emerging markets in india the rupee has fallen to a record low its reach seventy against the u.s. dollar currencies in argentina south africa and mexico have also been hit a new report suggests there could be thousands of victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania in the u.s.
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it's the largest and most comprehensive report into abuse by catholic priests in the state. you see church officials. describe your views as first. risks and. it was none of those things it was child sexual abuse including a group. committed quite grown men priests against children. above all else. he protected their institution not coxed police in london in treating a crash outside the british parliament as a terror incident three people were injured when a man drove through pedestrians and cyclists before ramming into security barriers the suspect is a twenty nine year old british citizen those are your headlines the news continues here after
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a crude harvest stay with us. in two thousand and thirteen the mexican state of tabasco suffered the biggest oil disaster in its history. a well exploded in flames and blazed uncontrollably for fifty five days sending clouds of toxic smoke over surrounding villages. mexico's state owned oil company panix denied there was a problem bachmann's or not that was the word. but communities closest to the site have complained of widespread health problems and loss of livestock. to rounding lands have been contaminated and water supplies poisoned. the villagers have fought to have their grievances heard but to date. no compensation nor accepted any wrongdoing in mexico impunity rules
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the fear is that if this is how pemex is allowed to treat the big names of disasters foreign companies are even less likely to be held accountable there are a lot of women there have been. more. bestseller there have been there by the morning all the laws. if you will permit. or they mostly were in a while i think. the indigenous communities in the neighboring state of better clues are about to find out. the or a church of the eastern state of better crews have made mexico the fourth largest orange producer in the world. but nafta trade agreements have hampered small growers efforts to export their crops. farmers are leaving the land
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fruit processors are go. out of business. the trade is dying. but riches are still to be found here better close has oil. in fact it's sitting on seventeen billion barrels the largest all insurers served in the country but parents claims it has in the capital to exploit what's there. so on the mexico's new energy reforms the prize has been offered up to private companies in the hope that foreign investment will get pipelines and profits flowing. this map shows the reserves the government has opened up for exploitation. i could talk or fair with the nonprofit project to critique. is taking a close look on behalf of the communities poor sitting on oil. looking simple most
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of it is the heat of color that affect us that are most lawyers where the most severe limits on the mother were made out of this god almost of pointed little holes so far as we have the money. for them is thing for must see where i live by them and their differences are laid out in this with you. while the government has been keen to identify oil rich areas to private companies mexico's farmers have been told nothing. else maps will at least let them know if their land is up for grabs us isn't you a little lump of the cutoff us embassy and i mean the political one i mean that's your own or not i mean the fans so give us our. money well it's packing to go to bed acoustic bass in one of the communities most in need of his research. lengthens your own is sort of well not on their on their menu in. the last on by more than obvious point and i think he thought and then there were many less of it that's you
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on. your level of a child part of a lot of corners but it's on ask them but i i may live the heave of it but it's on us this time of year for it i. could have put it up there for from the look i would have been a bit of a. voyeur you know what up to now he isn't boarding the castle with. them door going on out of the law he. was on but the morning when the i'm in a coma room is called. the hospital stuff or not. been thrown out here good luck this time they're on the way or the more i listen but as part of the full body workout aboard. the. about doing a lot of. one of those cameras. the american. middle class.
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the new law has teeth it gives companies the right to drill and occupy land wherever there is oil. even on archaeological sites like this one. that taught to not pyramids of el the heene did from six hundred fifty the surrounding jungle hides many more temples yet to be excavated. and these areas are to be auctioned for oil exploitation to foreign companies their ability is here to . do what their gonzales lives in san antonio he tell a tiny village of two hundred people he taught in our carry teach and a community leader he grows oranges and corn and these slopes which were allowed to meet the pyramids of. san antonio as to gaza.
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because. there was land fall squarely inside the area being offered up to private oil companies. but the lead our side of. it are like and stands when they. are gone from being only an unknown and one of them is us you don't stand the corner most on the corner on camp rhino and passed us in our. gov implemented not the subset of them. but mixed. messages and didn't mind giving them a. lesson demanded. because. when energy companies come to demote area they'll be able to drill where they want. orange groves and corn fields will give way to oil platforms and the people will have little power to resist.
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elsewhere in barrack lose big oil has arrived. except butter a small village of two thousand people is rich in symbolism and oil. it's named after the father of the mexican revolution. who fought for the people's right to land. a century later the land is once again in dispute and the people here are being forced to take a stand. or in the last year for us to hit us. in their this process and stop us on board and none of them will tell you that i was. there with his compass he lost almost all of the multiple property of the earth. although small in size setback those of major importance to the oil industry. it's home to the compass and in the ass field one of the richest aren't sure
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reserves in mexico with a potential yield of one hundred million barrels. many of the pipelines that snaked through the surrounding countryside converge here. in this book but there are lurkers other than long island. but here. are just a. few. living cheek by jowl with the industry has exacted a heavy toll on her brother. over fifty major oil and gas leaks have occurred in the village in the last three years alone. existing. now specs to contract for an oil company's service providers. in two thousand and thirteen premix hired a venezuelan company to extract oil and gas into the. villagers say things haven't improved. what's going to be nice a lawyer an activist from the ngo united for human rights. to advisable
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that years about how best to defend themselves against threats posed by the energy industry. where last. i. mean. is that. that risk became a reality on november twenty fourth in two thousand and fourteen. a gas flare rage out of control for more than seven days sending flames eighty meters high. to private company and panics were alerted immediately treat
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a sleeper the villagers were still waiting for help and. it's been a hard lesson in corporate difference for the ability of some but a ballyhoo one it's highlighted how powerless e r. under the energy reforms they may discover it that the law is not on their side when it comes to negotiating with foreign oil companies for access to their land delayed but i'll. see that. because you know also when i. get lost because then you then don't know me standing unless embrace us. this is one of you that i would assume we do a little but i wouldn't say i got there neither. by sitting. around for the. dial.
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bayani was here. just that the bell meant to pull when he sat up with us to support us ok i'm asked is that they seem for my lessons dramatic i mean to induce a look of almost i said is that there will first have to make a nice most. middle says he would need that money as he would kill us but to me time to kill me without a book says that it could be without us but look at where they us. he could see the boards he needs most feel this here been there. is already made up his mind . he won't much no matter how much the companies offer him or how high the odds are stacked against him. but all the while your money will start within a state of the book or your know where your novel come or tell you when you look on the phone mostly but all this of them in a more just a minute other screen serve in them mostly what i hear. people all those who are
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the other humans or so they're asking for money for the three or four percent comp or non-color no more for me versus you know this important get their way eleven million are your only your knob or get a lower. level of the store. down the road from some butter or inch grower and don't use a veteran has come to a more pragmatic decision. oil is inevitable there's no future in farming. you're giving. the middle. one of history's. most of them all your talk about the tsunami don't go in there don't give in they're going to. win that. while farmers in better goose are wrestling with tough choices there are communities in mexico where oil is their only hope. there are
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a lot of people in the northern state of ca we are in the mood to celebrate. the. human water in the farming town of greater u.s. company geo kinetics is winding up after a year long survey of the region's rich shale gas reserves. the company has brought six hundred much needed jobs. to toms cocoa it's a sign of better times ahead. this is going to go antonio gusti john is a cattle rancher and the mayor of guerrero who are going to cause a lot of what i don't you think is it your. ideals. and your so is it wouldn't you like to read all through. the story. the bridge that we were. and the payoff promises to be a big one. texas eagle ford for a nation the us richest natural gas field is just
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a stone's throw away over the rio grande. it's generated more than forty six billion dollars and created eighty six thousand jobs until now the mexican side of eagle ford has been for big and fruit to foreign oil. if you look at the eagle ford for mation along the texas border. and you fly there any time of the day or night and you see the activity in just south of it. there's absolutely no activity whatsoever the subsurface of these areas did recognize borders didn't recognize a river didn't recognize an ally of the on the ground that was painted by people the subsurface geology of these i think very attractive they'd love to do business in mexico. that's good news for the people of course. they're sitting on a mother note the fourth largest shell reserve in the world. and influx of texas
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oilmen couldn't come at a better time. these communities are struggling to survive. we're going to go on and i. am going to the political matters so. that i am not into the i'm not. going to live my life. for darkness. nafta undermined the export market for mexican cattle ranchers. it made it easier for the u.s. to sell beef to mexico but introduced restrictions to mexican farmers selling to the u.s. . to smaller ranches went bankrupt the effect combined with years of devastating drought was an exodus from get into let me go to where was god. put our one thousand miles and his i mean but he's i meant that. today ghetto is
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a ghost town. shops have closed houses abandoned. for this depressed region of mexico and your g. boom with its promise of thousands of jobs seems almost too good to be true. and there is a catch. look at the numbers are two years. noir the people you're seeing and tools comments when i listen. to it in the economics of those who are not very well meant or fracking. one well has already been dug in this area on land belonging to ranchers philippe this was that was in one branch of the law from india is one branch of the mean those seem to think that the us. was in for them to the board so . if you know a little zero mr bush will be blaming that on fracking. so you just course of my love the point i mean that's you on the list there must be
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a little one too so we've heard that one though sees one post all this going to. be said. about a lethal effect i think you'd only can believe as i mentioned last. noisome is more plenty that i want to get on with and i just don't want to stuff in the middle of what is. more experimental what it is that fracking fracking is a controversial method involving the high pressure injection of water and chemicals to fracture brock's and release natural gas. but it can poison water sources and trigger earthquakes. energy analyst who had enough went to inquire we ideally titian of the local cattle ranchers association. to see. fracking use new mexico this ranchers have only heard rumors.
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of the level. what was it was going to. was it was. despite their worries about fracking the ranchers have fallen and such hard times that they may be forced to make a devil's bargain. down to a blue one that's it here that it will cost you going to tell you and don't call it because you know the field up in a bunker and doesn't know that it will never be there we do have to. do with. me if i see. what it is but i never. knew. it but if you go you have. been listening.
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she said i meant. going to. people they are not going to hear a pun a little audience settlement the noisy look up in among. us you can also owns a diplomatic row. if they don't adapt there's only one other source of work organized crime the largest employer in the area may have to have had a very bright side but also has had. very dark side the dark side of globalization has been organized crime in mexico nafta bankrupted the small ranchers many of those who survived were forced off their land by the cartels cattle ranches became drug routes and organized crime recruited from the unemployed. lawlessness in. epidemic proportions. in. the.
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mean we're. going to sort of miles is going to. between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve the number of people who were forcibly disappeared over eighteen kundry corporations were also the victims of extortion and kidnappings. the state's response was to establish an elite security force. that. you know. it is the ideal environment for organized crime to take over in the form of legal businesses and to propose joint ventures to foreigners who come here. very
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excitedly expecting to do business with the oil sector we have hundreds of organized crime groups wandering around mexico right now heavily armed heavy weapons and they will be pounding on this foreign oil companies left and right. to start lesson for oil is if you're going to do business. you're going to encounter organized crime. f.e.u. have already chosen to work with them in june of two thousand and fourteen to texan companies pleaded guilty to buying oil stolen by. the cartels. for companies with their eye on the price of six hundred trillion cubic feet of gas think it's a risk some will be willing to take. the only alternative is to fight the cartels by hiring protection. security forces who insist they have the upper hand.
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but if you. believe this confidence is misplaced. you need to have a much more sustainable proposal in place from the one that we see here the truth. any foreign oil company that comes here under the new framework will encourage the nightmares you have right now taking place. they will not go away. security nightmares literally out of control and we don't see an end in sight. farmers are powerless to resist either the companies or the cartels this land of cattle and cowboys could be transformed into a dystopia of oil and organized crime. right now by leasing mexico's spiraling out of control. forest disappearances have made
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headlines around the world. was. one of mexico's fielder's song with bodies instead of crops. the people are angry and the government stands accused of precise thing over a failed state. they've thrown a match into this incendiary mix by introducing the most divisive economic reform in a hundred years. reform that many see as likely to. why did the country's already enormous gulf between its rich and poor this is a highly unstable fargher people don't realize are very unstable things play explode. out of their more on. that than top whatever so you know warm up in particular moment to quote there's prologue battle they call it.
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some during these are tougher than others. but this road trip is even tougher than the conflict the truck there it's dangerous there's al-jazeera the world follows the moroccan truck drivers in danger of their lives. just to make a living if you crash that might break your liver or even kill me because authorities only food. from i can see a doctor announces iraq. we understand the different themes. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current to bands that matter to al-jazeera. and i want to tell you about the weather across iran it's hot very hot on the southwest and there's nothing in the sky to stop it even the showers around the caspian disappearing slowly north into took many stand and beyond so the pictures as you might expect for mid to late summer it's also down the plains of iraq forty three at baghdad the breeze still blows quite stormy for science and there's nothing in the sky as far west as cyprus and possibly beyond that so dry and dusty and hot of course and that's true down to the society a society of a forty three at doha suggests it's fairly dry and dusty not humid which is again unusual this time of the year similar stories the case in the u.a.e. but there is a hint of clout in this always suggests the potential at least fish as if that's
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a big thunderstorms in the last we could see in the mountains of amman it's a possibility to repeat the how the fall will keep blowing in salalah as it should do at this time of the year showers elsewhere right now are unlikely event but not completely to be ruled out in southern africa particularly south africa having seen a bit of rain recently in the west and eastern cape the still cloud not far away i suspect the city's cloudstreet news beautiful to watch from the satellite picture have a look online will disappear as the windies of the next dancer. al jazeera where ever you are. southbound on the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing
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isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home with no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. he'll find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. searching for those buried in general is bridge collapse as the questions begin about safety and spending across italy. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey's president piles more sanctions on u.s. goods blaming washington for the leader
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a slight. let the trucks rolling again the ones commercial crossing into gaza is allowed to open once more. and hundreds of predator priests thousands of victims investigators chronicled decades of sexual abuse in pennsylvania. the safety of major infrastructure across italy is now being questioned after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams a pull thirty seven bodies from the rubble of the two hundred meter span that came crashing down late on tuesday more. italy's transport minister has just called for the immediate resignation of senior managers of the country's motorway agency he's also ordered an urgent check of bridges and tunnels right across the country around thirty five cars and trucks were thought to have been on the bridge when the middle section gave way sending them tumbling down around fifty meters into a riverbed railway and industrial buildings firefighters and search specialists
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from across italy have been digging through the rubble throughout the night. let's go live now to natasha butler for the latest on what's going on there natasha is this a search and rescue operation or just a search operation now. well there are about three hundred emergency service workers and firefighters here and they say that it's a rescue operation they have been working right through the night and they say that they will continue for as long as it takes it is a really difficult and painstaking task as you can imagine i don't know if you can see behind me but just balanced on the end of some of that bridges are lorries and fake calls that simply slammed to a stop when the bridge collapsed the people inside those vehicles of course lucky to lucky to have survived but beneath is just a pile of rubble and concrete and that is what is making this rescue operation so
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difficult because the emergency service workers are having to use large machinery to move some of the concrete to use their hands pickaxes really pick through the rubble with sniffer dogs trying to find any signs of life because as the hours pass of course it will become more and more difficult for any survivors to be pulled out alive and overnight there were only bodies pulled out and across the city this morning you know as you woke up you really sensed that that is a city where people are in shock they're still really trying to absorb what has happened because this is a bridge that carried a main motorway the a ten it connects the city to the airport to the french riviera it runs along the coast everybody knows it everybody has used in place road too so to see it collapse like this is really incredibly shocking incredibly upsetting for so many people there is of course a great sense of sadness and of anger as well as one earth did this bridge collapse
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to the local saying about the safety of the bridge how they perceived the safety of the bridge. we know this bridge was built in the one nine hundred sixty s. it's become part of the landscape in this city but what's interesting is two years ago it was being renovated and at the time. several people raise the alarm several people warned that perhaps the structure of this bridge was unsafe including an engineer and m.p. despite those warnings nothing was done and this is the question now why was nothing done and what some people are saying is it was an economical problem was it a question of just sheer laziness people sort of overlooking the fact that this bridge needed serious renovation serious reconstruction there also talk of political infighting between various politicians in the region as to why this bridge was reconstructed or even pulled down and rebuilt altogether what we do know
3:53 pm
though is the italians interior ministers announce a full investigation into this case but the focus right now here in juneau on the ground is very much still on the search for any possible survivors you've got the italian alps north of where you are you've got a hilly country anyway people driving all italian roads on italian motorways they must have a moment of ok here we go when they go to cross the bridge in their car in their truck. and you know i i have to say that was something that the team felt today as we were approaching this bridge again because as you say it is a very hilly part of the country there are roads and bridges everywhere news you cross those bridges you do wonder is the structure of this bridge going to be safe is it ok and of course that is something that will be in people's minds here as well noting that it's a major part of the city we're right in the city a little bit on the outskirts but his road to everybody uses so it will affect the
3:54 pm
way that the city moves apparelled to the mobility of this city over the coming weeks and days not something that says you authorities say that they will look at this bridge also collapsed onto a railway track that's another major route crossing from the connects i should say it's only even to france and just across the border and we heard on tuesday the french president tomorrow might actually offering french help emergency workers from france he said that they could come here and help for now the italian authorities say that they are ok they don't need more help from outside but as the days pass we'll have to see what happens because structurally it's an enormous problem for the city does this have a knock on effect in the immediate short term natascha when it comes to literally moving around the country. well it does because as i said this bridge is part of the a ten motorway it connects the city to the airport it's part of
3:55 pm
a motorway which runs along the italian riviera connecting it to the french riviera just across the border it's an incredibly important road it was used on a daily basis was used on daily basis by you know thousands of people and we're also in the middle of school holidays here in europe in italy so of course this was extremely busy it's a national holiday today a public holiday reports and day where people were moving around to join their families and that's why there were so many vehicles in particular on this bridge and that's why you can still see the backed up a very eerie scene and they just really stuck in toyman away on that part of the bridge the probably see behind me the tasha thanks very much. turkey's piling even more tariffs on u.s. goods as currency crisis turns into a much bigger financial spot president has now added new taxes of up to one hundred forty percent tobacco and cars he's already called for a boycott of american electronic goods in retaliation for what he calls a deliberate economic tack the lira has started to creep back up in value after
3:56 pm
a forty five percent drop this year so i'm to sort of report from istanbul. merchants in a stumble gather outside foreign exchange offices urging customers to get food off their u.s. dollars and buy lior instead for those deaths to exchange their currency if there is a gift and all of the free tea and tomatoes but also with many turks fearing they are now under economic siege present trajectory for john called for a boycott of american brands to protect the national kerensky and he sees a feature without relying on the u.s. to show them the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products we will impose a boycott on us electronic products if they have i think there is samsung on the other side the number of five four users in turkey has reached ten million in the last ten years which is worth seven billion dollars that's
3:57 pm
a sixteen point five per cent stake in the turkish smartphone market but some sin dominated with more than fifty two percent the government surging in dust free not to use u.s. products and is urging consumers to the same day pro why some excitement yes they sound very exciting but i do not think that it would have any material impact on imports from us. the turkish government has received messages of support from e.u. leaders who say turkey's stability is very important for them turkey's private sector relies heavily on european lenders support also comes from turkey's regional partners in syria russia and iran who are also suffering from u.s. sanctions. over use of the us dollar as a world reserve currency will lead to its own deterioration many other countries will choose to switch from trading in dollars to the national currencies turkey imports energy from both russia and iran and that cost constitutes almost helpful
3:58 pm
for us for a deficit that's why economics warn trading in national currencies with these countries is not feasible experts say market dynamics should be the priority what we need to do is that ok to say ok we are slowing down the economy and we are the one ready to get into a very recession in a very small period of time and we first of all hike rates and we stole problems with the with the u.s. but president are drawn as adamant raising interest rates is not the answer that he say's would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer seen on kosovo al-jazeera the stumble israel is reopening the only commercial crossing to gaza after a month long shut down. crossing was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says close fuel and construction material can enter israel is also allowing fishing seventeen
3:59 pm
kilometers of the gaza shore palestinian vessels have been restricted to just over five let's go live now to charles stratford's who's in qatar. of the trucks now rolling. they are indeed a very busy morning here already seeing. lots of trucks arriving predominantly they come across the border here they fill up with their goods on the other side of the border and return i mean there are reports in the israeli media that we can expect today to see around eight hundred trucks coming through this crossing and as you say it is gaza's only commercial crossing with israel it is vital that things start moving here after this months of closure the israeli assessment was that because of a lull in the violence and because of less of these incendiary. kites and balloons being launched from gaza that now was time for this crossing to open it's also
4:00 pm
important to recognize that this crossing is obviously vital for gaza's exports we understand that exports will start from here tomorrow if all goes well. exports things like clothing fruits and vegetables and scrap metal we also understand that one of the reasons why the crossing is opened up is because it was from pressure from israeli companies that basically use gaza's labor they subcontract here in gaza and there is pressure on some of these companies because they goods obviously traps here in gaza getting through so israeli companies were losing money as well so as i say if all goes well and we continue to see this this calm in a no violence between hamas and israel it's a good day for gaza but this crossing has reopened going talk about how the shells there are talks going on between hamas and fatah is anything positive likely to
4:01 pm
come out of that.


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