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and two gas pipelines that was signed under the previous prime minister najib razak has been charged with corruption we want to maintain good relations with china. as a source of. investment in malaysia and you want to make sure that the vestment he's a really believe of the militia on the other hand we don't think we need those two projects we don't think the viable saw if we can and we would like to. just drop the projects but if they're going to be done we'll have to put need to the future where they have the need rights representatives from north and south korea are meeting for talks in the border village of panmunjom they want to agree on the time and place for the third summit between south korean president and the north leader kim jong un the pair held their first official summit in april and
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have agreed to meet again in september. dozens of white supremacists have been outnumbered by counter protesters outside the white house in the u.s. capitol the marches were held to mock one year since violence violent protests rather in charlottesville brought long running racial tensions in the u.s. out in theo open mike hanna reports. supporters of the extreme right wing gather outside a d.c. metro station jeered at by a number of onlookers but the rallies principle organizer insists he simply asserting the right to freedom of speech why people are having the right word right seems to mirror the face real discrimination or greater so. people like you may see different. escorted by police the right wingers begin their march to the designated rally area near the white house where counter
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protesters were gathering it's kind of ridiculous that in two thousand and eighteen i have to make the sign that our friends have to kind of come here and saw a really great sign over that said i'd rather be at brunch but i have to come protests nazis he said among them family groups intent on making the voices heard we wanted to be part of all the positive energy resisting some of the mean nasty spirit to spirit it. examples of the neo nazis and it's so magnificent look coming people are out here people have now the woodwork we want to show the people who are here that the nazis the white supremacists that are here now what they're doing and what the east believes they have are unacceptable and they're un-american it's not us the real americans we love this country and we will not tolerate that kind of behavior but here to some who say they are prepared to use violence rather than ideas to oppose the far right members of the self-styled anti process movement
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intent on remaining anonymous by d.c. standards this is a small. demonstration still throughout the day it became clear that the counter protesters composed of disparate groups far outnumber those that label themselves the old right by those here as white supremacists the groups were kept apart by a maze of police barricades but even so the shouts of the counter protesters drowned out attempted speeches by the right. and as rain begin to fall all were dispersed the vastly outnumbered right wingers ushered into a fight police vans to be driven safely back to the metro for their journeys home. and what was billed as a gathering of white nationalists became instead a celebration of the city's diversity and a protest against the president in office at the white house over the road mike hanna ultra zero washington. also had al-jazeera caught in
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a diplomatic dispute thousands of saudi students wonder what's next after being forced out of canada. caspian deal of five nation agreement sets terms on how its vast oil and gas resources will be shared. hello and welcome to international weather forecast certainly across western parts of europe we've seen some changes in the weather taking place as a slow pressure system swings on through giving problems for the cricket lord's showers following on behind here in the course of monday but there's heavy rain pushing into the low countries down through france and into the alps so pretty warm across the iberian peninsula temperatures in the mid thirty's as we move on through to choose day quite so conditions coming in are still pretty warm for london at
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twenty six degrees but that low pressure center then pushing into the baltic some really heavy rain here likely in temperatures struggling in stockholm or the few days ago we had temperatures in the high twenty's now struggling to reach twenty degrees celsius southeastern parts of europe are looking fine though temperatures expected to be into the thirty's on the other side of the mediterranean the weather is looking fine plenty of sunshine around for most of you have got some showers for coastal parts of all cheery a and to china's is something to watch out for otherwise a largely fine picture and brighter conditions coming into these regions during the course of choose day into central parts of africa and we have some showers along way north across chad and into mali so we'd like to see wanted to showers affect in bamako highs here expects to reach twenty eight. minutes to climate of violence and paranoia. those still willing to dream.
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in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of constipation. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out sarah time to recap our headlines turkey central bank is implementing new measures to stabilize its plunging currency the euro has fallen more than forty five percent this year against the u.s.
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dollar president roger tell you out of the one says it's a plot against turkey's economy. pakistan's new members of parliament have taken their oaths following last month's elections. party known as the p.c.i. one the most seats are still shy of a majority to munch on will be sworn in as prime minister on saturday. and funerals are being held for some of the twenty nine yemeni schoolchildren killed in a saudi u.a.e. as striken first day these are live pictures from sajda they were on a school outing when their bus was hit the united nations has called for a credible and transparent investigation what's being described as the worst attack on yemen's children. five countries on the shores of the world's largest inland body of water have agreed on how to divide its vast resources russia iran a catholic stand on the stand and azerbaijan will open the way for exploration of
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the caspian for gas and oil for a chance for force. with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in kazakhstan four of the u.s.s.r. successor states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that because you have passed the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed naturally it opens a wide perspective for the type cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that in some admonishing we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran the dispute is centered on whether the
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largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a c. then each state gets a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed. at stake are several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the u.s. government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which it which to
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security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and trans boundary criminality of this summit also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their waters no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed a military presence there rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. in syria dozens of people have been killed in an explosion at a weapons deaf a province the syrian government and its allies have been gearing up for an offensive to recapture the last major opposition on clay sullivan jade reports. from under a collapsed building some made it out alive it was part of the load of the younger ones had to be carried out by volunteers the familiar exercise for syrian rescuers
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. a powerful explosion brought down this building in the town of settlement in northwestern syria but this time it wasn't an attack by the assad government or its allies. there on the. first we thought it was an air strike but shortly afterwards we realized it was an explosion inside a warehouse in a civil defense teams arrived on the scene and began working to free survivors they were able to risk you seven civilians who were still alive some of whom were badly injured and they also took out about five dead bodies according to residents there were more than fifty people living in these buildings so we believe they are between thirty five to forty were trapped under the rubble. activists see where the weapons depot which exploded it's not clear what caused the blast. it live as the last remaining rebel stronghold in fighters have been preparing for an offensive by the assad government the promise borders turkey and it's a major trade route from the north regime forces have warned of
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a final campaign and called on people to leave the area according to state media the syrian army has launched a series of attacks on what it calls terrorist positions in a province. where government media has reported a troop build up from multiple directions to were deadly would use applauded online appeared to show columns of soldiers shia militia and military hardware heading towards that ever held province last month the shuttle assad said the retaking of it was among the priorities for the syrian military operations was other areas face siege in bomb tactics by the syrian forces and the russian and ukrainian allies it was home to two million people including those forced to leave their homes from other rebel held parts. aid workers are warning of another humanitarian disaster when fighting breaks out the family how does their. a fire in a hospital tower block in taiwan has killed nine people and injured sixteen others it broke out on the seventh floor of the building in new taipei city thirty two
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patients were housed there all in hospice care ambulances lined up outside to evacuate the building but firefighters were able to bring the fire under control after an hour. the european union is asking saudi arabia for more details about the arrests of female human rights activists and the charges they face some of the women have campaigned for the right to drive and an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system canada's call for their release led to the kingdom cutting ties and the dispute is jeopardize the education of saudi students in canada for the monaghan has their story. saudi students in canada or caught up in a diplomatic conflict they've been ordered by their government to leave the country in the middle of their studies. it blows count as call for jailed human rights activists in saudi to be released the universities say transferring so many students will be a logistical nightmare and could leave many with nowhere to go if there is one
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victim in all of this and this is important to keep in mind it is the sixteen thousand students that are being recalled to saudi arabia or who will be transferred to other countries you cannot transfer sixteen thousand students within a week or two this is complicated some of them were in the last stages of their ph d.'s some of them were medical students doing internships or fellowships in very specialized fields that will take time many students are not happy at being told to go home a saudi student group issued a press release urging their leaders to keep them out of the political route we kindly urged the government to immediately reverse its decision and work to stop the repercussions of the saudi government's policy which will affect the future of thousands of graduates canadian students unions are trying to help them cope with the uncertainty surrounding their academic future what we're seeing is a student scrambling and panicking about where they're going to be ending up in the next four weeks studies are starting in starting in the fall and around september
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so students don't know where they're going and we're quite concerned that students are being involved with then a political dispute between saudi arabia and canada and we don't believe that students should be affected by that prime minister just introduced says canada will continue to defend human rights around the world but saudi arabia sold this as an interference internal affairs and responded with a range of measures it ordered the canadian ambassador to be expelled a new trade investment to be suspended but beyond the diplomatic and economic cost the students represent the human consequences of the growing dispute into monohan al-jazeera. now cancer patients in gaza are being turned away from hospitals because doctors of ran out of drugs to treat them the land air and sea blockade by israel is delay the medical supplies from reaching the besieged strip before but the u.n. says international funding cuts and rifts between palestinian groups are making things even worse charles strafford reports. he was diagnosed with
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breast cancer five months ago. he's come to this garza hospital for the seventh of eight potentially life saving chemotherapy sessions but the drugs she needs have run out and the answer variable in any of the hospitals in gaza either. the treatment for this kind of disease cannot be delayed i blame anyone who is in any way responsible for this i have pain in my neck my shoulders i have trouble breathing my sons have to help me move around i need that seventh dose but the doctors say they don't know when it will come. if a cancer patient wants to be treated in israel or the occupied west bank the process is complicated and time consuming ultimately israel has to agree the palestinian health ministry in gaza says around the applications are denied this isn't the first time there has been
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a delay in the supply of vital chemotherapy drugs to gaza but it is the first time that this hospital is had to turn cancer patients away because it cannot treat them . now the crisis is not only to do with israel's blockade on gaza it's also related to funding problems and the political crisis between hamas and the palestinian authority in the west bank the un says only around forty percent of the fifty million dollars needed from international donors for the palestinian health sector in gaza and the occupied west bank think through for twenty eighteen the whole city with sin and difficulty in the health care sector has been impacted in the last the few in the last twelve years because of the season blockade imposed and there's a sliver the luck of conciliation and political city always in the in the local the support. the film the fatigue it is of the the city wishing those are this one. in fact seriously the life of the hundreds of people
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who are deceiving. the beds empty because there's no point in cancer patients coming to this hospital for treatment are smart and many like her have no choice but anxiously wait for the medication they so desperately need john struck at al jazeera gaza. and you can get much more on all those stories and be telling you about if you head over to our website see our front page there al-jazeera dot com is the address. i think you through some other stories than hand funerals are being held for some of the twenty nine yemeni school children killed in the saudi u.a.e. air strike on the first day these are live pictures from sajda they were on a school outing when their bus was hit at least fifty one people died in the strike
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the united nations is calling for a credible and transparent investigation into what's being described as the worst attack on yemen's children. turkey's central bank is implementing new measures to stabilize its plunging currency the euro has fallen more than forty five percent this year against the u.s. dollar president of the one says it's a plot against turkey's economy but critics blame his financial policies. well asia's prime minister is planning to cancel around twenty billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects with china the ninety three year old wants to scrap a rail link into gas pipelines they were signed under the previous prime minister najib razak has been charged with corruption we all want to maintain good relations with china. as a source of. investment in malaysia and you want to make sure that the investment he's
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a really believe issue the militia on the other hand we don't think we need those two projects we don't think they are viable saw if we can and we would like to or. just drop the projects but if they're going to be done we'll have to put who the future where the need is representatives from north and south korea army thing for talks in the border village of panmunjom they want to agree on a time and place for the third summit between south korean president moon j.n. and the north's leader kim jong un the european union has asked saudi arabia for more details about the arrests of female human rights activists and the charges they face some of the women have campaigned for the right to drive and an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system canada's call for their release that cutting ties those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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inside stories so stay with us. on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means for iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers and climate change plus stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction counting the cost on i just. space the final frontier the united states wants to patrol it washington has announced the creation of a new space force by twenty twenty but who will be the u.s. competing against and is this the start of a new space race this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program heard of that home and yes vice president mike pence says the time has come to prepare for the next battlefield and that battlefield is space the americans want to create a space force within two years to defend u.s. satellites and spacecraft from attack it will be the first new branch of the military since one thousand nine hundred forty seven pence's balls donald trump once congress to vote yes to the plan and they agree to additional funding of eight billion dollars we will get to our guests shortly but first alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . trump has been pushing for the creation of a new branch of the military for months he talks about it often that is wrongly we may even have a space force now his vice president says donald trump's vision will become reality . previous administrations all but neglected the growing security threats emerging in space president trump stated clearly and forcefully that space is in his words
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a war fighting domain just like land and air and sea the new force will be used to protect u.s. satellites in space which provide vital services like communication it can also protect spy satellites which direct military operations and there is the growing commercial space market too it's not a new idea in one thousand nine hundred three president ronald reagan called for a space based missile defense system just a year after congress demanded the establishment of a new space force the defense system dubbed star wars by critics never got beyond the research phase the u.s. already has a space command as part of the air force and some see the new branch as an expensive waste in fact defense secretary jim mattis initially resisted it but just earlier this week signaled he was no on board we're in a point alignment with the president going to burn it down they are after him basically to be work here again for economy we're going to have to address it as
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other countries capabilities what they're creating a new branch of the military needs congressional authorization and funding if republicans lose control of the house of representatives in november's midterm elections it might never happen former astronaut mark kelly says he doesn't see the point there is a threat out there but it's being handled by the u.s. air force today doesn't make sense to build a whole nother level of bureaucracy spaceports that if approved would become the sixth branch of the u.s. military it would be led by a four star officer i would pull resources from other military branches. russia has a space force china's space program is run by the military and the white house will include and the billion dollar funding request for their new space force in the next budget alan fischer al-jazeera washington. let's now get the thoughts of our guests joining us in lubbock texas via skype oliver mcgee an
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advisor to donald trump and former u.s. deputy assistant secretary for transportation in beijing in our tangan china political analyst and sidney morris jones a space analyst and author of when men walked on the moon a warm welcome to all of you all over again let me start with you i mean it does sound like something out of a star wars so what did exactly is a space force and in what is it different from the current space command. well this isn't time for us to move from reagan star wars which was really about ending the cold war two trumps space for parts which is about ensuring global peace world peace. the space. force is really like you said in your opening segment the six military agency and it's very important
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for securing a space it's about navigation we're talking it says and. communications and this is all about trying to make sure that we don't have. poor harbors in space where we would have a blackout and that would basically cripple the global economy this is really about ensuring that security. global capital and global businesses which are korean crease really depended upon satellite technologies and space assets and so. this is looking at trying to create a space command similar to what you see in the european command the middle east command the african command of pacific command and then make making sure that space assets are protected and that we have national security up space because in the twentieth century we're really talking about the air force and what we're trying to
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essentially secure the stratosphere which is about ten to thirty kilometers and now where we're based in the sky but now we're trying to basically go beyond that and then to move into that ten to thirty thousand kilometers that is and now we're trying to move into space to where we can basically sure those assets are and place and then that we can make sure that we can control space and this is really more than just star wars is really about you might say. star fleet and so we're really trying to make sure that we have the president's vision intact and penn. i was trying to establish the department of space spores and on the working closely with the space command to ensure that we started dancing to the space science of technology which is always a very very good thing for the united states to get into because it is really all about fast capital fast technology for fast growth well mars jones i mean it
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sounds a bit like militarization of space which is quite a frightening thought and it also begs the question how do you share space who this sides which country quote troels what's. well i think that you can have a stronger military presence in space and still be able to share space with other nations are the united states and most nations on earth are bound by the nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty signed at the united nations and basically that says that no nation owns straits no no nation claims exclusive access to space and so even if we see a greater military presence it won't mean that the united states or any other nation totally controls or dominate space it's legally prohibited and it's also physically impossible like. in the sense that you cannot stop satellites from orbiting the earth you cannot control the physical movements of objects through
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space in the same way that you can control the nation's air space and that this is been widely recognized and one of the reasons why we have the outer space treaty so i don't think that it's a case of any nation dominating space even if they're protecting their space assets ok well that said i mean the united says united states says it has a lot of concerns some of them is china for example destroyed one of its own satellites in orbit in two thousand and seven and is likely capable of getting rid of others to russia is believed to be developing an airborne laser that would be able to destroy space based systems and north korea is believed to have used its g.p.s. jamming capabilities against south korea in twenty ten now in our account and that's where you come into the conversation how was this announcement of a space force. been received in beijing.
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well it's often received very well comes another area of competition besides the economic and political and military on the ground this is now an attempt to take it into space i'm surprised that my fellow guests have not mentioned the fact that there's a prohibits prohibits station of militarizing space and this would be a direct conflict with that so it's very hard to see how these matters will be handled creating a space force is a long way from dealing with the issues that you rightly pointed out which is how do you control this who's going to dominate it is it going to simply be the u.s. because they spend more money on the military and have the means to do this or will it be shared or will it be according to convention or is the u.s. going to simply ignore all conventions simply as they've done with iran and other issues well maybe on
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a very meggie could answer some of these questions. well i think this is really about science and technology policy we've been in this business for a long time going back to alan bromley in to jack givens in two neil lane and now the current science advisor this focus to science vice to the president is about advancing science and technology in space and this is where you begin to use really supreme assets development in space technologies you're looking at in full tech biotech wireless tech micro tech nanotech cockle tech even looking at elder tech because we're really looking at not only transportation as business communications but also space as economic communications and so really this is really about how does the united states be maintain its supremacy in developing
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thanks to technology and also science and technology policy going into tying it to national security policy and economic policy this is really consistent to what the united states wants to do and it's important that the president is now named his new science adviser to be able to help coordinate the science of technology development and i know i mentioned i'm chillen minute vice president mike pence in his speech said very clearly the plan is to create an elite group of war fighters specializing in the domain of space as sort of special operations forces but from above that does not sound like science and technology. well warfighting it's always been about the science that the technology development the country to has the highest amount of science and technology assets is to one that went to war all to make money the most science and technology that we see pervasive in the president's budget is through the pentagon but also nasa is involved so is the department of
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transportation because i wrote the national r. and d. strategy plan when i was in the clinton administration that involved looking at science and technology development at nasa f.a.a. the department of defense and so this is these are the big chunks of the budget along with department of energy where science and technology is developed this is he does very good for science and technology development to pick an education community in the united states but also we also are interested in trying to make sure that we also take care of what we need to do in developing. new frontiers where we have to do national security protections and really when you look at it when you look at the united states is about protecting its assets its military assets but all that is behind a whole load of twaddle i can't believe those are going along and saying these types of things no i disagree i disagree and i think it's absolutely incredible the say i just that this is about technology when you're clearly the price president
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said this is about warfare let and i'm talking about and sent. by the man just i have to disagree with that because i've talked about national science and technology development and to be able to i mean if you're trying to be like all the time defending something that's defenseless ok but you know talking about this i'm a man interject at the same time the head of the chinese lunar exploration program compare china's space ambition to those in the. south china sea and to be fair china controls ninety percent of that sea or somewhere along that number so i mean that rhetoric is coming out from both countries isnt it. well when one one country expands another one does too i don't think that either side is necessarily going to win this what you have in the south china seas is a little bit different than what you have out in space south china seas goes back
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if you go to study the history of close the whole idea of creating something beyond the cannon shot will be home three miles was introduced by the us but later on us declined to enter into you close it was not a signatory to it but this cause a land grab literally in the seas in space if you want this same kind of chaos reigning creating new norms that you have based on military might rather than sitting down at the un or some adjacent body where you can sit down and create policies about how space should be used and shared as is pointed out one thousand nine hundred sixty seven they signed a treaty things have been quiet since then yes technology has moved on but i don't think that's adding eight billion dollars to an already overburdened budget increasing than government is necessarily going to help the civilian use of technology and might be that you know it's very favorable to nasa to have an
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additional funding route but this is not about technology this is about warfare it's about throwing another white rabbit out into the world that people are supposed to chase around there's just nothing can be said except what the vice president said himself and that this is about creating armed warriors in space contrary to the conventions but mars jones you share this idea that this space race could create chaos above our heads may i say and that maybe it's a bit too early and it says that nothing is regulated and nobody knows what can happen up there and what would be the repercussions for the rest of us down here. well i think that i mean throughout this discussion we've invoked the knot hundred sixty seven out of space treaty more than once and regardless of the provisions of the treaty it is a fact that we are steadily moving towards
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a weaponization of space from various nations whether we like it or not china has tested and he satellite weapons so has the united states so has russia and this is been going on the deck eight so it's not as if the idea of the militarization of space just came about with donald trump it's been progressing steadily throughout the space age and at some point there may be a call for regulation even if it's not the by the outer space treaty through negotiations between various nations but i think that that degree of militarization will continue because everyone has space as it's every advanced military in the world news is satellites to advance its military causes and thus all of those satellites are technically military assets so it to a degree it's an a definition issue how do you define a weapon in space is a spy satellite a weapon is a g.p.s.
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satellite a weapon and so i think in some ways you've got to clarify those ideas as well before you can start negotiations or treaty provisions and these are all very blurry issues right now ok well somewhat mad are you that this is actually the beginning of the second space race the first one being back in the fifty's and sixty's at the time john f. kennedy had actually made his famous speech and talked about. the first man on the moon now trump says that space is a war fighting domain just like land air and sea but fifty six years ago former president john kennedy had these words to say to convince. because of his efforts to land man on the moon only if the united states by the position of preeminence can we help decide where that this new ocean will be a sea of peace or a new theri fighting theater of war i do not say that we should or will go
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unprotected against a hostile misuse of space any more then we go unprotected against a hostile use of land or sea but i do say that space can be explored and masjid without feeding the fires of war now. in our tank and you feel that this i mean those words at the time were it was different times man still had to go to space and he still had to land on did moon enter was probably more about science and technology then than it is now according to your opinion and . well look communications is not about the satellite system anymore the satellite system is really geared toward national defense if you look at the amount of fiber that's been laid and the amount of communications that's on land or by why five wireless as it's all mostly land based in terms of what we can learn from space in terms of bio genetics and things like that yes there's
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a place for that but this is not a huge resource that is that is unknown to people out there issue here is do you want to plunge ahead by having everybody engage in militarizing space by having their own space force or do you want to sit down and try to figure out what the new reality is i agree with my my cohort who says that look this is about definitions and sitting down and defining them and coming to some sort of accord but you cannot do that if you unilaterally say that i'm going to have the biggest baddest space force out there you know captain kirk is going to be on call for me and we're going to take this to the next level yes. there are concerns john f. kennedy was talking during the time of the height of the cold war when he was looked at staring down the face of issues involving russia today we do not have that we have a highly connected economic political world the military option has not proven to
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be anything except a disruptor you start looking at what's happened in the middle east and everywhere else that you have wars it has not settled anything starting a new one out in space is simply an invitation to spend more on something that will benefit you well and over again there was that. eyebrows raised in the united states when this announcement came some people also said do we really need to go through this expanded chain now on the many problems that have to be solved on earth before going to space many pointed ak to the fact to the health care system for example so but this idea of a space force is this part of the make america great again doctrine. yes it is the make america great be and dr it is really about economic prosperity but also it's about technological problem and. when i do also agree with our colleague
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today that this is going to require some definitions of course but the key issue is is that do we have also abilities to be able to control what we're doing in our development of our science and technology enterprise this is really really about innovation in a prize and the macro movement is about developing the science and technology but also the innovation infrastructure within the united states and that's very very important because when we start doing defiance and technology development not only on the ground in infrastructure development which is a really keep investment that's necessary also but also when we start doing it beyond in the to disguise that's going to empower. education in the united states more than we've seen in decades and this is really what john kennedy was doing when he did the moon shot vision he when he decided we're going to put a man on the moon he was really trying to teach business systems thinking which is
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about ackwards. and also building technologies for data information knowledge acquisition better understanding and wisdom on world peace and also world advancement in science and technology we all benefit from the moon shot speech we are up jot down a kennedy because we saw assistance thinking it invoked in business in education and in government and that seems to me wanting to use up all the time of the discussion talking about something that has no global no i mean there's no question i basically talk about nice national science and technology america science and technology without question it was asked of me and i think that's an important contribution to make today not just a political that is about as a little playing in markets joe is about a minute. as you know one could argue that space has been used for military purposes since the very beginning and that it is already fully military allies but we now go by stepping up spent stepping it up further are we
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going in uncharted territory or we're worrying too much. i think that we are definitely going into new territory for space but this is not new territory in terms of strategic issues or the history of warfare i think we have to be pragmatic about this whether we like it or not there will be a greater militarization of space not just by america but by various nations they will look to put more military satellites into space to support ground operations they will also seek new ways to deny other nations the operations of their own satellites there could be physical attacks on satellites they could be attempts to hack satellites net which is known as spoofing and that's a form of cyber warfare beyond the earth and if we go further and further in terms of developing our infrastructure in space like large space stations or space
4:45 pm
industry than those assets could become targets for attack by state actors or potentially even non-state actors and then we have a broader from fear of the fact that they could be threats from space that don't even originate from the earth things like the comets and asteroids that could threaten the earth as they did the dinosaurs and it could be the case that military space essence could be used to deflect or destroy threats to the entire earth and that given the fact that we've had several near near approaches and near misses from fairly large asteroids that is one strategic threat to the earth that can't be ignored it's certainly very frightening i'm sure now experts in china the u.s. and other countries are probably looking at ways to speed up the space race but we have reached the end of our programs of thank you everybody on a very maggie and tangan and morris jones and thank you too for watching you can
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cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian gangs will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and a limp explores followers for the news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera. burying the dead from the airstrike on a yemen school boss thousands turn out for funerals after days of delay. this is al-jazeera live from dolls are coming up turkey tries to stabilize the economy promising support for banks as the president claims
4:49 pm
a conspiracy. counting toward a president after a second round of voting brings a lot of claims of ballot stuffing. the empty beds of gaza's cancer wards patients turned away as drug supplies ran out. logged. crowds of come out in northern yemen for the funerals of some of those killed in a saudi u.a.e. airstrike the first day attack which hit a packed school buses brought widespread condemnation fifty one people were killed forty of the victims were children most of them were on a school outing when their bus was hit the saudi a morality coalition is investigating the attack it initially said the strikes had conform to international laws and were aimed at who threw rebels firing missiles
4:50 pm
the united nations is calling for a transparent inquiry turkey's central bank is promising support for the country's banks amid fears of what a plunge in the currency could mean its governor as announced a host of measures including allowing banks to borrow more deliberate hit a record low is asian markets opened on monday and there's concern it could infect other economies president the rajah of thai bolduan has blamed the freefall on a conspiracy he says the u.s. and other countries are waging an economic war against turkey the u.s. has threatened sanctions if turkey doesn't release past that andrew brunson he's being tried on terrorism charges related to the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen but turkey's economic troubles began well before last week for more than forty five percent this year alone some investors blame are the ones repeated calls
4:51 pm
for lower interest rates in the face of high inflation the finance minister who's out of the one son in law is put together what he calls a decisive action plan to revive the economy over the wires encouraging turks to sell dollars and buy liras to strengthen the currency system casal who joins us now from istanbul. turkish central bank's decision to increase the liquidity in the markets has been welcomed by the turkish business world however when it comes to central bank decisions especially to increasing interest rates there are two different schools of thoughts one which is a presented by president don sais that there is a specification law in the international markets that puts pressure on turkey to increase the rate so that they can vent if it from turkish markets to the end and he says he's totally against it this wouldn't work and he will not be done on the other hand another school of thought say is that for no especially since the failed
4:52 pm
coup in two thousand and sixteen turkey central bank must have increased the interest rates which could have ease the pressure on the dramatic decline of the turkish lira but the finance minister is actually saying that there is an action plan that they are working go on but we don't know the details of this action plan he will probably be announcing soon also another thing is that turkish economic management is working on a medium term development plan that is going to be announced in mid september however the turkish lira as the client must have must be stopped then they can on the management in turkey must act a much earlier than that but how the central bank is going to take position will it be able to decide independently from the politics and from the government is now a question but the markets are demanding for interest rates in turkey which present
4:53 pm
i've done a story to legan's. well joining us now from yemen's capital is hakim a lost money he's the editor in chief and publisher of yemen post we're going back to our top story the situation in yemen where funerals are taking place for some of the forty children killed in the air strike the saudi led coalition air strike that took place on a school bus on thursday some forty children were killed in that attack we're looking at live pictures coming in as crowds gather inside the province to mourn the deaths of those children as i said we've got him in my sponsor he's the editor in chief and publisher of the yemen post with us tell us a little bit about this being no doubt a very somber mood today as people witness those crowds not come out in those crowds for the funeral you. have. the problem. morning the forty plus children
4:54 pm
were killed. by coalition. it's a very tragic very. different respect for them but. also really difficult time. children. were killed i could gather in different together and. even. today because i cried my fears you can't have. children who were killed and. the un has not really investigated. calls for a real independent committee. it's called community song and independent but it. didn't seem that there will be a real independent committee formed even to this point there will not be
4:55 pm
a result like the previous one of the past. that. has been. a lot of talk. of a bad line that hopefully will get a little better yemen is a politically religiously and tribal a very divided place is the sorrow and grief of this event transcending some of those divisions. it's to some extent. many factions in yemen are posing even the people themselves many of them like it that we have respect for them but crimes like this. morning i went to more support locally. it's not a secret the. support in yemen in any season ordinary people is not good but to. make. sympathize abilities
4:56 pm
and give them more influence worth or keep any control in yemen and also it closes the gap between them and those who are opposing them. and to be allies especially since. having. problems with their allies especially when it comes to president hadi in the south. want to come. from talking . with the media and also the. those who oppose them who are clashing with the. that. are dealing with libya as of now that has not been any success story a theory that. the allies. have created that success story that he that shows that this problem is a story i guess and it's also one of the reasons why it gives it more influence
4:57 pm
what do people make of the saudis to investigate what happened to get to the bottom of why this bus full of children was killed it's very clear again it's not opposing solider behavior it's. been the word does not make sense. we're fighting the war they did a live interview on crime. the conference. committee. and that is why. the more talk of. this committee will not have any. has been. passed and the. committees have not seen any. or even if the results are now.
4:58 pm
tack. all right kim smadi that thanks so much. and we're looking at live pictures that are coming in from the side of the funerals thousands of people turning out to attend the funerals of some forty children killed on that bus in yemen schoolchildren going for an outing at one of the few places left that haven't been completely devastated by war and sadly that school outing ending in tragedy when strike targeted their boss killing so many children. kenya's top prosecutor has the heads of the public land and railway agencies arrested as part of a crackdown on corruption it's related to the three billion dollar nairobi mombasa
4:59 pm
railway that was inaugurated last year very juicy heads who are among eighteen people arrested on saturday for misusing public funds catherine solar joins us now live from nairobi so katherine it's not every day but you have senior officials arrested like this how's this going down. while this is hugely significant when some of the people as you mentioned some of the people on the dock are very senior government officials they have just pleaded guilty not guilty i beg your pardon of just pleaded not guilty to several counts of economic crimes corruption abuse of office as well and as you mentioned that this project that they're being charged around this. project is a very important project to the country to the president as well and people are watching this very closely and you said that you know it's very rare we see things like this but this yeah we have seen the government really ratcheting up this
5:00 pm
crackdown this fight against corruption of seen many other government officials arrested many are in court involving various scandals that have heat several public offices as well so people saying that this is a good thing the president himself has come out very decisively saying that he's the his government is going to deal with these issues it's not time to play around saying that it doesn't matter how much money you have it doesn't matter how powerful you are or who you know if you're caught in corrupt activities you're going to be arrested or you're going to go to court but people are saying that beyond arresting people beyond taking people to court that more needs to be done there has to be the trials have to be speedy there has to be convictions and. those were found culpable have skated as well. ok. at the same time.


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