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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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antonius over on head of the citrus growers in the mexican state of better recalls how nafta's promise's turned sour. on each one of. those months of. nafta inflicted two blows to mexico's farmers. cheap subsidized u.s. produce flooding the market. and the rise of the supermarkets paying rock bottom prices to mexican farmers. the outcome of a handful of growers controlling production and the loss of more than two million agricultural jobs.
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for those who remain and still work to land like orange grove terrorist alive has become a struggle for survival. love and love one another dollar or mercy or the heart of any fish or are all good on this part of the daughters bed or a lot of men there that are there are probably thought. of darkness while most indian woman is yes you are on that ideal. it was your this said. your mother must be. your problem or choice on vine your arse on locus of denial of and none of that of guns are things that. are the important.
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thing. to me though is saw. all of them one of those are porous. and innocent they though by the end of the. nafta has widened the gap between rich and poor. for most mexicans free trade with foreign companies has come at a heavy price. the prospect of more of the same under the new energy reforms looks like history repeating itself. this country has been raped many times every night and has in mind the role that the spaniards sprain have here and the americans and other foreign businesspeople who have come here our person is being potential rapist in the minds of average mexican citizens you need to keep that in mind oil is the symbol of that potential rape. mexico's president and
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be giving and yet there is waging a publicity campaign claiming his reforms will usher in a new era of prosperity. is the reform police in the middle of muslim this will put to me that this part of me he could. separate channels to be secure and simple the mill is then we will simply else equal mccourty saleratus see gave our motor car with a form of my car in. but it should be let loose evil guts it went behind it but it was for this consequence here mr campbell produce a mass ah but i must really mean to say yes mccord space yes. and there's something for the multinational companies to. share in the profit bonanza from sixty billion barrels of mexican oil. it's a black gold rush that has companies beating a path to the door of consulting firms like control risks it's the last frontier that has been opened for private investment basically every other country in the
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world including countries like cuba have allowed foreign investment in their oil reserves mexico had not and potentially mexico has enormous reserves particularly in deep water plays that will require investment by private companies are to be exploited. antonio guterres a former us ambassador to mexico now legal adviser to u.s. oil companies is selling a bright future in mexico to his clients obviously energy companies are very excited about the prospect of investing in mexico they see the risk return is very attractive they've done business in foreign markets they recognize that this is one proximate to the u.s. there's a very real sense that mexico's a rocket about to lift. as foreign oil companies prepared to celebrate the profits still make from the reforms mexican economics and justice expert it got that was
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goglia doubts that ordinary mexicans will get a share of the spoils and you need to make sure that all this investment and all the returns from those investments to some degree will provide. a remedy to those sectors within lexy go that have never experienced any benefits from the aftermath of the agricultural sector or the small farmer but i haven't seen any kind of government plan or strategy indicating that they will go that way so far considering the precedence of mexico's opening to the world i would say that the privatization of the oil sector in the hands of all you all police will bring more corruption more unequal distribution of income and more social instability. but corruption isn't always considered a bad thing by big business. where there is corruption there's no accountability. the oil industry has a track record of thriving in places with poor regulatory regimes they pollute and
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get away with it. mexico state owned oil company pemex has been accused of this. reporter and that is comedian has been following the trail of oil investigating cases of corporate impunity. the boy on average he. said that they were that i meant if i will guess you got to. say last. year about it was the. sick account they had i didn't see a lawyer was kind of the media was going totally bad this. makes little but i. take it i don't like at the. minimum because i was going to. edgar is on his way to major oil spill which has polluted a vital water supply sider point there is that but upset about
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a little. more than a million liters of crude oil poured from a broken pemex pipeline and. spread into the trunk corners creeper that supplies water to thousands of people. entire communities had to be evacuated because of the toxic fumes. aftermath amana that was just barely missed. like out of the forgotten old the asco maybe anarchy. the fear that that i live in a fire and i will be cement there was a bubble that i could buy that. in two thousand and thirteen alone pemex was responsible for two hundred fifty environmental emergencies. every oil disaster he's witnessed anger has approached local residents for an interview. they often won't
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talk to people living next to dispell are no exception so coming out of that he can last yes i want to. see him. yeah like the time. that mass. i came up i'm having a sea of medical if i use it again about. the consequences because he is the backbone of the country's economy. panics profits fund nearly forty percent of the federal budget. in the oil rich state of tabasco on mexico's gulf coast it's the largest employer providing forty thousand jobs bandmates in lay still then makes it all on me. to mix is such an integral part of life in tabasco that from an early age children are taught this story of oil.
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india shoto name of the. girl you were. sitting there. they. may be going to you know. but for the communities where pemex their relationship is a troubled one. has got to see as the head of the local our land council. a small tabasco bill each of fifteen hundred indigenous people. in the us you know. how the border. of the lord the v.c. on the move on but on the view that among the in the. little bit of. bone they.
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are in there are things you can. do more. with. by law the profits made by panics are supposed to be reinvested in social and economic development but how much of the profits filtered down to the people in two thousand and thirteen pemex made billions of dollars from oil into basket yet eighty six percent of the population live in poverty. is typical of that inequality. easy unbearable. this. is normal lives absolute i mean the another series of oil disaster in the area has added to their problems the basket human rights lawyer. has taken up the billy costs.
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they may. say that. you. see. in two thousand thirteen pemex begin work on a well close to movie sale spillage. what happened at the drill site new nest one two three was unlike anything that had ever seen. on the. home. of.
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the kids of our. government. on terror york in the one. of. them. they don't serve. the. more. each day so more explosions. a toxic cloud of fire and smoke rose over the village and nearby farms. the army cordoned off the area. for it out all the other. one but. i don't know many.
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there's a. lot amount of. the well burned uncontrollably for fifty five days. people reported suffering from skin and respiratory diseases and the death of their livestock. where loving went by fingal the. time that. they grew the they got them put us on the. bed but all you. see and going to bed. but they don't know yet i'm barely. audible. but if you're both. saw them or you know more. than i thought i probably. tell you and i'm going to ask you.
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when. you look at the other always the better they're going to be over for. the game and there are some. more laws. in here since the explosion bill richardson affected by the disaster have taken to the streets and blockaded pemex wellstone offices. senior clerics officials complained it was costing them three million dollars a day in lost production but refused to offer compensation. for those who in. any
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event the people responsible for promoting the i'm just out of the ground or in the middle in the for. the purpose of. the company seem different turn to farmers of folks on the a kilometer away from the well explosion into. activists. and money. you know more than worth another good today is the one year anniversary of the explosion and the community of folks has received no compensation for their suffering not to grumble see others doing little easier to be in the moment when i was a member of a primary level not one of them will. not get a piece of the adult while getting well again not to climb on that though their child is looking at it if it bit you live here. but it would give it with if you only. see it that will play out their grievances are many including claims of a skyrocketing breed of health problems there are no margaret bill murray no my
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prince here i'll give him a settlement over goes a. lawyer efraim halevy it has come to report on his efforts to get them justice. she's demanding that the government releases studied conducted of this soil air and water contamination around the well but the government has so far refused to last as ingels i really. don't this is really the level from the portal being near ground zero one one zero one zero they're saying for a machine on they've been the lab either dependent as a litter but its owner can only do all it will be of more value than being where to begin looking at bunch more eloquently than when. with no where are you more than i say this was to you easy a little yellow rallies or. think you're golden. here.
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in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese for. shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries it was really really. well i was supporting the most with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the route to has an al-jazeera. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to all the attacks even though they too a victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe
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a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. banner. hello you're watching out is there and here's a reminder of our top stories a year on from a deadly white supremacist rally in the city of charlottesville racial tensions are rising in the united states once more a contingent of thirty white nationalists are marching towards the white house in washington d.c. surrounded by police officers and vehicles have been met by hundreds of counter protesters who are rallying against their white nationalist agenda our reporter
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john hundred has more from the scene there a good number of police here they're stopping those protesters from entering a feared square there are about three thousand left wing protesters and really just dozens of those right wing protesters who started this event in the first place what you see behind me right now a police separating those two groups there is the black bloc that is a group of people clad in black with masks over their face who for some reason enter a public place and don't want to be seen. they are the ones called the n.t. so they are not among the twenty five hundred left wing demonstrators who are registered for this event they are another group it's come here that is it was trashed in the past including in charlottesville with these right wing demonstrators who had been rejected by police from the time they can we're going to subway train. they go to. a cooling station worker has been killed in an
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attack by an armed group in northern mali this mali and so are voting in a presidential runoff likely to return incumbent upon him boubacar cater to power the opposition leader so male i.c.c. who won nearly eighteen percent in the first round alleges voting fraud the leaders of russia kazakhstan iran turkmenistan and i was there by john have settled a territorial dispute over the caspian sea of signed the convention on its legal status paving the way for more energy exploration and pipeline projects. taliban fighters have attacked police headquarters and other government buildings in gaza us the battle for the southeastern afghan city and here's the third day u.s. aircraft have conducted at least four airstrikes in support of afghan national forces who insist the city is not under the threat of collapse but lawmakers from gaza you say the taleban in control of much of the city. well those are the headlines stay
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with us as crude harvest continues. in two thousand and thirteen the mexican state of tabasco suffered the biggest oil disaster in its history. a well exploded in flames and blazed uncontrollably for fifty five days sending clouds of toxic smoke over surrounding villages. mexico's state owned oil company clinics denied there was a problem bachman's almost that was the why. but communities closest to the site have complained of widespread health problems and loss of life stock. to rounding land have been contaminated and water supplies poisoned. the villagers have fought to have their grievances heard but to date. no compensation nor accepted any wrongdoing in mexico impunity rules
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the fear is that if this is helping exists allowed to treat the big names of disasters foreign companies are even less likely to be held accountable there to lot of women there who go if they interpret what is here the nationality of. their salary there have been there by the morning or the last where we are seeing the. comment that. they mostly were you know. i was over you were mostly in the. they have the impetus of. the indigenous communities in the neighboring state of better are about to find out. the or church of the eastern state of better crews have made mexico the fourth largest orange producer in the world. but nafta trade agreements have hampered small growers efforts to export their crops. farmers are leaving the land
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fruit processors are going out of business. the trade is dying. but riches are still to be found here better close has oil. in fact it's sitting on seventeen billion barrels the largest all insurers served in the country but parents claims it has in the capital to exploit what's there. so on the mexico's new energy reforms the prize has been offered up to private companies in the hope that foreign investment will get pipelines and profits flowing. this map shows the reserves the government has opened up for exploitation. i could talk or fair with the nonprofit project to critique. is taking a close look on behalf of the communities who are sitting on oil. looking simple most of it is well if the heat of. that effect that was that or most lawyers where
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the most severe limits on the mother were made out of this girl almost of complete total horse so far as we have been one of them as young as six to them is thing for most young cedar i love when you buy them and their friends are laid out of this with you. while the government has been keen to identify oil reach areas to private companies mexico's farmers have been told nothing. else maps will at least let them know if their land is up for grabs d.m.s. isn't you a little lump of the cutoff your sympathy remember me and the political one i mean that's your own or not i mean the fans so give us our. money well it's packing to go to bed a cruise to besiege one of the communities most in need of his research. lengthens your own is sort of well not on their on their menu in. the last on by more than obvious thought and i think he thought and then there were many less effect of you
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on. your level of a child but a lot of good enough but on ask is temporary i may live a heap of me live it but it's on us to stand for it i. could have put it up there for from the look i would have been a bit of a. voyeur you know what up to now he is in the castle with. then the door going on out of the law he. was on but the morning on the i'm in a coma. the hospital stuff on it's been thrown out here good luck this time around but we are the more i listen but as i was part of the full body that i got aboard. the. about doing a lot of foreman and fifty one of those cameras. the american. middle class.
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the new law has teeth it gives companies the right to drill and occupy land wherever there is oil. even on archaeological sites like this one. that taught to not pyramid develop the heene did from six hundred fifty the surrounding jungle hides many more temples yet to be excavated. and these areas are to be auction for oil exploitation to foreign companies their ability is here to. do with their gonzales lives in san antonio he tell a tiny village of two hundred people. total are carried to each and a community leader he grows oranges and corn and these slopes which were allowed to meet the pyramids of. san antonio as to gaza.
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because. there was land fall squarely inside the area being offered up to private oil companies. but the alero are set up with. it and when they. are gone from being only an unknown i want to emphasize your own system back when i'm asked on the corner on camp rhino and passed us on or. simply meant the subset of animals better. than mixed. messages and didn't mind giving them a. lesson demanded. when energy companies come to demote those area they'll be able to drill where they want. orange groves and corn fields will give way to oil platforms and the people will have little power to resist. elsewhere in barrack lose big oil
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has arrived. except butter a small billet of two thousand people is rich in symbolism and oil. it's named after the father of the mexican revolution a million us about the who fought for the people's right to land. a century later the land is once again in dispute and the people here are being forced to take a stand. or in the last year for us to hit alice. in the money or the sponsorship stop us on board and none of that will tell you that out. there with all of those compass he lost almost all of the multiple problems of the earth. although small in size some but those of major importance to the oil industry. it's home to the compass and in the ass field one
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of the richest aren't sure reserves in mexico with a potential yield of one hundred million barrels. many of the pipelines that snaked through the surrounding countryside converge here. on the spot to shop at the lit up at the other the long island you know this. already here. just to serve. us. living cheek by jowl with the industry has exacted a heavy toll on her brother. over fifty major oil and gas leaks have occurred in the village in the last three years alone. existing. now specs to contract for an oil company's service providers. in two thousand and thirteen premix hired a venezuelan company to extract oil and gas into a. billet your say things haven't improved. what's going to be nice a lawyer an activist from the n.-g. o.
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united for human rights. to advisable that yours about how best to defend themselves against threats posed by the energy industry. is that. that risk became a reality in supporter on november twenty fourth in two thousand and fourteen. gas flare rage out of control for more than seven days sending flames eighty meters high. the private company and paramedics were alerted immediately treat
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a sleeper the villagers were still waiting for help. because. it's been a hard lesson in corporate difference for the ability of some but a bally one it's highlighted how powerless e r. under the energy reforms they may discover it that the law is not underside when it comes to negotiating with foreign oil companies for access to their land delayed i'll. say that. because you know sort of one of. which. is then you then don't know me standing on the last embrace us. this is one of you that i would assume we do a little but i wouldn't say i got there neither. by sitting. on this by. going to. miami was he. indeed
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that the bill meant to pull lady sarah protest was a boy yes ok i'm asking is that they seem for my lessons domestic i mean in to say look i was i said is that that will first have to make a nice most of the middle says he would need that many as he would kill us but i'm eternally keenly without a book says that it could be without us but look at where they us. they see the board see me as most see this here in their own. is already made up his mind. he won't much no matter how much the companies offer him or how high the odds are stacked against him. but all the while your money will start within a state of the book or your nor your novel come or tell your. own mostly but all this of the men they want just for money other schemes serve in them you know. people stole those who are the other humans force of their money for the three or
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four percent comp or non-color no more so for me first this important get their way eleven million are your only your not get a lower. level given that the store. down the road from some butter or inch grower antonio submitter and has come to a more pragmatic decision. oil is inevitable there's no future in farming. so i hear all the middle. one of history's. talked about the tsunami don't go in there don't give in they're going to. win that . while farmers in better groups are wrestling with tough choices there are communities in mexico where oil is their only hope. to.
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build. people in the northern state of ca we are in the mood to celebrate their. lives. in minnesota in the farming town of guerrero us company geo kinetics is winding up after a year long survey of the region's rich shale gas research. the company has brought six hundred much needed jobs. to tom's foco it's a sign of better times ahead. this is going to go antonio gusty john is a cattle rancher and the mayor. who are going to cause a lot of what i don't use things that. are used. to your susan wouldn't you like to read all through. this is. the bridge to nowhere . and the payoff promises to be a big one. texas eagle ford for a nation the us richest natural gas field is just
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a stone's throw away over the rio grande. it's generate more than forty six billion dollars and created eighty six thousand jobs but until now the mexican side of eagle point has been for big and fruit to foreign oil. if you look at the eagle ford for mation along the texas border. and you fly there any time of the day or night and you see the activity in just south of it. there's absolutely no activity whatsoever the subsurface of these areas did recognize borders didn't recognize a river didn't recognize and a lot of the on the ground that was painted by people the subsurface geology of these i think very attractive they'd love to do business in mexico. that's good news for the people of course. they're sitting on a mother load the fourth largest shell reserve in the world. and influx of texas
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oil man couldn't come at a better time. these communities are struggling to survive. we're going to go on and i. mean they're going to the political matter so. that i am not into the i'm not. going to live my life. for darkness. nafta undermined the export market for mexican cattle ranchers. it made it easier for the u.s. to sell beef to mexico but introduced restrictions to mexican farmers selling to the u.s. . to smaller ranches went bankrupt the effect combined with years of devastating drought was an exodus from get into let me go to where was god. that are one thousand miles and is i mean but he's i meant that. today ghetto is
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a ghost town. shops have closed houses abandoned. for this depressed region of mexico and your jeep boom with its promise of thousands of jobs seems almost too good to be true. and there is a catch. look at the numbers are two years. nor your people you see me and those comments when i listen to. the trip in the economics of those who are not very real mentor fracking. one well has already been dug in this area on land belonging to ranchers philippe this was that was in one branch of the law from india is one branch of the old mido seem to think that the us. was in for them to the ball so. if you know a little below so you can see i don't know if the bulls will be blaming that on fracking. so you just course of my love the point i mean that's you on the list
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there must be a little we've heard a better one though say he's going to post all this going to. be so. this is about a lethal effect i think you'd only can believe us. maybe the noise level is more plenty that i want to get on with and i just don't want to stuff in the middle of what is. more experimental what it is that fracking fracking is a controversial method involving the high pressure injection of water and chemicals to fracture brock's and release natural gas. but it can poison water sources and trigger earthquakes. energy analyst i do it enough when to inquire we are at the invitation of the local cattle ranchers association. to see. fracking use new mexico this ranchers have only heard rumors.
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of the level. he. was it was going to. was there it was. despite their worries about fracking the ranchers have fallen in such hard times that they may be forced to make a devil's bargain about. what that's like here then it will cost you going to tell you in the house and don't call it because you know the field up in the bottom of them doesn't know that it will never be there we. would never leave. me was even then it was yeah it was there but it is but i never . knew. it but if you will go yourself in the second.
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season i meant. because i look. at people they are not going to hear a panelist as settlement the noisy look at the. us. that was a diplomat ago. if they don't adapt there's only one other source of work organized crime the largest employer in the area may have to have had a very bright side but also has had. very dark side the dark side of globalization has been organized crime in mexico nafta bankrupted the small ranchers many of those who survived were forced off their land by the cartels cattle ranches became drug routes and organized crime recruited from the unemployed. lawlessness in. epidemic proportions. in.
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between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve the number of people who were forcibly disappeared rose to over eighteen kundry corporations were also the victims of extortion and kidnappings. to state's response was to establish an elite security force. that. you know. it is the ideal environment for organized crime to take over in the form of legal businesses and to propose joint ventures to foreigners who come here. very
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excitedly expecting to do business with the oil sector we have hundreds of organized crime groups wandering around mexico right now heavily armed heavy weapons and they will be pounding on this foreign oil companies left and right. to start lesson for oil if you're going to do business. you're going to encounter organized crime. afi you have already chosen to work with them in june of two thousand and fourteen to texan companies pleaded guilty to buying oil is stolen by. the cartels. for companies with their eye on the price of six hundred trillion cubic feet of gas think it's a risk some will be willing to take the only alternative is to fight the cartels by hiring protection. security forces who insist they have the upper hand.
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but if you. believe this confidence is misplaced. you need to have a much more sustainable proposal in place on the one that we see here the truth. any foreign oil company that comes here under the new framework will encourage the nightmares you have right now taking place. they will not go away. security nightmare is literally out of control and we don't see an end in sight. farmers are powerless to resist either the companies or the cartels this land of cattle and cowboys could be transformed into a dystopia of oil and organized crime. right now by leasing mexico spiraling out of control. forced disappearances have made
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headlines around the world. was. mexico's fielders song with bodies instead of crops. the people are angry and the government stands accused of precise thing over a failed state. they've thrown a match into this incendiary mix by introducing the most divisive economic reform in a hundred years. reform that many see as likely to. why did the country's already enormous gulf between its rich and poor this is a highly unstable fire people don't realize that highly unstable things may explode . that done to. kimmelman to quote this plot but of course.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. witness on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever your. hello and welcome back let's start by looking at weather conditions across australia and that this area five precious so large a fine picture of the bulk of the country but we have got a cold front pushing in towards western australia so twenty one for perth on monday but struggling i think with eighteen degrees the high on choose a front begins to move in about states still fine across many eastern areas twenty one pleasant enough in sydney across into new zealand it's a pretty unsettled picture here we've got this frontal system working its way into the western side of both north and south island in the course of monday this is intends to clear through and sort of fragment as we head on into choose day so some
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slightly brighter weather conditions to come but still rather share a picture with some quite brisk winds at times as we head up into northeastern parts of asia we've lost the heat wave across japan for the time being temperatures will close to average slightly above by degree or two we will still pretty warm for a saka we've got an area of rain from our tropical storm across shanghai is going to mate with this area of rain further towards the north so really across northeastern parts of china from beijing through towards eastern parts of russia we could see some heavy rain on through pyongyang and not further south so should be largely drawing warm and humid with highs of thirty six. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to
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stop and start up again later as for killer way it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood so of the goddess pale a. us is native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. zero. hello and welcome i'm devika pollen you're watching the news hour live from london coming up. you'd like the right to anti racism campaigners to drive all rallies in washington a year after white supremacist demonstration turned deadly in trouble it's still.
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after twenty two years of negotiations an agreement is signed which could sign the settle a territorial dispute over the caspian sea. counting starts in the presidential election in mali an election worker is killed in an attack in the north. the. the dogs are going on the road in mexico to spread the word about ballet. and i'm tatiana franchise in all of the day's. premier league champions manchester fifteenth new season with a victory i've often thought of more later fifty thousand. dozens of far right protesters and hundreds of counter demonstrators have gathered in washington d.c. to mark the anniversary of last year's deadly white supremacist rally in the u.s.
5:50 am
city of charlottesville the united there i group is leading what's been a white civil rights rally supporters were escorted by police as they marched through the streets towards the white house and counter-demonstrators have also gathered near the white house to protest against racism nearly a thousand people are taking part and often in program of music's peaches and poetry readings. we cannot go live to alan fischer who's near the white house at lafayette square allan tell us what's happening there. well if you take a look you can see that there are still thousands of people here in lafayette square these are the people who are protesting the white supremacists who go to paramount for around four hundred people to stage their own rally in a corner of the park here which as you can see is right next to the white house in fact if you look on the roof of the white house you see a number of secret service personnel are keeping an eye on events very close by now
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although that a permit for somewhere in the region of four hundred there is only a few dozen actually turned up for this protest vastly outnumbered by the coalition of people who came here to protest but just in the last hour i can tell you i've seen a bizarre scene where two people who were clearly on their way to this rally they were clearly white supremacists you could tell that because of what they were seeing they were surrounded by members from the d.c. peace team who were trying to keep them safe as they lead them towards the police but they led them through some of the streets around the park here that meant that people could gather around them they could show to them they then started throwing water bottles at them pouring water over their heads they even started then spitting paint on the man's along here they eventually got them to the police and the police surrounded them and i think there are no heading towards their own car to get them out of town to do that they're being surrounded by dozens of police officers dozens of motorbikes and they're trying to make sure that these two people
5:52 am
don't come to further harm so that was played out in miniature on the whole this is been a peaceful rally good natured would perhaps stretching the point because certainly there's a great deal of anger in this side of the park that the white supremacists so-called all right are here that they're marking one year since charleville and they are doing so with what many people here say is a lack of condemnation from senior political figures in the united states and their intention is to stay here as long as the old right stay. they have a permit to be united to lead to quote given their numbers and the fact that anytime someone steps up to speak they're being john died it mean not last the next two hours thanks for that allen fresh air live at lafayette square let's not get to john hendren who has been monitoring that white supremacist rally john can you tell us what's happening there. absolutely what's happening is is that many
5:53 am
of those groups that we saw in charlottesville many of the groups that had joined david kessler one of the sponsors i'm sorry jason castor one of the sponsors who was speaking here today are not here this time around he addressed that he said last time around there were a lot of extremist groups that he was a first amendment fundamentalists in other words he wanted free speech to get out there even if it was speech that he himself did not agree with the said that he is mature over time and that is why fewer of those groups are represented but let me give you an idea of all of the groups that showed up in charlottesville one year ago and they are not here today richard spencer the co organizer of that event is not taking a role here a group called identity europa these were sort of preppy white nationalists all wearing the same clothes last time around the american guard of iowa is not here the neo confederate league of this south and the nazi national socialist movement
5:54 am
so a lot of those groups that have given that rally such a bad name have not joined in and that's why this morning at that virginia. subway station we saw jason kesler get out with a very small group of people we marched with him once he got off of the subway on this and here in washington and he was just completely surrounded by police all the way and so were his people all the way here so nobody has really come very close to them or without the police protection they would be completely overwhelmed by this massive crowd and that. it's just what this crowd wants they want to drown out that message and so far they've been pretty successful and john earlier when when the spratly was organized they expected hundreds of people white supremacists with their message a white to what they're calling white civil rights message to come across why are they saying that so few people have turned out to what is the general sense they're . well it's hard to get close to them to close enough to them to ask that question
5:55 am
i think the closest that jason kesler came to answering that question was explaining that he had not invited a broad array of groups as broad as were in charlottesville he was heavily criticized for that particular incident however that said they did say when they filed for the permit to do this free speech events here today that they were going to have as many as four hundred people nothing like that many showed up and you have twenty five hundred demonstrators who are registered to be here and of course that doesn't include the ante for the social so-called anti fascist who didn't say they were going to be here and head of john should thousands overwhelming those very few white supremacist speakers here to john hendren thank you very much. well dozens of activists and residents gathered in charlottesville to more the victims of last year's violence and from there andy gallacher so this report. by
5:56 am
the way that. a year after the eyes of the world focused on charlottesville this still anger many of those who took to the streets are upset about the massive security operation that's virtually look the city down others a keen to send a message of peace and reconciliation were called to the mob were not called the hate there is nowhere. in my. scriptures where we're called to hate palmer so that's what i'm done here it stopped me different from what happened twelve months ago when. nationalist and counter protesters clashed fifty two year old had a skilled school became a flashpoint of the fates of starches and soldiers before to slavery activists say racism still exists here but the community is pulling together local organizers continue to come together to find ways to protect each other because we know that the city and these institutions are here for us and are here to protect us and so
5:57 am
what i've seen is an amazing resilience from the community who is standing up and speaking up and showing up for things like today after a year of reflection some things have changed in charlottesville the city's on the new leadership but challenges remain the confederate statues that spot last year's trouble still stand and many here say deep rooted racism is still a problem i gallacher all the zero charlottesville virginia. after twenty two years of negotiations the leaders of russia iran kazakhstan azerbaijan and turkmenistan have signed agreements on the legal status of the caspian sea this means that the five countries can move ahead with sharing out the resource rich inland body of water which is the largest in the world already chalons has this report from moscow . with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in kazakstan four of the
5:58 am
u.s.s.r. successes states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that peace is not for us the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed naturally it opens a wide perspective for the tight cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that he has some admonish and we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran. the dispute is centered on whether the largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a sea then each state gets a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that
5:59 am
it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed. at stake are several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the u.s. government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which it which to security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of
6:00 am
terrorism and transponder criminality these summits also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their water is no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed a military presence there will reach allan's al-jazeera moscow. the turkish lira has plunged to a new record low of seven point two four to the dollar in early asia pacific trading and lesser worry over the state of the economy and deteriorating ties with the united states are continuing to drag down the currency the euro has lost about forty percent of its value this year while turkey's president says the u.s. gave turkey a deadline to release a pastor being tried by a turkish court addressing supporters retch of tiber don't want to reveal details of negotiations between the two countries saying washington had threatened sanctions if turkey refused to release andrew bronson by last wednesday but since then the u.s. has doubled our centers to.


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