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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 223  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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and i think i i do understand about the lifelong state of a basement that can result from extended abuse from childhood on what about the trauma she talked about you've been quoted as dismissing some of the trauma that for example rape victims of have experienced absolutely not true the idea of them suffering p.t.s.d. for example oh listen when somebody tells me that you're more likely to suffer p.t.s.d. as a rape victim then you are as a veteran of foreign wars something's gone seriously wrong in your you say that in your position as a leading psychologist now i say that in my position is the right thing. i mean every rape victim would certainly be what have you was a horrible it does not you know you don't minute for all women what i mean there have been studies done just. says p.t.s.d. is associated consistently with sexual violence in the most traumatic event you know more than the w.h.o. . yes i think so in the. middle so we will think about it the first thing that
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happens to you as a rape victim is you get told that this is ruined your life this you will never get i want to learn how to make sure it's not what happens you know that before you even have a look at well here's a couple here's a here's a study in the us study that in the first two to three hours after an assault before people even going to the police ninety six percent of victims experience physical shaking trembling in shock you know there that it happened if you were run over by a bike. really and truly this is you're saying this is getting silly. and being run over by a bike and on the silly one note simply turning over the turning into something that happens every day we've already talked about the fact that rape is universal right because in practically every house and in the land but non-consensual sex is everywhere and then you want to say and it will drive you mad you'll have to go by to be doing a reprint is going to hand over a face i'm sorry just the idea that the idea that when you are when you experience
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right the first thing you're told is that you're meant to be traumatized for life as somebody who has also been raped with the first thing i was told when i went to try and talk to someone about it was that i was a liar and you know nothing it happened to me and i swallowed that for ten years even though you know i experienced pain and trauma and that's what these movements are trying to they're trying to actually make violence and trauma visible and dean normalize them because it's not just the case that rape is universal it's that we think it's ok we think that these behaviors are normal and we put the blame on the shame on our women when we should be putting all men i agree with you not see that i agree with this group let's go back to the audience the lady. in regards to your feminism how would you address someone who can simply say down i saw women who were oppressed. ability sexuality in fear of losing a job. or in a vulnerable situation like a refugee camp anything like that in the principles of your feminism feminism
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that's supposed to be an income the scene field of study and income seem way of living i'm not entirely sure that i quite understand the context of that i mean i understand what you're saying i'm saying people slapping it down dealing with it instantly not being victims some people are not in the same situation don't have the same privilege what i was actually talking about when that particular statement had a context was the fact made who has brought up these cases. after two as much as twenty years when the statute of limitations means that there can be no criminal prosecution now when it comes to intersectionality there's not a lot that i can say because i am what i am i am a white middle class academic i am not god almighty i don't understand what it's like to belong to a minority except that it's pretty interesting being an australian in england so to grab a contradiction a moment ago you were strapped looting from your own horrific experience to make
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sweeping judgement about what women experience of the violence now you're saying well i can only speak for myself when yes ok now a little of the contradiction no i was speaking of myself as a rape victim it may surprise you to learn that i'm not a career or a p.c. i don't spend my entire life as a lot of those phrases of yours upsets a lot of people upset ok it's upsetting ok. maybe here in the lady my name is far too i work with a local charity here in oxford called oxford against cutting ok so you have said in the past that the way that wouldn't of my group treat their genitals is their business are you saying that charities like or should pack our bags and go home and you've also said that you won't even condemn female genital mutilation at all. how does that view fit in with the human rights agenda of saving all children from you and i both know that this is not a simple question there are many different ways of doing cutting and they have
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different significance in different communities so we this is not an easy question but what annoys me is that we decide that african women or whoever from whichever community may not do these things to themselves and it is complicated but most people say. the w.h.o. says it's a gross violation of human you better stop. you better stop american women learn english why. and when during a good that's nice what about tree the question is do you condemn it no no you don't you don't really matter to me the way you do lots of cultural practice you know the sort of really. you can never finish a concert going to point that. for a while and i'll start. going to the very prominent operation on the female genitalia in america is the shortening of the layby a menorah it's practically the same operation and it is practiced in great numbers but if we practiced on godless we're talking about yes i do know not to period
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because i can think of having generally carried out on someone in a way ok so that's your position of cutting but i don't see a different ok gentlemen in the glasses. you seem to me to be a contrarian so my question is when in particular should we listen to you and perhaps when not so much mentioned transgender issues you don't have to listen to me at all. i don't have to listen to you. there's no can you understand the label of contrarians. no no. you didn't hear. about me to quite flip and i think majors kind of comedic content you said something about. should stop filmmaking because old rather than because of the alleged abuse of his younger daughter i never said ok i'm sure in these big pile of papers there is proof that you did say it but that's final to the contrary it is something that wasn't there
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and let me explain something before i explain something can i ask you something past question of because i picked up your book when i was sixteen years old and that was my pathway into feminism and as you see here before me you are just totally incompatible with the theory that i've read it's like surely high up on your agenda as a feminist is just less rape because you're deviating what counts as rape or not instead of having a conversation about what the psycho social basis of rape is why are men raping is a better conversation does that count as i don't know why men or a t. know why men are raping and i don't know which men are right but that's your responsibility as a feminist academic and you have written text that show that huge do know why men are raping you do you understand why there is a male hedge mean edge when you do understand how patriarchy translates into controlling sexual violence your own theory shows that so i just don't understand where you're going from there is not a book of theory i don't know how you work that out what it is it what is it what was it supposed to be a description of life as we lived it in nineteen sixty nine when i wrote that
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given you're not going to agree and we're running out of time just let me just do a follow up to get the answer to but i'm asking you to get a sense of disappointment when you hear people who want big farms of yours now feeling disappointed in what you're saying today are never are you to have never asked for or wanted a big fan but with someone asked does it does it bother you at all that people who once agreed with you looked up to you now or not i'm not worried about being disagreed with or was wondering just wondering ok let's go to break it. i'm a huge me too cameron supporter and the reason i supported the campaign was because it was an eye opening campaign for me it made me realise how many women around me had been affected. agree with you that a lot of women in the holy word who have used sexual exploitation to climb up the litter somehow we can the why is strong women like you when you do not support the me two campaign you weaken the war it's to what we really need is you to support
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the young women in this campaign in let us move ahead in this fight i'm sorry to be crabby about this but when furhman tells me that harvey weinstein who was clearly a good friend pushed her down somewhere and then tried to expose himself and generally gives the account that she was in danger but she escaped are and i think he tried to expose himself what stopped them. how does he go to the toilet if you can't work out how to expose him so why did she why did she give us this narrative what does it mean he knew we were going to be going to this it was over go on but there are plenty of actresses and normal actresses his assistant a marketing effective advocate all of whom were his quote unquote whatever you want to call it you say victims of the business survivors here do not see what you're doing but you don't know the reason the reason for naming them is that they could finance the whole thing so far i've been told that there are civil suits being
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brought but i haven't found them and i do nothing but look for your dismissive tone i think that bothers people and then laurie and we have to finish very briefly i just i don't think we younger feminists do need germy to validate and sanctify what they're doing it's ok for you to be appalled and disappointed i personally am glad that the shaking things up ideological diversity is great we all need it i think we're a little bit too prone to worrying so really a range of brewarrina very briefly final word for it i'm all for ideological diversity but the question is how is is somebody who is still regarded by many is an icon supposed to support you know young women in their current struggle i think the answer has to be either by getting behind it and showing solidarity in a critical way or by getting out of the way because this is a distraction i seriously when i get an invite myself here tonight and i tell you something else if there's anything i don't want to be it's an icon i grew up with
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holy pictures and i don't want to be one and i've never pretended to be one i'm not speaking on women's behalf i'm trying to talk sense especially in an environment where we seem to be talking a lot of sloganising nonce meaning needs to come in briefly that's wonderful that you don't want to position yourself as an icon but you are to very many women so at least give hope that i believe is what i mean could you not just look at me too for what it is rather than have your single narrative that it's about thurman and meryl streep mean. has been translated to chinese did ish arabic finnish you have women in nigeria kenya india brazil galvanizing and organizing and using me to i was at the e.u. parliament where hundreds of feminists took over the e.u. parliament on the back end of me to speak about women gaining power in europe so can you at least acknowledge that there's all this other stuff going on it's not just hollywood celebrities speaking about taking cocaine with harvey weinstein and
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wait till something happens i mean suddenly they're actually very well made to means nothing but why be so negative you say sorry to be crabby why be so crabby because i want to be crabby i can be as crappy as i like even i would strike you even if it's on helpful i don't have facilities so for i'm one person i'm being told to help all the women of the world or something or or say things that will be accepted by everybody let me ask this last question on me too lori said at the start you know we've only been six months seven months and you keep saying let's see what happens do you have any regrets about how you've handled it at all i don't do regrets. what you call a person who has no regrets did probably but. because of your undoing your positions on me to last question and he showed if they suddenly pull the rabbit out of their head if they actually manage to bring a case that they can actually win but i don't think they're going to let my feeling
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but when they do i'll cheer on the very negative mood. thanks for joining me on head to head and thank . you. national bulletins the debate on migration is polarized into two strident positions on close to madness how do you define an indigenous brits who do they benefit isn't this more about living with defense and you and visas that and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world have every right to leave their country. goes head to head with a cold coming on al-jazeera. on
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counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means by iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers and climate change plus stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction counting the cost. out of the gulf is the p.j. in missouri should be happy now on this. but they are tend to drift slowly south and sugar sells more in texas in the last twelve eighteen hours and this texas may be able to oklahoma where the showers are off which could court thundery rain exists for the answer but look what's happening at this east coast once again the rain has come back i mean is possessed and i've just had
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a look at this i think you could see between one and two hundred millimeters again falling around the new york area for example that's going to bring back a flooding that's not far away to be honest. looks fine that's the southwest the southwest monsoon is just edging a bit more right in the four thousand souls hours. new mexico florida still looks worse than the big shots we saw coming out of well haiti jamaica and cuba still there as a daily potential certainly gotten the full cost of the sunday and we got an increase in rain right home jurists which for the sas and a bit further north as well that's persistent for a couple of days mexico's gets wetter again and the showers around jamaica maybe a little lighter in fact cuba's day on monday looks largely sunny but if you're on something domingo expect some showers.
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in this new delhi swell artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. tomato would disappear i would post documentary on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in dog holiday elizabeth purana coming up in the next sixty minutes thousands protesting against israel's controversial nation state law.
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the u.n. says next month's talks between yemen's warring parties will focus on forming a transitional government and bringing the fighting to a halt. the second largest protests in romania as thousands take to the streets to demand a change of government and spain and germany agreed to a new partnership to stop michael and susan the border free schengen zone to travel across europe. thousands of people in tel aviv have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law the law officially affirms israel's jewish character critics believe it turns jewish minorities into second class citizens while the bill passed last month and was designed to enshrine israel as the nation state of the jewish people the measure pushed through by prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares
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that the right to exercise national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people it also says that he is the only official language downgrading the status of arabic previously they were both official languages and at the stablish is jewish settlements as a national value that the states must encourage stephanie decker was at the protests and thought of eve. here in tel aviv mark green square. the museum it's back and eyes by israeli pilots. for the calculation of the moon there's a lot of jews who are saying that they're not the direction was really going to message me or anyone of us here we owe it because we don't need this about a cascade of this annual loan off netanyahu that apps. and none but
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you'll only event is not i'm not. giving him to look at citizens and i was young this is amazing this is oh i know i remember when i was. fighting to do something and this is real very little known. for people who don't really believe in the us and equality we have and take democratic moves taking place in many things in the towards gays towards women in wards secular and towards arabs and this is the fascist regime is turning into a fascist but it's still not there but it's going in a bad direction and we need to stop it as well as soon as we can. they're trying to be rooting for you to make them abuse really prime minister benjamin netanyahu and there is a big rush there whether the. going to continue with this momentum becoming more against this government a message that people do not agree with your resume right when her. coffee cup god
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is a political analyst and author and he says the nation state all sets precedence at a constitutional level. the nation state law. elevates the question of discrimination inside israel to constitutional status it makes it a basic law which means israeli practices that used to discriminate now have legal status and all the policies of daisychain regarding land housing right of return status of jerusalem a whole range of different rights that affect non jews in the jewish state now will be institutionally discriminated against israel already has laws on the books like it has sixty four laws on the books that discriminate with some of these are on their face value actually discriminating others are more in direct so. but the elevation of the status to constitutional status is this is fundamentally
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different it means that this becomes the animists behind the israeli project and this is done in the name of the jewish majority the palestinians both palestinians citizens of the state of israel but also palestinians in the occupied territories the jewish settlement is considered a national value only jews have the right for national self-determination and becomes an exclusive right only jews have the right to bring their to come come and gain citizenship one person refugees must remain outside so israel is being very clear about ensuring that this law is about ensuring israel means the state of the jewish people around the world not the the state of its citizens and in fact they are the people who are pushing this law being very explicit about that that israel will not be the state of its citizens. a u.n. delegation reformations with hamas officials there visit as part of ongoing efforts to deescalate tensions with israel meanwhile funerals were held for the three palestinians have
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a killed by israeli forces on friday it was the twentieth week of protests at the gaza israel border fence more than one hundred sixty four palestinians have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations first began in march protesters have been demanding the right of return to their ancestral lands all gaza's fishermen have been staging a value of their own on the water traffic reports from gaza. with palestinian flags flying on their boats gaza's fishermen protest against israel's blockade they gathered in the port before heading out to see what this protest is part of the demonstrations against the seas happening every week on the land border this is our peaceful activity that the whole world agrees with israel should know that this is a small geographical area but we insist on our freedom after twenty weeks of protests on the land border with israel the fishermen now say it's their turn and their plan is to take this boats and sights along the coast towards the border
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with israel which is around ten kilometers north from israel restricts gaza's fishermen from operating more than three nautical miles from the coast the israeli navy has confiscated boats and killed thirteen fishermen it says try to breach the area which allows the fishermen to work in since the siege began almost twelve years ago as the boat sailed towards the border people to look beach support let's check in another body and we came here to protest against the stage and to tell the world about suffering we are sold this white breakthrough but we hope it will go some way to ending this injustice. the protests come days after the worst escalation of violence between israel and hamas since the two thousand and. teen war. funerals were held for three men including a volunteer medic shot by israeli soldiers during protests on friday a delegation representing the un's middle east peace envoy seen here in gaza or in
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july would be meeting with us leaders trying to forge a truce. as the fishing boats approach the border the israeli may be open for warning shots to force the fishing vessels barrack the boats turned and headed for the port israel has refused to formally acknowledge a truce announced by hamas on thursday there are fears anything either side calls a provocation could result in more violence and even another war trial started out just gaza egypt's security forces so therefore old an attempted suicide attack they say they stopped a man wearing an explosive vest from approaching a coptic christian church just outside cairo state media says the man detonated the explosives about two hundred fifty meters from the church killing himself but no one else was hurt the jordanian government says at least three police officers have been killed after storming a hideout belonging to suspected fighters the policemen which i think suspects
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thought to be behind a bomb attack on friday that killed one person the ministry of interior says a homemade bomb was planted of the spot where a security bus was to park in for hayes six others were injured. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has talks between warring parties next month will focus on a transitional government and laying down arms martin griffiths has been trying to broker a political deal to end the three year war but before those talks going to even begin to solve the erratic coalition air strike has killed dozens of children in a healthy stronghold mohamad the reports from neighboring djibouti on what's being described as the worst attack on yemen's children. abdulhakim amir is on a grim mission his looking for the remains of his son hamad who was on a boss targeted in a sodium strike in all from yemen he climbs onto the wreckage of the bus in the
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rubble of the destroyed market buildings desperately he such as for any signs and then he breaks down the children watertown him from a summer camp went out to talk happened well i guess i just found some of what the child was wearing i didn't find any of his remains on his finger. no his skull nothing i looked through the remains in the hospital and i didn't see anything. video from both iran television shows the children boarding the boston up morning they all seem happy excited. to save the children says yemen is the wost place in the world to be a child it's not hard to see why when you watch these pictures taken moments of the the airstrike bodyparts us through not around injured children some with limbs missing lie in. it was the was children since humans put escalated in two thousand and fifteen according to unicef. in
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a cemetery in some other previous twenty nine child sized graves have been dug but the joint finra for the children has been ruled out due to security concerns. hold the fighters say they feared the gathering would be targeted by more airstrikes. the so the immorality coalition initially did night aiming at civilians and defended the incident as a legitimate military operation our response is sayed to a ballistic missile fired into so did a bia the previous day but hours later the coalition promised an investigation both the fighters say they're willing to call preety in an inquiry. it's hard on twenty of us the u.n. secretary general holder for swift. investigation into its false word something growing chorus of condemnation is instilling some hope in yemen is the country is
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finally getting some attention. to. syria now where the army is threatening a major assault on the last remaining rebel held province dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying government is trying its backed by russia the bombing targeted parts of it live and spilled on the to areas in western aleppo leaflets have been dropped warning people to accept a government rule algis a wasn't allowed featherless in a village in aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest air strikes recently said i thought that the people of what about how do you know not a new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western countryside of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial rates during each of which four missing child's have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most.


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