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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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but the country is finally getting someone. to syria now where the army is threatening a major assault on edler which is the last remaining rebel held province dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying government airstrikes backed by russia the bombing targeted parts of it live and spilled over to areas and western aleppo leaflets have been dropped warning people to accept government rule allowed to save us mullard is in a village in aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest airstrikes recently. you know not a new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western countryside of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial raids during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of
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them women and children the destruction is that massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian area meanwhile there's also been big air raids in southern and northern where dozens of people have lost their lives. the rounds government says that so when the u.s. saw the sanctions that target the sale and export of hand-woven persian rugs last year alone iran sold one hundred twenty six million dollars worth of the carpets to the american market weaver say it's not just an attempt to block an important revenue stream but also an attack on iranian culture the same bus driving reports from. iran there is the same carpet weavers.
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sacrifice their eyes for people's feet. making even the smallest carpet means patiently toiling for months using tools and techniques that have been passed down for generations kartik at that moment that this is what my parents did to my grandparents who doing so i loved and now i'm in this career i love this not leaving i feel as if i'm sick of the comp it's just like a child i love it because this is an original passion for the women in this workshop artist employees they take classes to learn the basics and practice for months the best students get to work on the most intricate designs. but there is something sad about this job the closer these women get to completing a carpet the less able they are to actually afford one of their own creations persian rugs sell for thousands of dollars and some of the carpets made in this very workshop sold for tens of thousands. and depending on the detail and materials
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used such as silk or even string spun from gold a persian rug can sell for millions it's no wonder that in the business world carpets are a valuable iranian export second only to oil. but they're also an important part of iran's cultural identity in the two thousand and eleven farsi language film gold and copper but dying woman weaves carpets to pay for medicine and keep her family together. the script writer says the persian carpet was the engine driving the story with. iranian and global audiences recognize iranian as a piece of art. it has been a little painful for me that the price of the iranian carpets has risen a lot and now it's on affordable to everyone in the past it was common for people to cover every corner of their houses in carpets. and especially sad irony for carpet dealers is that the united states is. the miracle policy that america has
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put sanctions on iranian carpets but if you look at american buildings and family homes you see iranian carpets on the floor as i saw in a video i think even u.s. president donald trump's daughter has an iranian carpet in her room traditionally persian carpets are meant to portray the gardens of iran. early attack on the very fabric of iranian identity and an attempt by america to make trouble in paradise. kerridge. maybe the people in iraq sending autonomous could find that economic recovery remains elusive. new health concerns. killed more than three hundred people. and chelsea are off to a flying start on the english premier league. but the details. protesters
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have been rallying for a second day in romania after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence from police on friday thousands of people have gathered to protest against the democrats many of the remaining ex-pats have returned home to demonstrate against police have denied accusations that they used excessive force on friday. well let's get more on this now we're joined by valentino. she's a project coordinator at the romanian academic society and she's joining us on skype from progressed very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the last time that we saw these sort of mass protests in romania last year demonstrators did achieve their goal of forcing the government to back down from passing legislation that would have decriminalized corruption how much pressure do you think these
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current protests are putting on the government now. has been for having me. considerable pressure i was considering the fact that yesterday we saw such massive violence and i don't think the government itself was being such large scale reaction. in the square and you know. so this point of view i would say that. sure. we do know that. there are other goals to do and you know. what would change the government's course because romania ranks as one of the e.u.'s most corrupt countries i mean how can this be addressed by the government especially when so many ministers have been indicted for corruption.
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well on its own here will come the complication comes from the fact that the government see. the role of the government but actually the. call to do so is it actually. corruption campaign which started in two thousand and five so. this is. the relationship between the secret services and the antic roxanne is usually the same as. the reason being is that she's mad you're saying that actually we're going to get more abuse isn't. it also revealing that the who. may diligently should be in line with your
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mission there i mean you. have this look are you. close. does the government have a leg to stand on when you say that it sees itself as the victim given the amount of corruption in romania and the number of politicians who have benefited from it to the detriment of ordinary people. yes i don't think. they are very good at twisting these sorts of arguments. you have some arguments which are in their favor and they're using precisely isolated cases. which could be considered if uses and which were. clear and as such by courts of law there have been such cases but there you are using do you think such examples there are many. arguments
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for large scale. models which is. not the cause of our being as. remain as of course no stranger to people power to mass protests that have toppled previous governments it is of course nearly thirty years since nicolae ceausescu government was toppled the regime was toppled but do you think that the things that people are protesting about today of really that different from thirty years ago. do different in the sense that people do feel more empowered to speak out in that comes ability. that if we were thrown into the economy this would happen protests book those who are severely repressed as as we know or romanian suckered into one of the most of the world religions and
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making any but. talk about some other very pleasing with the people see themselves as being against that old political class who with the communists roots which. continues to. its power and its uses. from this point of view people who feel emboldened also go. that was a very. wise. that is valentino joining us live from the romanian capital thank you very much for your time on this from appreciate it. now german chancellor angela merkel says no european union member can avoid the challenge of migration she made the comments at a meeting with spain's prime minister. as a migrant exchange between the two countries comes into effect sonia diago reports
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. a city in southern spain may be an application for two european leaders to partner up over a divisive issue migration agreement the german chancellor hopes will help quell the argument over the refugee crisis with the help of fellow member european union countries here. we are just a few kilometers from the african coast similar to multiple sicily so this is a challenge we must cope with together and no country can dodge this task. the aim to stop refugees and migrants using the border free schenkkan zone to travel to germany a country that has taken in already more than a million asylum seekers since two thousand and fifteen those who are already registered in spain will be refused entry at the german border and deported within forty eight hours. we want the solidarity of the e.u.
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and its members with this migration challenge that we're facing in our country but you also accept our responsibility regarding the control of secondary movements that are affecting in this case germany. if this bilateral agreement sounds familiar that's because it is it's based on the existing dublin agreement that was suspended by mrs buckland twenty fifteen as a result of the refugee problems that year the german government has portrayed the deal as a breakthrough. in the current immigration crisis a similar pact is also being made with greece and there was never any doubt that this agreement with spain would go ahead as spain has recently become the new preferred route for asylum seekers attempting to reach europe and there are fears that it will be yet another transit point for migrants to reach germany germany is also working with its leap to agree a similar deal a challenge given the immigration stance from politicians now in its government so
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need i go there. turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy raja thought and the arm wrote an opinion piece in the new york times one in the u.s. must respect turkey sovereignty or their partnership could begin jeopardy he says his country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues the u.s. president on trump announced this week that he would double steel and at a minimum tariffs on turkey. if you have dollars under your pillow take out if you have your or take these out if you have gold take out i am talking to those who have immediately give these to the banks and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fight this war of independence in the future it's wrong to try to bring turkey in line for a pastor i am once again calling on those in america it is a pity you choose a pastor of your strategic partner in nato. to mali now where people are preparing
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to vote and the presidential runoff on sunday ok they're expected to return to power for another five year term he's facing opposition leaders from a list they say they trailed behind him in the first round the vote will take place amid fears of ethnic violence and accusations of election fraud mama vall reports from the capital and. the results of the first round two weeks ago gave forty one percent of the vote while. his main rival got close to eighteen percent was accused of fraud by opposition leaders but really i need. to get a low result a male action is indeed heartbreaking but you cannot accuse president being behind that figure it's the decision of the molly and people which reflects their judgment of you. meanwhile was repeating the claims. that once again i am asking for your vote so that together we can achieve the dream and the destiny that i have for molly i don't need to remind you of the grave in multiple
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illegalities of the first round which amount to political banditry they were a criminal breach of the law and of human dignity one day the reality will be clear to all and it will shame those who have dirty their hands with fraud and corruption . seceded borst of what he described as a major success in the first round he's the first opposition candidate in the democratic history of mali to take a sitting president to on off but his hopes of a united front by the other opposition parties have been partly dashed by that enthuse of of many first round losing candidates to endorse him the government has also closed down a local radio station that supports sisi accusing it of inciting violence and hate speach. she says supporters organize a rally on saturday to protest the alleged electoral violations and to warn against a repeat violence was reported not least fifty of the twenty three thousand polling
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stations on july twenty ninth no vote took place at all three percent of those centers and four soldiers were killed in an ambush as the convoy carrying election material since then ethnic violence has worsened in the central region of mukti as dozens of lonely herdsman have been killed by rival bombs or hunters the e.u. has expressed concern over security and the government to govern a free and fair are not for the leaders the focus now is on the vote but for mali there is a desire to see that democracy does not fall victim to power struggles president is trying to stay in power he has supporters means what is opponents are preparing a fresh offensive and many are curious to see if mali is will for the first time manage to change their leaders through the ballot box. instead of carola is on high alert after at least thirty four people died during
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one of the region's worst floods on record heavy rains over specter during the monsoon season but this year's downpour has destroyed farmlands and forced more than thirty one thousand people from their homes and for the first time state authorities were forced to release water from twenty five dams because they had reached full capacity. aid is still arriving on the indonesian island of lombok with three hundred eighty seven people died in last week's earthquake the air force has delivered line three tons of aid including food medicine tents and blankets almost three hundred ninety thousand people that's about ten percent of longbox population and are homeless or displaced. still ahead on the newshour occupying land that they say was stolen. racial divisions that lived the heart of south africa's land rights debate. one pharmacy in lebanon thanking legal marijuana may end up costing them money. and us for a while number one some want to alex find form continues this season as she
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progresses to the final and montreal. head of the gulf is the p.g.a. in missouri should be happy no on this still showers around quite obviously but they are tend to drift slowly south and sugar sells more in texas in the last twelve eighteen hours or so and this texas may be able to oklahoma where the showers of which could cause sundry rain exists for the answer but look what's happening at this east coast once again the rain has come back and it's persistent and i've just had a look at this i think you could see between one and two hundred millimeters again falling around the new york area for example that's going to bring back the flooding that's not far away to be honest so louis looks fine that the southwest
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the southwest monsoon is just edging a bit more rain for thunderstorms arizona new mexico florida still looks western the big showers we saw coming out of well haiti jamaica and cuba are still there as a daily potential certainly gotten the full cost for sunday and we've got an increase in rain right honduras which for the sas and a bit further north as well that's persistent for a couple of days mexico's gets which are again on the showers around jamaica maybe a little lighter in fact cuba's day on monday looks largely sunny but if you're in some of domingo expect some showers. full of struggles. all along all the time walking up on the full of pleasure. and i'm getting it i'm not.
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going to an intimate look at life in cuba today as it was and no warning. i gave up i was able to mind cuba on al-jazeera and. the first.
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good to have you on al-jazeera these are our top stories thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state nor central tel aviv the law officially affirms israel's jewish character and jewish settlements as a national value critics say the law makes non jewish minorities second class citizens the u.n. special envoy to yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on disarmament international criticism has been growing all the airstrikes by the saudi of erotic coalition which had a bus full of school children many of the remains have yet to be identified this father searching the wreckage for signs of his twelve year old. antigovernment protesters have been rallying for a second day in romania after more than four hundred were injured in violence with police on friday they're accusing the ruling social democrats of corruption.
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somebody supreme court has two weeks to rule out a legal challenge against president was electoral victory the main opposition party insists its leader won last week's vote but supporters say the election was free and fair how do we toss the reports from her. it's the first time in zimbabwe's history the inauguration of a president has had to be postponed the made opposition leader nelson chamisa a court application on friday challenging president election victory the move sunday swearing in ceremony from taking place well basically. the country has to return to the. president. so that. the international community leaders in the opposition m.d.c. alliance say the evidence they filed in court proves last month's vote the. he was
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forced to resign as president was rigged they say nelson chamisa one we had an opportunity cost of that myself but i'm going to do things right organize conduct and manage fair and credible election which is a very simple task but you have decided that it must be a simple task by interfering in this a little process election officials deny allegations of voter fixing officials in the ruling party say they are not worried about the court challenge they were there when. you committed serious so what's going to happen is going to be thrown out when what are they going to say oh the courts are biased that's a get out of jail card going to play which is quite unfortunate again because that will mean want to using. western governments and investors will be closely watching to see how independent zimbabwe as you decide you will be this is where the inauguration was supposed to happen the national sports stadium if the
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constitutional court orders a frist election that has to take place within sixty days the military is busy rehearsing for the annual defense forces day celebrations on tuesday a public holiday but everyone here is keen to know how strong the evidence by the opposition is and whether it could change the election result. or her. now twenty four years after the end of apartheid south africa's racial divisions are still start with the issue of land rights a key thing more than two thirds of fertile lands are owned by a mere seven percent of the population of most of them white farmers now in a direct challenge to the government hundreds of families from an informal settlement outside cape town illegally occupying private land farmer the miller has more from stellenbosch. slivers of light shines through the simply furnished home. she's been living on this land illegally for three weeks there are dozens more
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roughly bull. holmes dotted across the seal in still and bosh near cape town an area known for its affluent vineyards and estates. it's because of our government that we are here we have asked for lent before but they have not helped us we have to make a lot of norris and fight to get this land here a court is ordered that no more can be built and those that have been occupied be destroyed but as night falls people scurry to bring in more building material. is the believe this is our land that was taken from our ancestors even though the current owner bought this land the previous on that he stole this land and so now it needs to be returned to us while we are taking the land well. according to government statistics of africa's white minority population owns more than seventy percent of privately owned farming land under political and public pressure to reform land ownership the ruling african national congress says it will support moves to change the constitution to allow the seizure of land as long as it does
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not harm the agricultural sector or the economy but it's unclear how this will be done and who will qualify for the land while acknowledging the need for urgent land reform presidents forum up was appears to be struggling with a balancing act this week while addressing investors he said the government would not allow land grabs and an alkie wanting to calm the fears of the business community but deciding between what land those people need and what investors want may not make everyone happy the government says it plans to seize one hundred and thirty nine farms across south africa before the constitution is changed if successful amendments to the constitution could be avoided there are fears seizing land without compensation could scare off investors violate property rights and hurt food production critics say talk around land exposed creation is a ploy for votes ahead of next year's elections rather. then
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a sincere attempt to reform land ownership and that expectations should be managed meanwhile people here could face eviction as the landowner returns to court in the coming weeks to have them removed from al-jazeera stellenbosch south africa. and a community leader and selling boss explained why many have chosen to move on to private property that doesn't belong to them. and. today. for the people. if they say that before this we won't be visiting you on the land. so no. this is not here so those are there were choose to come here because this land is never been used been living there for more than twenty years so that's why they jump in here and then the city because it is to deaf to listen to the people that's why they move you these people they've been living in these houses behind the houses they've been
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called big because they're living in somebody. they've been paying the rent but. it doesn't employ people they were working for four months. they don't have jobs they getting small money but they still have to pay the rent so that's why the become so desperate to have their place to call home that belongs to them so that's why they choose to come here and they're not going to be paying rent. to the us now we're an anti-fascist valley has been taking place in the city of charlottesville a day ahead of the first anniversary of the deadly protests one person died when neo nazis an hour before protesters and it unites the riot rally clashed with anti fascist demonstrators as currently under a state of emergency more than seven hundred state police are on standby to prevent any violence and as andy gallagher reports the city is still struggling to move past last year's events. it began with
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a fight to remove statues of confederate soldiers who fought for the right to keep slaves and events in charlottesville last year turned violent white nationalist support running battles with counter protesters in scenes that shocked the world when one member of the so-called right drove his car into a crowd thirty two year old had a high i was killed i'm training the next generation of activist advocates and allies in the years since susan boyle established a foundation in her daughter's name and remains committed to fighting wasteful intolerance wish is that adult to sacrifice will not be forgotten i hope that i have for the future is that i see more people waking up i see more people taking a stand old and young not just young so often times change is driven by the young and the old don't buy into it i'm seeing more cross
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generational awakening that gives me hope. over the last twelve months charlottesville has been through a lot of soul searching the confederate statues still stand and some here blame last year's tragic events on external forces others though say what happened is a reflection of a city still dealing with racism yeah it feels like i'm not included in the narrative of my town associate professor in black lives matter activist julian schmidt says charlottesville needs to address its past and own up to persistent problems this was an extreme example. physically violent example of the white supremacy which pervades every day you know as i mentioned you know we had problems with affordable housing with stop and frisk you know all these sorts of things the white supremacy is here and it's been here for a long time most of the reporters that charlottesville xl local newspaper covered last year's events night editor mark newton says the only positive change is the damage done to the so-called right movement but it seems like there is
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a lot of disarray charlottesville did a lot of damage to their kind of credibility and their ability to form a year later the city is still reeling from events that tarnish its reputation as the happiest city in america dozens of officials resigned after last year a new leadership is in place but deep scars remain and you go across charlottesville virginia. right to lebanon now the country is the world's third largest producer of illicit marijuana it's preparing to legalize cultivation and export the drug for medical use it may take months before there's a parliament but many hope this will help revive the economy then a hunger has more. it's illegal but cannabis is planted almost everywhere in lebanon's northern because in recent years the government stop destroying the crops because it couldn't provide the impoverished population with alternatives now it is considering legalizing cultivation for medical use but some farmers are concerned
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it could cut prop. high supply means it's not very cheap so if they are lies the cultivation its will have no value we have to legalize the trade for twenty years and they were against it now they want to do this to gain political support from the people who are fed up with the politicians. it's a multimillion dollar industry which an international consulting firm says could help lebanon struggling economy it would first have to introduce new seedlings that have medical properties a draft bill has been proposed in parliament proponent say the people of the region will benefit. i proposed this law to help farmers they have been the victims they can't openly sell it because it's illegal so dealers benefit most by imposing a price on the farmers selling the product for higher prices and those dealers have political cover if. it's not the first time the idea has been put forward and it
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may take months before parliament votes on the bill. the farmers say they have little choice but to grow cannabis in order to survive people are poor and there are little economic opportunities they blame the authorities for neglecting their area the livelihoods of tens of thousands depend on this trade which is controlled by the region's powerful families growing cannabis is cheap and alternative crops can't survive the harsh climate here that is one reason why attempts to eradicate the cultivation after the civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. failed there are those who believe the government should support this industry. today you have. been all. so it's very important for to cultivate such amounts of plant where you can get more than forty projects out of it.


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