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and then i'm going to get if. we don't have to put under one hundred to. do wonders why lie one on me. i know that i'm a guy who's the most. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their
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faith linked to on the tax even though they too of victims of the bugs the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limpid sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect from in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. a new village come a tomb has been in the toilet and is grappling with the audios tosca sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village complaining patient and have wanted to stand inside. the reclamation of bad language democracy is complicated hard to have
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a six part series don't die but five years we can do china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. clan. hello again i'm laura garland overall the top stories on al-jazeera a spokeswoman for yemen's ministry of health and sun has put the death toll from thursday's as strikes at forty three. a strike hit a school bus inside a province i think the stronghold north of the capital the red cross says the bus carrying children came under attack as it was driving near
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a crowded market media say a majority of those killed children has more. still wearing his backpack this boy was in a mini bus full of children heading on a weekend school outing in northern iraq as they went through the city of saddam that bus was hit by an airstrike. who the t.v. station accused the saudi m r r t led coalition of being behind the attack on the red cross says schools of people are being killed. and we are getting even more damage and these are more it happened because their names are still certainly in the sky there were even expecting more airstrikes i mean what's happening they know what happened here but we condemned. saudi arabia and its allies have been fighting in yemen for more than three years against the two theists who are aligned with iran who control much of northern yemen including the capital sana'a four years ago they drove
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a saudi backed government into exile this latest attack ads more casualties to the list of nearly ten thousand people killed during the war the u.n. called it the world's worst humanitarian crisis but it's mid august. hamas officials in gaza say restoring calm is up to israel and that they won't escalate the conflict any further funerals have been held for three palestinians killed in israeli as strikes overnight including a pregnant mother and her child as well hit more than one hundred forty sites across the perceived gaza strip it says in response to rockets fired from gaza united nations says it's deeply alarmed by the violence warning it could lead to war. if the united states is imposing new sanctions on moscow over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter and britain the state department is accusing russia of using a nerve agent snuff a choke to poison them russia has called the allegations fall fetched.
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with all the headlines a bit back with more news on al-jazeera that's often we get you back to witness the apology. even though. it's ironic k.p. without my own. coffee well. i know you t.j. asked us not to hear. the how do you out here guy is that let's have i don't know she said i'm not. here to tell you there are no.
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that some of that is so negative that since another the us. doesn't have the so what's its assistance. you must run and see i didn't tell you to take his jeans hot or so since this is. serious and that since he doesn't it's humble cellulose and it says this. so that the new law can't go. on that some business is. because they either need him one hundred one side or the other so against z.o.g. to to touch on goods of trust in civil rights is a bit of was just always have just. quite neat stuff for. our. oh well of
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a fair. fight. you bontoc was not going to juggle guess i didn't get serious hi jan ounce and sour i doubt i doubt your visit is a real number that was a lie and. say you know you will see that even when you take it it's a funny look they are. what it is on earth do you want to. talk to you then you know even when young women don't earn money can you give us a job she lives in
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a shadow came out to not. get. up here it was me that. another to get off taking. a lot. of. even younger look it up in. just enough time to engineer something up. in the community the promise of it is all you have here could you say it we don't you get its ability to turn that into. another person they get sick and lots of. people have and i loved it i did just
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really for this. going to go out can either have their thoughts to notice what. i think if you've been that. way but thank you so. much to the monument to within the world to see. i'm young but the way it is you i'm going to smoke up my street you. just dismiss. any debris would just because this is. just.
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sort of you have a. thing like that. who would some small talk assuming i'm going. to ask for help and support. more as hillary of the oh hell yeah idea and then he got his first song a son out assault. the coordinates who were the war. guy
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you want to win the nice. thing they said give us strength. i need to. face saskia can help us with. jessica said thank you very.
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i put on the board. a lot of caribbean i will. come up with tom down and deal. with yes. oh ok. samsung to see.
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i said. in this new delhi swap artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. to model would disappear i would post documentary on al-jazeera.
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china is keen to win friends and influence in need or oil rich middle east business spark the long term plan of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said sub-saharan region as a whole now is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest known for on a winter's day. has been there dirty twelve miles or so around the north of argentina the the head of a frontal system extends up through brazil has given some wet and windy weather enough to the code forty nine millimeters this is just south of the capital now that's going offshore now as it looks to be largely fine eventually still breezy and the rain itself there briefly in rio is disappearing offshore to all the pacific side we've seen a fair amount of tide recently still in the forecast for us on thiago but i think further north probably in the sunshine there and that's true for most accounts and
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to be honest which you might expect just on the air to get to the finals and even in colombia and venezuela very few showers around just recently but the main structure is running from power law up to mexico's is the wet area even cuba very few showers showing up in the last twenty four hours i think the next as well looks like a fairly dry day on thursday where showers will develop and he was aside from panama to mexico to well to running in the flow to the east the day after great a chance of showers in jamaica haiti and cuba as for wet weather in the u.s. is more or less gone off shore from the extreme east just but anywhere really from south carolina back to the southwest and chances are there was some big showers around. the weather sponsored by qatar and race.
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in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese for zero shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries newsroom with. supporting only those with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera. this is zero. nora carlisle this is the news hour live from doha up ahead in the next sixty minutes a school outing in yemen ends with dozens dead as
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a bus is hit by an strike saudi arabia says the strikes conform to international law. anger and grief in gaza three killed in a night of israeli fire and rockets where does this leave the push for peace. argentina rejects a plan to rewrite abortion laws after a marathon debate and divisions in the streets. and a new fright for lumberjack a strong aftershock hits the indonesian island as more bodies are found and the rubble. as strikes that tore apart a school bus in yemen and kills dozens of people are being defended by. saudi arabia it's released a statement saying the strikes by the saudi embassy coalition were aimed at the decimal targets and conform to international and humanitarian law the latest death toll is forty three the red cross says most of the victims were under ten years old
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they were on a bus taking them on a school hour saying inside a province that's a stronghold in the north that was traveling through diane market at the time saudi statement says they were targeting missile launchers ben smith begins our coverage with this report. still wearing his backpack this boy was in a minibus full of children heading on a weekend school outing in northern iraq as they went through the city of sodom the bus was hit by an airstrike. who the t.v. station accused the saudi m r r t led coalition of being behind the attack on the red cross says schools of people are being killed. and we are getting even more damage and these are more it happened because bear names are still certainly in the sky there were even expecting more airstrikes i mean what's happening they know what happened here but we condemned. saudi arabia and its allies have been fighting
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in yemen for more than three years against the two theists who are aligned with iran who control much of northern yemen including the capital sana'a four years ago they drove a saudi backed government into exile this latest attack that's more casualties to the list of nearly ten thousand people killed during the war the u.n. calls it the world's worst humanitarian crisis bernard smith i'll just. listen to the kids oxfam's country director for yemen he joins us live via skype from the capital sanaa good to have you with us we've got to saudi arabia saying that these strikes were aimed at legitimate targets and conformed to international and humanitarian law what's your response to that. i think as humanitarian organization we do condemn the heat on these bars that mostly children and we have repeatedly said that it is unacceptable and civilians
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most people take under the international humanitarian law so hitting abbas carrying children to school nearby a crowded market this is unacceptable and we as humanitarian organizations strongly condemn this so it's unacceptable and it's condemned by organizations like oxfam but what actions to tappan to be taken to stop it from happening i think the united national security council and the older members tears this should all pressure on both the warring parties to the strong of both stripes and sellings and civilians most people take that under international human to not they have to respect that image and law and members they have to put pressure on all the conflicting parties and we want an immediate cease fire stop why are and then go back to the peace talk that is now basically outlined by the u.n. special envoy to yemen i'll get that in just a second first was want to go back to this point because we've had this
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condemnation this outrage from charities such as oxfam such as the red cross care international all these organizations but we haven't heard anything from the leaders of any countries does anyone care. well this is what we have been saying that i mean the members of those who have the moral obligation and power to the united nations security council they should basically ask all these conflicting parties and forced him and her hold them accountable to the international humanitarian law and international human rights law to protect the civilians as he mentioned before efforts to get the two sides to the table had the u.n. special envoy just. recently isn't nuff pressure being put on the warring parties to put down their weapons and start talking when the u.n. special envoy and other international humanitarian community is there have been
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doing all that is possible including i mean putting a clear. plan asking all the warring parties to come to geneva on sixth of september however it is basically the u.s. u.k. and france and other members did you have the moral obligation and power and authority to ask the conflicting parties and here we do think that our exposure is . bigger and they need to do more. sensitive he thanks very much for joining us from. well the outgoing director of the international committee of the red cross robert madine tweeted his reaction saying it's high time for these relapsing tragedies to stop in yemen no one should allow putting children in harm's way and making them pay such an acceptable price. it's not the first time coalition
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airstrikes have led to a large number of civilian deaths earlier this month an attack on the port city of her data killed fifty five people in november last year in a strike on a busy market results in the deaths of twenty nine people also inside a province and in two thousand and fifteen a missile hit a wedding party near the port of. more than one hundred thirty people died the united nations has criticized the coalition air campaign for bombing indiscriminately and urging them to do more to prevent civilian deaths our correspondent mohammed has been covering the yemen conflict for us he joins us live from neighboring djibouti so mohammed we've had a saudi response now it says it was targeting legitimate targets that this was an area that the who sees launched rockets from what do we know about this particular part of saddam province. well or saw the province has borne the brunt or most ovals else. to call
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lucian have been using to tug its positions south a stronghold for the side for the fighters but this particular area where these koppen today was a busy market in the town of the young and that is where. now the coalition of course is saying that it was where. the ballistic missiles targeted the industrial city and was fired from but this is something being. claimed to be to be truly tribal leaders as well as who threw fighters who say this was a deliberate a top civilian targets u.n. organizations have been criticizing the so. all of them hitting civilian areas power stations as well as i.d.p.'s and even
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hospitals in the past so many people are saying this is not any different from those attacks seen before they come just days after that attack in the crowded markets in the force that he has had days or. yes indeed. in. just about a two hundred meters from the hospital the main medical facility in the day the port one which is supported by the international red cross actually created so much because this was i thought the time when both sides who feast on this so the democratic coalition had promised to seize hold still a tease. they there for a period of two weeks to give u.n. peace talks a chance and people felt confident enough to venture out of their homes to kind of
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buy supplies and of these fish market there was. taka paused and then when the rescue workers i'm forced to respond most went in there to help people. talk which created even more kushal to use so much all of the same. modus operandi. has been going on for the last three and the voices modus operandi means many many innocent civilians being targeted and killed in this war why when this keeps happening and we see the deaths of these children it is yemen remains such a forgotten war on the global stage. well it is indeed you one would wonder why the international community has come together many times before with the sloganeering you know let's protect civilians of course there was in libya there was so many other conflicts that the world to intervene to
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protect civilians yet the people offer yemen smock in the middle of a conflict that they have very little to do about and yet the ones getting this in may to get the international community is not responding i've been talking to diplomats and u.n. officials babies who keep a very close eye on the human and what's happening some of them in charge of the massive humanitarian mission going from djibouti to the port of the day that they say that this is one big international community and hockley because the numbers of death trickling out the number of ten thousand people killed in the conflict is one given by the government which has a vested interest to make the numbers go i mean as last possible so they say the real. goal of the world and the international community and the limelight bent
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on all the human conflict would have been realized if that leading members of the dead were getting out. the very latest from thanks very much. i want to some other news and officials in gaza say they will not escalate the conflict any further and restore calm restoring calm is up to israel the message comes after as strikes and shelling killed three including a pregnant mother and her child funerals have been held in the past few hours in gaza israel hit more than one hundred forty sites across the perceived strip. but israel says its targets were military compounds tunnels and a training camp rockets were fired from gaza on wednesday night the united nations says it is deeply alarmed by the violence warning it could lead to war. well andrew simmons is at the house. where the pregnant mother and her child were killed.


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