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al-jazeera. hello there i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes iran's president speaks out just hours before the return of u.s. sanctions a son rouhani says washington cannot be trusted. rescuers scramble to find survivors after sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia ninety eight people are confirmed dead canada stands by its human rights comments this fight saudi arabia freezing all new trade and ordering the country's ambassador out also ahead
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on which we're going to live by one going. to show you cuddly bear or enemy of the state china bans a new movie starring we need to put. in sports the u.k. called us for the one of cricket's biggest names was involved in a sustained episode of. ben stokes is charged with afraid faces the possibility of jail time. iran's president has described washington's call for new nuclear negotiations while reimposing crippling sanctions as psychological warfare as an rouhani was speaking in a televised interview just hours before u.s. sanctions are due to come back into effect the sanctions were triggered by donald trump's decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal which the
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white house says the scribed this horrible we're going to have reaction from tehran in a moment first though this report from kimberly how can. the united states says iran is a threat and you. wants to punish the country's government by isolating it from the global financial system starting tuesday u.s. sanctions will be reimposed to target a range of sectors blocking iran from purchasing u.s. banknotes and trading in gold and metals like aluminum and steel it will also limit iran's access to software and automotive sectors will blocking its ability to purchase commercial aircraft or trade in food and other goods this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made the snapback sanctions are part of a promise made by u.s. president donald trump when he withdrew the united states in may from the twenty fifteen agreement known as the j c p o a close u.s.
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allies like france's president emmanuel mccraw and germany's chancellor angela merkel remain committed to the agreement aimed at limiting tehran's nuclear program but the u.s. argues it didn't work and didn't go far enough. the u.s. also argues the profits made from the lifting of sanctions is being used to purchase an export weapons in places like syria lebanon and gaza to support proxy militias and the state financing of terrorism. the sanctions come as protests continue in iran against deteriorating economic conditions but the united states denies the sanctions are timed to force regime change instead it says it hopes to modify the iranian government's behavior despite longstanding u.s. policy of no formal diplomatic relations with iran president donald trump has even indicated he's willing to sit down for talks with iran's leaders no preconditions
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no they want to meet anytime they want heightening tensions top european foreign policy chiefs are implementing something called a blocking statute to protect e.u. firms still intent on doing business with iran in spite of the u.s. sanctions prompting this stern warning from a senior republican senator. under these sanctions you have to pick between the american economy and the iranian economy you can no longer do business with both choose wisely this snapback sanctions are also just the beginning in ninety days and now there are round of even more punishing sanctions targeting iran's massive oil industry will come in to effect can really help at al-jazeera the white house so that's the latest from the white house let's get reaction from tehran now a reporter the same bus driver he was monitoring president rouhani television
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interview and says one country came up repeatedly if you were to construct a word cloud of president hassan rouhani these comments and the word china would no doubt appear as one of the most prominent the iranian leader repeated the name of this important strategic economic ally in the region several times no doubt an indication that iran intends on relying on its relationship with china more and more as it continues to face american sanctions and economic pressure in weeks and months to come president hassan rouhani also address the idea of new negotiations with the united states with the with the administration of u.s. president donald trump and with a smirk on his face president hassan rouhani said that he would be open to speaking to donald trump if trump wanted to talk about apologizing to iran and paying it back for the economic problems the united states has caused iran by interfering in
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the country's affairs now this was one of the lighter moments of the television appearance but he also addressed the idea of a new talks new negotiations in more serious terms here's what he had to say. the person who is abandoned because the nations is trump and his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran. if there was honesty iran would come to because the. the u.s. sanctions contradict any intention to negotiate how can we be honest about wanting to negotiate if you are putting sanctions against children and sick people. in terms of practical steps that the iranian government intends to take to combat ongoing american economic pressure dealing with china and russia as trade partners as economic allies as one thing he also applauded the european union for issuing blocking regulations to help resist the pressure of ongoing american sanctions against iran domestically president hassan rouhani also reached out directly to the
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iranian people and said that everything was going to be ok that iran wasn't as weak as people made the country out to be and that the only way to resist american pressure to keep the united states from bringing iran to its knees is to stand united in the face of that pressure he thanked people for their ongoing patience with regards to their financial hardship and he said that things were going to get better but effectively asked frustrated iranian people many of whom who have been taking to the streets in protest for a little more time to help course correct the country's economy. so in bazarov you with the latest there from tehran will see no to see is a research associate at the national iranian american council he joins us live now from washington d.c. thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera and same bizarre ivy's report we heard a little bit of the televised interview that the president hassan rouhani gave to iranian t.v. and he really emphasized the impact that these sanctions are going to have on
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children and sick people the specific examples he made emphasizing the impact on ordinary iranians what do you think will be the impact on iran and iranians from the reinstatement of these sanctions if these sanctions just as we saw during the obama administrations when they were far harsher on iran they were an international sanctions regime and multilateral in nature that a very brutalizing in fact impact on ordinary iranians they really amounted to a form of collective punishment we saw during that time that there was a rise in unemployment inflation and iranians were denied basic essential life saving goods such as medicine and civilian aircraft so they really are poised to have a very harsh impact on ordinary iranians and we've seen just in the past couple months the iranian currency the real has collapsed after trump announced that he was going to withdraw from the deal in early may and inflation is already going up. we've
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seen these protests so it's really contributing to a lot of economic malaise and difficulties for an area ronnie and a lot of the other governments of all the other governments signed the nuclear deal are trying to keep things as normal certainly the european union that the main countries there are trying to maintain relations with iran easy for the governments to do not so easy for the companies involved a sudden rouhani kept on mentioning china is china enough to keep in iran the situation business as usual. so china's going to play a decisive role in terms of especially continuing imports of iranian oil and importantly a couple days ago there was a report that china had reached an agreement with the u.s. that it would continue in november when the hard hitting iraq american oil sanctions hit that china would be allowed to continue importing iranian oil that existing levels and that's going to you know put a huge blow in the sanctions regime and kind of allow you to have substantial oil
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exports to be able to weather these sanctions and also there was even there's even been reports that india as well has been increasing its imports of iranian oil and recent months including a july it's imports of iranian oil went by it went up by thirty percent and i don't think india is going to accept anything less from the u.s. than what china gets and they will most likely demand that they can also continue importing iranian oil at existing levels past november so that's going to be decisive for iran and if they can continue in exporting their oil at substantial amounts they will really be able to they will be much better position to whether these sanctions speaking to reporters on the monday senior members of the administration said that they don't want regime change in iran they just want to run to change its behavior so the support of you know wars or factions and you know what they would call the support of terrorism but has sudden rouhani obviously staked in many ways his reputation on the steel and the lifting of sanctions the
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politically beyond the economic buys of the sanctions what does the fact that the deal effectively collapse for iran leave him specifically. so rouhani has lost a lot of political capital in iran he state a lot of his political reputation and his whole agenda first first term on arguing for the nuclear negotiations with the obama administration and he faced a lot of backlash from device the conservatives and hardliners for that and now we've seen that trump has pulled the rug out from under him and you know ronnie promised a lot of the evidence from the nuclear deal to the iranian people those have not been delivered in terms of sanctions relief and now rouhani is under a lot of pressure domestically to continue these negotiations with the europeans so the ceiling for rouhani has changed from arguing for negotiations with america to now or going for negotiations with the europeans to salvage a nuclear accord so this political space has really shrunk and he's not and he's certainly not in a position now to take up trumps you know offer for this kind of bilateral
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negotiation which it's you know trump sincerity isn't serious question he's really been pursuing a policy of maximum pressure seemingly aimed at regime collapse all out of economic warfare and aim to reduce iranian oil exports to zero so wrong he doesn't really have much political space to kind of push forward bilateral negotiations with trump at this point seen it to see from the national iranian american council going to have to leave it there thank you for your views the rescuers on the indonesian island of long bulk are still trying to assess the extent of the damage from sunday's powerful earthquake the second the to strike there in just a week at least ninety eight people are now known to have died and the state vasant reports from lombok many more may be trapped in the wreckage of their homes. under the rubble of a mosque women's voices could still be heard three hours after the earthquake struck the disaster happened during prayer and the mosque was full neighbors heard
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women screaming but had no equipment to rescue them when rescue workers arrived twenty hours later this creaming had stopped. i'm sure people are still trapped here some of them we managed to pull out but they died a few hours later. ireland is still recovering from last week's powerful earthquake and the even bigger tremor happened many were too late to make it to safety as buildings collapsed around them the mother i'm hospital was also severely damaged injured had to be treated outdoors nine was going to pray and the mosque gate lapsed on top of him. and what we need us tens we have received some help from the government but we need more tense to be able to treat our patients. it's peak tourist season and nearly three thousand visitors were a regulated from the gillie islands near. tourist panicked on the three small flat
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islands when a tsunami warning was issued some were injured trying to reach safety including a spanish tourist who fell from a tree most tourists want to leave as soon as possible we decided to leave the island. at every night when i don't know or say without us. so yeah. i just want to get away from indonesia really. did tsunami warning was quickly lifted but the quake damage will take a lot longer to repair in just a few minutes this two story mosque collapsed into rubble people in long remain in shock after the second earthquake in a week left many homeless while help is on the way search and rescue workers are struggling with the extent of the damage. have you quitman needed to rescue or recover trapped worshippers has yet to arrive at the mosque some say they've heard weak cries from under the rubble but it may be too late step fasten al-jazeera.
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it watching the al-jazeera news hour live from london much more to come on the program including bangladesh's government as pressure to get tougher on transport as protests in the capital enter their ninth day a weekend of gun violence in chicago leaves at least eleven people dead but police insist the murder rate is dropping and testing times for barcelona signing details coming up a little later in sport. saudi state airline is suspending flights to and from toronto it's the latest in a series of measures the kingdom announced on monday in a growing diplomatic dispute with canada it's already ordered the canadian ambassador to leave the country and frozen all new trade investment and educational agreements the saudis accuse the canadian government of interference for urging the
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release of jailed rights activists culture there are reports. canada's a bastard saudi arabia is on his way home the saudis say dennis is no longer welcome and they're accusing the canadian government of interfering in the kingdom's internal affairs as well as spreading misinformation at. the soda ministry of foreign affairs has expressed disbelief like this negative a phone dot com which was not based on any accurate or true information the diplomatic dispute was triggered by the canadian embassy in riyadh tweeting its concern about the arrest of civil society and women's rights activist including some are with the tweets urges saudi authorities to release them. women's suffrage political activist some are but he was honored in two thousand and twelve by then u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama but though he was jailed after suing the kingdom for the right to choose her own husband freedom
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other person gave free her brother rice but we was sentenced to ten years and one thousand lashes in two thousand and fourteen for insulting islam through a blogging website for public debate others arrested by saudi police have pressed for the rights of women and the rights of shia muslim minority another woman was taken into custody because she's married to an islamic law scholar is absolutely ridiculous that the saudi authorities can and no one had come through with some sun limited reforms like the left and the driving bad but on the other hand over rest of their e same women who helped to bring about this reform since may we've seen more than a dozen women's rights activists arrested in what is an unprecedented crack crackdown the kingdom has just allowed women to drive for the first time and to attend sporting events and cinemas have opened after being banned saudi arabia is a major trading partner supplying ten percent of canadian crude oil imports canada
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listed saudi arabia as the second largest buyer of canadian arms after the us the two countries signed a twelve billion dollar arms deal four years ago china that was through. or can't spend all their armor and also the r.b.a. is a source of revenue for a number of universities. and in universities for various occasions critics say canada's allies must help in taking a stand to pressure the kingdom to stop its crackdown on activists calling for change poll chunder ji on al-jazeera. well for more on the story let's cross to washington d.c. and speak to middle east analysts to see good neubauer assert thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera i mean saudi arabia is obviously being criticized before for human rights violations or people you know human rights advocates in
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prison many of them without charge perhaps the comment by the canadian authorities wasn't that aggressive but certainly the reaction from the saudis was perhaps unexpectedly strong what did you make of it and what do you think is behind it i would say that the situation is extremely grave the international community and certainly expert community here in washington or all taken by surprise because for a month we have been seeing reforms coming out of saudi arabia we have heard the promise of granting more rights to women more and more rights to activists and the need to reform the economy and these are all positive signs and international community remains a supporter of these measures and all the sudden we see a complete reversal of these promises and. now that the manufactured crisis between saudi arabia and canada is hitting a new low point it is really on the basic level
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a message to the international clique community and including to france germany and the u.k. tolerate that criticism of the regime will not be tolerated under any circumstances and this is quite surprising is so far the canadians have actually after the initial comments have maybe been a little bit quiet him in they may be waiting for all of this to die down but do you think perhaps that that is a dangerous sign of things to come that perhaps a lot of countries will be cowed from from criticizing saudi arabia you know when it comes to human rights abuses when there's a lot to criticize. i think that the basic level is that the new leadership in saudi arabia will not tolerate internal and external criticism. on below the level above that is the issue with iran. we have seen president trump just reimposed new series of sanctions against iran and within this environment saudi arabia has weakened its international position because it has both an
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adversarial relationship with iran and now a highly problematic relationship with canada and their waste so the question is what does this mean for the new us policy regarding iran and how it is dealing with riyadh into strategery what we're seeing so far is that saudi arabia unpredictable policies whether it is its intervention in lebanon whether it's war in yemen or the crisis in the gulf saudi arabia new policies are really disrupting all the alliances and we don't quite know what to make of them anymore and when you say predictable policies so do you think that this reaction by saudi was impulsive because they saw a comment that they found offensive or do you think that there's a level of calculation behind it as you mentioned earlier sending a message to the wider international community especially many western countries saying you know that they don't want to be criticized for certain things even
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though they're putting up a facade of opening up and being a new and modern saudi arabia. i think absolutely there is so calculated message behind it the response of canceling flights counseling trade agreements and more importantly we're drawing all saudi students from canada is this proportionate to the mild criticism of the kid in government came up with then and this is this is the new reality i would hope that this this moment in time that the u.s. secretary of state might from paris working the phones to try to deescalate the situation between between canada and saudi arabia and we're also expecting the e.u. will come out with this statement any time soon in support of the canadian position so this is a very dangerous and on stable environment and the united states needs to get directly involved to calm this down i mean you mention they were waiting for the sort of us and the e.u. to act i mean bahrain in the u.a.e.
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expressed immediate solidarity with saudi arabia's stance you know they've they've formed a block on that side are you worried by the fact that actually did didn't seem to be such forthcoming support for the canadian position from its from its western allies well i think that their support is forthcoming and the fact that door not immediate statements either from washington or from the e.u. shows that there are diplomatic efforts underway to try to solve this crisis immediately as i had mentioned i think all of us were taken by surprise because the response from the saudi authorities do not correspond to the canadian statement there to be very interesting to see how it develops and if many of these nations do and come out and can the support for the moment secret neubauer middle east analyst thank you. well the saudi and there are military coalitions of recent successes against al qaeda in yemen have mostly been achieved by making secret
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deals that's according to an investigation by the associated press an investigation by the news agency has found that rather than defeating al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or a k p the coalition has been paying fighters to leave key cities and towns some were even allowed to keep their weapons and hundreds more were recruited to join the coalition which has been fighting in support of yemen's government since intervening in the war in two thousand and fifty eight he was told that one commander who was put on the u.s. terrorism list in two thousand and seventeen for ties to al qaeda is still receiving money from the united arab emirates to run his militia farah she bought is a yemeni political analyst he says the situation is much more complicated than the report suggests one of the issues that the pieces over them for the fall is a little bit of a more complicated more complicated situation. for tribal communities the local
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community and it is not a bad idea to reach a local deal because that prevent it from from being destroyed or you know a living you know living in and you know you know all tell all conflict so whenever there are people there would try to encourage actually reaching the kind of kind of but it's not. as simple as there were. happening behind closed doors and they're happening all over the all over the country out high that the need to document the. i don't government official the military officials who are backed by the well it's a little bit more complicated than that. but they should be. at least twenty three people most of them young girls have been rescued from an alleged prostitution ring in northern india they were found in
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a privately run shelter in the province after one of the girls escaped and complained to police that they were forced into sex work officers say twenty of the alleged victims are female between the ages of five and twenty years old three of the rescued are young boys police say a couple and their daughter who ran the home have been arrested. bangladesh's government is considering using the death penalty for fatal traffic accidents as students protest for a ninth stay over the deaths of two teenagers who were killed by a speeding bus groups armed with wooden batons have attacked students at east west university in dhaka activists say the groups are linked to the government and police in an attempt to crackdown on protests a security law has been imposed so that police can arrest people in a group of more than four. well the committee to protect journalists is calling for the release of anyone who's been held because of their coverage of the protests
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photographer and journalist. who was detained soon after this interview on al-jazeera on sunday at least five journalists were attacked during the protests there child rape is in the capital. hundreds of journalists gathered for an hour after hour in the city. forming a human chance i'd only protesting for that fact from the journalist community within the last one way by an element from the police the police were standing there by journalists right back this has been on power for. can perform their professional duty a lot of the journalists saying that you can be in a war zone and still not a big target but here out here while we are covering a protest march we were targeted by certain elements of the society in front of the police this has been major contention now we have reaction from some of the journalists this is what they have to say i'm addicted. we have one demand journalists should be able to work safely we want the women street to
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identify this attack is so we can. safely if. we are journalist also. you know. we want. the protests for drug safety and safety for journalists is something we want to give the reason we want this is because in the last few days the peaceful protests taking place gradually took a very violent turn. and this is a major concern for the media community in bangladesh right now they want protection and security and justice for those who attack them some of them said we know the culprits are we have the pictures the government need to bring them to justice and we also are. anon photographer dr trager la lama has been detained by the fact that the rebel now today despite everything that's going on in the ferry
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the media community is very concerned and they are unwilling to cover any progress right now because the real personally insecure to go and cover any kind of protest or any kind of demonstration in the city right now so to come. out break we meet the man who moved from mexico's gang lands to be to the halls of congress as the president tries a new strategy to tackle organized crime and the nascar driver who didn't let anyone get between him and the first race of his career. few the they maybe there are one or two big thumbs there was one around and over
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the water this one spotted just off a small long punt a letter which is near the coast it is even is to italy was an entirely not and it is a fact of li a tornado over water we see quite a few of them to be honest that's really the extent of significant showers around the last twenty four hours more significant cloud is to the north it is a cult front and has been bringing cooler air through scandinavia briefly down through the baltic states as well most places temperatures to run the thirty mark nearly forty in a good part of spain still above in places actually in southwest but that he stole easing has been transferred actually through france towards germany so the picture of a tuesday though with a few showers around in switzerland maybe remain here is increasingly warm temperature in berlin i'll take you a day beyond up to thirty eight now we're hitting record valleys again this is a warm call that's going out through austria to germany to southern sweden as well won't last much longer than that but it's there all the same temp just to the west
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have dropped a little bit to be honest come saxe in the picture of north africa apart from a few showers in tunisia is still dry. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and its ilk to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or door. into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. a new village committed to news been elected and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but residents of this chinese village have grown impatient and have one
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concern inside. the reclamation of that. democracy is complicated. to have a six part series they don't die but five years old and china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani has given a television interview accusing washington of being untrustworthy this just hours before u.s. sanctions come back into effect the sanctions were triggered by donald trump's decision to abandon the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal at least ninety eight
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people are known to have died and thousands of them left homeless after sunday's earthquake on the indonesian island of long ball the search for survivors is contained. saudi arabia has expelled canada's and vassar and frozen trade agreements the saudis accuse canada of interference for urging the release of jailed rights activists. ethiopia's federal government has taken over the administration of the eastern somali region on saturday fifty people were killed in violence in the regional capital. clashes broke out after the government the ploy that's troops there leading to fighting with paramilitary soldiers loyal to the regional government mohammed addo is in djibouti. european federal government say suspect in this rare step to issue a security is brought back to the somali region the statement from the prime minister's office hinted at the local administration. being on the verge of
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announcing the suppression of the region from the rest of the country the government communication minister spoke television saying the federal government was now in charge of security administration of the somali region of youth europea and but for a group of troops and policemen have been deployed you also say but the commission of inquiry has been appointed to look into what the club for some sort of a doctor left fifty people that the minister also said that the government is going to ensure in the coming days to appointment of a political leadership for the region. at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured after two trucks collided on a motorway in the northern italian city of belonging the crash happened near the airport and it sent a huge ball of fire and billows of black smoke into the air and it caused the bridge along the motorway to collapse one of the trucks is believed to have been carrying flammable material more than a thousand firefighters are tackling
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a major wildfire in southern portugal the fire broke out on saturday in the southern algarve region an area that's popular with tourists firefighters are also battling a fire near portugal's border with spain record high temperatures and high winds have made it more difficult to get the fires under control. a business partner of donald trump's former presidential campaign chair is testifying in court gates is a star witness in the tax fraud trial of former man of ford who worked in trump's campaign for five months gates also worked for the president's election campaign and is told the court that he stole money from man a fourth ad helped him file faust's false tax returns it's the first trial arising from special counsel robert investigation into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election thing in the u.s.
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at least eleven people have been killed and dozens of others injured in a spate of shootings in chicago over the last two days police are blaming it mostly on gangs a saying they use large sum of crowds as cover to shoot in this criminally gun violence in the u.s. city has been in the spotlight and president don trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani have criticized the city's democratic mayor over the use you police insist the overall murder rate has actually gone down john hendren has more. tempers seemed to rise with the temperatures in the past weekend with a hot one and that made it one of the most violent weekend of the year the official police tally is the sixty four people were shot and eleven people were killed over the weekend the shootings are not random they are fueled by gang conflicts we know who they are. and we continue to send a message that it's ok to commit these crimes by not doing anything as a community the shootings effected victims if young as eleven and as old as sixty
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two years old this is come to notice in chicago there have been two major marches walking major thoroughfares in the city police say they will bring additional protocol and they blame gang shooting into crowded major outdoor events such as funerals and block parties they say they will be patrolling those areas more but really it was the violent weekend but not even the most violent over the past few years. brazil has launched a national vaccination campaign against measles. started mistreating the vaccines in clinics across the country the country's health ministry says more than one thousand people to be infected infected and five killed in a recent outbreak and. they from the northwestern city of mouse one of the worst hit areas and it's a huge campaign right across brazil that talking about vaccinating eleven million
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children aged between the ages of one and five and in some regions in the state in the north of the country that has been particularly hard hit there also vaccinating some adults the adults who want to come forward you haven't yet been vaccinated and they had a rather case of measles from brazil eighteen years ago they were very proud of that one of the consequences of the recent migration of many tens of thousands of venice whalen's across the border has been this recent outbreak of measles which has spread not just across brazil but other neighboring countries as well. mexico's new president elect has promised a different way of dealing with organized crime under s. one way lopez obrador believes that pulling people out of poverty will help curb the country's epidemic of violence a former gang member who's now becoming a state congressman is an example of how the plan could work john home and went to
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st louis to meet him the new local congressman from son luis mexico and to meet his constituents he's unlike any politician they've seen before a child will burn the street kids just like them make good. for some pedophile kelly sally's nickname there me he's is a blueprint for the incoming government on how they can rescue young people drawn to crime his body's a patchwork of tattoos and knife cuts product of a life of violence and drug addiction until he hit bottom and i know. my mother was sick with kidney failure they called me and i was drinking with my crew thinking tomorrow should be ok and she died and i didn't get to say goodbye and to kill the pain i jumped in front of cars i tried to hang myself from a tree in my garden i was taking cocaine all the time i was twenty four years old that was the turning point he sought help a christian mentor who gave him his first job he in turn says he gained a faith and a mission to help san luis is young and marginalized but when i realized there
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aren't public policies for the young and there are lots of them like me who didn't get to choose where they live children with a dream start just like me i wanted to be an actor so i started to campaign for space for them to try and reduce the fights between gangs. formed an association an organized football tournament stances work programs hundreds of gang members turned up to broker peace deals between them. i see him as an example to follow that you can come from the barrio and still managed to become someone. now he's heading to the local congress not everyone's pleased many criticize his criminal past and doubt his reform. he says he's received threats but he says he can't let down those in the city's gangs know his approach chimes with the incoming president and today's manuel lopez obrador nationwide plans beilenson mexico's record levels and
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the incoming administration says the strategy has to change rather than just confronting those drawn to organized crime they say that young people need to be offered other options. virtually but includes an amnesty for some low level gang members only he supports and so far his base seems to follow him but they have a warning. just don't lose sight of who you are remember it's better to be remembered as a good person than to have a street named after you thank you that's a test for a me he's the rest of the incoming government they bring the social change they promise will succumb to their newfound political power john holdren san luis potosi the bangladeshi government is being urged to improve conditions for muslims in what's become the world's biggest refugee camp human rights watch is warning of disease violence flooding and landslides in massively overcrowded camps in cox's
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bazar around three quarters of a million range are in temporary shelters they are after escaping me an ma in last year's military offensive against them bill for lake is the rector of the refugee rights division at human rights watch he says pressure must continue to force me and mark to implement reforms. there is a real risk of people dying in landslides there's a real risk of a cycling event and simply the monsoon rains themselves on this the topography that we're talking about these these steep inclines people that i've spoken to living in huts that that their neighbors have already washed away and they're sitting there right on the precipice people do need to be evacuated they need to be brought even within the mega camp itself to safer locations and they certainly their work environment there's actually you know valiant efforts to try to shore up the
12:43 am
conditions in the camp but the bangladesh authorities have insisted that the campus temporary and that the solution is repatriation to my own mar while we agree in principle on the refugees themselves also on the right of return the immediate concern is preventing people from suffering and preventing loss of life here and now let's worry about repatriation as time goes on putting pressure on my own mar to fundamentally reform to allow refugees to go home but in the meantime. there even though it may have the look of permanency to build proper schools and have proper education of the children shouldn't be left with no education and essentially that's what's happening now and the flimsy dwellings that they're living in that that can be washed away if by high winds and storms need to be shored up as well they need hard sheltered areas that can protect them and cyclons
12:44 am
as well. the new christopher robin movie will not be released in china and many believe that's because the leader ping is prickly about comparisons between him and one of the lead characters we need to prove himself china's censorship of the cartoon bear started last year with authorities blocking images and social media because people were likening poos appearance's to g.'s brown has more. winnie the pooh of course means different things to different people to many children around the world he's the adorable pudgy bear with a partial for honey but it seems here in china he has become an enemy of the state that's because a new film made by disney christopher robin in which winnie the pooh of course has a starring role will not now be shown in china no reason has been given china imports about forty foreign films
12:45 am
a year and while that quota hasn't been reached yet no reason has been given as to why christopher robin will not now be shown in china now winnie the pooh's sort of got in the crosshairs of chinese censors more than a year ago that's when images started appearing online contrast ing winnie the pooh with president xi jinping there was apparently a physical resemblance the most popular meme photograph of all is one which pairs a picture of xi jinping and then president barack obama with another picture of winnie the pooh and his good mate tigger winnie the pooh has in many ways become a symbol and unlikely symbol of dissent that's because loucheux bo who won the nobel peace prize and of course died in hospital more than a year ago was pictured holding a mug with an image of winnie the pooh on it shortly before he died it was
12:46 am
a final defiant stance by a man who had been a thorn in the side of china's government for so long now while it's fair to say that censorship under president xi jinping has been getting worse during the past few years you know as a journalist you encounter it every day here in china there has never the less been some pushback during the past few weeks just last week there was a protest by parents outside. by the health ministry here in beijing they believe the government is covering up the true extent of a vaccine scandal vaccines substandard vaccines that emerged were given to children for things like tetanus typhoid and also hooping cough as well as rabies but as we now know those vaccines were sub standard and then just a few days ago there was a curious essay that was published online it was written by
12:47 am
a prominent chinese academic and he criticized president xi jinping and said it was time for the communist party to look again at what happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety when those protests ended in so many people dying he said it was chime for the chinese government to re-evaluate what happened in one thousand nine hundred nine and he also said it was time for the party to reverse its decision to end two term limits for president xi jinping president xi at the moment of course arguably the most powerful chinese leader since chairman mao. it watching. the program. is being pulled back. and coming up in sport the historic event and looking for a new way. of her. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going
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places to get the. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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welcome back people in europe are being told to stay hydrated as a record breaking heat wave sweeps across the continent here in london many residents are buying bottles of water to keep cool but that's also led to a surge in plastic waste now the mayor wants to turn the tide on the capital's plastic problem by bringing back water fountains as for instance all reports. london may have been the city that pioneered the public drinking fountain but its popularity has dried up since this one was built in eight hundred fifty nine. only
12:50 am
a handful of water fountains exist in the capital today as more people reach for bottled water to quench their thirst now with the growing threat of plastic to the environment london wants to bring a new generation of water fountain to the british public. earlier this year mayor sidique khan announced a pilot scheme of twenty water stations to be built it's part of a nearly one million dollar project to reduce pastika waste in london over the next three years they're being installed in shopping districts and commuter hubs and if they prove successful the project may expand the scope for expanding the extent of a ability of water for london as is huge we need to make sure that people have access to water and then not having to pay for it but the of the of the benefit that would come would actually be in reducing congestion if you move water in pipes then rather than in plastic bottles that have to be transported by lorry you reduce the
12:51 am
number of lorries on the road you reduce the road danger and you make your city streets into healthier and better places to be every minute one million plastic drinking bottles are bought around the world in britain more than seven and a half billion single use water bottles are used every year london is the biggest consumer and the worst for recycling the average adult buys one hundred seventy five plastic water bottles a year less than half are recycled many of them end up here in britain's waterways this small team of volunteers is working with the charity thames twenty one they are part of thousands of people who help clean and monitor the rubbish that flows through the river each year thames twenty one says about ten percent of the rubbish they collect here is plastic half of that are single use plastic bottles like this one and just a few months ago volunteers here in london collected more than four thousand single use bottles in just one day. the charity hopes the new fountains will make
12:52 am
a difference one of the reasons that people are blowing water is because the access to drinking water when there are about the london drinking fountain fund is going to fund twenty new parents and that's a great start we certainly want to move but we have very hopeful that people will start to use them and hopeful that more people will think that the environment and turn on the taps instead of turning to the bottle at dads are al-jazeera london. it's not you know the latest sports news now let's go to and the endo. thank you so much barbara well the u.k. court has heard that one of cricket's biggest names was involved in a sustained episode of violence in one player ben stokes is charged with a fray and faces the possibility of jail time the prosecution clime stokes lost control during a fight in bristol last year the alleged incident resulted in a man suffering a fractured ice socket stocks will miss england second test against india this week and jurors were actually asked if they were committed cricket fans before being
12:53 am
accepted for service stokes denies the charge. an international service has officially become a pass along a player after coming through a longer than normal medical test that out how to knee operation last season but basso were happy with the results and his thirty five million dollar move from bond munich has now been finalised bossa strengthening their squad following the departures of understand us their power during the close season. belgium midfielder alex fitzsimons on his white said german club russia dormant it's a spent the last year in china with tangent the twenty nine year old helped his country to a third place finish at this year's world cup well josie marino says manchester united still need to sign new players the premier league transfer window shuts on thursday with united in action the next day against leicester marina frustrated that many of his squad funny just returned to training after the world cup. director morell. even we were i want to say in the eyes of most of those words we
12:54 am
were unlucky to get to the front of the match we could get the sun do we want to get the flow of the match so monday tuesday wednesday thursday. is not enough. and all. will see the rogers cup is underway in canada the women's draw is being played in montreal su czech players of mess in the first round curling a person breaking serve in the tenth going to win the first set his six forgets catarina sing your heart over or a battle in the second but if any same white disc of a winning in straight sets no serina williams in this tournament she has withdrawn for personal reasons. world number one in the men's draw was rough but no doubt he's stepping up his preparations ahead of the u.s. open at our bouts return to action in toronto he's been taking a break since his semifinal defeat against novak djokovic sure wimbledon last month . is important to. understand which moments you need to take a rare star with
12:55 am
a moment you need to work hard in. a great run in. some period of time off and that's what they did. now is a moment to watch how the game is that to be ready for action here that's what i'm doing this couple of days working hard and just try and go to be ready for the european athletics championships are up and running in berlin there's a difference this time though as this is the first edition of what is now a multi sports event seven existing championships being staged in the one you brand the scottish city of glasgow is hosting aquatics cycling gymnastics rowing transform and team golf events is set to take place every four years. well the athletics meet is lacking some star power for some a limpid gold medalist my family deciding not to compete two hundred meter women's world champion daphne skiff is one of the biggest names taking part in germany and
12:56 am
organizers say they sold more than two hundred fifty thousand sick it's across six days of competition earlier on we spoke to journalist where he's covering the athletics in berlin he says the sport is maintaining its popularity well of course we are missing more. ball but i'm really looking forward to this weeks. and clearly the two hundred fifty thousand ticket buyers are as well you know i think the people want to excitement they want races which are competitive and you know that was the one disadvantage if he won all the time if you look at the hundred meter men and women i really have no idea who's going to win but i think the great position to be and we do have our stars you know schulman like renault lavelle in the pool vault or who can silence a stadium when he's competing and of course that lasts for an hour not just ten seconds of it in bold. well there's a lot going on at the pit lane in the nascar race in joaquin's glen denny hamlin a little too eager to get moving again here he took out various pieces of kit and
12:57 am
some of his own pit crew where to chase elliott also keeping his crew on the tires he was a man in a hurry went on to win the first race of his career. now a man with an incredible twenty four world championships titles to his name is added to his trophy collection frenchman and swann albo has dominated windsurfing slalom discipline since one thousand nine hundred ninety four we also holds the world speed record for wind powered cycling is out by winning all four races at the slalom world cup in the canary islands are slowing down for him at the age of forty six. looking for now let's get back to barber in london and he thank you and that is it for me barbara starr and the rest of the news our team do stay with us though i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's news thanks for watching by.
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it's a story of survival and. it's a story about how people lead to live in such remote land. pretty cheap to the way you live that it would take you to cheat and how that instinct help them recover from the financial crash i will continue as long as i can stand. this is a story about iceland. aging on al-jazeera. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having
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their faith linked to on the tax even though day two of victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limbic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a serious of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human explode taishan system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the net for a while then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played a positive on a fun thing and his condition for taking this here this story on talk to al-jazeera
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. iran's president speaks out just hours before the return of u.s. sanctions on rouhani says washington cannot be trusted. hello i'm barbara sara you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. rescuers scramble to find survivors after sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia ninety eight people are confirmed dead canada stands by its human rights comments this pride saudi arabia freezing all new trade and ordering the country's ambassador out and we reported on an initiative to turn.


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