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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. has a seeker this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes destruction so severe that hospitals are not safe the may shift medical help for the wounded from another huge earthquake in indonesia. tear gas is fired at a black a university as students refused to back down on road safety protests. putting his pen to a peace plan how president territory aims to end decades of conflict with the philippines largest muslim rebel group. and a community protector now needing constant care we talked to
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a policeman badly hurt in an isolated tack in northern iraq. and the rescue teams are struggling to get to many parts of the indonesian arland of lombok after its second earthquake in a week the extent of the destruction is still emerging but a disaster agency spokesman is now talking of huge damage in the north lawn book was hit by a magnitude six point nine quake on sunday night the latest toll is ninety one people thousands are out on the streets after their homes were destroyed or badly damaged even hospitals are having to treat the many injured people outside residents and tourists are also being taken off a smaller nearby island let's go to step vasant who is in a city in the west of lambach island it was the epicenter of the quake so bring us
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up to date step on what's been happening there. well i think it's going to be a long time before we know the exact death toll because for example here at a mosque nobody knows exactly how many people are still covered by the rubble who are trapped inside this mosque since last night what we do know is that a witness has told me that he heard women voices screaming from the rubble for three hours after the earthquake happened so from eight till eleven o'clock at night you could still hear them screaming and after that it has been silent for them twenty four hours later only rescue workers have arrived here and now dramatic scenes people have been going around the mosque screaming the names of the women and auto spottily still stuck here and suddenly the military is arriving as well to make sure that some kind of for cover really or even hopefully still rescue operations can take place and i think this is an example of what has been going on
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in long walk since the earthquake struck i think a lot of buildings are in the same situation and i also think a lot of people are still trapped under the rubble if they're still alive or not we don't know that look at all report. it's tranquil beaches usually draw holiday makers from around the world but the indonesian island of lombok has been hit by its second badly quake in a week. it collapsed buildings and triggered mass power cuts sending people on to the streets. and i was watching t.v. when i felt a huge shake the land was shaking and people were shouting get out get out i ran out from the house in the dark because electricity was down much of the damage has hit longbox west and north where many homes were poorly built i mean with. help we need food water and medicine and right now there are many people injured and some of them died for whoever watches this video please share they may be able to
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help us here. at tsunami warning was issued in its aftermath but it was lifted several hours later on the neighboring island of bali the city hospital was evacuated when doctors set up a makeshift clinic in the sweet. song of the earthquake was extremely big i was on the third floor my mother who is being treated here when it happened everyone was really shocked paramedics were gardens they've been evacuated us in the end patients are now here on the ground floor many of the injured are treated here outside the hospital to severely damaged aftershocks still happening basins with broken limbs and other serious injuries from fallen the briefs are being brought in the authorities are still trying to assess the extent of the damage of this powerful earthquake. aftershocks have been as strong as magnitude five point four indonesia is prone to earthquakes due to its location on the pacific ring of fire
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those on the island are now hoping the worst is over. a step it's going to be close to twenty four hours very soon since this earthquake first struck what are some of the challenges that rescue teams are having to face in trying to reach survivors particularly in those remote mountainous areas of the. because of all. well the most of most importantly have the equipment i haven't seen any heavy equipment in this area so far and actually i just heard just a minute ago that the forces in this under the rubble in this mosque are still heard they were just heard and the military a soldier just said that he's going to try to get have the equipment to this area right now to be honest the whole day i haven't seen any serious equipment that is needed of course to lift all these degree to make sure that people can be rescued here and of course that's that's a major challenge
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a lot of the rescue workers also seem to have arrived quite late in the day they had to come from other parts in indonesia to this scene it's not even that remote to be honest it's not like really going through small roads up into the mountain this is all still the coastline a very tourist populated coastline normally during the peak season but more than a thousand tourists have been evacuated and are still being a factor weighted from the famous gillie islands and that was also pretty chaotic at that moment they were taken by boats to the mainland but still from there there was no direction from where where they had to go and who was going to take care of them it's all in all quite messy steverson life for us in turn july. our students are protesting for a ninth day in bangladesh despite government promises to look at their road safety concerns a group of groups armed with wooden battens to attack students at east west university
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in dhaka activists say the groups are linked to the government and police riot police used tear gas to disperse crowds in the capital a security law has been imposed so police can arrest people in a group of more than four protests began last week after the deaths of two students who were hit by a speeding bus in the committee to protect journalists is calling for the release of anyone who. because of their coverage of the protests photographer and journalist shot he. was detained soon after this interview on al-jazeera on sunday at least five journalists were attacked in protest including a photographer who knew so she had press ten via challenge joins us from the capital dhaka so tanveer let's talk first of all about the statement put out by the committee to protect journalists how how would you describe. the atmosphere right now for journalists like yourself trying to cover the story there.
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well in one word very i mean we're an international journalist but still the local journalist friends that i have spoke to almost everybody feels very threatened most of them don't want to go cover the clash of the because it look we don't know who is going to target us and the worst of all the police are not going to protect us so under those circumstances a very hard to carry out the professional duty right behind me and that's quiet journalists are going to have a silent protest in a few minutes few of them already gathered here they're going to have a human chain and they're going to make a protest and you know bring their issues out because this is quite a serious issue if a journalist can cover a student demonstration on protests and they feel threatened as you have reported and we have reported before that at least dozens of journalists were seriously hurt in clashes yesterday and day before i want
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a few of them very seriously are still in hospital condition we also know there are clashes going on into parts of the city one areas called bush which has two major private university is an ongoing situation things up a little bit calm down in the. east west university a little bit of clashes in dhaka university campus when the student tried to bring out procession. they would quickly dispersed by the riot police so it's still quite tense and volatile although the city is becoming more or less normal in some water because the public buses are on people are going ahead with their life but there is a chance at most they are within the city and in the country because there is elections down the road in this year politically it's a very polarized country the opposition government party had both a very hostile attitude towards each other blaming each other for the current political situation they're blaming that the opposition is manipulating the student
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protests. whatever the situation is the crackdown on the young teenage student hasn't been taken very lightly by the general population because israel school children and public sentiment is very much negative about that the parents are upset that i could government crackdown on the young thirteen year old twenty one years old kids but that has happened and we'll have to see how the student mobilize them so i will still want to go ahead and protest. against the traffic laws by the way the government has passed a transportation act two thousand and eighteen a call of the day it has a maximum penalty of five years for a liberal off and we'll see how it's implemented there are a lot of traffic rules but they're hardly ever implemented in its fullest capacity or i will have to leave it there tanveer stay safe tanveer chadri life or stay in the capital doctor. saudi arabia has expelled canada's ambassador and frozen all new trade and investment the saudis accuse the canadian government of interference
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for expressing concern about the arrests of human rights activists behind says it back saudi arabia and rejects cant of this interference a prominent among those arrested is some odd about the scene here with former us first ladies michelle obama and hillary clinton some are but down he is the sister of life but we who has been in a saudi jail since two thousand and twelve for criticizing the government his wife and children have lived in canada since twenty thirteen and just became citizens. at the canadian embassy in saudi arabia has tweeted its worries about the detentions it says canada is deeply concerned about the additional arrests of civil society activists and women's rights activists in saudi arabia including some odd but we urge the saudi authorities to release them immediately and all other peaceful human rights activists the saudi foreign ministry says the canadian statement on twitter is blatant interference in the kingdom's domestic affairs
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against basic international norms and all international protocols it also says it is a major unacceptable affront to the kingdom's laws in judicial process as well as a violation of the kingdom's sovereignty so model is one of two prominent women in sorites activists detained in saudi arabia recently she was arrested that at the same time as fellow activists sad that amnesty international says both have repeatedly have been repeatedly targeted and harassed for their campaigning it says it is part of a quote unprecedented level of persecution implemented by crown prince mohammed bin man and it describes the spate of detentions as an unrelenting crackdown despite the reports saying the crown prince is liberalizing the country at least five women's rights activists have been arrested recently some have been held without explanation or known charges they and other human rights defenders held in the kingdom could face up to twenty years in prison. begum is
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a women's rights researcher for the middle east and north african region that human rights watch she joins us now from london thanks very much for being with us so first of all. how how do you see how do you square these. arrests the been taking place of women's rights activists in saudi arabia with with this call for by the by the saudi government that they are trying to liberalize the company the country more under mohammed bin some men. it's absolutely ridiculous that the saudi authorities can i'm the one hand come through with some sun limited reforms like the lifting of the driving ban but on the other hand or rest of very same women who helped to bring about this reform since may we've seen more than a dozen women's rights activists arrested in what is an unprecedented crackdown we
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have never seen women's rights activists over rested in this manner in which there's been a smear campaign against them and which has been under lent ng as has been said in that the campaign of for arrest has continued only last week we have seen the most prominent women's rights defender summer by the we being arrested despite the fact that she is internationally renowned and also despite the fact that she herself has been fairly quiet in the last few months so it is not just about whether or not you have been considered to be active in the moment but your past women's rights activism is in itself something that the assad your thought is a going after do you think that there will ever be points where. things were threshold will be will be reached as far as the outside calls. and the pressure on saudi arabia. saudi's bullish response to canada is to send a signal to the international community that any international support for these women's rights activists and human rights activists who have been arrested and
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threatened intimidated and even prosecuted is to silence them they do not want to see this level of criticism outside in the same way that the don't want to see criticism at home either now canada's response to side arabia has been a good one the fact that they've been trying to express concern that they're trying to call for the release of these activists is an important initiative but the fact is that they are alone the vast majority of their allies whether it's france the u.k. or the u.s. have not come out and said anything publicly and that is the reason my side really be able to have such an unrelenting crackdown on activists in this country is because they know they can get away with it now if all of their allies stood up and said no we also as your friends think that this is a problem we don't think you should be arresting every single activist every single person in your country who wants to see a better saudi arabia in prison if they all stood up and said that the inside review will not be able to cut off relations with every single one of them they do
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have an economic vision which requires more international vestment but they have done this before they know that before when the swedish foreign minister in two thousand and fifteen also made some criticism about the human rights situation saudi arabia they also cut off relations with sweden and now they're doing it again with canada knowing that canada could potentially back down and no other government would come to the fall but this could be done away with if the rest of their allies came up and actually stood by canada and said no this is wrong we as your friends are able to say this and you should take into account what our concerns are. in london thanks so much for being with us. now we are plenty more ahead on this news hour how mexico's new president is proposing to deal with notorious drug gangs. and we've new pictures from a huge forest fire in portugal that's devastating villages. later in sport another career low for golf's former world number one tiger woods.
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saw less the ahead but first the philippine president has signed a new law aimed at ending forty years of conflict with the country's largest muslim rebel group a ceremony was held at the presidential palace in manila is calling the bank some more organic law a foundation of lasting peace in mindanao and it will establish a regional government armed groups in the region have been fighting for autonomy in a conflict that has killed more than one hundred thousand people richard hey daryn is a geo political analyst and author he joins us via skype now from manila thanks very much for being with us so what do you make then. of all of this peace plan how significant is this. well it's very significant it's part of the two thousand and fourteen peace agreement. between the former government under that you know
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administration which is now the opposition it gets there it's a and then mori slimy liberation front m.i.l.f. which is the biggest rebel insurgency group in the philippines so now you're only going to eat president it's there it's a rather than his predecessor was able to mobilize just that if support to pass these somehow controversial law because over the past two or three years majority of filipinos according to surveys have been more critical and now more neutral about giving more political autonomy to morrow or the philippine muslims in the south so i think this is very essential steps towards creation of a sustainable peace in mindanao but definitely this is just one step in a long journey a journey of a thousand miles and ahead there are many challenges that terry that means station we face first and foremost there are different ethnic groups more i think groups that are competing here so m.i.l.f. is for bonsa more open but other groups like the house of groups belong to them or
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a national liberation front that mother insurgency all fall for m.i.l.f. they control and the other up on the streets and called on the street of muslims and then that autonomous region is going to be supplanted by these bigger about some moral and that's why they're not very happy with me that they're at the beginning it has to mediate between these it's different groups and of course you know has to be approved by a majority of more us so in a plebiscite later this year muslim majority probably has to decide whether they want to be part of the sponsoring more or not so there's also a possibility that a lot of muslim majority across this we do not want to be under a new political entity that seems to be so far by no more a slimy curation front with. one of the many challenges that there is going to face in the months ahead you said it was running that president to take was the wanted to have made to step away his predecessors having just explain what you mean by
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that. i mean of course president it's the end of former aquino administration have been no longer it's a range of issues including human rights relief. among other things so you know in a way to create this resident aquino actually is now somehow one of the leaders of the opposition think it's that there is that but after the mama step on the tragedy in two thousand and fifteen we're actually no lead actually and watch their operation that led to the deaths of dozens of filipino special forces at the hands of some of these rebels to my left rebels what happened was there was a public salary and then i was under pressure to resign back then actually refused to push of for afford to be in the banks a more organic law so you failed to pass it before his term ended in two thousand but that terry that being the first president from in the now was actually the only presidential candidate in two thousand and six and that openly supported it and in recent months he spent he used a lot of things political popularity to push the legislators to go to them to push
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them to force them to pass this law which still is not very popular among many majority filipinos were actually catholic and christian appreciate your perspective on this which. could speak to you now government leaders in northern iraq say i saw sleeper cells remain a threat but a recent attack there isn't a sign of the group's revival the iraqi government declared victory of isolate months ago and the isolette attack on the kurdistan regional government head q two weeks ago killed three gunmen and a hostage as the testimony reports now from how to build a government building and the region's governor have been targeted before. it's aleem isn't used to his five children seeing him in such a helpless state the police officer was a protector and sole provider for his family until two weeks ago he was guarding the rb old governor at building the headquarters of the kurdistan
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regional government. well in all of them it was seven twenty two am they were kids waiting flipflops i didn't think they would do anything all i remember is bank. three men armed with guns and grenades shot saleman and rushed inside they took three hostages and killed one before being shot dead after a four hour firefight with security forces unable to move his neck arm and leg saline must be fed dressed and carried. only. it's up to god i have to do physical therapy i hope i can get a couple of. the security forces chief says i soul is responsible their target was the governor of erbil and to kill as many people as possible in the typically busy municipal building that i was
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no motive on us and i still is in the towns of care group and mahmud these are the places for sleeper cells now and where they have regrouped the security council of the kurdistan region says this recent attack is not a sign of an ice all revival rather it's part of a pattern of intermittent attacks there have been five in the last eleven years now that had became governor shortly after his predecessor was killed along with eleven others in what was described as a terrorist attack fourteen years ago he says despite multiple attempts on his life he doesn't think i still will gain momentum in kurdistan there is and i'm good that you say and agreement among the community from villages side from the enjoyment that we huff to inject these ideas. that salema is dedicated to resuming his career he's been
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a policeman for almost half his life. for now he knows he needs to concentrate on his recovery one finger and toe movement at a time natasha going to zero repeal india's supremes court has deferred a hearing challenging indian administered kashmir special status it will now hear the matter on august twenty seventh anger over the planned hearing led separatists in kashmir to call for a two day strike article thirty five aid gives the area autonomy and prevents outsiders from settling their kashmiris fear the b j p which governs india is trying to undermine that autonomy and allow mass migration from other parts of the country a new presidential plan is being proposed in mexico to stop the drugs gang war president elect and dismantle lopez obrador thinks young mexicans can be persuaded to avoid a life of crime aiming to help him is
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a former cocaine addict and drugs gang member who's been elected to congress john heilemann went to san luis potosi to meet him the new local congressman from son luis mexico and to me his constituents he's unlike any politician they've seen before a child will burn the street kid just let them make good. for some pedophile nicknamed me he's is a blueprint for the incoming government on how they can rescue young people drawn to crime he's buddies a patchwork of tattoos and knife cuts product of a life of violence and drug addiction until he hit bottom and i know. my mother was sick with kidney failure they called me and i was drinking with my crew thinking tomorrow should be ok and she died and i didn't get to say goodbye and to kill the pain i jumped in front of cars i tried to hang myself from a tree in my garden i was taking cocaine all the time i was twenty four years old that was the turning point he sought help
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a christian mentor who gave him his first job he in turn says he gained a faith and a mission to help san luis is young and marginalized but when i realized there aren't public policies for the young and that there are lots of them like me who didn't get to choose where they live children with dreams stopped just like me i wanted to be an actor so i started to campaign for space for them to try and reduce the fights between gangs. formed an association an organized football tournament stances work programs hundreds of gang members turned up to broker peace deals between them. i see him as an example to follow that you can come from the barrio and still manage to become someone. now he's heading to the local congress not everyone's pleased many criticize his criminal past and doubt his reform he says he's received threats and was even briefly kidnapped but he says he can't let down those in the city's gangs now his approach chimes with the incoming president and
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those manuel lopez obrador nationwide plans beilenson mexico's record levels and the incoming administration says the strategy has to change rather than just confronting those drawn to organized crime they say that young people need to be offered other options controversially that includes an amnesty for some low level gang members only he supports that and so far his base seems to follow him but they have a warning. when you see at moments just don't lose sight of who you are remember it's better to be remembered as a good person than to have a street named after you and i think that's the test for me he's and the rest of the incoming government who they bring the social change they promise will succumb to their newfound political power john home and. so luis potosi of fires in portugal have been raging during a heat wave in europe that has reached record or temperatures it began on saturday
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in the hilly area of the southern algarve a region popular with tourists hundreds of firefighters are also battling flames in an area near portugal's border with spain. now in a few moments we'll have the weather with richard but still ahead on a. more on calls to improve the lives of muslims stuck in huge camps. the president calm there and why a new winnie the pooh film will be banned in china. and in small manchester city lift the first trophy of the new english football season. from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the east. well i thought we focus on the pacific ocean today join me in exactly three hours
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time i'll be dealing with the eastern pacific but for now is the western pacific and particularly that spiraling area of cloud there you can see on the very edge of your map because this is a typhoon which is a threat to tokyo in coming days it seems that japan side mourners fair share of sort of natural events to deal with over recent weeks and we've got another one though the heat wave across japan is for the time being because this weather front just introduced slightly cooler air from the north over the last twenty four to forty eight hours but now we start to look at this particular typhoon shannon shannon is going to get very close to tokyo and about midnight g on thursday with sustained winds about one hundred twenty kilometers per hour or so is only a category one hurricane equivalent but it could cause some real problems now watch the trikes is quite interesting it goes straight straight straight and then it does an incredibly sharp turn as it gets picked up by the jet stream the question is is
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this exactly the track or is it going to go to bit further towards the west and go right through into tokyo bay well that's a strong possibility so if you're traveling to that part of japan the next few days you may find some travel disruption. the weather. ard. a survivor of the genocide the million people who begged me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. the only
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live here is the two of. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a think above i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour widespread destruction on the indonesian island of lombok after a powerful earthquake on sunday the rescuers are still trying to reach some areas at least ninety one people have died but that's expected to rise student protests
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are continuing for a ninth day in bangladesh despite government promises to address their road safety concerns police and groups armed with wooden battens have attacked students in east west university in dhaka a security law is being imposed so police can arrest a gathering of more than four people philippine president has held a ceremonial signing of a new law with the country's largest muslim rebel group is calling the bangsamoro organic law foundation of lasting peace in mindanao it seeks to end four decades of conflict there through the establishment of a regional government. other bangladeshi government is being urged to quickly improve conditions for a hinge of muslims in what's become the world's biggest refugee camp human rights watch is warning of disease violence flooding and landslides in a hugely of in hugely of a crowded camps in cox's bazar around three quarters of
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a million in temporary shelters there after escaping me and last year's military offensive against them. but the bangladeshi government says it is struggling to handle the flow of refugees it's preparing to relocate one hundred thousand of them to an uninhabited island which only formed twenty years ago fortification and housing being built on a bus and char in the bay of bengal but human rights watch says the island regularly floods and would become a defacto detention center instead it is calling for the government to register people as refugees and move them to areas near the current camps or other such as highlight six areas in cox's bazar which it says are less vulnerable to landslides flooding and storms there people can get better access to shelter and education they say well how much junk jhoom as reported extensively from cox is bizarre he joins me now so how much you were there just a few weeks ago just just give us
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a sense of the of the conditions that people are dealing with there right now you know how the bill frolic who wrote this report for human rights watch this is based on his observations in may i was there a month ago i was there in early july for a week and that was before peak monsoon season and already conditions were dire what you have in cox's bazaar which is home to the largest refugee settlement in the world is this very sprawling makeshift encampment whereby there are these bamboo and tarpaulin huts very flimsy huts are constructed on these very steep muddy hillsides devoid of vegetation that means whenever the sky opens up and it starts raining these areas are prone to natural disasters prone to landslides when i was there you would have days in which it would rain for maybe four or five hours and even in that period of time you would have reports of erosion in some of the encampments you would have reports of mudslides so now that we're getting deeper into monsoon monsoon season before the cycle and start this is why you're hearing such a long arm from aid groups from rights groups because they are concerned about what
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might happen when flooding really gets bad and this this island that they're talking about really. eighteen them to what do you know about that what's what's the condition of that place it's interesting about this island because this is something this is sort of rhetoric we've been hearing from the bangladeshi government for about six months now pretty regularly now when you speak to aid workers and diplomats you know on background they will tell you they don't believe that this is something that the bangladeshi government is really going to do that they're really serious about because this would further marginalize a population that's already very vulnerable already very marginalized this would put them in more of harm's way to be honest but the problem is that the bangladeshi government is in a very tricky situation politically right now the country is polarized and there's a big part of the country that's very supportive of the ranger and there's a big part of the country that doesn't want to see this new wave of or him being deemed refugee status thinking that they will be there for decades to come so
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a lot of the aid workers you speak with off the record will tell you they think this is political rhetoric that this is for domestic consumption but there is a real fear right now that if the bangladeshi government were to move one hundred or so thousand refugees to this island off shore this would put them in more threat from the elements and this would put them in more threat as far as just being isolated from the community and really not being taken care of all right i'm legion jim thanks very much for putting putting all this in perspective for us. now in iran comes a party pakistan teddy in south is meeting to officially nominate him as prime minister a parliamentary committee will also decide the names of the federal cabinet members former cricketer emerged as the official winner of pakistan's general election last month will come out high is in the capital islamabad for us so come on bring us up to date on this so this is essentially. a formality isn't it for imran khan.
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it did indeed this is the first time that imran khan i scored all the members who have been elected to a parliamentary committee meeting which unanimously. mr imran khan really be their country and next prime ministers are dead nominated him the party now has issued a hand saying that day i have the hundred and seventy four members necessary for them to form the next government the law minister has already said that a new parliament will be announced possibly for the eleventh or twelfth of august and the deputy speaker and the speaker of the house will be elected dr ray j. miron will then be will be required to get award of going for it and he's got the numbers and will be the next prime minister now he dougherty that is going to be a very old day government did not going to live in the prime minister's house is going to move to them in a minute they've. been living and he really meant anything from
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fifteen to twenty within the next two days it's also likely to call a meeting of all of the provinces and up one job provincial it's them really bored they're in a comfortable position to form the government and vote come out had a life first they're in thanks to the european union says it is sticking to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran despite the u.s. withdrawal it says it deeply regrets the reimposition of american sanctions iran's foreign minister says his country will overcome the economic measures and won't be changing its regional policies in tehran carpet sellers car dealers and foreign exchange students will be the first in line to feel the effects from that same bus ravi reforms. on july fourteenth two thousand and fifteen america and iran made
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history with the help of germany france china and russia the decades long signed a joint comprehensive plan of action the agreement years in the making used economic sanctions in return for curbs on iran's development of nuclear technology . signed in vienna it was celebrated and ron many iranians thought the lifting of sanctions which had crippled the economy for years was the beginning of the end of their struggle for their leaders it was the fulfillment of their election campaign promise. today is the day that marked a starting point for a new mood a new dynamism and exuberance the first day for a new hope a better future for our young people and a starting point for the more rapid development and progress of our great nation of iran. but iran's relief from economic isolation was to be short lived any hopes iranians had of normal trade links with the outside world unfettered access to the global banking system and foreign investment to help develop their country were
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dashed by this man powerful. three years after it was signed the u.s. president fulfilled a campaign promise of his own to dismantle the nuclear deal america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime that chanced death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. iran maintains it never intended to build a nuclear weapon only civilian nuclear power projects and the international atomic energy agency the un watchdog tasked to monitor iran's nuclear capabilities has repeatedly confirmed iranian compliance many iranians say trump's desire to undo president barack obama's most significant foreign policy achievement is out of personal animosity and an effort by the troubled ministration to reaffirm america's traditional relationship with saudi arabia if the europeans present iran with the
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mccann isn't needed to ensure iran's continued merits on the way and they ensure that iran would have its free flow of crude still flies and the money will be sent back home you know irrespective of the u.s. sanctions then the nuclear deal will work and not see tensions escalate a ball any specific level technically the deal is not dead other signatories are standing by it and iran continues to comply with u.s. threats of secondary sanctions against anyone who trades with iran and american influence over global banking has denied iran the ability to pursue meaningful economic development many iranians blame the rouhani administration for failing to see this coming almost as much as they blame trump himself donald trump says he's america's man to negotiate a better deal with iran but iranian leaders say it is ridiculous to expect them to sit down with someone who's already broken one deal and proven he cannot be trusted
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. the political parties in cambodia are challenging the results of last month's poll so prime minister hun sen's ruling party take all one hundred twenty five seats a complaint was filed with the constitutional council by one party or another is demanding a fresh election the government dissolved one sends main opposition the cambodian national rescue party and most of its politicians are an exile thousands of people spoiled their ballots in protest what many say was the country's least free election all three main opposition candidates who allege voter fraud in mali's presidential election are taking legal action in the constitutional court they say ballot boxes were stuffed with votes and electoral laws broken president abraham of google car cater let the first round of voting last month of forty one percent is due to face rival see say in the second round on sunday arrival leaders
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in south sudan have signed a new power sharing agreement aimed at ending five years of war the deal gives president salva kiir and his former deputy request eight months to form a transitional government here morgan as more. another agreement signed between faster dance government and opposition groups and renewed hopes of ending five years of war this time regional countries brokered more than a month of direct discussions in the sudanese capital khartoum between the leaders of the worrying signs. the riemann said food. level. political ground. for south sudanese to freely express their views without fear the civil war started less than three years after south sudan gained independence from sudan in twenty eleven president salva
1:44 pm
kiir accused his former vice president riek machar of attempting a coup since then tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population forced from their homes the latest agreement gives an eight month pretend period after which a rick machar is due to return as vice president the deal stipulates thirty five ministers in a transitional government twenty from curious party and nine from much ours the rest represent of the party's parliament will have five hundred fifty legislators including three hundred thirty two from peers group and one hundred twenty eight from my chars opposition leader rick machar says the latest deal will bring peace if there is no political will. even me with my beautiful agreements and they're not implemented we would have done nothing a power sharing deal science three years ago so much i returned to his position
1:45 pm
months later only for fighting to soon restart some such as florio are who saw what happened then are cautiously optimistic now. they have one of those games when the two thousand and sixteen fighting happened we were trapped so much has changed since the war my sister lost a husband and we also lost another relative we couldn't do anything we just stayed at home now we just one piece. around six million south sudanese rely on foreign aid to survive with a commie devastated by were many are hanging their hopes on the sick room and people morgan al-jazeera. that amazon should no longer be able to buy anything with a white supremacist amazon says their accounts following. advocacy groups and the us politicians say amazon was allowing.
1:46 pm
we'll tell you.
1:47 pm
well again while a new christopher robin movie will not be released in china many say because leader xi jinping is prickly about comparisons between him and one of the lead characters china's censorship of the cartoon bay winnie the pooh started last year with blocked images on social media and blogs brown as well from beijing. well winnie
1:48 pm
the pooh of course means different things to different people to many children around the world he's the adorable pudgy bear with a partial for honey but it seems here in china he has become an enemy of the state that's because a new film made by disney christopher robin in which winnie the pooh of course has a starring role will not now be shown in china no reason has been given china imports about forty foreign films a year and while that quota hasn't been reached yet no reason has been given as to why christopher robin will not now be shown in china now winnie the pooh's sort of got in the crosshairs of chinese censors more than a year ago that's when images started appearing online contrast ing winnie the pooh with president xi jinping there was apparently a physical resemblance the most popular meme photograph of all is one which pairs
1:49 pm
a picture of xi jinping and then president barack obama with another picture of winnie the pooh and his good mate tigger winnie the pooh has in many ways become a symbol and unlikely symbol of dissent that's because loucheux bo who won the nobel peace prize and of course died in hospital more than a year ago was pictured holding a mug with an image of winnie the pooh on it shortly before he died it was a final defiant stance by a man who had been a thorn in the side of china's government for so long now while it's fair to say that censorship under president xi jinping has been getting worse during the past few years you know as a journalist you encounter it every day here in china there has never the less been some pushback during the past few weeks just last week there was a protest by parents. side the health ministry here in beijing they believe the
1:50 pm
government is covering up the true extent of a vaccine scandal vaccines substandard vaccines that emerged were given to children for things like tetanus typhoid and also hooping cough as well as rabies but as we now know those vaccines were sub standard and then just a few days ago there was a curious essay that was published online it was written by a prominent chinese academic and he criticized president xi jinping and said it was time for the communist party to look again at what happened in one nine hundred eighty time when those protests ended in so many people dying he said it was chime for the chinese government to re-evaluate what happened in one thousand nine hundred nine and he also said it was time for the party to reverse its decision to end two term limits for president xi jinping president xi at the moment of course
1:51 pm
arguably the most powerful chinese leader since chairman mao. all right time for sport now as far as and thank you so much justin thomas' preparations for the defense of his major the p.g.a. championship title got a huge boost the american won the g.c. invitational on sunday thomas was never seriously challenged on the final round in akron ohio even if the day on a one under par sixty nine when my four strokes enough to clinch his first world golf championships event a time where tiger woods started the day eleven shots behind in this fight and the rest of round he carded a seventy three to finish fifteen strokes back. into the door all year you know came very close in mexico and then again in march was so. like to have some better finishes in the majors but you know this is close as it gets in terms of that so i'm very pleased with how well it played these events and such great fields and the kind of kept it off you know this year's g.c.
1:52 pm
run with the wind here now are going in the p.g.a. feels nice josie marino says his manchester united side risk not being able to compete with the leading teams in the premier league if he cannot sign new players the new e.p.l. season kicks off on friday with united facing leicester merino doesn't expect this side to be fully ready especially with a number of players only returning this week after the world cup. director morell. even we were i want to say a nice nice nice words we were unlucky to get the fry the match we could get the sunday we want to get the fry that match so monday tuesday wednesday thursday. is not enough. and all. will see you noted arch rivals manchester city look to being heading into the new season in better spirits they picked up the first trophy of the new english football season
1:53 pm
the defending premier league champions beating chelsea two nil to win the community shield sergio where a scored both goals for city against the reigning f.a. cup holders it's the fifth time city of want. but forty always team won the league by nineteen points last season and begin their title defense against arsenal next sunday every club one of the jews they got like we did last season so we increased the levels of the premiership so that stench ruminants happens happened resler season so i think the bismillah very is that they see our stuff we have that if they use leave there will be they will have problems with us a lot of problems. in the second was a big difference from the physical point of view i think so we have to work our pre-season didn't know. has been to be. seen and so
1:54 pm
we have to work tennis to our defending champion alexander's of rob has retained his washed and open title the twenty one year old nineteen year old alex them an hour of australian story sixty six four in sunday's final the german becomes the first man in nearly a decade to win this event twice in a row several now has nine career but it's. very. very well throughout the whole term from start to finish so i'm very happy how it went and you know obviously in the finals. expect great but you know feeling a bubble. over all the women's tourist but lana it's not so i came back from a set down to be dawn of croatia the russian loss of first sat but eventually close to the match and a hard fought four six seven six six two and two and a half hours the win is good snaps about a team that doesn t. accrue title. ireland's unlikely run to the women's world field hockey final has
1:55 pm
ended in defeat but a silver medal is still something that their amateur players could only have dreamt about before the tournament ireland reached the final in london having defeated spain and the samis their opponents this time were the defending champions and world number one side the netherlands very lopsided contest ending a six victory for the dot cheer about seven eight title for about six more than any other team. yeah it's going to be disappointed when you get us over world cup model but i'm going to church because they were just another cost of doing. they are by far the best in the world for a reason and they deserve the victory today but i'm look we're extremely proud of high far we've come we were extremely proud of what we do and i'm high we've represented our country i'm never going to go up and accept our seven medals with some of the smile on her face. or an outstanding thoughtfully national team and they deserve their winning their miles apart while that of everybody in the world
1:56 pm
right now and they truly deserve the gold medal that's the level we need to aim for everybody young people at home it's hard to play the sports and that's what we need to aim for so i go to that level because that's healthy that's hawkie the very very highest level. shohei otani has continued his hot streak at the plate for the l.a. angels in major league baseball the japanese pitcher almost cleared the fans for a double in the first inning get to cleveland indians but jose ramirez ensured it wouldn't be a winning day for the angels with a three run homer. well melky cabrera took the catch from tawny in the fourth. cleveland winning forty three they leave the american league central division. a center half a second separated the top three of the czech moto g.p. italy's andre devitt seo so claiming his second win of the season defending world champion and title leader marc marc has finished third he stretched his championship advantage to forty nine points marc has his closest rival valentino
1:57 pm
rossi was four and there was some serious pandemonium in the pit lane at sunday's nascar race driver denny hamlin was a little too eager to get moving again he accidently ran over an air gun hose and it set off a whole sequence of drought events rogue tires a floor crew member and out of control aragon and yet there was still more to come chase alley and showing nothing was going to get in his way the chevrolet driver taking out his own teammate just to make a quick get skate and it seemed to work he did go on to win in the end. crazy and that's all your support for now more later back to you has them great thanks very much that is it for this news from rehab secret but my colleagues show will be here in two minutes with more of the day's news stay with us.
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when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and its ill to sixty's instead of being an obstacle to a toll wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. their lives that's. created the modern world.
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the slave trade had language geography and the very fabric of human civilization upon it were built the great western palace and was constructed and hierarchy of races but how did it come about and what they came of it. seem a very coming soon on al-jazeera train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up less than two months off in the professional america's secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera.
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just struction so severe hospitals are not safe the makeshift medical help after another here's our quake and indonesia. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from to hall so coming up tear gas was fired at a docking university as students refused to back down a road safety protests. punishment for iran the u.s. set to reimpose sanctions and coming hours be every action out of iran. and saudi arabia expels canada's ambassador and freezes investment african eighteen criticism of the arrests of human rights activists.


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