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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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because you had to live with this man i mean i'm the only woman on the who would hate the army been what i wrote about humanity for that i live in and enjoyed it been a spending cut they've visited feel how we're back at. home . and reading didn't and. it's. just too late here is like the argument that if we decided to be going to get rid of this including only what i want to feel i'm not sure what. i do mean but what are you. feeling. what they're doing they said the
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whole. world back what they said the. old my food. was a licking they said a little. been badly and his crew are now on their way to going out. at the foot of the sierra nevada mountains it's schema sports medieval architecture rooted in must and then and then us. and especially for it spoil palace to a home for. to set to host books you'll see if you sit to pilots and so i didn't see. interview because that is still caught the purpose of you get. the basic it up on not good news at all fair said the new dog to me earlier. just set. up
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a field to pull into. the field. they've yeah music you don't hear in a temple so you got. the. new songs to p.o.v. to. cruise for me gone d.c. . was one that. was. close yeah i mean i'm laughing to tweet just no flippancy effect. chefs so fast i could put them on
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the phone call for a quote see off had to do post query that memoir. something conditionals could loose normal that's what happened and then get. it. and they will. give it to guess if you must mention oh i didn't tell you. if you did yes. and you didn't mention you could well you know a few premium linfield to give it this is that. this it up we're down to. the. plan.
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it is under said to leprosy but he didn't want you to stop this. and they need him and nasa has shown this event a real sick interest to feed additional dollars maybe several shell shocked me. but i'm just where your head gets funny as well because we're not just your country but even pete what you are yes sefton's and they do it to some general michael you've always you'll hear that suggests oh no a song didn't want to. go and see them or get booked into to kiss to jack even sit up with c.b. they do. it shows of weeks the stars do the things you. said weeks a song standpoint if you actually picked an. implant if you have to stick that curl up into a shiny measuring fat duck soon as the shirts are passed they should. i know i should. was good to but i maybe. let the honor of. the
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father lose. all. that on monday she misses the police to come on what i said to be the moon all to pieces and that if he did take all of these you to about intel media the. risk is logically perfect with the skills to tell you. but you moan don't see saddam be afraid. to get just that a lot of these get it shows connected see that meanwhile he had a pistol. i'm going to have to get eighty i live in you don't talk i have
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a ca on condition that he knew that i saw last you need to pull me down needle cut. the. heat. what i should. do.
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after the. book. a lot. of flop. but the problem is. if you really resent. well it could. make the show had. it about damon to the. obama. and here i was. and they lose i live. with a kid. who couldn't. be sure. we're. limited to.
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put it the most. is your world mother look. when you get it if you ask. them not to exist men make any coffee joint they need to become men with. you. which would have got to be political to hurt germany to hold germany with an update on the ship war war. if you possibly come in. sorry. but chiming in on punishment but it is also suboptimal month me
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come on here. please yes it's a little we'll see. if you say. yes. yes. she did not tell you if you. just said for the most good examples i quoted the submission was it. does it in the middle of a letter they want to measure if they want to. do that could you oh yeah yeah yeah. yeah. ok. see you. lido was known as the city of the country for the influence of christians muslims and jews and it's history. but it's capture in ten eighty five by the christian
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alfonso a very young and castiel signaled the beginning of the end of muslim power in ireland and us. into his working up to seventy and see. us walking the earth in the don't because he did you question in your book i go for that that's. it c.d.'s we're talking to. and. you know. the question. mr timo think it shows a song called e.q. said. he meant to not continue it. but.
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he says a lot of cover i do that. next i speak to. him on the bus been in office they tried to show you all. rooted in their. book with a screen so what you have for you you know your significant. other song. is all. you don't. get to be doing really. respond to requests.
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live them on this. one. of the. big love voted. for us. here. on. the field. we love. sharing more him in the house. and then the fuck. you been for back yet. island that is. just about me is insane but you could say there shall be.
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no way i'd say that shall be to the mole to hold a bit. to it. than the. developer is that it is still going to go soft. crayon in your memoir all the bahai's if there is no denying that the poor men don't have it existing and open. honest give a little bit. you don't tend to care i'm not a restaurant critic you know yesterday. but the story of muslim men and the us does not have a happy ending the northern christian kingdoms gradually overpowered the most and states and the reconquista of an end that was complete by fourteen ninety two. muslims had to choose between baptism and exile and jews were expelled. the grand
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the era of tolerance peace and coexistence had come to a painful and. denied citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty. al-jazeera world investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. their own hinge. silent abuse.
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people of argentina have been marginalized and abroad to divert a culture for generations. using twenty first century tools one modified to reconnect to their heritage and share their culture with the next generation. viewfinder latin america discovers new filmmaking talent from around the globe. message film i do into. kenny believes as bit of a heat advisory out in the northeast corner of the us now having seen flooding from virginia northwards the heavy rains gone offshore as you can see the cloud is gone and so it's woman of a bit not much but it's still fairly humid heat i think that's the reason for the advisory the real property to developing to the southwest nothing in the sky in los
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angeles and times and he said he for what it is rising have to say and shall we just say in utah and arizona they're still there as a possibility but the main concentration is now in the midwest around the great lakes and possibly still dancer kentucky towards georgia but the northeast corner well for a time at least your dry if warm with a heat advisory and there's a streak of great here which is suggests a frontal system as gathers showers together stretching out to go back down to teria and telling off somewhere in the middle of the plain states so texas is drawing florida for the most part is fairly dry but a shower to sunny possible in new mexico or arizona. to the south of all that received some very big shots recently in cuba not repeated to quite the same extent as recently largely because all the action also off the coast of mexico mexico looks a fairly wet place in the next two days. with
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us rocking arsenal he could. be with us your knees are what i'd.
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come through are all fulfilled that you don't. clinically other cleaning them. but then. he did his. first deliverable and then look them up on you buddy. boy or towards a failing oh. ok you've forgotten the fiddle folk on your own doing that you know giving us the. and you are god they don't you tell me when am i here. where the most opening sentence of your. book or look in the middle. of the course i'm going to.
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tell you know the little bit you've got his you know store for us the. coming of a filter. the very thing you're going to be. put in it's you've almost got it before. also it's all very much in the. will score some of the i just want to throw things over the theatre thought i think they were all call it a basis for the job of those. three ghost of a got to listen his mentor.


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