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tv   Andalusia Lessons In Life  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 4:00am-4:58am +03

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the day from one off donald trump's many lawyers. who once again said that it's still being considered whether or not president trump would willingly give an interview to the special counsel however he did raise the question of the possibility of a subpoena and this is what he had to say if you get a subpoena you file what's called a motion to quash that will be argued at the district court then it would go to the court of appeals then it would go to the supreme court of the united states from the supreme court and states it goes back down to the lower courts again so if the special counsel makes a determination and gets the authority and that's a question they have to have the authority to subpoena a subpoena for live testimony has never been tested in court to a president of the united states and there's a lot of language articles and precedent against that but if that decision is made will will will prepare to handle in court and effectively as not only donald trump jr the court in fall so does that lawyer there jay but clo himself in that particular interview at mit to that he gave out false information last year with
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regard to that meeting that took place in trump he said he was given the wrong information at the time my kind of there in washington d.c. mike thank you. now russia has given turkey just over a month to unite syrian rebels and province under one banner excluding the former al qaeda affiliate. the deals are meant to stop the syrian government from carrying out a military offensive on live renewed fighting could trigger a humanitarian crisis and jeopardize an effort by russia turkey and iran to end the war as more. president bashar assad says it is the syrian army's next target the opposition controlled northwestern province is home to almost three million people at least half displaced from other rebel areas after so-called surrender deals but the syrian government's ally russia appears to be giving turkey a chance to what it called stabilize the province turkey is being asked to fulfill
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agreed commitments in the so-called fast enough process. has been accepting responsibility for the situation. now. expected to fight terrorists. russia says turkey was supposed to expel or dissolve the happy to sham the group formerly known as al nasra as well as what our city in the syrian branch of al qaida those fighters are designated as terrorists by the international community they are powerful and they have in the past we've checked that ultimatums to disband. lenders all turkey wants to avoid military action so it's using the threat of military action to force to disband the announcement that see a rebel groups are uniting under one command is an example. part of it live lies on the border with turkey which wants to avoid any military offensive that would cause
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human suffering further displacement and the collapse of the ass and a process there. for three years especially in the sunni area. train. starts. for months now members of the so-called radical groups have been targeted in unclaimed attacks that some link to a campaign to eliminate the province from foreign fighters disagreements over at liberty turkey and russia were evident during talks on syria and such the province was not mentioned in the final statement it live was mentioned in a separate statement issued by turkey's foreign ministry emphasizing that the province's status as a deescalation zone must be preserved. turkey's military presence won't deter campaigns on the fringes of it lip that are aimed at opening highways linking
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government controlled cities and preventing attacks on the russian and syrian military in nearby latakia province that is likely what russia syria and boy meant when he said there are no plans for a large scale assault on it live for now russia and turkey still need each other but this time around government leaders in ankara may be given limited time to deliver. beirut rather leaders in south sudan have signed a new power sharing deal aimed at ending five years of war that gives president salva kiir on his former deputy rick machar three months to form a transitional government to morgan as move. another agreement signed between south sudan's government and opposition groups and renewed hopes of ending five years of war this time regional countries brokered more than a month of direct discussions in the sudanese capital khartoum between the leaders of the worrying signs. the civil war started less than three years after south
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sudan gained independence from sudan in twenty eleven president salva kiir accused his former vice president riek machar of attempting a coup since then tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population forced from their homes the latest agreement gives an eight month pretend period after which a rake my chair is due to return as vice president the deal stipulates thirty five ministers in a transitional government twenty from curious party and nine from much r.'s the rest represent of the party's parliament will have five hundred fifty legislators including three hundred thirty two from peers group and one hundred twenty eight from my chars opposition leader rick machar says the latest deal will bring peace a power sharing deal science three years ago so much i returned to his position months later only for fighting to soon restart. some such as florio or what's happened then cautiously optimistic now that i'm here when others do know when the
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two thousand and sixteen fighting happened we were trapped so much has changed since the war my sister lost her husband and we also lost another relative we couldn't do anything we just stayed at home now we just one piece. around six million south sudanese rely on foreign aid to survive with the economy devastated by were many are hanging their hopes on this agreement he will morgan al-jazeera. when i speak to paul and tell you he's a research associate at the national defense university africa center he joins us live now from washington d.c. previous power sharing deals in south sudan haven't worked in the past so what's different this time around. well this time around they have a much broader tent a much bigger tent so it's not just a power sharing accord between the two principal parties namely react much and salva kiir but you have other opposition groups both armed and unarmed that have
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been brought on board so you have a structure where you're going to have you know five vice presidents including react much or the government is being expanded to thirty five ministries parliament has been expanded to five hundred fifty seats so it's a much bigger deal however critics still say that it is an elite it is still a power sharing agree it is still a power sharing accord between politicians. largely have the means to cause violence in the country we know that president salva kiir and his former vice president riek machar have been bitter enemies haven't they saw much trust is there now between them to ensure this deal doesn't collapse. well that bitterness has not has not been extinguished and this is part of the this is part of the problem. that critics are talking about of course this tension between a rehab much or under president salva kiir it dates back to the one nine hundred ninety one civil war where no react much attempted to take over the movement from
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the later dr john garang and the tension within the s.p.l. m. has really been a tension between who takes over the movement between these two powerful leaders so it's anyone's guess as to whether the current deal will actually resolve those tensions these are very serious tensions and these are tensions that have really driven the lines of conflict and crisis in south sudan from two thousand and five and once the final peace deal is signed they'll then have three months to form a transitional government which apparently will hold power for thirty six months but what happens next when elections take place well elections are supposed to take place but then of course you know within the structures of the s.p.l. they're supposed to have a convention and that convention is then supposed to choose who the presidential flag bearer for the s.p. alone will be and this is you know observers of this process and you know individuals from the different factions of the s.p.l.
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i'm do admit that this is going to be another point of tension in the country because it's really a struggle about you know controlling a control in the s.p.l. i'm unfortunately the only one factions within the s.p.l. i'm armed and so there's always a danger that you know an armed conflict could spiral all over again poor little something in this in two thousand and thirteen we saw it in two thousand for just just a final thought from you i mean the civil war has killed tens of thousands and left the oil rich countries economy in tatters so what happens to the four million people who've been displaced by the more i mean what hope do they have that peace will now prevails. well you know we're you know you know it's all in the details i mean we're going to see how much you're confident you know they'll be obviously the you know citizens that have been displaced in the region are going to be watching this very carefully to see if if this deal will you know will actually work because refugees i mean you know just looking at all these the different conflicts that we
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have on the continent refugees don't go back to their home country if they know that you know the situation is not resolved they're going to be issues of land they're going to be all kinds of issues that will be that will be critical to ensure that these people have the confidence to actually return so much of it is going to depend on the security arrangements a lot of it is going to depend on the quality of the of the of the and the extent to which the crisis will be diffused under again it's all up in the air at this point paula thank you very much indeed for your time. all right let's also to come here al-jazeera including a diplomatic dispute between saudi arabia and canada over the arrest of human rights activists. this is what helps me survive. and health care costs are set to rise in the u.s. despite president trump promising to keep them down and support ireland for the final hurdle of the women's hockey world cup more in the state.
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can you believe this bit of a heat advisory in the northeast corner of the u.s. now having seen flooding from virginia northwards the heavy rains going offshore as you can see the cloud is gone and so it's warm of a bit not much but it's still fairly humid heat i think that's the reason for the advisory the real proper heat is developing to the southwest nothing in the sky in los angeles in terms of the thirty four but it is rising i have to say and the showers we did see new town arizona still there is a possibility but the main concentration is. now the midwest run the great lakes and possibly still dancer kentucky towards georgia but the northeast corner well for a time at least you will dry if born with a heat advisory and there's a streak of green here which is suggests a frontal system has gathered showers together stretching up to quebec and down to teria then telling off somewhere in the middle of the plains states so texas is
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drawing florida for the most part is fairly dry but a shower to sunny possible in new mexico or arizona to the south of all that received some very big showers recently in cuba not repeated to quite the same extent as recently largely because all the action is so off the coast of mexico mexico looks a fairly wet place in the next two days. this was wrong to cheat children away from the appearance and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after her so i don't remember the children's names never forget the kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera.
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one of the really special things about working proud is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it as you know it's very challenging day but in a particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. welcome back a quick remind of the top stories here this hour at least eighty two people have
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died in the second earthquake to hit the indonesian island of lombok in a week back to seven quake destroyed thousands of homes the government says hundreds of people have been injured. six people have been detained after what venezuela's president nicolas maduro says was an assassination attempt it's alleged to drones exploded as he spoke at a military parade on saturday he's accusing colombia under group of u.s. finances of trying to kill him. and the government in bangladesh is warning that security forces will take action if student protests escalate please. have used tear gas on demonstrators in the streets in the capital dhaka to demand better roads. now saudi arabia has frozen all new trade and investment transactions with canada saudi state media is reporting that the canadian ambassador to riyadh has been given twenty four hours to leave it follows a tweet by the canadian embassy in saudi arabia on saturday which said canada is deeply concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women's rights
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activists in saudi arabia including some. of the saudi authorities to media to release them and all other peaceful human rights activists. what some are but are we as a prominent women's rights activist who was detained earlier this week in the kingdom she's the sister of rife but there's been a saudi jail since twenty twelve for criticizing the government right but i always wife has lived in quebec with her three children since twenty thirteen they just became canadian citizens saudi arabia says the comments on attack on extradition system. now a car bomb has killed at least three people in somalia's capital mogadishu police say the vehicle was parked outside a restaurant on a busy street in a separate attack three soldiers have been killed by a suicide car bomb in the town of the group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. presidential hopefuls in the democratic republic of congo have until wednesday to file their candidacy for december's election many people are waiting to see if
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president joseph kabila his name appears on the list despite him being barred from seeking a third term catherine sawyer has more from the capital kinshasa. the catholic church has been the most critical voice during uncertain and tense political times the fear in the democratic republic of congo the presidential election has been delayed for two years it's not president joseph kabila who's barred by the constitution for running for a third was trying. he declares his candidacy for reelection. to protest what they create i'm not afraid of anyone we need the country to go forward the country is not free and we need a credible electoral process the country is on edge former rebel leader john pear bemba has submitted he's kind of d.c. to the electoral commission. to return home after being acquitted of war crimes by the international criminal court in the nothing lands he spent ten years in prison
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pending his trial and other popular opposition leader the two who the negs was stopped from crossing the border from zambia to submit election documents presidential hopefuls have three days left to complete the process at the beginning of the year catholic church leaders organized anti kabila protests there were valid confrontations between the shaky forces and protesters on the streets in other parts of the city several people were killed and injured. rosie more kendall's family is rary of politicians his sister says was killed by police in the demonstration and are suing the government the family of this is look at well i want thirty's who killed my brother arrested i also want split equal justice he always said that one day our children will live freely and with dignity leaders of the ruling coalition called presidential majority there making final adjustments before nominating their candidates look silly like you drew up
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a business while you mentals where because by computers got to decide there could be a political argument which can only be blocked by the fire and by wednesday congolese will have a clearer picture of who is running for president in december they want to see who the ruling party kind of eighty's and what that will mean for them catherine soy al jazeera kinshasa. now there's unrest in eastern ethiopia after government forces moved into the capital of the somali region their arrival in gigio was resisted by local security forces who were loyal to the regional leaders looting rioting and the burning of churches has been reported the u.s. embassy says the ethiopian military has taken control of highways government buildings and the airport into gita. well listen somali province has been plagued by violence for the past three decades at the heart of the conflict is tension between ethiopian somalis who make up six percent of the population and the majority of people in neighboring province as well as territorial battles of
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a grazing land there's also the issue of oil wealth not being evenly distributed since coming to ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed who's almost himself has preached a line of unity while trying to assert more federal control of a somali provinces paramilitary soldiers loyal to the local government there have been accused of taking part in ethnic violence against the arm over which has claimed hundreds of lives and displaced tens of thousands of people since twenty seventeen mom of the duo has more now from neighboring djibouti fears that. in the city of a couple of the somali region of ethiopia federal troops continue to arrive some of them by plane and friday residents of the city was surprised to see federal troops walling into this city with hung's. at this point the local or special police exchanged fire with the federal troops and these
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created some confusion in which. began something that's so high a market of hugo looted two charges and up to fifty people losing their lives the government in addis ababa justifies why it sends the troops saying that there was not a rift between the regional administration and the federal government and that there was a plan by the russians to announce a separation or secession from the rest of ethiopia something that was outrightly denied by the regional president. is editor in chief of the standard that's an online news magazine covering ethiopia she says tensions have been building now from wild. intervention by the federal government police force and an army force begun actually unfolding on wednesday and thursday when so much i reached down to state government. for resource the paramilitary d.-u.
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for his first week with them came to drain to another neighboring city to disrupt meeting by elders who have been denouncing the human rights abuses of the region not government. the president and so they have sent to disrupt this meeting to three day work and that lead to an increase in the in military activity in that region by the federal police also leading to the bridge to us city administration which is a chartered city to declare passion military command post to protect the meeting and also the city so that events start unfolding on wednesday and thursday leading into the military the federal military to be deployed in and around got city yesterday no health insurance options in the united states are becoming more expensive and harder to come by premiums are expected to double for many people next year president trump promised better and cheaper health care the impact to the
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rising costs could be deadly as john hendren found out. this is what helps me survive keeps me alive. for hampton health insurance is a life saver what would happen if you didn't have this coverage. quite honestly. i couldn't afford medication type one diabetes cost hampton this site in his left eye in two thousand and four the medications he uses to avoid further problems cost more than seven hundred dollars a month all covered by insurance americans like andre hampton have to make some difficult choices he's unemployed and get his health care through the medicaid program for the poor but it only covers individuals who make less than seventeen thousand dollars that makes it hard to pay those premiums so he might be in a position where he has to choose between a job and having health insurance with the u.s. health care system in crisis being sick in america is getting more expensive we
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actually pay more. every other developed country and we actually have. the research firm says the price of the most popular plans in the insurance exchanges created by the two thousand and ten act known as obamacare will rise on average fifteen percent that's due largely to the trump administration's cuts in federal subsidies and the planned repeal next year of the so-called individual mandate requiring every u.s. resident to have health insurance for public hospitals like stroger cook county that mandate has been a money saver and has stabilized us in a substantial way financially in the one nine hundred ninety s. one in four patients at stroger had insurance now most do fifty eight percent taxpayers spend less than a quarter of what they did in two thousand and nine if the. individual mandate or if the health care premiums on the marketplace go up because of
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a lack of will on the part of the government to underwrite and subsidize those plans then we will be back to the stone age again with more people who are uninsured showing up at her and our facilities under a hampton fears that could cost lives like kids no matter what. everyone you know. don't take away. the care plan that we have now for now his remains a success story in one of the few developed countries where life expectancy is going down john hendren al-jazeera chicago. joining us now is how public health research at the university of chicago meant only experts seem to be saying that health care premiums could double by next year if a most americans and this is a far cry from donald trump's pledge that health care would be less expensive during his presidency. yes you know we're muddling
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through i think things will be ok but certainly not because of the president's efforts and he's really. he keeps throwing a monkey wrench into efforts by both democrats and republicans to improve the system it's incredibly frustrating yeah i mean this brings into focus the obamacare repeal and replace plans by the white house but it's proving a lot trickier for the trump seem to unpick this though isn't it absolutely well i think president trump really thought that republicans in washington had a viable plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act which is obamacare and they just didn't and it turned out that the american public including. many of president trump's own supporters really don't want obamacare to be repealed and so he's now in this pickle where he's trying to essentially undermine the law in the hope that it will make it look worse over time and that people will blame plays it
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and obama there's really not a lot of evidence that's happening in fact what's happening is that democratic and republican governors are trying their best to make the thing work despite the best efforts of president trump and many republicans in congress it's a very strange situation where where the people who are actually running the government and running these programs really don't want them to succeed and it's very difficult for everyone else involved to try to make it work under those kinds of circumstances and even the congressional budget office says an estimated twenty four million people will lose coverage over the next ten years so where does this leave the affordable healthcare act then. well i think that it will muddle through because i think that there is a concern ironically the effort to overturn the affordable care act really ratified the public consensus in favor of it i think what will happen at some point the democrats will take back the presidency and the congress and i think that will expand the public programs like the medicaid program that you just heard about and
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they'll be much less emphasis on trying to make things work through the private insurance market places because i think insurance companies and many other americans are just thinking this is really very very difficult and we we need a bipartisan pragmatic approach to problem solving to make this work and we're just not going to get that so i think a lot of people think what we're going to get is expanded public insurance that in the long run will look a little bit more like western european systems than it does right now all right tell the public thank you very much indeed for your time. no rock music festival in russia. and it's not just on the stage tens of thousands of fans flocked to see their favorite bands on some of the country's latest weapons. it's a summer staple for many russians being is the largest rock festival some also call it russia's woodstock a yearly appointment with the finest of the country's music scene. which.
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has been missed for the past three seasons it's amazing. that you can hear your favorite musicians all your favorite musicians in one place the festival started two decades ago after the fall of the soviet union but recently it also became an exhibit ground for the most unlikely of institutions the russian ministry of defense its presence felt from the air with the performance of the russian knights aerobatic team to do the light of many. of the we think it's not just the pride professed the whole country the presence of the ministry of defense is not sponsorship or some kind of special cream that's a story which came to life because people are interested in taking part in it by the ministry over the past five years the ministry expanded its presence from air
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shows to a full on display of power it might be surprising to have a military exhibit at a rock festival but these days in march there's a great sense of national pride and ask anyone here they will credit that feeling to the army some of the new is equipment and weapons are shown here like this armored personnel vehicles already in use by the infantry division here such piece of modern hardware has a different purpose but. we want to show people. in particular what kind of equipment we have and what our army is capable of people want to see this close patriotism increases when you see them you get some kind of pride for your country for your fatherland and you are confident in tomorrow. some artist out in protests but many big names like that. one of the most famous russian bands the festival nothing like that happens at the
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european festivals but. because the russians. were so fond of parades and. so basically i decided for myself just accept it. it's not clear whether this marriage of music and military is a spontaneous one. but. many here seem to care about. festival. online retail giant amazon has removed products with nazi or white supremacy symbols from its website advocacy groups and the u.s. politician complained after several items with the logos and imagery were found for sale online they argued the retailers policies allowed racist anti muslim and anti semitic groups to profit from the sales since blocked. time for a short break here not as iraq when we come back but i will the sport details of
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the south african cricket are hitting a record breaking school on his one day international debut for that stay with us. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go untold. as sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice evict and on al-jazeera.
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welcome back time for the sport has andy. thank you very much for manchester city have won the first trophy of the new english football season the defending premier league champions facing chelsea to nail to lift the community shield sergio acquire scored both goals for city against the reigning f.a. cup holders it's the fifth time city have won this trophy same won the league by
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nineteen points last season and begin their title defense against all snow next sunday every club want to reduce the gob like we did last season so we increased the levels of the previous season so that happened breathless season so i think the business of it is that they see as our stuff we are that if they use leave there will be they will have problems with a lot of problems. in the second of. the difference from the.


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