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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. that should george take the not to kill shall we ask the government and the other name by the knesset to delete these still led by the druze community tens of thousands of people protest against israel's new nation state law . a league to un report says north korea has not stopped its nuclear and missile program. and he may be in prison but one of brazil's most popular presidents lula da silva is nominated to run for office again plus.
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police in the u.s. state of oregon although rival protesters to go home after demonstrations turned violent. there's been a huge protest in israel led by the druze community against the controversial nation state law it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the out of it language tens of thousands of people have crammed into television that are being square on saturday waving druze flags and holding signs calling for the bill to be revoked the druze are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history that they've staged a large protest. this no should be changed should be changed over merit although citizen is an equal we cannot accept something else because we are citizen bit dark
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set of army boot i want to do it year and we expect from the co of the government to look to us like everybody i mean israeli jew i'm originally from the united states i'm proud to stand with my jews brothers and sisters for equality because everyone deserves a fair chance and safety and opportunity our message that is that we're all equality ok so where want equal rights for everyone for drury's for jewish people for eg to be t.v. people for everyone more not for mines or simmons who's been at the protest. it's rare for the druze to protest in public at seoul and these are extraordinary numbers at one stage robin square was packed with people jewish people young people old people not only the labor and the other left wing parties of israel represented here but ordinary folk coming in off the streets have the peace to listen. as far
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as the jews are concerned they are adamant that this law has to be changed radically or ditched i travel to h. jiang in northern galilee to find out what the people were saying on the ground. salma zedong his from a minority excluded by israel in its nation state law she's a druze arab and had two sons were killed during military service for israel. she makes a promise that you were there if this law doesn't change i will get your bodies excluded from this military cemetery and bury you in your grandfather's land. back home is her youngest son yeah i mean his brother's fuad who was eighteen and twenty three year old sylar gave compulsory service in the military yamin became a prison officer in an israeli jail and he says that experience changed his
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perspective he became a human rights lawyer and activists for palestinians in the occupied west bank. i feel sad the blood of my brothers was shed and planning for a lie in an illusion they may have thought the military would give them rights but this law just proves that israel used them like mr aris. the druze are in all ranks for example major general chemical abu rukun is the new coordinator of operations in the occupied territories there is no public comment from him any soldier showing dissent is suspended. we ask the soldiers and officers not to get involved in this load and to depend on us terry for and his delegation were given the promise of a new law giving benefits to minorities in the military but back in beit jan and elsewhere that isn't enough most feel nothing short of scrapping the nation state law will do you can still sense the anger here despite political developments and
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questions about loyalty continue to reverberate one of them whether young people will still feel the same way about joining the israeli army. this former soldiers loyalty is tested maj decal tb completed his military service before setting up a restaurant business now he doesn't want his son to become a soldier. it's up to him but now i say military service shouldn't be compulsory it's all a lie that we've been living for a long time and the nationality law made this very clear. bates jans dead soldiers make the feeling of betrayal him more potent more than sixteen names written in hebrew and below what now becomes an unofficial language arabic one of many measures in what most people in this village believe is a racist little. the question now is how much more pressure can be put on the
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government will there be any change will it's highly unlikely that benjamin netanyahu will change his policies but then public pressure can affect us there are further protest plans not only by crews who represent two percent of the population but also the israeli arabs who represent twenty percent and then of course the option of more possible demonstrations all the joining of demonstrations by jews is clear no one knows really where this is going right now israel's jews communities say they feel betrayed because they're being made into second class citizens the druze speak arabic and they have their own distinct religious and cultural traditions as we mentioned they make up two percent of israel's population and they're found mainly in the northern regions of galilee and carmel i says well as most integrated minority the jews do military service is under was explaining around six out of ten men have served in the israeli armed forces but not i wish i
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is a professor of political economy dartmouth college in the us and he's joining us now on skype from boston thank you very much indeed for your time so i want to talk about the events of today in a moment but just for those of us who are coming to the story a little bit later give us some background if you would with regard to the nation state law that was on the backburner for quite a long time with the next new netanyahu government how much of this introduction of this law do you think is down to a genuine belief that that is what israel needs and how much of it is an appeasement to the right wing elements of the coalition of the netanyahu government ahead of the elections in two thousand nineteen. well i think you've answered your own question. the nation state law really doesn't change very much. many of the institutions of the nascent jewish stay the nascent state of israel already privileged jewish immigrants etc we all know this and
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it's been that way since the beginning there have been many supremes court decisions which have created space for. theocratic ideas about what a jew is etc but there was never a constitutional varnish on the status quo the nation state law really kind of added insult to injury it has a symbolic importance because liberals in the country and by that i don't just mean druze or arabs obviously a great many jews who are there in great numbers tonight. are interested in promoting an idea of equality and who see the nation state bill as a kind of effort of the rightist government to in shrine in constitutional law.
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an inequality between people who have a certification by the rabbinate that they are jews or have a kind of clear ethnic descent from from from the jewish families and everybody else an inequality between them and everybody else something which was implied by a great many institutions but never had the force of law and the liberals in the country thought that they could slowly degrade that privilege and advance equality through another law the law of human dignity. and now find themselves facing this obstacle do you think that the netanyahu government has perhaps miscalculated the the of main part of the nation state law given the wide range of people that's not just the druze are obviously protesting today but they are there in significant numbers but there's a wide range of representation on the streets. it's a it's
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a great question and i wish i could give you a clear cut answer or at least an answer which is not so infected by my own wishful thinking. obviously the druze are leading this now leading this demonstration there are many israeli arabs like lucy how to reach the television very well known television commentator was there tonight also and many others in the i'm very liberal community the jews are leading this the same way that the blacks and black leadership led the civil rights movement in the united states and in fact jews led civil rights movements in western europe throughout the nine hundred century you always look to the minorities to. teach the country what the ideal of citizenship really is now natanya who has been fighting.
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to. always make every election look like it's an us versus them world. and make himself the in dispense the indispensable power against a and a and in circling beseeching hateful region that will not accept the jews. if the next election is fought not on us versus them but on the question of are we a liberal democracy or are we going to be a big west bank settlement are we going to simply surrender to the rightist groups who are pushing this law and turn into a theocracy sort of turn ourselves into a little jewish pakistan if that if that's what the election will be fought on i think the opposition for the first time has a real shot especially since the army leadership which was very well
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represented at the demonstration tonight to me are part of the x. mossad chief gabi ashkenazi the ex chief of staff very well represented people in the army who are saying listen this government is out of step with the need of this country to have a genuine ideal of citizenship and equality is a part of that diversion i think that's very innovative basis of the election forgive me having to answer and i apologize i'm afraid time is against us but we really appreciate getting your view on this thank you so much thank you who the rebels in yemen say they've attacked the king khalid the air base in the southern side the arabia using an armed drone who say they've targeted a runway used by the saudi and iraqi led coalition to launch air strikes on yemen the rebels on the veil the so-called one drone last year they've used it to attack a saudi aramco facility and an airport in saudi arabia the conflict armament
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research group says the drones do not carry missiles but they have been used as suicide drones to target saudi air defenses in yemen spokesman has told al jazeera they're defending themselves against aggression from the military coalition led by saudi arabia the united arab emirates. had me how well sort of i mean this is a war it's not our choice we haven't been given any time to discuss things together the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have to stop their aggression because we defend ourselves and the question is against us the american ambassador and the saudi ambassador are trying to impose a government in yemen and this will not be accepted no matter the sacrifices because the yemeni people are now aware of the role of saudi arabia and other parties in yemen we are keen to restore our sovereignty in yemen well colorado has the latest from neighboring djibouti. a spokesman for the filthy fight to say that they are tucked out of runway on the king khalid in the south of so that it be it
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which is mainly used by sodhi and u.a.e. fly to jets to carry out our talks on the positions of filthy fighters inside yemen he called the targets justified and said this is a wall and that they were fighting so d. and u e attempts to try and impose an popular government or on the people of yemen it's not the false time that who with the fight is claimed to have cut it out the tox deep is so deep and you eat teddy teddy last week they claim to have a tucked them only to find that he's in the saudi cup it's all reality on that one sixth of july they say that kind of out on a toc or international airport something that was quickly did night buy you a seashells if it is true that they've been cutting out these attacks it tells you that the who's the fights us up to the teeth and the so you equally should family
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believes that it's iran that is supplying the who fight us with these weapons and one of the reasons why they are cutting out the toc on the city of they that and want the huth east kate saying it is a port which they have been using to rearm themselves. a un report says north korea is still building nuclear weapons and engaging in illegal trade in violation of international sanctions north korean leader kim jong un had promised to work towards dismantling the country's nuclear weapons program at a summit with donald trump in june well in jordan reports on the bring new diplomatic tensions around pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. north korea promised the u.s. in june that it was committed to ridding the peninsula of all nuclear weapons but experts monitoring north korea's disarmament efforts have just given the un security council a report saying kim jong own is breaking his promise and violating other
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international sanctions in the process the expert's report says the north continues to build nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and it's still illegally trading in oil coal textiles and weapons it's also making deals the report says with who the fighters in yemen the syrian government and libyan rebels at the all see on security forum in singapore u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o told reporters it's clear the north koreans are violating international sanctions including the complete shutdown of illegal ship to ship transfers of petroleum destined for north korea we have seen reports that russia is allowing for joint ventures with north korean firms and granting new work permits to north korean guest workers pump a zero and foreign minister re on hold greeted each other during the singapore meeting just as the u.s. was imposing new sanctions on to north koreans illegally doing business in russia
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later accused the u.s. of not acting in good faith quote in order to build full confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. it is essential for both sides to take similar taney its actions and phase steps to do what is possible one after another what is alarming however is the insistent moves manifest it within the us to go back to the old far from its leaders intention. some critics of trump and cam's singapore summit in june say the u.s. did not demand enough accountability from north korea and so this new u.n. report really is no surprise many of us will be watching this very closely understand the nature of all. deception is part of it's our business model if you like and so you've been very skeptical all along about north korea in stepping up to in. the spirit of its commitments that he has articulated over the last few months the expert's report on north korea has not been officially released but the
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linked report is raising new questions about whether palin yong is serious about giving up its nuclear weapons program and about whether the international community has the will and the ability to make it do so. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the united nations plenty more ahead in the news hour including bail denied in zimbabwe for opposition members who've appeared in court on charges critics say are politically motivated. speeding up the asylum process or isolating refugees germany opens its new centers. and in sports the dutchman tasked with helping to guide the african champions cameroon through a stormy period. brazil's jailed former leader louis enough eluded to silva has been nominated as the
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candidate for his workers party in october as presidential election is currently serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption polls suggest he still remains the most popular leader in brazil has more from sao paolo. from the outside many might be surprised that the former president. has been selected as the candidate by his workers' party the standing in october's elections they're convinced he is the man for the job he is the man to take brazil out of the current economic slump political problems that is suffering now almost in some ways putting to one side the fact he is in prison in the southern city of serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption and money laundering charges and even if he were allowed out even if they let him out on the writ of habeas corpus to continue the appeals against that sentence it's still not clear whether he will be eligible to stand. that would have. by intellectual cause
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a lot of ifs buts and maybes in this equation in the meantime the other parties the other candidates putting their names forward ahead of sunday's deadline for the october elections most notably. the former environment minister in lula's in lieu this government. and also right wing maverick candidates in many eyes are not all a thinker who attacks a great deal of controversy but is gaining in the opinion polls. this electorate feeling they don't have many options more than haul things said not knowing who they going to vote for going to move vote for none of the candidates or those voting is obligatory so it's a great deal of uncertainty in the two months until the elections she told us iran is a professor of international relations at catholic university of south pablo he's joining us now on skype from that brazilian city thank you very much for being with us i'm slightly confused about this whole process so a lot has been nominated but he yet he has to be legally allowed to stand and if
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that doesn't happen what next for the workers' party then it's not a sham to be. not have sent him but rather most resumes don't know what's going on here. what the workers' party is doing gaining time spine time indicating look very nice approval rating with the public opinion. while we do. keep him in front of the ticket to keep him in the media. they don't have to put forward i'm not a candidate a substitute a b. plan and the opposition can't really. can't really draw negative dance of the real candidates so they're buying time but they no longer want to be on the ticket in october so their cards will probably strike down his nomination his candidacy and they'll have to come up with a different candidate most likely for me are some pounds over
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a number of dodgy is he able to be nominated the b. plan candidate that they say they don't have a b. plan but let's just call them the be playing candidate is he able to be nominated at that late stage because my understanding from what dana was saying is that the deadline for nominations is actually sunday. well the deadline for nominations the sunday there's there's a legal argument to be made that they can change the candace and i'm not sure another approach inside the legal advisers is to but that he as the device candidate. and then once once he's not muslim is not on the ticket the vice ganda will be the first charge to be planned but he's not on the ticket as of yet. currently. another female candidate from a coalition party but said a bit. also left wing party in brazil is probably going to be the vice president
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candidate for lula but they're trying to argue that in court and then put forward a new kind if lula doesn't stand well the workers' party still be able to garner as many votes as they would have got had he been on the ticket well not as many very much many very many votes i would say. was the man responsible for electing duma rousseff for his for her first and her second mandates and he has does it is amazing ability to relate to people to the right to the electorate and to transfer votes so of course there won't be as many votes as he was the kind that but he is too strong he's doing the strong face that people remember his time. he was hired by some of the corruption scandals he was hurt by the very harsh media contain against him but he has to be able to transfer very
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many what's really good to get your thoughts on this general does iran thank you very much for your time my pleasure. ok let me give you some breaking news venezuela's president nicolas maduro has been rushed away from a military parade after an explosion video on social media shows macdougall and his wife flinching at the moment of the explosion before the audio feed is cut off it's not yet known what is behind the blast these pictures also showing soldiers who've been taking part in the parade fleeing the scene you can just see the pictures there the moving off across the road we're going to get more on this story as we get it thousands of nicaraguans are crossing the border into neighboring costa rica to skate ongoing violence in their homeland more than three hundred people have been killed since large scale anti-government protests began in april many protesters say they're being hardest by pro-government groups latin america at
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a tele see a newman has more from san jose in costa rica. this is some. park and the people you see here are all nicaraguans thousands and thousands of people who've been fleeing the prices back home and it is overwhelming the resources of the small central american country the united nations high commission for refugees is praising costa rica for keeping its doors open to nicaragua refugees and asylum seekers but it is asking the international community to provide support to this country and for other nations to also share in the burden of taking in. the closer we can immigration authorities tell us that they're processing some two hundred refugees request a day but the backlog is growing as the number of nicaraguans crossing over the porous border increases. nicaraguan vice president gore side you would feel it's also the president's wife said on friday that quote progress is being made to
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consolidate peace after more than three months of anti-government protests and violent reprisals from paramilitary groups however the protests calling for president daniel ortega x'mas ignition continue in nicaragua as do the number of people who say they've had to leave to save their lives police in the u.s. state of oregon have broken up a right wing rally in the city of portland. so-called flash bang devices were used to disperse hundreds of demonstrators and counter protesters police say the crowds were ordered to leave after throwing rocks and bottles officers it's the third rally to be organized in the city this summer but the right wing patriot prayer group each protest has been met with counter rallies and has ended in violence mike hanna is joining us live now from washington d.c. might give us just an up some if you like of what's been happening today in portland. well the worst several incidents of violence in the course of the day on the one side you have the self professed patriot prayer group
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a right wing group for supporters of president trump on the other side a large body of counter protesters among them those who describe themselves as anti fastest well throughout the day the police kept between the two sets of protesters the demonstrators then they come to protest is however there were several violent incidents and then the police said that bottles were thrown by the crowd at police officers a flash bangs as they are described where then used to disperse the crowds so you have got a semblance of peace returning to the streets of the city but this is the third occasion in which protests and counter protests have erupted in violence in the city in the past two months might want to ease the patriot peer group much at trying to achieve well it says that it is attempting to exercise its rights of free speech it is a movement that as i said supports president trump and many of his aims but what it
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is done is moved into so-called democratic areas blue areas as they are described critics contend that this is done with the express intention of fermenting and wrist in these particular areas and there's well that it is part of a larger strategic plan by supporters of president trump to undermine those groups that are not supporters of president so critics very strongly concerned about what they see as a strongly right wing movement interrupting or interfering with the political process within the united states the group itself though as i said maintains that it has a right to exercise free speech and that's what it attempts to do every time it demonstrates mike hanna live for us from washington d.c. thanks very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera european manufacturers rushed to deliver planes to iran ahead of a u.s. sanctions deadline and in sports. tend to score with
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a shuttle. was the dream run continues for the irish amateurs at the hockey world cup. out of the persistent rain in the east coast the u.s. has already caused problems of potential and the actuality of flooding particularly in virginia but to see the tail end of the day fall is pretty pleasing and that's more consistent with what you might expect or in the summer the showers might be showing up in the plains in a building they lost overnight heading towards the midwest exist up in the middle of counter as well by the time dawn breaks are you for should find that maybe south carolina and back into georgia as a potential for rain but otherwise it's back in the sunshine warm summer sunshine
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in the low thirty's and that's there for a couple of days to the west big shower or two but three of us come down through oklahoma to texas the coast it's looking pretty dry same is true now resigned to the potential for shower tube another great potential really where you might want rain or wind change in california oregon the real help of a fright but we have got some big showers for the south right cuba has been spun yellow in the smaller islands in the caribbean have been frequent chan's recently mexico seeing them going up once again and that's true also in guatemala el salvador honduras as well but i suspect it will be cuba and jamaica and maybe haiti and dominican republic where it will be wettest. on counting the cost pakistan's new leader is facing some tough financial questions will be taking
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a look at the economic and human cost of extreme heat events plus china the u.s. and saudi arabian economics counting the cost on al-jazeera. and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera. you're
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro has been rushed away from a military parade after an explosion the government says it was an attempted attack on the dodo and a gun from a show minister says the president was not hurt but seven national guard soldiers were injured. the druze community in israel has led a huge protest against the controversial nation's state lol it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the out of big language the jews are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history that the. staged a large protest. brazil's jailed former leader louis enough to lula da silva has been nominated as the candidate for his workers' party in
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a top us presidential election is currently serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption polls suggest he still remains the most popular leader in brazil. more than twenty opposition supporters in zimbabwe have been denied bail after they were arrested and charged with inciting public violence six people were killed on wednesday when soldiers opened fire at a protest against alleged vote rigging in monday's election welcome weber's in the capital harare. police say these people were responsible for election violence in harare on wednesday and supporters in bad ways main opposition party the movement for democratic change people being charged with inciting violence and refused bail . and d.c. officials say the charges a politically motivated because the government's trying to prevent a legal challenge to the result of monday's election a muslim and i were lost the election and after losing the election he's away about
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a large majority of the people in this country don't support him and he's afraid of them reacting to that. in order to manage the population he has to to to arrest us to draw fear in everyone's heart and mind president. the ruling zanu p.f. party was announced the winner the opposition say about four hundred thousand votes added to his count after the polls closed their candidate lost and jimmy was the true winner the international observers yet to publish their final report the electoral commission and zanu p.f. denied rigging you don't invite observe us so that you are then. you don't i think a lot of people wanted to make sure that this clean free and fair election is my. elementary results were announced wednesday
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petitions supporters disputed them protested the army was deployed in the city six people were shot dead most of them bystanders. cynthia macos there was one of them she was a fifty three year old mother of two eyewitnesses say she was shot in the back by a soldier while trying to run away. rights groups say that initially her past morton stated that she died of a stab wound until the lawyers pressured government doctors to correct it she died of a gunshot wound he said for years they've had problems properly documenting that that those killed by the army or the police and this is something that hasn't changed since the days of former leader robert mugabe when he was deposed by the army in november a new zimbabwe was promised by his successor. people here hoped it would be better than this malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe there's been violence in eastern ethiopia and the region dominated by ethnic
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somalis the fighting a partly started when ethiopian troops were sent to the regional capital to arrest administrator has and then clashed with local police the government's made accusations of human rights abuses and there have been disputes over the area's oil wealth two churches were burned and several businesses have been looted and destroyed. the health ministry in democratic republic of congo says three people have died from the latest outbreak of the a ball of virus the number of confirmed cases has risen to thirteen the world health organization says this outbreak poses new problems because it's in north kivu province there are several opposing armed groups fighting there just a week ago d r c declared an end to a separate outbreak in the north west that killed thirty three people families in gaza have held funerals for two palestinians who were killed by israeli forces on friday the fifteen year old and twenty five year old died during clashes along the
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gaza border which wounded two hundred twenty others palestinians have been staging weekly protests for more than four months now demanding better living conditions and a right to return one hundred fifty seven palestinians have been killed since the protests began. the trumpet ministration is making moves to declare millions of palestinians and no longer refugees according to a report by foreign policy magazine report says it's the next step after the u.s. cut aid earlier this year from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as on one in january donald trump senior adviser and son in law janet cushion are reportedly wrote in a leaked e-mail saying on run is corrupt inefficient and doesn't help peace and that it's important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt the agency the palestinian officials have told foreign policy magazine that coach allegedly pressed jordan to strip more than two million palestinians of their refugee status
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so the agency would no longer have to operate there the report also mentions two bills in congress that try to redirect more funding away from the agency and significantly reduce the number of palestinian refugees eligible for u.s. aid. all those steps are all allegedly part of questioners deal of the century to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict when asked about the report on russia says we cannot comment on the so-called deal of the century as we do not know definitively any details about it and was position is that the general assembly has mandated us to continue delivering services until there is a just and jubal solution to the conflict and we are determined to do that to the best of our ability chris gunness is the chief spokesperson for the un's relief and works agency for palestinian refugees he says the agency won't lose sight of its mission. the u.s. administration however has not formally in directly communicated to us to wonder
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about any specific concern that is now being raised in certain courses indeed their books press satisfaction with our programs and indeed we remain grateful to the u.s. government and people to the sixty million they gave us this year they are one of our largest donor still but if any don't have credible reports misuse of funding we will investigate and take action but let's not lose sight of the fact that the mandate of under to provide emergency and human development services to palestine refugees is robustly backed by the international community through the un general assembly and to have at least seventy years and that's indoors that continues to be in place and while it is we will do our utmost to implement our mandate and provide services to some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet ok before we move on let me return you to our breaking news venezuela's president nicolas maduro has been rushed away from a military parade after an explosion this video on social media shows madonna and his wife flinching at the moment of the explosion before the audio feeds cut off
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it's not yet known what's behind the blast the pictures also saw soldiers who'd been taking part in the parade fleeing the scene of we just got a couple of seconds we can see the soldiers moving off idol partly when the explosion happens patricia layer is a venezuela bureau chief for bloomberg news she's joining us on the line from the capital caracas patricia thank you very much for being with us do we know any more about what happened. yes hold the misinformation minister you heard had already just came on state t.v. and said that nicholas my little is on high after an apparent attack during a speech at a military parade in the capital and i guess he confirmed that they were jerome's carrying explosive charges that were detonated near the presidential stage where my little trust from blood that my little box i know that his wife the defense minister who were by his side i guess there are seven military officer officers who
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are injured in urgent care right now and he said that my ludo will soon speak live on state t.v. to tell us more about what happened but there's a moment imagine that the security around the president is usually fairly tight but this was a military parade and yet these drones appeared to have been able to get very close to where the president was standing there are going to be questions i thought there about the level of security there. there is absolutely at this point we don't even know if maybe the drones were shot down by snipers which we know are there because we had a partner of us there who confirmed there were many snipers on the roofs of buildings near what the beach was happening so maybe the drones you know were taken down by the snipers that were there but at this point i'm just speculating this has not been confirmed the pictures are just very briefly i'm going to ask you to speculate which is it is rather unfair but given the fact that this has happened one would assume that there's going to be some sort of response by the venezuelan government this must make the opposition in venezuela very concerned yes absolutely so far
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we have no sort of official response from the opposition we know that earlier this year there was a conspiracy to remove my we would have some power that was discovered. there's a lot that we have to learn from what happened today and i'm sure we'll have more detail on more responses even from the opposition later today on tonight. patricia is the venice one of unity for bloomberg news producer thank you very much indeed saudi arabia says it's resuming oil shipments through a key red sea route it suspended exports to the bubble monday straight ten days ago after saying two of its vessels were attacked by who the rebels who fighters insist they attacked a saudi m. iraqi coalition warship not a commercial vessel european aircraft manufacturers have been rushing to deliver planes to iran ahead of monday's deadline of u.s. sanctions iran bought twenty planes from the franco italian from
2:43 am
a t r a two of which have been delivered so far it says the sanctions are endangering lives by blocking the sale of new planes and spare parts for its aging fleets. airbus and boeing among the firms that have already pulled out of iran during the ninety day wind down period iran air was planning to buy thirty eight billion dollars worth of new passenger planes from them there are many in say the aging fleet desperately needs to be replaced and these sanctions are there for endangering lives alex michel this is an aviation analyst and malaga he says iranians are in urgent need of the new aircraft. sadly all of iraq team registered and lives have police that are aging that it's hard by air and their aircraft that are way beyond what they should be or crazy and it's partly because of the lack of maintenance that iran has access to so in the west. to keep lying because they receive parts and constant maintenance in iran maintenance is harder
2:44 am
to get yet given the lack of parts and again parts have to adhere to those us treasury as most of them have the asians and links with the us so the sad reality is if we ignore economically one minute the sad reality has injures or iranians traveling within our own country is that over two thousand iranian nationals have diet plane crashes since nine hundred seventy nine and also to state but it does go to reflect that its highest state of aviation in the country these aircraft need maintenance and if they can't get maintenance then they need to be replaced you know slowly it is why iranians have been pleading to the us and the company and iran yet they want to take somebody there are report the sanctions were just the same the pastor's primary a year after iraq your forces defeated i saw in mosul much of the northern city is
2:45 am
still in ruins frustrated with the slow pace of rebuilding one man has taken matters into his own hands and run khan has more from baghdad. it's one shop that's reopened but this pizzeria is assigned the one day mosul's old city could return to its former glory if the government helps according to the city's business owners it's been a year since iraqi forces defeated eisel which took over the city iraq's second largest in two thousand and fourteen it was in october two thousand and sixteen that they mounted the operation to retake it eisel was holed up in this neighborhood known as the old city nine months later its fighters were defeated but much of the old city was destroyed mosul was liberated in june two thousand and seventeen people thought life would return to normal quickly but hasn't. frustrated with a year long wait jamaal soon has opened his pizzeria and calls on other shop owners to get back in business. we are the first shop to open and then edge of the street
2:46 am
and we call on the other shop owners to repair and reopen their shops we want life back to the street the street is vital and reflects our cultural identity also urged on the authorities to bring back basic services to the street including water and electricity in order to encourage people to reopen their last businesses. the government says is working hard to restore services and clear the rubble but it's not moving quickly enough for the residents of the old city. i used to be the owner of that shop over there since the ninety's so i want to reopen it i'm fed up i need to reopen i have a family to look after i've suffered a lot it's a lost my house and shop we call on the government to help us with compensation our brothers shop was also bombed and burnt down on a just the street is our history it's been established for decades this street must return to its glory in baghdad but the not the street is one of the oldest in the
2:47 am
city during the u.s. led invasion occupation many pitched battles took place here in march two thousand and seven a massive car bomb ripped through this place killing thirty people and destroying much of the street but it was rebuilt and now it's busier than ever in two thousand and seven many here feared that this street was lost forever but businesses came back however the shopkeepers here say they had help from the authorities back in mosul residents and business owners field have been abandoned by the government a charge the government annoys. but one year after this feat of ice all this learned pizzeria is the only sign of development in wrong cause which is a fact that. young footballers rescued from a cave in thailand have completed ten days as novice buddhist monks eleven of the twelve boys of the time in the temple as a gesture of thanks for the help they received during their three week ordeal at a ceremony people gave flowers food and money one of the rescued boys didn't attend
2:48 am
because he's christian the twenty five year old coach is expected to remain a monk for three more months still ahead and al jazeera and sports in england claim the honors and their historic test match against india paul reese is going to have more on that and more in a couple of minutes. full of struggles but i mean out there there there without any seem to me. full of pleasure. a blank a funny and only having an intimate look at life in cuba today if you don't mind i'm going to let you give us a lesson with a game that i thought i would have a new my leave. my cuba on al-jazeera.
2:49 am
it is when you are abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. whitney's on is the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering resolve for an official apology for this morning chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera. it's time for those boards here's paul thank you very much we start with football and african champions cameroon have named clarence seedorf as the new coach the
2:50 am
dutchman joins the indomitable lions with his former international team mate patrick kluivert as assistant former real madrid and they see milan star site off will be tasked with leading cameroon in the defense of the africa cup of nations crown they are jew to host the competition next june set off has previously managed and therefore tivo laconia. well site off arrives during a stormy period cameron won the africa cup of nations last year but they then failed to qualify for the world cup in russia and their hosting of the continental championships next summer is in doubt after a negative inspection reports also even a good shot to use our blue magic work is going on at the stadium of sixty thousand capacity and dollars of pomo with fifty thousand seats in the set a spec for the next half and simply consolidate the willingness of cameroon to
2:51 am
succeed in organizing the cup of nations and twenty one thousand in. palestine have suffered their first loss at home after being beaten three nil by iraq it was the first of a visit to the occupied west bank for the lines of mesopotamia iraq have now kept palestine scoreless in ten of their fourteen much as. england's cricketers have one test match number one thousand after beating india by thirty one runs in a rollercoaster contest india began the day needing just eighty four runs for victory with five wickets still in hand but james anderson struck in the opening over to give the hosts control of iraq kohli added a fifty to his first inning century but when ben stokes trapped him in front there was to be no comeback for the visitors the five minutes of the game in test cricket and anyone that says that you can watch this on. or again. still trying to kill him but fabulous team performance this morning we spoke about sharing the
2:52 am
belief in design that we had been on the previous three days and if we stayed calm . and trusted all those all the areas that we've previously been bowl in the rewards and i think we did just. really proud of the group series that really nice thing. and you know looking forward to loads now. it's along to seize or to feel defeated or been in the seat is right on fair or at the moment it's all about feeling that i'm being in order and i don't feel that bad as of now because i don't become we did really really mean more than google bags and probably didn't close out the game in the least it was a mistake that's something that can happen when you're driving so i think there's a lot to be a bit about this game or england spend stark's finished with four wickets in the second innings but he will miss the second test jew to his trial over an alleged assault outside a nightclub in september twenty year old sam curran was named man of the match in
2:53 am
just his second test his effort with both bats and ball proving the difference. serena williams has pulled out of the rogers cup due to undisclosed personal reasons it comes less than a week after she suffered her worst ever pro defeat and it's a second blow for the tournament organizers after andy murray also withdrew from the events in montreal the scot making the decision after pulling out from the city open in washington saying he was too exhausted to continue the former world number one hits how to talk in eyes is after reaching the quarterfinals in a match against remaining in mario's copy all that much finishing at three am is making a lengthy recovery from hip surgery seven time grand slam champion venus williams has been knocked out of the silicon valley classic in san jose the thirty eight year old was beaten by greek maria cari in the quarter finals to curry came from a three love deficit in the first set to eventually take it six four she then
2:54 am
wrapped up a second seven six. hundred eight zero so has sealed pole position for the czech moto g.p. the lead fellow italian valentino rossi by point two six seven of a second championship leader marc marc has will start sunday's race from third. who had been really happy because i didn't expect i feel good but not like this when i started the last lap i feel really good support from the bike was able to break a really hard. china's rising badminton star she you key is in the final of the world championships after defeating two heavyweights of the chinese game she showed off his athleticism as he beat elim pick champion chamlong in front of a home crowd in one ging the twenty two year old she will face japan's kanto motor in sunday's final. new zealand's total dominance of rugby union shows no sign of
2:55 am
coming to an end on saturday the country's top franchise the crusaders won their ninth super rugby title the thirty seven eighteen victory came against the lions of johannesburg and sealed a second successive trophy it was the first time in ten years the crusaders could play a final at home in christchurch following the earthquake there in twenty eleven new zealand are also world champions in the men's and women's fifteen and seven a side games cannot mcgregor is returning to action in the ultimate fighting championship for the first time in two years the former to wait u.f.c. champion will take on gomes of his lightweight title in october this will be macgregors first bout since pleading guilty to disorderly conduct at a u.f.c. media day football's governing body faith has extended its doping controls into the world of e-sports the best fee for gamers are in london for the world cup and are being tested for performance enhancing substances fee for is concerned about the
2:56 am
use of stimulants at the tournament but it brings in a bit more. to do the same because of their doubts you know you don't know what people are doing but also with the anti doping it is massive it is a people that were using this to an advantage it will no longer be complete and hopefully so you know we don't want anyone doing that so as long as the playing field cost the whole board and that's what we're. i think it was time to to put a little bit of structure around it i think and you know being you know gambling monitoring is important. we don't really treated differently from our other events you know it's exactly the same measures exactly the same processes so we just see it as a natural step and finally the irish women's hockey team is true to that first cup final after beating spain three two in a shootout kinda scored with a shuffle. thank you thank you.
2:57 am
the irish side is made up and it's highly of the players you have to pay to represent their country they've never been to an olympics unless qualified for a world cup sixteen years ago the sixteenth ranked team now play world number one side the netherlands in sunday's final after they beat australia the play is showing their emotions as i instructed the post match interview of the winning goal scorer gillian penda yeah we're pretty confident one of the ones we've got one of the world's best goalkeepers and i make sure you do you. how i. saw your sport for now we'll have her home and that's it for me rob matheson for this news i'll be back in a couple of minutes with the latest including that suspected drone attack on venezuelan president nicolas maduro as he was watching a military parade in a couple minutes.
2:58 am
the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have the guy who just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have nineteen of them divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only really real more and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i was one preventing open the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that's a kneecap following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on a just zero. the new poll ranks mexico city as the pull with worst in the world for
2:59 am
sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called lal drive it's for women cus it just only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven month the training of dr as. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them to end the suffering but it didn't have the heart to do and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is the two of. you know hope of finally laying the pos to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a finger i could bury him. on al-jazeera.
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venezuelan president nicolas maduro survives what the government is calling an assassination attempts during a military parade seven national guards are injured and explosions. i'm not matheson this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. julie states a bit unlucky jewish we must be the government and the other name but members of the knesset to delete these still led by the druze community tens of thousands of people protest against israel's new nation state law. leaked to un report says north korea has.


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