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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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the united states will not be a migrant camp the u.s. president defends his harsh immigration policies and points the blame squarely at democrats. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in germany divisions over the country's immigration policies threaten angle of calls coalition government. you fighting around the yemeni port of hard data as government forces of the saudi embassy coalition carry out as strikes against who thief isis and the latest efforts in nicaragua to and antigovernment
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protests in a major hurdle. the trumpet ministration is not backing down from its controversial policy of splitting up families that try to cross the us mexico border illegally the policy has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum but president trump says that he will not allow america to become a migrant camp but on monday he again falsely blames democrats for his policy white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. growing outrage in the united states over this children appearing to be detained along the southern border of the united states separated from their parents who were away court appearances accused of entering the united states illegally it's a practice the trump administration is defending this in ministration has a simple message if you cross the border illegally we will prosecute you. if you
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make a false immigration claim we will prosecute you if you smuggle illegal aliens across an extraordinarily dangerous journey we will prosecute you the policy of separating children has been in place for more than a decade but until recently was always considered an action of last resort for some and has surged under president donald trump who's not backing down from his hardline policy the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be you look at what's happening in europe you look at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the united states not on my watch zero humanity and it makes zero sense the president's comment to provoke growing outrage among democrats and even members of his own republican party trumps admitted separating children from their parents is horrible but is trying to once again pressure congress into passing immigration reform laws
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it's been promising on monday he tweeted change the laws and later he blamed his democratic opponents for not reforming the laws even though republicans currently control congress and both parties have failed to deliver immigration reform for decades and until there are new laws in place or trumps infamous border wall is funded the attorney general says zero tolerance policy will continue we cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or the children to the country unlawfully by giving them immunity. in the process tom is expected to travel to capitol hill to speak with republican lawmakers on tuesday but a series of immigration proposals but none is expected to pass setting up an emotional debate that is unlikely to be resolved until voters go to the polls for congressional elections in november kimberly how could al-jazeera washington bill
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schneider is a public policy professor at george mason university he says that some republicans are worried that the harsh immigration policies will hinder them in november elections the president's calculation is it will help them because it's playing to the base as we say in the united states the definition of a base is simple your base are the people who are with you when you're wrong in this most americans consider the trumpet ministration in the white house completely wrong but he got elected for a major reason which was to stop illegal immigration he also wants to curb some legal immigration but immigration feels like a threat to a lot of americans the people in his base mostly white working class voters and he is intent on delivering on that promise so that he can say to his supporters you see i told you i deliver on this and i did and let me remind you this issue the immigration issue has produced a backlash not just in the united states producing some but also in europe it says
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shaping politics there as well meanwhile germany's chancellor angela merkel is facing a growing crisis of the right of immigration interior minister horst c. hoffa gave merkel of ultimatum on monday typing asylum rules within two weeks or he'll withdraw his posses support for a coalition move could bring down governments and force new elections came reports from berlin. a german police squad match checks close to the bavarian border with austria trying to establish the identities of the people making the journey to germany for months interior minister horst zero there's been calling for more of this sort of thing across the country on monday the chancellor angela merkel seemed to move in his direction conceding that in some instances a wider group of people can now be denied entry and that's why i did us to see them that we are of the opinion the c.d.u. and c.s.u. has the joint goal to better direct migration into our country and we do so number
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of people arriving in the country so that we do not have a situation like we had in two thousand and fifteen what these concession is not is an immediate repudiation of merkel's twenty fifteen policy that germany except to sign him seekers who've already tried to claim asylum in another e.u. country in accepting this compromise zero offer suggested it wasn't a complete solution. we do not yet have the whole issue of migration under control there have been some improvements but i cannot say that the issue is under control to the extent that i can tell the german people we have a system in place to control migration and guarantee legal certainty in line with the constitution we still have a lot of work to do here. this rare has placed historical allies in an unfamiliar position seemingly in a war of words and with some suggesting the fate of the coalition is at stake it is a serious crisis will happen it's just postponed for the next two weeks america now
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got her a compromise that she can work hard for the next two weeks to call and meet with leaders of other european countries to find a compromise on an crisis with your are suffering from for the last three years. matthew has stressed the need for bilateral agreements with other countries making her meeting with italian prime minister. on monday the perfect opportunity to lobby for change when either leaders meet in brussels at the end of next week they'll be trying to find a deal that all member states can accept the question for america will be is it a deal her bavarian allies can accept dominant cain al-jazeera berlin the united nations security council is calling on all sides in the war any emon to respect international law government forces backed by a saudi emirates and coalition of fighting to retake her data from the rebels after
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a meeting on monday evening the council reiterated the need for the port to stay open warning that its closure could disrupt much needed aid to millions of yemenis the region raises their call for the ports of leaf to be kept open and operating safely given the continuing reask to the humanitarian situation they regenerated their call for the full implementation of security council resolutions including resolution twenty two sixteen and urged all sides to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law the u.s. based rights group freedom house is urging the saudi embassy coalition to release two yemeni activists who've been documenting atrocities in the war that it wants journalists to be allowed to enter the country al-jazeera as mohammed atta who is monitoring developments from djibouti. the three year war in yemen has reached what
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could be a crucial tonic point the bottle for the port of poti doubt going un high commissioner for human rights is concern. for size my grave worrying regarding saudi and immorality led coalition's ongoing attacks in her data and which could result in enormous civilian casualties and have disastrous impact on lifesaving humanitarian to millions of people which comes through the port nearly two hundred people have been killed since the offensive for the important red sea port began on wednesday and nearly five thousand families forced to flee their homes says the u.n. . we suffer from the aerial raids in the cruel aggression in the indiscriminate shelling that goes on twenty four seven this is let us to leave our areas we don't have food we don't have humanitarian support the organizations concerned do nothing for us we're sick i'm hurt and my body suffers a lot shuttle diplomacy by the u.n.
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special envoy to yemen and therefore stopped in a cease fire failed so far martin good if it's has been in the capital sanaa holding talks with the warring parties the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition against a host of fighters along with so did a pia says precautions are being taken to protect civilians. we are careful not to hit surrounding residential areas so as not to hurt the people there the current fight for the airport suits us for two reasons the first is it gives us an opportunity to advance and avoid as much as we can the civilians secondly it gives the international envoy a chance to have his say before leaving santa since the intervention of the coalition to buck government forces three years ago at least ten thousand a year and something killed tens of thousands injured and millions displaced the port of today the humble seventy percent of yemen simples including life saving. a big. uncle bought a house often been shipped through the portal djibouti behind me but since the
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offensive began us tough say two shipments they sent to her they then this week come to be the ton of the failing to obtain clearance from the soden that. they now say they quickly running out of storage space for the consignments of aid that continue to what i've come to leave for where they're needed most on monday the management of the the port st it will so presumably you know they don't mean a commercial shipments arriving at the port a well known shipments that are arriving from well known ports the claims made by the coalition that shipment of arms have arrived at the port and avoid the current military campaign aimed at targeting the port the coalition countries know well that the port has no military activities at all and is not involved at all in any arms shipment the un cold yemen the world's most humanitarian crisis on the bottle
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for what they've done its effects could make it even was mohammed atta while jazeera djibouti. the united nations called on nicaragua's governments to invite u.n. monitors into the country without delay the president done imma take a has agreed to an investigation of the political violence but this killed more than one hundred seventy eight people since april but protest leaders say that the government is refusing to show them copies of the of the taishan but it's supposed to send to foreign investigators of course talks between the two sides to stall one off from a serious manuel of apollo who is in nicaragua's capital but i feel. that national dialogue that was hosted by the catholic church of need that i was had had stalled two weeks ago that was until june fourteenth last thursday when a national strike brought the entire country basically to a standstill the very next day those talks resumed under the condition under several conditions one of which would be that president or degas invite members and
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a delegation from the european union from the united nations and from the inner american commission on human rights to come to me could i was to observe the ongoing political crisis another one of those conditions was that the president put a put a halt to the violence and the attacks against against demonstrators and against government opposition the national dialogue that we're talking about now is once again under threat of being suspended because none of those conditions have have have been met up until that up until now there has not been a formal declaration by president or figure that would suggest that an independent investigation into the ongoing political crisis would be welcome and you've got i want and these attacks which again the the the attack that began on on april eighteenth against members of the opposition against anti-government demonstrators and against the civilian population have only continued. colombia's president elect has called for unity after winning sunday's runoff his promise to rewrite the peace
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deal that the government signed with rebels in twenty sixteen when the forty two year old takes office in august the conservative politician will be colombia's youngest leader and he gallagher reports from bogota. the whole way through his campaign do kate talked about how he didn't like the peace accords with the fog rubble that ended fifty years of conflict but what was really interesting last night was as he made his victory speech to his supporters you could hear it almost dialing back the rhetoric of actually rewriting the peace accords with iraq i earlier spoke to a former high commissioner for the peace deal here who said it's going to be very hard to do anything with those peace accords because they are in the supreme court they are in the constitution it will be very hard for him to change the metol so despite the promises he has made with supporters about possibly modifying those words he used the peace accord it may end up that he can't do much at all and
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really as administration starts this is a very untested politician and he has nothing so the question does he want to spend all this time trying to deal with the peace accords or trying to make his mark as columbia's new president so at the moment if you ask experts here if you ask people in the street no one really knows the answer as to what do cable do with that fragile peace accord. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then turkish soldiers begin patrols around the syrian border city part of an agreement requiring kurdish forces to leave the area the details coming up. but also a new study finds that around forty percent of the world's privately owned guns are owned by america. and that is going on in the streets. so whether sponsored
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by cattle. howler heavy rains returned to the yangtze valley as you might expect it to but there's a double pronged attack here in the season all right in china he's also grazing the south and in taiwan it's light rain fairly heavily of the next two days so not include hong kong taiwan and then shanghai westwards towards sichuan in between the two less likely to be wet seventies going to be humid north of that in the sunny side and to the sas still the philippines where the heaviest rain has been recently and also myanmar but vietnam in cambodia not quite so bad and in the forecast not courts about all that still there wouldn't say it's dry by any means but probably so west is out of myanmar that gets hit hardest by the currently runs a stalled monsoon rains there are showers and sas in fact an indication of some pretty heavy downpours around who ching for example trying to get into jakarta they want succeed now i said the monsoon is sort of stalled that doesn't look like
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a monsoon picture told us if there is a bloom of clive a myanmar and down the west and that's an adult thing of showers elsewhere now that should be persistent rain by now the monsoons be besting in this part of india and it clearly isn't so once again you suffer the humidity and the pretty monsoon heat of forty or above from delhi down to kolkata. the weather sponsored by cattle always. admitted unique circumstances and facts that link her to this murder confessions are useless without corroboration she thought they are questioning her about her being a victim of a rape not a suspect in a murder case newly false confession involves a completely made up story some will say anything thinking they can fix it later but there's no fixing it later many statements are used against them in a court of law this system is job on al jazeera.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera despite growing condemnation of u.s. president donald trump this refusing to stop separating migrant families who illegally enter the country trump says that he will not allow america to become a migrant camp and blame the opposition democrats for his policies. germany's chancellor angela merkel is facing a growing crisis of her own of immigration she's been given a two week ultimatum by one of her coalition partners to type in a sign of rules or lose support that could bring down locals government and force new elections. the u.n. security council is calling on all sides in the war in yemen to respect international law government forces backed by
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a saudi embassy coalition of fighting to retake the port city of her data from who thirty five says. turkish soldiers are patrolling the outskirts of the syrian city of man bitch as part of a deal with the us earlier this month turkey and the us agreed that kurdish y p g forces should leave the city they've controlled mandates. since driving i saw twenty sixteen with the help of u.s. support that was strongly criticized by turkey which considers the y. p.g. a terrorist group a sort of course the only reports from istanbul. this is seen as a reflection of a suck sess in diplomatic talks by the turkish authorities turks than americans have been negotiating over members for for a while and final last week top military officials that they have agreed on a roll map that y. p.g. would leave the town of memberships and course to that is certain side of the euphrates river which is a route line for turkey according to open sources there are about five to seven
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thousand y p g fighters inside the sit inside the city of bates and there are about seventy thousand y p g fighters on that is the inside of the euphrates river so what is in turkish authorities mind is that the turkish military should get incitement it clears the town and provide stability and security to give the town back to its real owners who are out and then turkey wants to move to the instance side of members to be out. and actually called bonna to do the same plan like a member and no one knows for sure whether the you not to this will give a green light for turkey to cross to that side but turkey believes that having a six hundred kilometer border their own there is some side a few freight history where it is still a potential risk and just to remind present tied down has wall to clear his borders his country's borders from y. p.g. from syria up on to the iraqi border the u.s.
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has denied any involvement in airstrikes that took place in eastern syria on sunday this video posted online is said to show the aftermath of the strikes on the book amal area near the iraqi border and iranian backed shia group says the twenty two of its fighters were killed the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says that at least thirty eight people died mohamed vaal reports now from near the turkey syria border. there are so far conflicting reports about what exactly happened the syrian official media talk about a strike against their forces near and become a close to the iraqi border but also the city observateur for human rights talks about a strike against iraqi militias which work with the syrian government in that area and the killing of about forty members of those militia the syrian government
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usually doesn't show its casualties and apparently there could be two strikes and the city government has accused the american americans of being behind these strikes the americans of course have denied responsibility for them so that picture is not clear so far and the videos that are being circulated are not seen on any of the official sites either of the militias or hezbollah or also the syrian government. all of a thousand doctors in australia cite a petition calling for refugee who's dying of lung cancer to be allowed into the country for specialist care the man known as ali is being held at an offshore detention center on the tiny pacific island now rue he wants to go to australia to be with members of his ethnic group andrew thomas reports now from bruce been. the refugee at the center of this is a sixty three year old has are a man originally from afghanistan but he tried to come to australia by boat instead under australia's government never australia policy he was deported straight to the
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tiny bit of a god of the route where he's been for nearly five years he's got lung cancer he's dying everybody accepts that he wants to be brought to australia for palliative care and because he knows that members of his community are here to support him in his final days and australia's government has accepted that the medical operations on the route not adequate for his needs and they've offered to transfer him to taiwan he doesn't want to go there he says he knows nobody he fears people won't speak his language now doctors here more than a thousand of them now have signed a petition calling for him to be brought to australia i spoke to one of them about why she'd signed real want to die amongst people who speak our legs for us medical corps death happens to everyone but how you die matters in a sense this one man this one it situation has become representative of the way australia's government is treating all those with medical conditions on mannus island and in the roof and doctors in australia are putting themselves at the
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forefront of calls for change more than one of the half million russians have signed an online petition against the government's pension reforms the proposal aims to raise the pension age from fifty five to sixty three for women and from sixty to sixty five and then the bill was submitted to parliament last thursday. challenge reports from moscow. well pension reform is something the ready made putin's various governments been putting off for years and years and years in fact in two thousand and five putin said this pension ages would never be raised while he was president currently russia's retirement ages are below sixty for men and just fifty five for women those are a legacy of the soviet years so they would come up with in one thousand nine hundred thirty two when life expectancy in the country was just thirty five for men and forty four when it's still pretty low by european standards but it has doubled
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since those times so now there's unsustainable pressure on the state pension funds and the government obviously feels or think that now the time is rights for some reform presidential elections in march or safely out of the way but they still chose the first day of the world cup to sneak this this plan out they know that it's a very unpopular thing to do in fact in a recent poll ninety two percent of russians said they were against it the plan is for retirement ages to be raised to sixty five for men and sixty three for when for women that will be done over the next decade and a half the problem is why isn't he saying that vladimir putin is not actually involved in this pension reform is a government thing they will be watching very very closely for public reaction and if there is any sign that this is going to bring big crowds out onto the streets then perhaps they might roll some of this back civilians in the u.s. and more than forty percent of the world's guns that's according to the small arms
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survey the swiss specced research group found that out of one billion firearms around the world eighty five percent are held by civilians militaries and laurent foresman agencies hold the rest are income from these small arms survey explains why there are so many guns in the u.s. . every country is very different and even in the united states there's a lot of variation among the fifty states in puerto rico. so you find a lot of variation habits part of what makes america so difficult is you have an awful lot of relatively normal gun owners people who own two or three guns but the surveys also show they're all an awful lot of what american statisticians call super owners people who have forty firearms or more which in the united states of course can include things like some my automatic rifles for example china and india both have relatively low levels of firearms ownership when you measure it see how
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many guns per one hundred in comparison is that way they don't stand out at all in fact they look relatively innocuous but the sheer size of india and china mean that even when gun ownership is relatively rare the cumulative effect is enormous so you have tens of millions of firearms there because mostly it's a measure of just how big those societies are firearms aren't that expensive and it's a culture where gun ownership seems to be very important we have a broad number of estimates for yemen what everyone's agreed to is gun ownership there never was unusual and since the war broke out of course since two thousand and fourteen gun ownership has become even more commonplace there it's fair to say if you see an adult man there's a firearm very close by. place in germany have arrested the chief executive of the car maker audi is passive their investigation into emissions test cheating prosecutors believe the truth would stop may try to suppress evidence that
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influence witnesses he's the highest ranking executive at parent company volkswagen to be arrested the firm is accused of selling thousands of diesel engine cars with software designed to mosque carbon emissions. the need for the reason for the arrest is the danger of suppression about evidence during the search carried out at mr studley his home last monday the public prosecutor's office was informed that the accused may have an unfair influence over evidence possibly over other accused witnesses or other evidence by the brother in law of the king of spain has begun a six year jail sentence naki dungarvan was convicted of tax fraud at the best moment he's accused of using his royal connections to overcharge for sports and tourism events u.s. president total trump has called on the pentagon to create a new america space force he wants it to become a branch of the military that will need congressional approval since his election
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trump has repeatedly vowed to send people back to the moon for the first time since one nine hundred seventy two but our destiny beyond the earth is not only a matter of national identity but a matter of national security so important for a military so important and people don't talk about it when it comes to defending america it is not enough to merely have in american presence in space we must have american dominance in space so important frank rose served in the obama administration as deputy assistant secretary of state for space and defense policy he says the u.s. does face legitimate threats from space. russia and china are developing a number of capabilities to damage and destroy the u.s. satellites in secondly there's a feeling amongst many that the air force which is primarily focused on airplanes
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is not focusing enough time and attention to dealing with threats in outer space so the rationale for creating a space forces there i think there are serious questions though whether a space force will solve the problem. it is good to have you with us hello adrian fit again here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera despite growing condemnation u.s. president donald trump is refusing to stop separating migrant families who illegally enter the country trump says that he will not allow america to become a migrant camp and blame the opposition democrats for his policy the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be you look at what's happening in europe you look
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at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the united states not on my watch germany's chancellor angela merkel is facing a growing crisis of her own over immigration she's been given a two week ultimatum by one of her coalition partners to tighten of asylum rules or lose support that could bring down merkel's government and force new elections. the u.n. security council is calling on all sides in the war in the yemen to respect international law government forces backed by a saudi ever us and coalition of fighting to retake the port city of her data from who the rebels fear is the ports closure could disrupt much to aid to millions of you have a tease. the united nations has called on nicaragua's governments to invites u.n. monitors into the country without delay the president daniel ortega has agreed to an investigation of the political violence that has killed nearly one hundred eighty people since april but protest leaders say the government is refusing to
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show them copies of the invitation it's supposed to send to foreign investigators and that's caused talks between the two sides to break down. all the one thousand doctors in australia have signed a petition calling for a refugee who is dying of lung cancer to be allowed into the country for specialist cab the man known as ali is being held off shore detention center on the tiny pacific island of nauru he wants to go to australia to be with members of his ethnic group as he dives. there's the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera as they as inside story next.
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who controls libya's oil rich. has launched a major offensive line rival groups in the so-called oil. how does the fight for the oil revenue shape libya's future this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program today with me pizza topping the battle to control the largest oil reserves in africa has taken a new twist which is turning off the lifeblood of the libyan economy renewed fighting has shut down oil terminals and stopped oil.


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