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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 164  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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yes rush one space here in beijing after having had that meeting with people like you. are now faced with water growing opportunities. we are sharing more common interests. this fundamental this foundation has remained unchanged we need to make sure that this relation continues to grow in the common interest of the two people and the international community. we will make careful ranchman's of high level exchanges and engaging high level dialogues. we will continue to expand command communication and exchanges is good. we will also focus on people to people exchanges. not too long ago economic teams had another round of consultation in beijing where we have reached some
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consensus a very important point is that both sides need to settle our differences we hope the u.s. will make chinese halfway to establish a win win situation sure. we will find a appropriate solution we hope that the us will refrain from making any unilateral non-constructive meetings. or create off the coast. in the course of a discussion which i refer to the secretary that our principles on taiwan we will continue to see us support on our policy. in view of the sun to us communications we hold the current status will continue. and we will hope that the taiwan situation is handled appropriately so that our future relationship will not suffer any destruction. this is
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a sort of historical and more. significant to me they. this is a good beginning. if your panel. this meeting is important beginning and of course the settlement on the peninsula issue. requires efforts on all parties in order to reach consensus due. they understand that the tension is on the metal political and where required efforts and cooperation of all parties along with the united states. she's the d.p. r. k. and. the chinese side to rail contribute to their cooperation that evening and delighted to be with you consider going as
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a second time we've had the chance to meet. first in washington and now here. and it's great to make my first trip to china as the united states secretary of state i want to check thank all of our chinese hosts for their incredible hospitality i also want to thank china and president g. for his role in helping bring north korea to the negotiating table and forward to continued support as we work to achieve the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of north korea this is my. third country that i've had the chance to speak with today each has reinforced three important things that happened in singapore first the commitment to a fundamentally changed relationship japan the republic of korea and china have all acknowledged that we have turned the corner that we have begun a process away from the threat of war and towards peace on the peninsula. each of those three countries to has acknowledged the importance of the work the president
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trump has undertaken and the commitments that chairman kim has made towards that very and to achieve that denuclearization. and each of those three countries is also acknowledged that it is important that the sanctions regime that is in place today were made in place until such time as that the need good relation is in fact complete there has been unanimity in that set of objectives and i'm heartened by that following the singapore summit. the united states wants a very constructive relationship with trying to that means we have to make concrete progress on our top priorities we've seen the power that comes with the united states and china to work together when we don't treat the relationship as being the euro so. we're stopping the flow of illegal opium opiates together and this will save countless american lives and we are deeply appreciative of china's support.
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we discussed trade today our deficit with china is still too high and i stress how it's empower important it is for president trump to rectify that situation so the trade becomes more balanced more reciprocal and more fair with the opportunity to have american workers be treated fairly we have good and constructive discussions. we also need to make some progress between our two countries on security as a counselor i mentioned. i reaffirmed our concern with back to china's efforts to build and militarized outposts in the south china sea endangering the free flow of trade and threaten the savi of other nations and undermining regional stability i urged cancer young and he confirmed trying his willingness to resolve the disputes in a peaceful way without resort to threats coercion or intimidation i'm confident that we can continue to work together towards that end when our two countries disagree.
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our two countries will speak up and firmly stand for each of our people our values including the respect for human rights and religious freedom and the rule of law are important. when we cooperate the united states and china can make great progress there is much work ahead for our two countries i have committed to working with you and with china to achieve those objectives thank you. she helped thank you nol the floor is open for questions please only ask one question. my question goes to state councilor wang you said at the press conference during the two sessions that china and the u.s. may have competition but don't have to be rivals and should strive to be partners that was a clear message to the international community what do you think the two sides should do to achieve that goal. china and the us are two big countries it's natural
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for there to be some competition which is normal in international relations what matters is how we approach competition with our new how we see competition china's view is that competition with the u.s. should be benign and positive or it is about exceeding one's own limits replacing each other we should let competition drive corporations rather through and produce outcomes through cooperation only by so doing will we serve the interests of our two countries and showed her our obligation to the world unite next year with celebrates the four terms rather verse story of diplomatic relations which will be an important juncture ain't bad a relationship china will work with the u.s. to follow through on important agreements of our president respect each other focus on cooperation and manage differences like his or secretary said this is not
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a zero sum game shoosh when we cooperate we can make great progress. are you we should make twenty nineteen a year characterized by greater mutual trust broadened exchanges and deepened cooperation which we need to step up all round corporation and unlock and contribute more positive energy to this relationship and contribute more to world peace and development in the meantime we also need to respect each other and on that basis probably handle sensitive issues and differences and remove the stumbling blocks in the growth of bad relations who should do well at the moment is this particular important to step up communication or avoid disturbances bargain. such efforts will help to increase the empathy and remove obstacles in the growth of volatile relations that will more south solid foundation for the sound after the
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growth of bad relations in the next forty years and open up greater prospects thank you. michael j. michael gordon from the wall street journal here it's one question if you would please. ok. question for us state councilor wearing. the united states has taken the position that north korea should take major steps to dismantle its nuclear weapons and forces in a short period of time in two and a half years it also says as you've just heard that there should be no sanctions relief until these steps by north korea have been taken while china support this approach for china press north korea to take disarmament steps in the next year or so will it pledge to withhold any sanctions relief until these steps by north korea
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carried out. you know which actually mr secretary is in a better position to answer this question because he just had a very into and detailed communication with the d.p. r. k. side about china's position i believe that we all know it very clearly that is a firm commitment to do you need anybody's ation. at the same time we believe that . it is important to address the legitimate concerns of security of the d.p. or they feel that is a peacemaking is a monitoring peninsula we believe that all the parties including china and the d.p. r. k. i mean are these days what you are agreed on that is a goal that is also part of the joint statement signed by the two leaders themselves that is the most important provision of that joint statement as to how
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denuclearization will proceed is motel it easing and steps just as secretary powell hale said that will be worked out through detail to you commission and specific consultations going forward and china stand ready to play is constructive role in that process thank you. add to that think either one and i had a good constructive discussion on these very topics with respect to the pace at which they do nuclearization i will take place i think we both agree that we need to do it as timely fashion as is possible to achieve the outcomes and that the security assurances that we've talked about are provided at times that are appropriate we also talked at some length about the sanctions china has reaffirmed its commitment to honoring the u.n. security council resolutions. those have mechanisms for relief contained in them and we agreed that at the appropriate time that those those would be considered but
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we have made very clear that the sanctions and the economic relief that north korea will receive will only happen after the fall denuclearization the complete denuclearization of north korea. see here cycling team on always. mr secretary i'm from the next t.v. set that china and u.s. should have the results are intended relationship is not a zero sum relationship and both sides who have success together what will the u.s. do specifically towards that and thank you. so there are there are many ways that we'll achieve that among the most important of them as we continue sound history teacher dialogue between our two nations so that where there are places where we disagree. we ironed out those differences and that we express our interest very clearly and work towards the peaceful resolution of those. of those conflicts make
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make very clear there are many things today where china the united states work very closely together that improve the lives of the citizens of each of our two countries i mentioned a couple of them in my opening remarks we'll continue to work alongside of those and each of those there are many many places where our two nations are far better off working together in concert and aligned as opposed to working at interests that diverge and i am committed to working with. a council want to achieve those in every venue were to get two nations operating. her final question does that richardson from fox news. thank you very much mr secretary how confident is the united states that it knows the extent of the north korean nuclear program and how confident are you in north korea's willingness to divulge that information and to both of you mr foreign minister mr secretary did you discuss the suspected
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attacks on american diplomats here and if you learned any new information regarding what could be causing. so let me let me answer each of those two questions i'll take your second question first the issue with respect to the american foreign service officer who suffered a health incident there was race i asked the chinese to continue to cooperate with us to try and figure out how that happened how it came to be and to work with us to conduct an investigation sufficient that we can prevent it from happening to get in . i raise the issue and. counsel wong was kind in saying that he has provided and will continue to provide full support to ensuring that the american serving here is diplomats will continue to be safe and secure and i thank you very much for that. with respect to the scope and scale of the north korea nuclear program i don't want to get into the details of our intelligence precisely but we
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have a reasonable understanding it is incredibly important that we get a full understanding of that as quickly as possible and as part of the efforts that will be undertaken in that a week and weeks ahead we will work with the north koreans to come to have a four understanding of that so that we can begin to execute together the commitments the president trump and chairman kim make. that they they made real commitments to denuclearize each of them and present from made a commitment that he would provide security assurances that were commensurate with that those are firm commitments that the two leaders may and an understanding of the program is a piece of what will ultimately lead to our capacity to develop to verify that full and complete denuclearization has actually taken place. only so codd sonic attack. we've been staying in communication
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between our two sighs. just now mr secretary mentioned that china has all along and will continue to protect the lawful rights and interests of all diplomats in trying to including those from the u.s. in accordance with law we have done some serious investigation what i can tell you is that we haven't found any cause or lead that have. triggered such a condition we will stay in communication with the u.s. to properly handle this issue and also on trade you know mr secretary mentioned the trade issue we have two options one is cooperation and when we're out comes the second. confrontation and a lose lose see no real china obs for the first one and has made such an decision we hope the u.s.
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will also make a wise choice and china on its part is she's prepared on all fronts thank you well. thank you all. so there you see the hands shake between my pump air and hwang the foreign ministers respectively of the united states and china and listening to that with us is florence lu our correspondent who's in beijing and flora's i was quite struck by the friendly cooperative tone between the two men both of the being quite quite brief in their comments but seeming to be very much on the same page which is what we've been discussing all morning as to whether china and the u.s. see this north korean issue in exactly the same way. absolutely you know after the thing of course summit took place some commentators have said that it appears as if china's vision of denuclearization on the korean
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peninsula has emerged dominant and this is following president trump's remarks that the u.s. will suspend war games war games that it or military drills that it carries out in south korea with the south korean military because this is something along the lines of what china has been advocating freeze for freeze north korea giving up its nuclear and missile test in return for the u.s. giving up the military drills with south korea so it does appear that the relations between china and the u.s. . to be very warm in fact you heard the foreign minister there saying you know we may be competitors there may be competition but we don't have to be rivals and they talked about not just about north korea denuclearization on the korean peninsula but they also talked about other issues that affect their relationships the
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territorial dispute in the south china sea in which china lays claim to a huge part of it there are five other countries that lay claim to other parts of the south china sea they talked about trade as well there is a part the possibility of a trade war between these two countries they have been holding talks to try and avert a trade war but the terrorists could come in the u.s. has threatened to impose tariffs and this could take place as early as in a couple of days and the other thing that really struck me for our answers the timing of the foreseen denuclearization undertaken by north korea pompei was at pains to talk about the timely nature of this process and again he reiterated the fact that it was only once that was fully achieved would then north korea see any kind of. economic benefits interesting the mr while and the chinese foreign minister didn't address that specifically but he took pains to point out that north
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korea's legitimate security concerns also have to be considered so i thought that was quite interesting that they they maintain slightly different perspectives when it came to slightly different emphases is perhaps a better way of pushing it. absolutely right and we've also seen how these differences emerged really quite soon after the summit was concluded. a few hours after trump met kim if you had the chinese foreign ministry saying that perhaps it was time now to consider sanctions relief on north korea now and then you heard very quickly from trump and u.s. secretary of state. saying no this is not going to take place but not going to ease sanctions we're going to keep up the pressure of sanctions on north korea because the trumpet ministration clearly believing that it was the tougher u.n.
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sanctions that really brought north korea to the table that caused north korea to give up its nuclear and missile tests to offer south korea an olive branch events that eventually led to the summit in singapore taking place but china clearly maintaining a different position and one he was very diplomatic in his comments might come peo as well saying essentially that knowledge ing that there are odds that there is a difference in opinion when it comes to this matter but also saying very clearly that china has reaffirmed its commitment in honoring the u.n. sanctions but there is a possibility that they will revisit this because the u.n. sanctions really provide for this that you can revisit them when some conditions have been met and clearly keeping the door open so we're not really quite sure how this is going to work out whether it really is going to be complete denuclearization before there's going to be any easing of sanctions or whether there is the u.n. to provide provisions allow revise looking at the sanctions when north korea
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has met some conditions all right a lot for a still to discover about this whole process for now thank you very much indeed our correspondent there live in beijing but meanwhile as the trumpet ministration promise is peace and prosperity to north korea millions of it rain is this still coming to terms with. president trying to walk away from the nuclear agreement you know laterally reintroduced tough sanctions on iran. in the already faltering economy that was just last month but many a not just sang agree with president trump as. spain's from the capital tehran as the world this week turned its attention from iran's non-existent nuclear weapons to north korea's actual ones iran's working men and women tried to come to terms with the personal price they've paid for the years their government spent building a nuclear deal with one american president only to see a broken by another. then he has. also break the deal with north korea he's
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an unwise person and no one has confidence in him today he says something tomorrow he'll say something else someone who makes a pledge and an hour later takes it back is not human no one trusts him and as the iran nuclear deal is lost so is hope that it would bring a better future iranians don't blame the american president for their circumstances they say their own politicians also share the blame for decades of hostility against the united states and an endless pursuit for position on the international stage across the street a father of two says iran's people have no choice but to continue being patient but for him there is a difference between surviving and thriving and for the sake of his sons he says he plans on leaving the country is that us. i'm stressed my mind is always busy thinking about what will happen tomorrow what wrong decisions our leaders will make next how will they decrease pressure on the people i hope one day we will see our
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leaders make better decisions but now they think in a selfish way they don't think about their people they just pay attention to some specific interest. it's a common complaint from iran's working class their leaders have pitted them in ideological battles against so much of the world for so long it keeps hurting the economy and makes just getting by more difficult every year i mean. america has no pity for iran and iranians but also we have no power to stand against the of us so everybody says we should negotiate with them like north korea the skids in it. right now no one is happy with the economic situation any story go into it's like the price of gold things here get more expensive every week in some cases prices increased hour by hour it's almost certain things will get worse before they get better the value of iran's currency keeps falling more u.s. sanctions are set to take effect in august and european companies have already
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started leaving the country so for iranians there are more clouds on the horizon zain bus robbi old zero to one. and a couple of other news items today politicians in argentina's congress they're due to vote on whether to allow abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy they've been debating this highly contentious issue all night hundreds of people gathered. whilst the session was taking place and this is an issue that deeply divides a country that is dominated by the catholic church abortion is illegal in argentina except in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk. and the u.n. security council is to hold an emergency session on yemen later on to say where the biggest battle in the three year long war is underway a military offensive by government troops and a saudi america coalition on the port of a data threatens to worsen the humanitarian crisis that's it for me. there.
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unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things humans understood. about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this except perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria launch a surprise move against israel out of committee so to get into this situation our disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera.
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth as i would that's what this job. you're watching all just their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories u.s. secretary of state like pompei was in china on the final stop of a diplomatic mission to brief regional leaders about the outcomes of the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong un earlier was in seoul to reassure south korean and japanese allies about how the u.s. will guarantee that north korea will get rid of its nuclear weapons. let's cross over to florence larry who is joining me now from beijing of course for those who were listening in to that joint press conference.


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