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those. three months everyone here is hoping the winter will bring enough rain for the big. never. showing a united front the u.s. south korea and japan vow to work together to ensure north korea gives up its nuclear program. says al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the battle for days an operation to retake the yemeni port city from the rebels despite warnings of a humanitarian disaster plus. standing up for goals of the u.n. adopt a resolution condemning excessive israeli force against palestinians. football
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fever in russia and this is world cup host gets ready for the kickoff in just a few hours time. united states south korea and japan abounding to work together to ensure north korea gives up nuclear weapons u.s. actually a state. has been briefing. president on a meeting with north korea's leader on tuesday concessions to end military drills with seoul called both countries off galant well north korean state media said trump had agreed to lift sanctions but insists that won't happen yet. sanctions relief we should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions relief cannot take place in terms such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has
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been completely denuclearize the summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward together and fundamentally real shape the relationship between the united states and north korea. south korea's pharmacist's of the singapore summit was a turning point in denuclearizing the korean peninsula this is the first time that the highest authority after north korea promised the president of the united states to route its the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula which we have asked their stirred the pullet political momentum for action to resolve the north korean nuclear issue secondly we should understand that the june twelfth summit is not the end but a new beginning tour is a denuclearized and peace for the korean peninsula correspondent wayne hay has more from seoul. well this was an opportunity for the u.s.
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secretary of state might provide some details following the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore it was also a chance for the three countries south korea the united states and japan to say to show that they are on the same page when it comes to the issue of north korea when it comes to the issue of denuclearization and achieving. a peace treaty to end the korean war and that certainly was the tone in the media conference behind closed doors perhaps there were some tough questions put to mike pompei or perhaps most importantly or mainly from the president of south korea mungy and particularly when it comes to the cancellation of joint military exercises between the united states and south korea we heard donald trump after the meeting with kim jong un in his media conference in singapore saying that he would end those joint military
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exercises because they are expensive and they are provocative were clearly that would have raised some concerns both from south korea and japan this has regional security implications and it seems that there was no prior warning given to those countries before donald trump made that announcement. security council will hold an emergency meeting on thursday it's discussed the situation in yemen pro-government forces supported by saudi amorality coalition have begun a large scale offensive to take control of the port city of her data from hoofy rebels despite u.n. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences the red sea port is yemen's second largest an important point of entry for age shipments intense air strikes have hit locations south of data they say they responded by launching missiles at a coalition ship the rebels seized her data in two thousand and fourteen has more.
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a major military operation is underway yemeni government troops are on the move to take the port of her day from both the rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they do feel a little bit here on our way to for data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the houthi the sardi's say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that's denied by both and the host the united nations fearing what a spokesman called
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a bloodbath if it was attacked by coalition forces has proposed a new deal that would see who these hand over their support to the u.n. but that wasn't accepted the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies are now warning of a. tarion catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough we entered for the entire population of human we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid thanks the war in yemen has already claimed tens of thousands of lives mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fighting has gone on so far none of the attempts to have its
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know how succeeded none of the players are working together or the most of the players so they can bring in many to the table the saudi coalition leads the campaign to drive the whole things out of the day and they get many capital and reinstate the government of president of the i but the rebels remain defiant firing blistering besides into saudi arabia and bahrain today the capital of the. yemeni research and fellow at georgetown university she says both sides are prepared to fight the bitter end which will be disastrous for civilian. i think it became very clear when former president i got the muscle that was killed by the host these that this war is going to have to end militarily because the ts and the
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saudis having to have a clear victory and i think that's a problem because when you talk about you know twenty seven million people now are saying that yemen it's twenty nine million people we're letting you know what we're letting the egos of big countries come in the way and i think that both sides want to come out as victors that so there's no comparison and their powers study arabia and the u.a.e. are more powerful however the who views on the ground have proved that they don't care about civilian life just as much and would rather engage in a fight to death since there are no peace talks on the table and the worry here as about the yemeni people caught in between the west. in general assembly has passed a non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrators at the border since march mike hanna reports from the
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united nations the general assembly is now voting members of the general assembly prepare to vote the resolution aimed at the protection of the palestinian civilian population against what it calls excessive force but it took a long debate and several procedural votes forced by the u.s. to get to this point earlier intent on making her must accountable the u.s. had introduced an amendment accusing him us of being the prominent actor in the ongoing violence but this was opposed by the sponsors of the original resolution who called for a vote on the amendment to be denied this attempt to obstruct a vote on an amendment proposed by the united states is shameful i call on all member states to oppose this motion and vote now sixty two voted in favor of the amendments fifty eight against but the general assembly president ruled a two thirds majority was needed. the state by the u.s. and yet another vote was held to gauge whether there was
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a simple majority support for the u.s. position there was not a huge assembly supporting the two thirds rule by seventy eight votes against fifty nine confirming the us amendments had failed to pass all of you are a very sophisticated diplomate you know the real thing and you know the games and the gimmicks and we trust you fully to do that i think and to sift between those who try for the last minute for expediency to fool who by introducing amendments and these are in bad faith because they are not genuine the original resolution was vigorously attacked by israel by boarding the from evolution you are empowering the math over the past two months we have heard from some of the war the war of friend of about this so called palestinian great mileage of return if. the
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head of the hamas president eduard one of turkey and others have expressed their support for view that tax against israel. on but to no avail when the vote was finally taken a truce passed by a substantial majority one hundred twenty members voted in favor forty five abstained and only eight including the united states opposed by all these general assembly votes are largely symbolic this one has some teeth it calls on the secretary general to look into how best to protect palestinian civilians to look at the viability of an international protection force and to report back to the general assembly within sixty days. underlying the sense of urgency and i meant to power serious the crisis on the ground since the current round of protests began more than one hundred palestinians have been killed over ten thousand injured many by directed sniper fire mike hanna al-jazeera united nations still ahead head on
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out is there. a deal to resolve that unusual diplomatic dispute heads a stumbling block plus a trailer isn't a role model for europe or a role model for countries anyway when it comes to repeating a crisis in europe brings back memories of a similar incident that changed the strain is immigration policy. hot dry and sunny sums up the weather across much of the middle east as per usual the usual showers just coming out of the black sea caspian sea just around the caucuses a little bit of wet weather a little bit sherry right also just cropping up outs of turkey from time to time
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should be fun to try just around the eastern side of the med by route twenty seven celsius. here pushing land. to forty degrees there. one of two showers into northern iran over towards the high ground you might catch one or two showers here as we go into friday really is a case of spot the difference thirty four celsius in karate forty one celsius in kuwait city lots of hot sunshine right across the arabian peninsula pretty much is wall to wall sunshine it to get down to the south so for a model little more cloud just rolling in here should be largely dry but if you spots of rain always a possibility forty four celsius out to be our top temperature here in doha over the next couple of days then meanwhile into southern africa again it is largely dry some useful rights a meaningful rain making its way into the western cape seventeen celsius there for cape town was like it could be a rather wet day on thursday it does dry up as we go on into friday and the shower scrape their way along the southern cape.
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june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's there redrew the map of the middle east. indian war the greatest tragedy in the history of al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are still felt today we tried to. make. contacts through different countries and it's clear. the war in june on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching our. top stories this hour the u.s. south korea and japan are vying to work together to ensure north korea gives up nuclear weapons us actually a state might pompei it has been briefing the two asian allies on president meeting with north korea's leader on choose day. and security council will hold an emergency meeting on thursday to discuss the situation any yemen pro-government forces backed by a saudi m.r.c. coalition offensive in the data they want to retake the port city from balls. and the un general assembly has passed a non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers shot dead at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrators at the border since march. haiti has banned oxfam great britain from operating in the country off to its start for accused of sexual misconduct the haitian government said the charity had violated laws and
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people's dignity it's alleged that some aid workers including a former country director use prostitutes whilst working there after the two the thousand and ten earthquake seven oxfam staff have since resigned or been fired. thousands of macedonians showing their support for the president after he said he'd block a deal with greece on changing the country's name. i. feel gay even office says the deal violates the constitution and grace the government of prime minister alexis the press may face a new confidence face on the issue and just keep to the two neighbors has been an obstacle to macedonia joining nato and the e.q. chancer uplifts has the latest from the greek capital af and. the conservative opposition leader in athens has called this a bad agreement he believes that accepting the master in language in the master only an ethnicity are simply not acceptable national concessions that is what he said in a statement after the agreement was outlined by the prime minister he believes also
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that the government doesn't have the political legitimacy to conclude this agreement internationally because it is not supported by the governments junior coalition partner without that the government doesn't have a majority in parliament over in school the president has said he would not sign this agreement if parliament passed it and sent it to his office for counter signature but that is not the intention of prime ministers or in the macedonia what he has said he intends to do is put the agreement to a referendum by the people if that is successful he would then ask parliament to make necessary constitutional amendments which would accommodate the agreement therefore the president would no longer have any constitutional grounds for rejecting it. the spanish king's brother in law is going to jail any arc here and gary has been given five days to turn himself in after he was sentenced to six
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years in prison on charges of fraud and tax evasion he is the husband of princes christina and is the current closest person to spain's will family to be convicted and imprisoned court ruled last year that the vessel seven million dollars in two thousand and four and two thousand and six by exploiting his royal connection to obtain public contracts. italy's prime minister may cancel a trip to france head off later this week following a spat over migrants and criticizes lee's new government for refusing to allow a foreign rescue boat to dock and actually butler has war on the french government's position. well the french president tomorrow my call is certainly trying to calm the situation he said in comments on wednesday that france and italy had always worked side by side on the issue of migrants in europe he also urged all sides to stop getting caught in emotions now less of course just one day after a man or might call sparked a diplomatic row with this in a with his comments that the italian government had acted irresponsibly and
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cynically in its blocking of the aquarius ship now that seemed to put france on the higher moral ground and that infuriated italian officials who were very quick to point out that of course france did not put its hands up to take in your queries both that we know has fall into spain and the interior minister of italy also speaking out against france in the front simply hasn't done enough to share the burden with italy of the amount of migrants that are coming into the country trying to share that burden and ease the burden on the italian people now emmanuel markhor is shared all to meet the italian prime minister on friday that may not happen italian officials are saying it could be canceled they are demanding that amount of apologize for his comments it is unlikely that the french president will apologize but he would certainly want that meeting to go ahead he says it would be a good opportunity to talk about perhaps a new solutions. refusal to let the aquarius land on their shores as echoes of
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a similar situation in the strayer so-called tampa crisis in two thousand and one strain is government refused to allow rescued refugees ashore was the beginning of a set of tough policies known as the pacific solution under thomas explains from seventy. seven two years ago another ship carried refugees no one wanted the tampa was a norwegian container ship whose captain rescued more than four hundred mostly afghan refugees from a sinking fishing boat in the indian ocean nearby australia this christmas island. but facing a reelection campaign prime minister john howard refused to let the tempest captain bring his ship into australian waters sending soldiers the board when he tried the refugees were instead taken to the rue a tiny pacific island country which was paid by australia to take them what was seen as toughness by how it helped win him reelection most of the tempus refugees
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were eventually brought to australia or new zealand but competing on toughness towards so-called boat people has been a theme of australian politics since policy now is to turn back boats at sea refugees who do get through deported to remote pacific islands and told they'll never be brought to australia more than a thousand people have been held on papua new guinea's man of silence and in a room for almost five years australia's policies were seen as extreme now they're being copied astray or is never a role model for europe or role model for countries anyway when it comes to repeating in fact australia is a textbook example of how not to treat out refugees and asylum seekers and i think european leaders if they're looking at the australian model should go into medicine or they should go and meet the refugees and asylum seekers and see how their lives have been completely destroyed by this policy but australian politicians and their supporters think it's a tough approach to what they call illegal immigration has meant people have had
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faith in the immigration system more broadly this was a sign to the public at large that the nation state still existed that it could still control its borders and that ultimately meant public confidence in our immigration system was enhanced which allowed us to have a regulated orderly refugee humanitarian program that as i say is one of the largest per capita in the world australia's prime minister was applauded in april when he gave a speech in berlin making a similar argument humanitarian organizations are appalled australians model is being exported australia's politicians a claiming vindication under thomas al-jazeera sydney. university students in bolivia have fought with police during a protest in the city of la paz police fired tear gas and water cannon while the protesters responded by throwing rocks students and staff are demanding wage increases and financial aid public anger has been growing over expenditure on
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a new government palace and the president's trip to russia for the world cup. britain is marking the first anniversary of the ground full tower fire the twenty four story apartment block in london was lit up in green to remember the seventy one people who died a year ago a fire started in the kitchen and quickly in gulf the building in flames the tragedy raised questions about social inequalities poor quality social housing and neglect of immigrant communities police have launched a criminal investigation. the us media company comcast which owns the n.b.c. television network and the universal film brand has been sixty five billion dollars for twenty first century fox it now looks set for a showdown with walt disney which is already locked in its own multibillion dollar bid for the same assets the move from comcast just just one day after a judge cleared eighty and takeover of time warner one hundred has more.
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comcast is offering sixty five billion dollars for the movie and television assets of twenty first century fox that outbids disney which had previously offered fifty two billion dollars at stake for the global television channels such as national geographic. satellite television networks sky in europe star in india and the hulu streaming service which is number three after amazon and netflix why is this all happening now because a day earlier on tuesday u.s. judge ruled that eighteen t. could go ahead with its eighty five billion dollars bid for time warner the trump administration had objected on antitrust grounds saying it was too much media in one set of hands but a judge overruled that saying it could go ahead that seems to have begun to set off merger mania media companies want to go vertical they want to marry content with distribution that's a model created by amazon and netflix which started out doing distribution and then created their own content that's a model everybody is now competing with so what could happen now well comcast could
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simply win with its bid disney could make a counteroffer and win or the two companies could split the essence of time warner the time warner board will meet on june twentieth to consider the offers. volkswagen has been fined more than a billion dollars by courts in germany over the diesel emissions scandal prosecutors say more than ten million of its cars with faces with software which allows them to appear to appear to have low and missions when tested the car maker says that except the fine and its responsibility for the crisis has already paid billions of dollars in damages to car owners in the u.s. . in just a few hours time one of the biggest and most expensive football world cups ever will begin in russia president vladimir putin hopes fans from around the world will
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get a nice taste of the country right chalons how small. the fans are arriving football chance a reverberating around city square as one of the biggest. sporting parties in the world is upon us once again have ever said. it was eight years ago that fee for announced the two thousand and eighteen host would be russia amid allegations of corruption in the world cup bidding process nevertheless by the way putin was pleased enough to accept with a rare speech in english been all that believe in the stuff and when finally. you can make work. we will come to the notion we'll get. to that still. world cup moments is now here russian business news site estimates the full cost fourteen point two billion dollars and for that
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gets a chance to generate some much needed goodwill for the country because internationally russia has something of a reputation problem the annexation of crimea and the war in eastern ukraine the sports doping scandal allegations a russian interference in foreign elections the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in england all these and more the list of perceived transgressions is long enough that political analyst andre kolesnikov suspects any world cup image boost will be limited to the home front it's extremely important to make such a gift to a domestic audience but for four in the audience russia will not change its image as a toxic toxic paul or toxic country. because there are so many events of other kinds of that even the good organizational for. can change and i
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think i'm sure. but as he spoke at the feet of congress on wednesday putin made it clear hosting the world cup isn't just about pleasing russians or international politics it's about giving visitors the best impression of russia to the goal is that all our guests from football stars to simple fans feel the hospitality and cordiality about people that they learn the authentic multinational culture and unique nature of russia and that they would like to come back to us again it's something he's tried before four years ago russia hosted the winter olympics in sochi the region was flooded with cash to smarten it up for all the visitors for the world cup that's been done on a much wider scale in total eleven world cup cities have received investment money from the huge metropolises of moscow and simpy does work to smaller cities like. some model the aim is to get fans and money to parts of the country far off the usual tourist trail making sure visitors get
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a russian experience is something that's filtered into the choice of this year's official world cup instruments to these. and they're an update on the sport played in traditional russian folk music the sound of a full stadium banging these together is something you're going to hear a lot of in the weeks to come. for visitors to have the best possible time here of course involved keeping them safe the european championship two years ago in france violent clashes between english and russian fans were broadcast around the world since then russian police have come down hard on local hooligans they want no repeat of such a violent here hands near a security measures such as a strictly controlled id system are in place to prevent bombs and other attacks for a month the eyes of the world will be on russia everything has to go smoothly rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. antarctica has lost almost three trillion tons of ice
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since the early one nine hundred ninety s. that's according to a new study scientists tracked the thawing by satellite data undiscovered sea levels have risen almost a centimeter causing a risk of flooding from the pacific islands to florida most of the ice has been lost from west antarctica and the antarctic peninsula a warmer ocean water is melting floating ice shelves. without zero these are our top stories the u.s. south korea and japan are vowing to work together to ensure north korea gives up nuclear weapons yes actually a state has been briefing the two asian allies on president donald trump's meeting with north korea's leader on tuesday north korean state media said trump out agreed to lift sanctions but pompei insists that won't happen yet it sanctions really we should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions really cannot take place
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until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely denuclearize the summit created this in the stomach opportunity for us to move forward together and fundamentally will shape the relationship between the united states and north korea in security council hold an emergency meeting on thursday to discuss fighting near the yemeni port of hard data. pro-government forces backed by saudi amorality coalition have launched an operation to retake it from the rebels assault began despite the u.n. warning that it could create a humanitarian disaster a danger is the main entry point for aid for millions of yemenis. u.n. general assembly has passed a non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrators at the border since march. haiti has banned oxfam great
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britain from operating in the country after its staff were accused of sexual misconduct the haitian government says the charity had violated laws and people's dignity and it's alleged that some aid workers including a former country director use prostitutes whilst working there after the two thousand and ten earthquake argentina's congress has been debating whether to legalize abortion hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament aires argentinean law only allows abortions in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk. and britain is marking the first anniversary of the grenfell tower fire the twenty four story apartment block in london was lit up in green remember seventy one people who died a year ago a fire started in the kitchen and quickly and gulf the building in flames those are your headlines to stay with us witnesses next. big stories generate fouls and of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from
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the facts that's why i'm guy. with the listening post on al jazeera.


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