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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al jazeera. and for you. the saudi led coalition launches a major offensive to take yemen's port city of data despite warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences. on. live from london also coming up. the u.n. holds an emergency meeting to vote on a resolution condemning israel over the violence in gaza. i'm joined now in rome where the government is embroiled in a diplomatic standoff with from shoebridge migration policy while hundreds of refugees and migrants turned away from me to look ahead to spain. remember
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association of canada mexico and usa i have been selected by the people of color as tools the twenty twenty six before. thank you she relation from mexico canada and the united states is their joint bid wins to host the next football world cup. i know the saudi and iraqi coalition in yemen has launched a major offensive to take control of the port city of data from the who the rebels as despite u.n. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences the security council will now hold an emergency meeting to discuss the operation on thursday. her data is yemen's second largest port after aden and a key aid hub intense airstrikes have hit locations south of the city who say they responded by launching missiles at
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a coalition ship who seized her data in october twenty fourth seen as part of an effort to topple the government of president rebel months or hardy and some seventy percent of yemen's food enters the country through her data and its fear the fighting will cut off much needed supplies of food fuel and medicine twenty two million people that's around two thirds of yemen's population rely on aid and eight point four million are already at risk of starving save the children says famine is now a real possibility and some six hundred thousand people live in and around her data some of fled the fighting but many are still there has more. a major military operation is under way yemeni government troops are on the move to take the port of her from the rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and
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reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they didn't tell him that they are here on our way to for data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the houthi the saudis say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that's denied by both and the houthi is the united nations fearing what the spokesman called a bloodbath if the data was attacked by coalition forces has proposed and you deal that would see houthi as hand over the support to the un but that wasn't accepted the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies
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are now warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough we entered for the entire population of human we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid. for the war in yemen has already claimed tens of thousands of lies mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fight. it has gone on so far none of the attempts to have it's it is. how succeeded none of the players are working together regional players or the most of the players so they can bring your money to the table the saudi and coalition the campaign to drive the who thiis out of the data and to give any
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capital and reinstate the government of president of the i of the rebels remain defiant firing bullets to besides into saudi arabia and vowing to do the capital to the. you know he nations general assembly is due to hold an emergency meeting on recent violence in gaza members will vote on an arab back resolution condemning israel and calling for the protection of palestinians but any resolution adopted it won't be binding mike hanna joins us live from the united nations in new york so talk us through how this will work mike. well what we're going to be seeing is the resolution introduced by algeria as the representative of the arab league the
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united states has then asked for the permission to speak to propose some amendments to this particular resolution essentially the resolution that will be introduced is very similar to that introduced by kuwait in a security council meeting at the beginning of the month which was asking for condemnation of israel's military action and protection for the people of palestine the u.s. amendments is specifically putting a responsibility on hamas for what the u.s. says is the ongoing violence in the region often those are the resolutions introduced the amendments are introduced there will then be a list of speakers now what has been decided it would appear although this could always change in the very last moment but then rather than each individual states speaking in the general assembly they are going to be individual states representing groups such as the nonaligned movements the arab the group as i said there will be some ten eleven speakers in the course of this particular session at
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the end of that session it will be decided whether or not to add the amendments suggested by the united states or whether to go ahead and vote on the resolution as originally introduced by algeria as well as to introduce incidentally which is a co-sponsor of the resolution now what will be interesting to see here is of course the number of votes there the resolution does get whether or not those amendments that the u.s. really wants has introduced and one must remember too that at the security council session at the beginning of this month. the resolution by kuwait was passed back to vetoed by the united states it was the only objected to that particular resolution the u.s. then introduced its own resolution which in an unprecedented situation received only one vote that of the united states itself a humiliating moment one might say for the united states so what we will be seeing over the next couple of hours is discussion of this resolution on protection of the
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people of palestine with particular reference to gaza brought by algeria and turkey . mike hanna thank you very much indeed all the nine hundred people of a ride at the italian port of catan in sicily after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard it comes amid a growing diplomatic rabba to italy in front. of the new telling government refusal to allow a foreign rescue boat to dock france's president has called that cynical and irresponsible jennifer our reports. disembarking in italy nine hundred thirty two migrants and refugees rescued in the mediterranean by the italian coast guard on the crossing from the libyan coast among their number more than two hundred miners and two dead bodies. heading instead to spain hundreds more on the ngo rescue ship aquarius the italian government believes it's borne the brunt of this crisis alone for long enough and international rescue vessels like
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aquarius now banned from italy it says an invitation to people smugglers and this is what it amounts to in practice file pictures of the u.s.s. trent on a navy vessel currently on patrol in the med with forty shipwreck survivors on board and twelve dead bodies it's unable to transfer them to a german rescue vessel because italy won't give them safe harbor real time consequences real lives at stake. facing criticism from n.g.o.s the u.n. and some fellow e.u. members the italian government is unbending the far right leader now interior minister mattel's salvini who authored this change of policy has shot back at the french president for calling it cynical and irresponsible salvini his view that's pure hypocrisy here's what he told the italian senate that pretty much a no you request. from january first into the end of may moment ten thousand people
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that content back in france into italy in the relocation agreement of twenty fifteen france agreed to take nine thousand eight hundred migrants instead it's taken six hundred forty so i asked president micron to take in one thousand migrants tomorrow morning in the show of real generosity not just words meanwhile civil society has been joined by civic society pushing back the mayor of palermo in sicily is among a number of mayors declaring their cities remain open to all we remember our grandfather we remember. were. relatives and we remember that. difficult is when their way of bedroom with germany were reversed as well medica to because of that the human beings there where would be italy has a proud post in which immigration played a major part but he needs a future perhaps less so join a whole al-jazeera rome. butler has more from paris on the diplomatic fallout
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between italy and france. well the french president tomorrow michael is certainly trying to calm the situation he said in comments on wednesday that france and italy had always worked side by side on the issue of migrants in europe he also urged all sides to stop getting caught in emotions now lists of course just one day off to man or mark or sparked a diplomatic row with this city with his comments that the italian government had acted irresponsibly and cynically in its blocking of the aquarius ship now that seem to put france on the higher moral ground and that infuriated italian officials who are very quick to point out that of course france did not put its hands up to take in the aquarius boat that we know has fall into spain and the interior minister of italy also speaking out against say on france in the front simply hasn't done enough to share the burden with italy of the amount of migrants that
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are coming into the country trying to share that burden and ease the burden on the italian people now imagine a mark or is shared will to meet the italian prime minister on friday that may not happen italian officials are saying it could be canceled they are demanding that amount of apologize for his comments it is unlikely that the french president will apologize but he would certainly want that meeting to go ahead he says it would be a good opportunity to talk about perhaps a new solutions folks foreign has been fined more than a billion dollars by a court in germany over the diesel emissions scandal prosecutors say more than ten million vehicles made by b.w. were fitted with software which allowed them to appear to have learned missions when tested in labs the carmakers says it except the fine and its responsibility for the crisis its already paid billions of dollars in damages to car owners in the u.s. . antarctica has lost almost three trillion tons of ice since the early one nine
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hundred ninety s. according to a new study scientists have tracked the thawing by satellite data they've discovered sea havel's have risen almost a centimeter causing a risk of flooding from the pacific islands to florida most of the ice is lost from west antarctica and the antarctic peninsula where wilma ocean water is melting floating ice shelves at the end of class is. still to come this half hour. donald trump returns to the u.s. declaring that everyone can feel much safer career is no longer a new p.f. threat plus. the syrian refugees who say they have a better shot at life in their own country as the war drags on.
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tell us something of a chinese taking place in the weather across europe at the moment we're losing the heat and across northern parts of the continent further down to the south where weather the warm air is running into somewhat cooler here we're seeing some pretty lively storms so we've had storms across southern france easing their way across parts of the alps enormously into the a tragically still see the founder hazy pushing into the balkans and a little further east might be downpours coming in here as we go on through thursday for you guys can be some lively weather just around remain yesterday back into hungary was pretty poor for a good part of italy further north. struggling to get into the twenty's there in london and paris twenty three celsius there for berlin and stockholm remember just last week we were getting up into the mid twenty's into a good part of scandinavia just about getting up to around ninety degrees much warmer though for madrid five dragoman study over the next couple days or
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a spell of wet and windy weather coming to the northwest of you have so sunny across the british isles feeling a little less pleasant as we go on through the next few days are still there down to a southern possibly not quite as widespread as we make our way towards the weekend they want of the other side of the mat it's lost a fine and try a hot one and kyra thirty eight warner for about twenty four. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they endure is plain for all to see. but behind closed doors lurks an unspeakable retire lety inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s in dignity and dance to tell the tale. silent when a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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among the top stories here on. a major battle is underway in yemen as the saudi ever achi kurdish and begins an offensive to capture the rebel held port city of her data. nations general assembly is holding an emergency meeting on the recent violence in gaza members will vote on an arab backed resolution which condemns israel and calls for the protection of palestinians. or nine hundred people have arrived at the tallinn border katon year after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard this after the government turned away another boat carrying six hundred twenty nine rescued migrants sparking an international route. yes president donald
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trump has arrived back in washington after a summit with kim jong un in singapore he tweeted just landed a long trip everyone everybody can now feel much safer the day i took office there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meanwhile yes after state flight from paris arrived in seoul to brief south korean leaders on trump's decision to cancel annual military drills along the korean peninsula is expected to top the agenda the move has surprised the pentagon and regional u.s. allies improving relations with north korea has wide support in the south some conservative group says the singapore deal gives away too much pride reports from seoul. it's throughout south korea voters are going to the polls these elections for men as and councils are local but the day after the singapore summit many voters have international diplomacy on their minds and president moon jane's ruling party could benefit. he deserves
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a credit for starting this whole process you see i'm concerned that the ruling party is becoming too powerful and that's not good just as trump and kim are back home now presenting their achievement as a win so mood also has a lot to gain the whole thing has been driven by the domestic political reasons by three important players. trunk are trump and present as well so absolutely here in seoul the politics is very important. moon's policy of friendly engagement remains popular with majority support but the summit deal also has fierce critics conservative parties and the right wing media have attacked trump's suspension of military exercises between the u.s. and south korean forces as a concession that gets nothing in return and they claim this deal is far worse than
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previous ones signed by the north koreans but they've renee gone anyway also concerned about the canceled military drills as japan. we believe the u.s. south korea military drills are vital for the security of north east asia but i would like to see an understanding of this between japan and the u.s. and south korea. for north korean defectors like choke your opinions are divided one of thirty thousand who lives here he believes the country he left is finally changing. the actions he took before the summit shows their willingness for change we will have to see how they implement the declaration. what happens next it seems will be the true test of whether this is a deal of substance bride al-jazeera sold. thousands of syrian refugees in lebanon are preparing to return home as the fighting abates in some areas many say
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they now have a better chance at life in syria rather than in refugee camps it for others going home is still not an option then a hundred ports. their life in exile is about to end it's been five years since they arrived in lebanon the ramadan family is preparing to return to syria now that the war is winding down our house is still standing it needs some repairs but it is better than living in a tent and their relatives told us our village now has electricity and water some three thousand syrians will be leaving the border town of our sell mainly to the column on region just behind the mountain and it will be the second batch of voluntary returns in recent weeks many complain about what they describe as unbearable conditions in the camps. i mean we are paying for an electricity garbage collection from the twenty seven dollars each person gets a month from the u.n. it's not enough that's why we want to go home. the united nations refuses to
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organize returns it says conditions are still not suitable many of the refugees escape political persecution when they left syria and there is a need for security guarantees. to return but conditions need to be put in place the people have a different situation than ours some of their family members are still there. the population as a whole was displaced everyone should be able to return with. the estimated one and a half million syrian refugees in lebanon have been an economic burden officials here would like to see more returning home as more opposition areas come under government control but there are problems many of the refugees do not have homes to return to towns and villages have been reduced to rubble by the fighting and the international community is withholding reconstruction money it is using it as
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leverage to force the syrian government to making political compromises. that may not happen soon and that is concerning refugees because some lebanese politicians are making life more difficult for them they want to cancel the refugee status of those who travel to and from syria classifying them as economic migrants. i am not wanted by the syrian government for any wrongdoing but if i go back now i have no way of feeding my children i may have little choice lebanese security is refusing to renew my residency papers they say i should go back to human rights groups say there have been cases of refugees being pressured levanon denies forcing anyone to leave that may be true for the ramadan family who like others want to return and to escape the life of misery in these camps but they still worry about a life of misery in syria where there are fears about safety and economic security . northeast lebanon. qatar has reportedly extended
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a five hundred million dollars aid package to jordan to help its struggling economy nap and off the cuff as foreign minister how talks with the jordanian king in amman anger at austerity measures triggered waves of protests in recent weeks which brought down the prime minister you know incident comes two days after saudi arabia the u.a.e. and kuwait pledged two and a half billion dollars to help jordan. the u.s. canada and mexico will jointly host the twenty twenty six football world cup the north american bid won twice as many votes as its only rival. football's governing body is denying that pressure from u.s. president donald trump may have influenced the voting me winning this reports from moscow canada mexico and usa have been selected by the fever congress to house the twenty twenty six world cup the world cup will return to the united states of america for the first time in thirty two years it's been involving
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mexico and canada the united bid was the heavyweight counter that it was in fact second on surprising trial with one hundred thirty four votes to sixty five for the other contender or rock on the u.s. where the big players in this all along play we host sixty guns mexico ten and tom of the team thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for world cup in twenty twenty six. let us also salute our friends from morocco at the end of the day we are all united in football that's the spirit of the world cup. snubbed in that twenty twenty two bit losing out the cuts are the stars and stripes of loom large over faith it was the american investigators attorney general on the f.b.i. who brought down sat boxes free for three years ago you free thought so you issues the politics of keeping america sweet and crucially making money the united big promise billions of dollars more this host decision was
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a trance powered by for the first time which caused its own problems so hundred and three national associations with that decision on the political scrutiny president trump but tweeted in april that it would be ashamed of countries that we always support with the law be against the u.s. good. i'm not worried about anything at the least i'm worried about about the president of the united states or a mexico or canada prime minister or i don't think you should take over a finger question was answered i don't think anyone tries to take over he thought he had belongs to football and to the members of the now the tallest the trump but he's a been a station we to work closely like winter about to take you straight to the united nations general assembly which is holding an emergency meeting on recent violence in gaza let's listen in to u.s. ambassador nikki haley who's brought bring her own u.s. structured amendment are taking protests are taking place in nicaragua over one
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hundred forty six peaceful nicaraguans have been killed by their own government in the past two months. but we're not talking about nicaragua today. the people of iran have been protesting their government for months thousands of peaceful iranian protesters have been arrested over twenty five are dead. but we're not talking about iran either. the world's worst humanitarian crisis is going on right now in yemen millions are at risk for starvation. in burma almost a million innocent people have been driven from their homes in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. but we're not talking about yemen or burma. instead today the general assembly is devoting its valuable time to the situation in gaza gaza is an important international matter. but what makes
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it different and more urgent than conflicts in nicaragua iran yemen burma or many other desperate places. because we haven't gathered here to discuss any of those urgent issues the united states would welcome that. what makes gaza different for some is that attacking israel is their favorite political sport that's why we're here today. the nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day it is totally one sided it makes not one mention of hamas who routinely initiate violence in gaza such one sided resolutions at the un do nothing to advance peace between israel and the palestinians everyone recognizes that but advancing peace is not the goal of this resolution i suspect even my turkish friends know the passage of this really
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resolution won't change anything but that it looks good for the people back home to think they're doing something. that is pure politics in fact this resolution makes peace less possible it feeds a narrative to the desperate people of gaza that their leaders are not responsible for their predicament. it stokes hatred. it sacrifices honesty accuracy compromise and reconciliation in favor of the advancement of a narrow political agenda. if we were being honest we would acknowledge that there are no perfect actors on either side of this conflict. but it does no one any good to pretend that all the blame lies on one side i wish everyone supporting this one sided resolution would put as much energy into encouraging president abbas to
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come to the negotiating table. as you do to falsely implied to your people back home that you're doing something. israel withdrew completely from gaza in two thousand and five. been the defacto government in gaza since two thousand and seven this strip of land along the mediterranean coast has a normas potential. and yet after eleven years of hamas rule gaza has electricity for only a few hours a day it has enormous unemployment and poverty it is a haven for terrorist activity. at what point will the un actually hold accountable those who are in charge of gaza and running it into the ground. instead this resolution holds from us completely unaccountable for most of the recent unrest it
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blames everything on israel but the facts tell a different story. it is hamas and its allies that have fired over one hundred rockets into israel in the past month hoping to cause death to as many civilians and as much destruction as possible it is a mosque that has used palestinian civilians as human shields at the boundary fence seeking to incite violence and overrun the border. it is a mosque that refuses to cooperate with the palestinian authority to unite in the pursuit of peace it is a mosque that calls for the destruction of the state of israel within any borders and yet the resolution before us not only fails to blame hamas for these actions it fails to even mention hamas. this is the dangerous counterproductive decision the general assembly is about to take. but there is still
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a chance for this body to try and right this wrong we still have the opportunity to salvage something honest from this discussion. the united states is offering an amendment that provides a small step in the direction of balance our amendment rightly condemned some us as indiscriminate firing of rockets into israeli civilian communities it accurately condemns the diversion of aid and resources from civilian needs into military infrastructure including terror tunnels used to attack israeli citizens it justly expresses our grave concerns about damage done to border crossings that are handling the delivery of desperately needed food and fuel to the people of gaza this is a modest amendment that reflects the minimum truth of what is going on in gaza. it is the least that any self respecting international organization or nation can do
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for the cause of peace. to those who are unsure about how to vote i ask what part of our amendment is objectionable is it objectionable to condemn hamas for firing the rockets at civilians is it objectionable to condemn the diversion of resources from civilians to military uses or is it objectionable to express concern about the destruction of border crossings that deliver life saving supplies. today's choice for the general assembly is simple. it is the choice between using our time here to advance peace and security or using it to stoke hatred and conflict this vote will tell us much about which countries are serious about accuracy and reconciliation and which countries are bound by their political agendas for the sake of peace and for the sake of this institution i urge my
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colleagues to support the united states amend thank you. i think the distinguished representative of the united states. i now give the floor to the observer of the state of palestine. mr president. colleagues i thank you mr president for convening this important meeting in this spawns to the request to resume the tense emergence.


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