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tv   Trump And The Ethics Of Foreign Aid  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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yemeni island of so called truck heavy rains and strong winds lashed the unesco world heritage sites in the arabian sea a state of emergency has been declared after the storm flooded villages and capsized boat it's expected to make landfall in nearby oman on saturday donald trump has posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson he was convicted in one nine hundred thirteen on charges of taking his white girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes the law at the time could be used to prosecute ben for interracial relationships even if those relationships were consensual trump granted johnson a full pardon saying his decision corrected a historic role those are your headlines up next people in power also use of. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price of twenty eight thousand is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. one of president trump's first sanctioned office was in the water to prevent u.s. aid cash going to n.g.o.s the promotable sure as a method of family planning the move when the applause of protonix advocates but it's been condemned by aid agencies and charities who say the ruling will have devastating consequences for their work in the developing world. filmmakers sarah spiller and chatham macrae have been to find out what. you.
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need september in mozambique southern africa we've come here to find out about the impact of a phone reaching policy put in place by u.s. president donald trump. volunteers from an aid organization called uno jaffa gather in the province of god. they've poured their hearts and souls into a multi-agency project called. a key part of a minute at his work to spread a message about contraception we began filming but neither we nor these volunteers had any idea about what was to happen next. worst of. all of us or less is program of dreams you mistrust missed yes this is i mean.
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it is yes it is but sebastiano tells these youngsters their work is ending because of us president trumps rule that stops charities like this receiving american funding if they advise on abortion in the last almost half is of the last all but of the whole must least look good or at. least i've got little is the norm there will. be guns this doesn't it's the america a merger for has been working here since nine hundred eighty nine. two thirds of their funding comes from the us government but because of their opposition to president trump's order for mentioning abortion that will now and for the young volunteers it appears to make no sense. so he was called out on my own living with yes south got on the island as would go getters and
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london which in turn made up in london mr ambani this was what i wanted that was and that is it was it and let them mean i mean it was for it was just as my sins got there most of us. our people and car investigation took us across this nation to witness the effects of the new us admin. stray shoe rule and the questions it raises how usa is america is doing this when they a shelter for the rights of the people. is completely and just sit and just sit against you want rights. it was one of president trumps first acts in office. with a sweep of the presidential pen and executive order on foreign aid and abortion that. thank you very much for months later came details of how the
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policy protecting life and global health assistance would apply a charity that now wants us funds most know it all add to the pre-made abortion as a method of family planning in foreign countries including counseling advice and information regarding the benefits under availability of abortion as a method of family planning. opponents immediately called it a global gag rule. the trump support is the widow was a major victory from the pro-life president. but to protect the unborn fire of real estate is a policy first put in place by president ronald reagan. the rule on foreign aid in the boardroom has been a political seesaw a success if u.s.
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administrations introduced by president reagan it was repealed by president clinton reintroduced by president bush rescinded by president obama the critics say this newest version president trumps pressure goes far beyond anything that's happened before. crucially. president trump's rule extends to a far larger range of international aid programs for example charities working to combat h i v and other infectious diseases longer get us a headline is on abortion. and the new policy affects a u.s. foreign aid budget of over eight point eight billion dollars. over one hundred thirty n.g.o.s have condemned the trunk border including global names like c. the children and population action international. the us administration has briefs that they are committed to helping women and children thrive should you just take
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their word or not if this administration was truly concerned about protecting life they want to react at this policy and they certainly want to expand it in the way that they do it because we know from past erosions of us policy maternal deaths increase unsafe abortions increase this is not going to help women thrive and it's certainly not going to help children thrive in the absence of no mother. it may be early days in terms of president trumps new order but in mozambique we found disturbing evidence about how it would affect work on critical h.i.v. prevention. it's been estimated up to thirteen percent of people aged between fifteen and forty nine here are living with hiv and that the epidemic has led to over six hundred thousand. military base husband and some of her children have died five grandchildren now dependent on her as well as her thirteen year old son
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nelson. so-so. maybe we will see them once a week. has received funds to help people like paul never disclose to their families that they have a child and to support that can. today she's visited by nurse from the charity he's become a family friend before you've met us. could you talk about your hiv status. but of the low figure you know this is the. stuff you know. how important is it to know that you can look after yourself nelson
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. who lives in was. his. half an hour's car journey away fifty one year old widow but a star u.k. is proud of her flourishing garden and the money it brings in from selling her produce but she told us none of this would have been possible if an death a nurse hadn't told doctors to treat her. like i'm doing. ok. just i want them back to their lives. in the gym or. give me a big additional visit. with the new problems. sure. you know what i mean which again. with.
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your. in. the book with a look at what each of those above you can really show you who didn't about charity workers have kept up with their home care visits to check on pakistan his health and her nutrition. but. today the welcome donation of porridge to supplement the family diet. was one thing. from feeling like an outcast but as tara says these charity workers are now her friends . but there's something else on her mind. she hadn't been here i think if and when that message as i think you or. as we were filming we learned that we're facing the prospect of closing this and other hiv projects as
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a result of defying the trump policy. the project leader country the consequences were clear. and i want it just washed away this cannot happen to get to the corner or it could be a side at the national theatre but i thought that it cannot possibly because they were very busy the last comes up on that night and i must associate that the opposite of the way to the bronx directly on that issue on the law. is a member association of the international planned parenthood federation. the stans both organizations have taken against the trump order means that on the devil will lose two million dollars of us funding. so why are they prepared to forfeit this us money. why couldn't you just saw in and forget about the abortion issue about what brought up the butt of the began. that i marched with asthma their son lived to be
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this idiot us to carry on now what they want what a bed for activists we talked to opposing the trump order is not only about out holding the principle of a woman's choice it's about free speech under the law introduced to save lives. liberalized its nor an abortion in two thousand and fourteen not least gives the high numbers of deaths from illegal unsafe telling nations but for some changing the law is just a first step campaigning and doctor. told us it's now essential to spread the message that safe legal abortion is now an option in mozambique up until twelve weeks of pregnancy. for the meter on now who are bored stuck on fifth floor board do you think it is that billy graham of either the mortgage and owns a good friend of them or believe that the my family. some beacon shit out because
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of. the trump policy means not only a charity is unable to council on abortion if they want us funds. on top of this america will cease funding other health what if charities like canada death are using their own money from other sources to provide legal abortion services. and the death says the risk of unsafe terminations means they're not prepared to censor the advice they give. what we hope is that people will be pregnant people will decide to have abortion and because they are not informed about what the law about abortion in the country what are the possibilities what good facilities we have in the country if there is no more to give them this information those people will go for and save a bush and those people will die. down
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a bumpy road on the outskirts of the capital a charity called i c r h is holding an outreach event at general school as part of mozambique's national safe abortion day. don't. even. need to eat it's a chance to learn about contraception and the dangers of unsafe terminations but like other charities who've received us funds they too will face a decision on whether to sign up to the new policy. we don't really see how we can sign it because i separate shiz mission is really to improve reproductive and sexual hofman minds in mozambique safe abortion is now legal we are trying to provide comprehensive services to young people in particular so that they can protect their health and realize their reproductive rights. forty five percent of
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the population here is under fifteen zero zero zero. mozambique is one of twenty five countries targeted by the u.s. in a bid to reduce maternal and child deaths worldwide as a result millions of dollars of aid have poured in. now the fear is a wider impact if u.s. plans on lost the concern is that the loss of u.s. funds will not only impact on services like hiv prevention and family planning but may have unforeseen consequences affecting a range of services that n.g.o.s provide things like helping young girls back to school advice on you tradition basic support on hygiene and clean water supply work that n.g.o.s have been doing in this country for many many years. nearly three thousand students attend this large school in the province of gaza since m.-o.
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death or began their work here advising on contraception they say they've seen the rate of teenage pregnancies fall and more girls able to continue their education. it's a project that's caught everyone's imagination. was . the see the world hand in which was volunteers sang about the future the reality the clinic and their death are set up here is due to claire's three days of to be filmed along with nine more in this province in lebanon. the. us. was. immaculately the
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providence raechel sambo takes her fourteen year old daughter for a check up read his baby is due in two months told us how on the death of persuaded the will for it is to let her pregnant daughter's state school. get. settled for what is soul. and there's a further way this family has been supported. for the past eight months meter and repel have had no access to running water that means a long walk to gather supplies. and other have told them how to add a purifying liquid when they bring their cans home to make the river water say. keeping reader in school advice about safe water all this record says has transformed the lives. of. those
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surveyed and went off i mean i get there but is there still vivid i get no more do but is there still. brigade. stonemason live very. great guy. to support this family has received from a motor for may also be under threat in the coming months as a result of the charities decision that it can't in conscience sign up to the trump policy. even though the u.s. policy is still being rolled out the evidence we were finding here raise disturbing questions the effect of the trump order already potentially devastating. new where more so than when it comes to combating the ravages of tuberculosis a disease rife here in the mozambique province of number one at a local hospital worker marietta raise
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a defacto is in despair and death as contribution to a tb outreach project is ending because of the trump order. says that maybe it was from out of seattle or. fashion last week by lewis followers that it was founded on the belief that the plan better and. that i mean. abbotabad but i'm not but i lost the ball less their market bashed it got bashed of. as part of the us flagship program challenge to be a murder for we're told in the market travels hundreds of kilometers to remote communities far from public health facilities. the aim to test for tuberculosis and provide medication. to day care so there is in tupelo workers have
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spent many months here gaining the trust and then the gratitude of villages. in. a very well where there's always been a newly told us he owed his life to him no death as support because. of very little really garlow what. but would your. intro or butter lead to more. later the journey over and after all visit we learned more about. the patient we met. almost the circuit or two professional ship. sympathetic wanted out that that meant. to settle those measures else asked that the best sign best dealt with abs yeah come on wouldn't.
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and don't tell us a. little bit was a kill. viral had more to measure moment there what a samosa m. what. life is where the i guess the god was why why why why why but why are leading charities have made their own estimates about the human cost of defying the new president life policy. in january this year mary stapes international suggested without alternative funding the loss of their services worldwide could mean twenty one thousand seven hundred maternal deaths in president trump's first term of office. the
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u.s. charity water aid also appears is the new trump rule they say they now theer for a range of water aid projects in africa and what this might mean and we do expect that women and girls will. i as a result of reduced access to very basic services that they need to survive and thrive like education about why it's important to wash your hands ls and making sure that you have access to water the net effect of this policy is likely to be three steps backwards and three steps backwards and terms of funding and policy translates into lives lost. we take to interview a spokesperson from the us administration about the issues raised in this film despite two months of asking nobody was available instead us aid supplied us with
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a statement it said the policy does not reduce the amount of global health assistance the us government makes available departments and agencies will reprogram to other organizations any funding they would have awarded to n.g.o.s that do not agree to the conditions. it added that it was also important to note that this policy does not limit foreign n.g.o.s from treating injuries or illnesses caused by illegal or legal abortions. and suggestions the policy could lead to an increase in unsafe abortions and maternal deaths we were pointed towards data being collected for a u.s. state department review. so we asked what data was being collected the response they didn't have anything else to add. as we went to where the us state department review has still not been published. charities like imo death
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and now seeking new partners the new sources of funding worldwide one initiative has seen ten governments along with other donors raising four hundred thirty million dollars for organizations who may use u.s. money. but america remains the world's largest bilateral donor to global health programs and the fear is that it could be hard to replace the sheer scale of aid that may be northeast as a result of the trump policy. was a show i showed you shoot the noise i used to follow the group would come up with this actual foolish notion by easy for the real. worth not allowed on. earth. painful as it is these volunteers remain convinced the stand they've taken is the right thing to do. to. be.
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the message of this strong the importance of spreading education information in. the new jersey i have now told those affected about the closure of their project and their urgently looking at alternative ways to help people when it comes to what the future holds for one worker a message to donald trump. only time is such a good thing but i am it is it i am guilt they are all forwarded on by i shall. be a sad michael schiavo upis is that all that but i know school source is almost the ways i am. and i invite him to come here and to see it. live and the so i meant it with all that do there.
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to some anonymous politician to others an alleged war criminal who was responsible for the murder of course of a statesman all over over and over which what does it reveal of the sectarian divide within this ten year old country and how is it a fractured relations between prishtina belgrade kosovo people and our investigation on al-jazeera. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the serious sensual being with state i mean a garbo is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in by in the local language which means a traditional breeding assistant or a midwife i mean that's been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty
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years. know this you. know going to become to me they're poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing i can't refuse them so i take care that even when they come pay me. but the challenges faced by him you know can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers implicated the global banking system and on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world the u.s. calls off a summit with north korea pyongyang says it's willing to resolve the issues with the u.s. . the american assman came hours after north korea allowed a group of journalists to watch it demolish its nuclear test site. hello again i'm peter tell me you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the indonesian parliament debates and tito.


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