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about commentary misinformation distance the rumors and false messages of who would win a prize grandes take you on a journey and ground the canal and. only a mountain scene. getting to the heart of the matter if most stuff i can see the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says let's have two homes would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. hoping to rebuild a country that went through insufferable conflicts and economic uncertainty iraqis are getting ready to cast their vote for a new government. what path will the country take in an election that was delayed one sorabjee. iraq elections on al jazeera.
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israel's army says iranian forces have fired a round of twenty rockets at israeli positions in the golan heights. on about us and this is all just a live from doha also coming up malaysia's former leader mohamed wins a shocking election victory and during the sixteen year reign of the ruling party. nobody thought this was going to happen and if it did it would be years or decades donald trump wins the release of three american prisoners from north korea now they're flying home. and rage into iran over donald trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. as protesters
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american flags. ok let's go straight to some breaking news in the golan heights the israeli military says iranian forces in neighboring syria have fired rockets at their positions. air raid sirens have been heard in the area and israel says it intercepted some of the incoming fire so far no deaths have been reported israel says its forces have responded. and meanwhile the syrian government says this video shows its army firing missiles in response to israeli attacks on damascus suburbs our correspondent ari fawcett's joining us now on the phone from jerusalem we're getting slightly different reports of these incidents harry but there's no question that at the moment that is going to ramp up the tension in the area given the why you don't context of what's
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happening between the u.s. and iran. well yes that's right what we're getting from the israeli military is a report that some twenty rockets were fired inbound from syrian territory and they are attributing this to iranian forces inside syria they say this is coming from the could squeeze gate of the iranian revolutionary guard as you say they say some of the rockets were intercepted they say there's been no damage or death inflicted on the israeli side or the army is also saying that they have retaliated providing any further details of exactly what that retaliation constitutes the syrian state media is saying that its defenses confronted several israeli rockets pro assad b.d.'s saying that small israeli military compounds were targeted in the initial fire coming from syrian territory including what they called eavesdropping centers on the israeli side of the in the occupied golan heights as it was
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a heavy port and a regional come on h.q. of winter. winter battalion on the israeli side as the confirmation of those details coming from the israeli army over this as you say does come in the context of donald trump the decision to pull out of iran nuclear deal and what we heard last night which was reports of explosions and deaths southwest of damascus during what appeared to be strikes on entering in or near an iranian base in that area it also comes after the israeli only had warned mccool thursdays in northern israel to open public shelters early on tuesday before donald trump speech. being reported in the israeli media a couple days before that that they were expecting some kind of a ringing response to measure a strike which took place in syria last month's given everything that you've been
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describing how the people in the area where you are in jerusalem but also the other surrounding areas reacting to all of this. well i mean certainly here in jerusalem there is no there is no military as there has been. israel but people there is concern more widely in the region israel among them that obviously the situation. israel's northern borders is. extremely fluid and unstable at the moment both given what's happened in the politics between states and iran and what the iranian military's been talking about for several several days now that the possibility of some kind of iranian response according to these briefings is given to the israeli media to what is widely attributed to israeli activity targeting iranian forces inside syria
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in recent days so yes that there is concern that there could be could have been some kind of response however the israeli military was also briefed that it had intelligence that this could be. coming in the next days but that there was an expectation that such steps taken by the iranian forces would not be designed to escalate into wider conflict because the danger for everyone here is in the region itself for even if calculations are made to try and stop things escalate there is always the possibility of accidental escalation for now thanks very much indeed i want to bring in a guy what is a she's a political commentator she's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time given what ari was saying about the fluidity of the situation surrounding iran the u.s. and everything else that's going on in the area is this an action do you think that iran is likely to take at this particular time. it's unlikely
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given the fact that the hardliners in iran the ones who mainly a run the farm policy apparatus have been. posted in negotiations and to deal from day one say nickel and trust america and its allies and this was something that was expected that any kind of tension in the region my see an escalation in these kind of proxy wars where iran ians are against us or u.s. forces so i think this might not be a direct result of president trump's decision the situation in syria has been ongoing but this is something that will probably going to see even more if not less and they're region given the fact that iran does have some support from the other signatories to the nuclear deal and it seems to have a world wide recognition of the steps that it's being taking so far up to this point again is this likely to be an action that iran would take so overtly that
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money to actually put all of that at risk. i don't think it's a very calculated strategy again as i said this situation in syria has been ongoing this is not just the one time attack but it could be part of an ongoing reaction and it has we're still waiting to see what to iran is going to do the supreme leader at the top hardliner in iran too much surprise has said that if the europeans abide by their end of the deal and if they can give guarantees iran as far as benefits to the deal iran might continue with the deal but then at the same time let's not forget that the nuclear deal with just about iran's nuclear program and iran has been committed to it's part of that specific deal but everything else iran's other activities in their region were completely separate from the nuclear deal and those kind of decisions have been ongoing in this time so this this could be part of the reaction but it could just be part of a longer term strategy that was still ongoing as our correspondent how the force
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that mentioned just a couple of minutes ago israel has said that it's not taking action that is intended to escalate the situation in the golan heights but what do you think the risk is that actually that exactly could happen it could spill over into all the areas i think that the risk is actually very high even though it seems like both iran and israel are not interested in getting in any sort of escalated conflict at least by accidental tension in the region not just in the golan heights and many other parts of the region where these wars are ongoing accidental tensions can can happen and can ask real quickly and get out of hand for both sides even if it's unintended but. i guess we just have to wait and see the ongoing situation right now in the golan heights would be an indication of what will come in and then you're in for the future but it is it is very possible that
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it might just escalate further new girl motors other thank you very much indeed. there's been a historic an unexpected upset and malaysia's parliamentary elections with the opposition winning power for the first time since independence over sixty years ago ninety two year old former prime minister mohammad will once again be back in the top job he's going to replace najib razak who became embroiled in a major corruption scandal brian reports from kuala lumpur. supporters of the opposition alliance gathered as counting began not knowing what the night would bring. official results started to come in the growing anticipation of a major political upset. then
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on a crackly video link appearance by the defacto leader of this opposition movement the former prime minister mahathir mohamad of his shows. and likelihood is that they will not be on me their government the day began with malaysia's embattled prime minister najib razak voting in an election seen as a test of his credibility he was confident of victory. i believe the people will give a new mandate to paris and national we cannot vote based on slanderous edition because the elections are not about that. he has been plagued by the scandal over the government's one m. d. b. investment fund that had hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly misappropriated now jeep denies any wrongdoing but the controversy brought the return of mahathir into the political fray accusing his form
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a protege of corruption at ninety two he remains a potent political force able to draw away supporters from the traditional molay base that has kept the governing party in power for six decades malaysia is now in uncharted territory unsure it seems even how power is meant to be passed on from one party to another as beers began to sink cain about what was happening that i like to council around the country so the crowd in this parkers swelled the mood turned into one of you. the the expectation that sixty one years of continuous rule by the same party could be coming to an end on this one extraordinary night tonight is a great day that i and i mean that people always want. everybody. to cherish what is a fantastic the moment you know for good. and now prepares to be sworn back into
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office a ninety two year old leader taking his country on a new unprecedented calls pride al-jazeera. to their cobol and joins us now from kuala lumpur divya as rob was saying the transfer of power isn't really provided for because it's never happened before so we have any idea what is likely to happen in the next few days. that's right drop out of this is very little is clear people are still coming to terms with the fact that they are going to have for the first time a new ruling party in the country you know you couldn't make this stuff up i mean this is this is like a story or a some kind of an action packed movie where you have a leader of a country or a former leader of a country who helped set up the founding party post-independence sixty years ago coming back to the fore to unseat his protege as a just ninety two bringing in one of his former other proteges which he was jailed
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himself when he got to too powerful bringing him back into the political front teaming up with him you know people are just watching this with disbelief not not understanding how to take it all in there is a huge element of surprise but what's also important to note that a part of the reason that this has all happened is because of the youth vote now more than a hof or about half the eligible voters are under forty years old and they are the ones that have been voicing a lot of their offices ition to know the ruling party that's been here for decades mostly through social media there and something that's nudgee the prime minister has been trying to quell our crush bringing in new loss to quiet any dissent but they have managed and people analysts electoral electoral observers are saying that it's the youth vote is the young people that have managed to push forward this kind
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of change. davey as i understand it mohammed is from the forefront of a like a four party coalition that includes malaysia's largest essex chinese party he's going to step aside i think once they decide to opposition leader and what evil him gets out of jail is there any sense there from people that they actually are in a position to put together some sort of government and actually make it work ok so here's where the difficulty lies it was my fear mohamed who had originally created this racial based political system he had basically given handouts or elevated what you called bumiputra local malays which make up sixty percent of the ethnic makeup of this country and so using them he has he had pushed through the popularity of i'm no and now he has come to power basically received votes from all the other ethnic communities and so he somehow has to bring them all
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back together dismantling the whole system that he essentially pioneered so yes there are going to be a lot of challenges also there's a lot of distrust when he was prime minister although he's been credited with bringing malaysia huge economic development bringing it to the international forefront he also was seen as an autocratic leader who crush the opposition so that's another problem he's going to have a lot of the opposition have they have seen the back of his hands and so not to trust him and join forces with them is also going to be another challenge so yes there are a lot of challenges ahead of him but white now people are just coming to terms with what's happened in a lot of political parties are realising that whereas before there was there was very little hope that they could on seat i'm know now there seems to be a realisation that maybe perhaps there could be an used force in politics of politics in malaysia there is something very much indeed. and still ahead on
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al-jazeera israel's prime minister heads to moscow can benjamin netanyahu heal an increasingly strained relationship. from cool brisk north in few words. to the woman trying to his of southeast asia. ally was saying some pretty heavy rain recently into southern parts of china more of the same as we go on through thursday plowden right sunny well entrenched here twenty six celsius there for a hong kong not just the winds coming in from a southerly direction that will push that right it's essential parts as we go on through friday showers through coming behind but it should be a good deal drive by the station temperatures picking up in hong kong to around twenty nine to freeze further south plenty of showers across southeast asia or as one would expect the usual family has their southern parts of the philippines its
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northern areas of borneo right across into the margin opossum off into them and a potentially nasty little clutches storms just brewing there around thailand will move through the gulf of thailand edging a little further west with as we go through wednesday and on into thursday heat of the day house continue through much of malaysia belongs you dry for aid in asia i lost it right see across a good part of india we have been talking about dust storms across the north recently look out for the thunder heads up into the northeastern corner through bangladesh still some lively showers there across southern areas of india and also into sri lanka so more weather as you go on through the next couple of days central areas essentially settled and sunny temperatures in that pool at forty two degrees . the weather sponsored by gatto and race. al-jazeera world i meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive.
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for their families to thrive. e.j. the swimmin street silent as on al-jazeera. you're watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour. really military says iranian forces in neighboring syria have fired rockets at their positions air raid sirens were had in the area and israel says it's intercepted some of the incoming fire so far no deaths have been reported. the u.s.
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could reimpose sanctions on iran as an early as next week to ensure it does not develop nuclear weapons it follows america's withdrawal from a landmark deal that limited iran's nuclear capabilities the e.u. is ready to challenge the u.s. at the world trade organization if its businesses are harmed by the sanctions. there's been an unexpected upset in malaysia's elections for the first time in sixty years an opposition alliance will form the next government ninety two year old former prime minister mahathir mohamad will once again be back in the top job replacing that's. ok just about six hours from now three american prisoners held captive in north korea while land at a military base outside washington d.c. that we greeted by president donald trump their release comes after secretary of state mike pompei oh travel to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between trump and korea's kim jong un kathy novak has more from seoul. the
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release of the americans is another sign of the thawing relationship between pyongyang and washington and improves the climate for the proposed summit between donald trump and kim jong un the us president has pushed the case for months saying there's been constant pressure likewise fighting very diligently to get the three american citizens back reports that the three had been moved from a labor camp to a hotel in the capital was followed closely in south korea there they received better food and medical treatment this is what we know about the three men kim jong il is a south korean born u.s. citizen who worked as a religious minister in his early sixty's he was detained in twenty fifteen on spying charges a year later he was sentenced to ten years hard labor at a government arranged news conference he apparently confessed to stealing military secrets while working with south korea a claim rejected by seoul two of the men have been detained since donald trump became president kim hawke song was detained on suspicion of hostile acts in may
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twenty seventeen believed to be an ethnic korean born in china he emigrated to the us in the one nine hundred ninety s. he worked at pyongyang university of science and technology. who goes by tony kim was arrested in april twenty seventeen he also worked at the university and was accused of hostile acts trumper had been suggesting that unless the north koreans take real denuclearization steps that he wouldn't go to the summit well the north koreans have given him something else very easy for them to give and now the summit will absolutely go ahead donald trump used to call the north korean leader a little rocket man and warned of a hostile reaction to further threats of attack from their west career best not to make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has never see but in march there was a dramatic turnaround when president trump announced summit plans after a visit by a south korean delegation to the white house the man who is now u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei oh followed up with visits to north korea to lay the groundwork for talks with president trump as three americans celebrate their release the family of student auto war india will be thinking of what could have been arrested in north korea and held for seventeen months he returned to the u.s. in a vegetative state and died days later one because parents have lodged a wrongful death suit against the north korean government kathy novak al-jazeera soul and how does your castro has more now from washington d.c. . the three americans released from north korea have issued a statement aboard the airplane now carrying them home and they say we would like to express our deep appreciation to the united states government president secretary pale and the people of the united states for bringing us home we thank god and all our families and friends who prayed for us and for our return god bless america the greatest nation in the world now this plane carrying these three men as
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well as secretary of state mike pump aoe is expected to land around two am local time here near washington and on the tarmac will be president trump as well as the first lady to greet them personally and to experience this moment seen as a victory for this administration it was the visit of secretary of state mike pompei oh to north korea that precipitated the release of these three men during that visit he delivered the official suggestion on behalf of trying to kim jong un for the americans to be released and he also worked with the north korean leader to lay out of the groundwork for the upcoming summit between trump and kim jong il. the u.s. could reimpose sanctions on iran as early as next week that follows president donald trump's withdrawal from the lombok international deal with the islamic republic to limit its nuclear capabilities his move has been widely criticized from
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london to tell from where as in bush has this report. god the day after the united states tore up the nuclear deal iran set it on fire members of parliament into one burned a printout of the international pact and the american flag a show of anger and disappointment over what they say is a mistake by washington i doubt all right all you more him miss nettled if europe an important countries like russia and china fill this international vacuum perhaps that will be a way to continue otherwise the islamic republic of iran will bring the us to its senses with its nuclear actions they have to know that under such circumstances iran has no commitment to remain in the nuclear position it was in before the iranians woke up to headlines that highlight the country's internal divisions moderates who are currently in government want the deal to go on without trouble hardliners stress the united states cannot be trusted and the agreement should be completely scrapped but both sides are bracing for an economic impact this is your
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division. the withdrawal means more pressure will be exerted on the people and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling to bring in goods and bypass sanctions i on wednesday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei drew a line in the sand show need to. days sure go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the us president there were maybe more than ten lies monty see is a threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump you don't like hell you will. while there is a sliver of hope for the deal to survive the company said he knows iran is asking the remaining signatories for the impossible to stand by iran and ignore the global financial threat posed by the united states has. now said that the agreement will
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stay in place with participation of the three european countries i do not trust these three countries when i meet them would not go to am. i while the full impact of renewed sanctions had yet to materialize on iranian streets traditional chants of death to america are getting louder once again perhaps the clearest sign of iran's anger was a message from the supreme leader to the american president in it he said that many u.s. presidents have died in their bones that decomposed and the trunk too will return to dust and become food for worms but the islamic republic company said will remain standing the same bus robbie old is here at the wrong. tensions between iran syria and israel have been under discussion in moscow between the russian and israeli leaders they've been attending the annual victory day celebrations when russia remembers the sacrifices in the defeat of nazi forces in world war two rory chalons reports from moscow. all his meetings with readymade putin are important said many
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men yet and they are who before flying to moscow on wednesday but this one is particularly so for israel's prime minister arriving for russia's victory day military parade was an astute courtesy call for the holiday celebrates the soviet role in defeating naziism and vladimir putin believe the world isn't grateful enough for russia's sacrifice a legacy of the special you. today some try to face from history the beat of a nation but saved europe and the world from slavery from extermination from the horrors of the holocaust they try to distort the events leading to the true heroes of forgotten and by history really little daughter we will never allow this to happen. but it's netanyahu wasn't here to walk you about history he was here to talk about what's happening now in syria one of netanyahu has concerns is russia's intentions to send the syrians the s. three hundred air defense system the previous generation of interceptor missiles he
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watched drive past him when moscow more importantly he wants to know whether putin is still listening to his worries about iran. it's difficult to believe that seventy years after the holocaust in the middle east as a country that wants to eliminate israel it's a good occasion to discuss this problem with. russia's military intervention in syria has succeeded in making it a relevant power that governments in the middle eastern region have to talk to now but moscow is finding that it's a partnership where terror is testing the limits of a previously decent working relationship with israel jerusalem appears to be. breaking point israel has already shown its readiness to strike iranian targets inside syria on tuesday nights there were reports of more conflict direct constantly in israel and iran in syria will be disastrous for russia and that's why russia will do every sink to try to avoid this kind of collusion to use
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both military contacts and diplomatic contacts. a russian capacity is not unlimited of course. and in this regard. change in the u.s. position on iranian nuclear deal. might serve as a catalyst. as a move for escalation in the region indeed following u.s. president trumps decision to pull out of the need to be a deal with iran israel stepped up military readiness along the border with lebanon and the golan heights the israelis think attacks from iran's regional proxies such as hezbollah a coming the middle east's complex patchwork of tensions and conflicts could soon be even more combustible whether russia wants it or not rory chalons al-jazeera
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moscow. this is all just things that the top stories. this very military says iranian forces in neighboring syria have fired rockets at their positions aaron sirens have been heard in the area and israel says it's intercepted some of the incoming fire. there's been an unexpected upset in malaysia's elections but first time in sixty years an opposition alliance will form the next government ninety two year old former prime minister mahathir mohamad will once again be back in the top job replacing. the us president is to reveal the details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong un within three days but donald trump says the meeting will not be held inside the demilitarized zone between the north and the suvs and it comes after three american citizens imprisoned in north korea
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have been freed and they are no heading back home in a move seen as a goodwill gesture trump is due to welcome them back when they arrive at andrews air force base in maryland the u.s. could really impose sanctions on iran as an early as next week to ensure it does not develop a nuclear weapons follows america's withdrawal from a landmark deal a limited iran's nuclear capabilities the e.u. is ready to challenge the u.s. at the world trade organization if it's businesses are harmed by the sanctions at a cabinet meeting earlier trump warned iran against pursuing its nuclear ambitions i would advise iran not to start their nuclear program i would advise them very strongly. if they do there will be very severe consequence ok the recent three americans in north korea has prompted calls for more u.s. detainees to be freed from other countries the family of iranian american bank and the mozzie are pressing the trumpet ministration to secure his release from an
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iranian prison his son is also said to be in jail with and they're serving a ten year sentence in charges of spying and cooperating with the u.s. government both deny the charges i mean he is new prime minister nicole posturing and has visited the disputed region of nagano qatar bochum on his first official day in the job areas recognized internationally as part of azerbaijan but it's being controlled by ethnic armenian forces since one thousand nine hundred ninety four percent said he's ready for talks with azerbaijan but he wants separatists to take part two coming up next it's inside story by fatah. the u.s. pulls out of the.


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