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it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention. i would say to you about just now it's a race against time to try and save a species i think chrysler is in the motions to extinction. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to behead girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and. on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and.
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a decisive day in the parliament so expected to approve the opposition leader as the new prime minister. hello i'm down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up. tonight i'm here to tell you one thing. iran large israel's prime minister says he has secret files which prove iran covertly pursued nuclear weapons. one of taiwan's last remaining allies cuts diplomatic ties to extend its relations with china. and thousands take to the streets of moscow to demand internet freedom. the armenian parliament is due to vote for a new prime minister the opposition leader nicol passion became the sole candidate
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for the post after a deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering as the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a long time leader. ousted hema i found units from this podium as the people's choice for prime minister i can announce with assurance that this pen armenian movement has created so. it's a dynamic energy that will not only stop the deep population of this country but also allow us to reach our collective dream of having armenians repatriate to their homeland all robin for us to walk as the latest from the armenian capital yerevan and peace gathering inside the parliaments and they will be an extraordinary session when they will be talking about how and whether to nominate the prime minister but the republicans understood last night to have had their own emergency meeting at this according to the opposition leader himself nicole passion yan who
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was up at three am. telling the opposition telling all his supporters that possibly the republicans were actually going to try and block his domination of all failed to turn up today. but remember that will he needs really from amy six seats in order to have the majority of parliament say he's just six republicans or more to switch saw it's a nice back piece people's candidate as he's become known. and you know this really will be an extraordinary change for the for i mean it's this isn't just about getting a new prime minister this is about the first steps towards. i knew him for i mean in politics. a propaganda show and a puck of lies that's the reaction from iran to allegations by israel's prime minister about iranian nuclear weapons binyamin netanyahu showed reporters in tel aviv what he called conclusive proof that iran's weapons program once existed but
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u.s. diplomats say they believe netanyahu and the e.u. and germany are investigating the israeli accusations particle hain has more from washington d.c. . it was an inauspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. probably displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear do is based on lars it's based on the reunion lies
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in the reunion deception one hundred thousand files right here. proof that they're logged at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v.
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political hane al-jazeera washington meanwhile the white house is blaming what it calls a clerical error being forced to correct its response to the allegations in a written statement the white house press secretary initially said the israeli information shows iran has a robust nuclear weapons program shortly after it was modified to say iran had such a program donald trump has decided to delay new steel and aluminum tire song canada the european union and mexico until june he's also reportedly reached an agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil it's understood south korea would also be exempted sabotages he has more from washington. the discussions with the europeans in particular have been described as free for europe holding firm that they will not impose voluntary quotas on their steel and aluminum exports to the united states as the white house is requiring and in fact the e.u.
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saying that they will impose tariffs on u.s. goods like bourbon and jeans and holly davidson motorcycles if the u.s. does go ahead with tariffs on their goods wilbur ross the commerce secretary was pushing for some sort of delay is convinced donald trump as for the other countries we knew actually about the u.s. and canada that was announced over the weekend the negotiations there lumped in with the negotiations over the north american free trade agreement lots of positive noises but some sort of agreements maybe maybe in the works from mid may and then the three other countries that were mentioned in this proclamation were argentina australia and brazil they are out of the danger of terrorists as long as the agreement that's been that has been put into into play in principle is followed through within the next thirty days south korea already had agreed to putting a quarter on its steel and aluminum exports so they are also no longer in danger of tariffs the dominican republic has announced it's breaking ties with taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china is the latest nation to cut ties with
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taiwan leaving the island with just nineteen diplomatic allies around the globe mainland china and taiwan spitta after a civil war in one nine hundred forty nine and a lot of taiwan sees itself as a sovereign nation it has never formally declared independence agent brown has more from beijing. well the domine can republic may be a small country but its decision to sever ties with taipei and recognize beijing still amounts nevertheless to a major diplomatic loss for taiwan it's just ten months since another small country panama also sever ties with taipei just nineteen countries now have diplomatic relations with taiwan and it seems that china's strategy is simply wants to isolate taiwan as much as possible and also to exclude it to prevent its participation in a number of international organizations well in the past taipei has accused beijing of playing a diplomatic money game and says it's
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a game it's no longer prepared to pay now beijing of course regards taiwan as part of its territory and is deeply suspicious and occasionally very antagonistic towards taiwan's independence leaning president zine in when and they have warned in the past that if any time when he's leader were to declare independence than china would seize back the island republic by force one of the catholic church's top officials will face a criminal trial in australia to defend himself against decades of sexual abuse allegations a court in melbourne has decided there is enough evidence against cardinal george pell to be tested in front of a jury under thomas reports. cardinal pell arrived at a melbourne court hoping this would be his final appearance. it would be george pell was until recently the catholic church's treasurer arguably the third most important person of the vatican inside here a magistrate told him he will face
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a criminal trial accused of historic sexual offenses police formed a barrier to help clear his path out a large crowd of media and people who say they were abused by priests in the catholic church was writing. the magistrates had barely finished. before he answered very very not guilty they were only words during the hearing he's been granted bail but he's not allowed to leave australia a legal suppression order bans the reporting yet of exactly what will stand trial for it also prevents the reporting of how many accusations have now been dismissed and what they were as a priest in the state of victoria and later archbishop of melbourne and sydney cardinal pell became australia's most senior flick during his committal hearing a magistrate tested the credibility of pelts accusers and the strength of his defense she said her job was to decide whether
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a jury could convict not whether it would she only dismissed charges where established facts made the accusations impossible or where an accuser's credibility was so poor their attitude to giving evidence so cavalier that a jury couldn't possibly trust what they said on that basis the magistrate decided there was sufficient evidence for about the charges she examined to go to trial victims of sexual abuse by other people in the catholic church say they are delighted to die surely does restore your faith in the system you could say that the judge. went through very very far away the crimes against the cardinal spoke about climates and arm. yes it's. a very historic absolutely historic on wednesday called the face another court that will be a first hearing to determine where and when no longer just whether they'll stand trial under thomas' al-jazeera melding. al-jazeera when we come back an evacuation
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deal for syria's jarome a palestinian refugee camp after two week government offensive. plus more on the last american asylum seekers of allowed to cross a town looks like that into u.s. territory more on the status. hello there we're still seeing some very lively showers over parts of thailand at the moment you can see all the clouds we've got on our charts and from bangkok we've seen over sixty millimeters of rain so a lot of heavy downpours here plenty more showers still to come during the day on wednesday but also be a few more showers for the south but generally here there are a little bit more broken up so yes some heavy downpours but in between them some sunshine as well will also be watching some heavy showers a part of the philippines those are drifting their way towards the west and we might just catch the old showers around the coast of vietnam there as we head
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through into thursday a bit further towards the south a force in australia it's a largely fine and dry we have seen a little bit of cloud over tasmania there but even that has moved away and for most of us strive here now to this area of tart is drifting its way southwards not really bringing us any significant rain there the next belt of rain is out towards the west that's working its way eastward safer as of late will have a change in our weather from around twenty seven on wednesday by thursday we're looking at a maximum just of twenty more in the way of wet weather pushing across us as well over towards new zealand and here is generally looking dry for most of us but not that warm at the moment but up temperature of fourteen in christchurch and nineteen in oakland. from planting forests with drones to surviving drought small funny zebras award
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winning environmental solutions program with tons have a. real job but. making the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest manmade environmental problems threatening our planet. a new season of birthrights on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera the armenian parliament's expected to vote for another promised opposition leader mikko passion yeah i became the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering as
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a culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a longtime leader so sarkisyan ousted. iran's accusing israel's prime minister of a propaganda show by revealing documents he said prove the twenty fifty nuclear deal was based on lives that have been days before donald trump decides on continuing the deal or not benjamin netanyahu showed before to what he said was an archive of stolen nuclear plans. and the dominican republic has announced it's breaking ties with taiwan to stop its diplomatic relations with china is the latest nation to cut ties with taiwan leaving the island with just nineteen diplomatic allies around the globe mainland china taiwan split up the civil war and while taiwan sees itself as a sovereign nation it has never formally declared independence. well more now on the votes in the armenian parliament robin foster walker joins us live now from the capital robin so just update us on what's happening inside the parliament.
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i've been on the square all republics where we had a few technical difficulties earlier because of the size of the crowds meaning that we struggled to be to use our data to go life and bring you the latest from there just an indication of how many people are there with huge expectations because of what is happening in parliament and in fact on the square they've erected large screens set of people can actually watch the proceedings that are going on inside it's it's a rather extraordinary sight to behold because you would normally expect so many people cheering in to to the politico parliamentary debate that's happening but this one is so crucial and right now we've heard from the cold passion yan who's been making his case as candidate and the only candidate that is going forward as to be nominated for prime minister but and this is the big question will the governing republican party back here and we understand that there is
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a quorum inside which means that there are enough then peace there to pass the votes but the republican party have the majority and what's required is for all the other political factions to back and at least six republican m.p.'s to support his candidacy we don't know yet whether the republicans are going to do that or whether they can take their. big seat and try to hold on and try to see if they can cling on somehow despite the fact that it's clear now after all these weeks of massive public protests that they do not have a mandate a political mandate to stay in power with the popular will of the armenia people seemingly so clearly behind they call passion yan and his opposition movement so we're now waiting could be a long wait i've been told we don't know yet when the vote will take place everybody's got questions but they called passion. and we hope and we
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anticipate that there will be a vote coming up in the next few hours i'm running away from not parliamentary vote what's passion and been telling the people what are they expect. he told them to assemble this morning and be ready for a celebration and there are you know that the state it's all there and there is a celebrated removed on the square and balloons and lots of balloons ready to be released in the shape of the armenian flag the blue. and the orange median flag and red and you know they say they expect victory today this seems to be the culmination of an extraordinary few weeks which began really with nobody expecting anything like this nicole passion the end started out walking to the capital from venice or a city in the north it took him two weeks to get there and along the way he was saying make
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a step to reject said she said being the unpopular leader of our media who had been president and then had to change the constitution said he could become prime minister and along the way and had managed to snowball his his movement and people just started joining as if they had finally decided that this was the way forward and then they got behind him and he emerges as a leader that being protests before in our media now he has come through as the single candidate that people are looking for a leader like him he talks the talk he has this revolutionary. charisma about him that he's also respected now as a critical voice he had it was an m.p. in the parliament he's got a tiny minority faction in the parliament and yet something extraordinary has happened in armenia the political factions the other parties there have got behind him with the exception of the republicans we've seen a resignation of the of the prime minister said such yeah he got what he wanted but
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then they carried on and they've had now these votes that had to happen for a prime minister and suddenly we see you on the brink of a velvet revolution as he described. without a shot so far being fired hopefully and everybody backing him know that movement has gone into the parliament with that critical vote that's taking place today to decide whether or not i mean it will have a new future all right robin forrester walker there in the armenian capital yerevan robin thank you all right let's get more now on those accusations by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu against iran live not to hurry for said to zinn west jerusalem how so what sort of reaction has that been to netanyahu is presentation last night. well i think it's summed up best in a headline in the times of israel newspaper which talks about mossad stunning operational success but the actual overshadowing the actual intelligence that it stole when you
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consider that benjamin netanyahu at least says that mossad managed to steal of israel managed to steal half a ton of documents a hundred thousand individual files one hundred ninety three cd roms well there's been glowing reviews of israel's capability in doing that from under the noses of iran's leaders but at the same time the fact that we're talking about one hundred ninety three sort of cd roms also talks about the vintage of that information it is netanyahu own admission that this is a program which was halted at least in two thousand and three and so his case is that the iran nuclear deal is is worthless because it's based on iranian lies about not having admitted to having this clandestine nuclear program while the opposite view of that one given by the european union is that the whole need for the j c p o
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e the iran nuclear deal is based on the fact that they thought there was something there that iran was lying about and they needed to ensure that it didn't go any further and that iran's nuclear program was halted that is something that haaretz the israeli newspaper also attributed to jim mattis the u.s. defense sector saying that the entire j c p o a language seemed to be written on the basis that iran was always likely to lie about it so the question now is what the effect will be what the audience is if benjamin and you know was trying to influence the e.u. the i.a.e.a. e.a.a. and others that seems unlikely given that the vintage of the material on offer if he's trying to influence donald trump will presumably trump knew this. information as well but nonetheless this was a very slick presentation potentially presented towards donald trump just days before he has to decide whether the united states will pull out of the j.c. p.o.
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way or not. how to force it then western military thank you now the u.s. defense secretary has downplayed the plan to pull american troops out of syria james mattis says the u.s. will not withdraw before a peace deal is reached he says the u.s. led coalition which is on the verge of a victory against eisel doesn't want to abandon syria at this point last week president trump said he wants to withdraw american troops from syria relatively soon. well staying in syria the government struck an evacuation deal with some rebels in southern damascus this comes after they launched an offensive to recapture the churches from two weeks ago reports from beirut. another evacuation deal another surrender fighters belonging to him. an armed group formerly known as al nusra front are leaving their enclave in southern damascus they were face to little choice they were under siege and under fire their families are accompanying them to the opposition controlled northwestern province of. leadership is powerful
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but the armed group had to make concessions such as agreeing to release dozens of prisoners and allowing thousands of syrians from the besieged loyalist towns of poor and to leave to government controlled territory pro-government forces have long wanted to fully evacuate the predominantly shiite towns because that would deny the rebels the ability to pressure damascus by threatening to target them it's another win for the syrian government and its allies it's the fourth agreement of its kind in recent weeks rebels have already surrendered eastern hutto which was their main stronghold close to the capital and the pocket of territory in the column one region northeast of damascus and then a few days rebel factions linked to the free syrian army are expected to hand over the districts. in southern to mask this in order to stave off a military operation. that will leave a few districts in southern damascus still outside government control. is in
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control of that pocket of territory it's almost been two weeks since government forces and their allies launched an all out assault to recapture the area i saw the fighters have been putting up fierce resistance. pro-government forces have made some gains but the battle is not easy their heavy weapons are ineffective in built up areas the government however is pushing ahead with its military solution to. the war focusing on recapturing all the remaining areas besieged by bashar al assad's forces. the north and countryside of homs province is among them the biggest town and the opposition controlled area has been coming under heavy fire the region is strategically important for the government it's close to the main road connecting the government controlled cities of homs and hama rebel factions have been offered and in fact if they refused reconciliation so far they haven't given and that may change if the military pressure continues. beirut. h.
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asylum seekers from the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. the last american migrants have been celebrating the news of the wait their turn to enter the united states it took them a month to travel from honduras el salvador and guatemala they were first denied entry as the u.s. president called them a threat to american security when the regular reports from the mexican city of tijuana. it's been two days of confusion and exotic for a group of over one hundred fifty central american migrants who were denied entry into the u.s. inspection facility at the u.s. border crossing here in mexican officials had asked many of these individuals to leave yesterday after they were denied entry but a group of fifty stayed overnight braving the cold braving the elements saying that they will do anything to to have that opportunity to plead their asylum cases to u.s. border officials you can see that there is quite
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a few children behind me today happened to be children's day in mexico so we saw plenty of activists and charity volunteers handing out clothes blankets and toys as a distraction from the confusion a distraction from the stress for many of these kids we have to remember that these folks have been traveling for a month now across mexico many of them most of them from central america countries like. and guatemala wonderfully. islands related to gangs violence related to organized crime so many of these folks have been actually traveling for longer than a month what many of these folks are telling us is that regardless of the rain you can see the tarps being set up behind me sort of preempting the rain showers that are expected later this evening they say that regardless of the weather regardless of how long it takes to be out here they're committed to having their opportunity to plead their cases to to authorities on the other side of the border we're also hearing overwhelmingly from individual saying that they don't want to do anything illegal they want to use the existing asylum laws in the united states to go about
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this the legal way which of course they do have the right to do so under international law. and the philippine capital manila thousands of union workers of labor day with protests there on ground when the president go to texas failure to one of his main campaign promises. union groups expected to turn to him to sign an executive degree ahead of labor day to strengthen rights of temporary workers. some ten thousand people took to the streets in moscow on monday to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in russia authorities this month began blocking the messaging app telegram over its refusal to hand over keys to its data in corruption john a whole reports. in moscow they demanded the government unblocked the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages sent on telegrams private. to
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. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's probably just about every damn week in russia and it's a beginning that's a way to start. censorship to examine the symbol was saying it is because the want for you internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans but opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration i'm sure you could you know i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which telegram has fallen foul of the earth or a tease on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing
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a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter that you might have here in the united kingdom so it's eaten up by iranians. so it's very important and if you look back elections i know or at. those that wind in the heart of the man or your own honey. so yes especially very well it ramps and. so telegram be seen as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the apps found a russian entrepreneur pavel bure of his fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban i don't know how al-jazeera
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. tough a quick recap of the headlines here i mean is hugely popular opposition leader nicole passion has just won members of parliament of a political tsunami if they don't elect him as prime minister the parliament's expected to vote shortly passion young became the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering. excuse me is the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a longtime leader. iran's accusing israel's prime minister of a propaganda show by revealing documents he said prove the twenty fifty nuclear deal was based on lies eleven days are for donald trump must decide whether or not to stick with the deal benjamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was an archive of stolen iranian nuclear plants iran lied about never having
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a nuclear weapons program one hundred thousand secret files prove that they lied second even after the deal iran continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons nor for future use why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear files if not to use them in the later date. you know the white house is blaming what it calls a clerical error being forced to correct its response to the allegations the white house press secretary initially said the israeli information shows iran has a robust plan to stand nuclear program where shortly after the statement was modified to say iran had a program a roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse decades ago cardinal george pell pleaded not guilty after dozens of witnesses good evidence at a months long chemical hearing before the archbishop of melbourne in the late one nine
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hundred ninety s. rose to become data compression and aide to pope francis every priest has vowed to fight the charges you just saw them seekers on the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. the latin american migrants celebrated the news as they wait their turn to enter into the united states it took them a month to trap you from your wrists outside the door and got a mother well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after earthrise done so much in about an hour.


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