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we'll bring you live coverage and analysis here on al-jazeera. made on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al-jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power ross the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may go on al-jazeera.
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this is zero. hello i'm arianna mozzie this is the news hour live from london coming up. under only freezes and we can see. the french president tells us lawmakers to reject nationalism and urges them not to retreat from world affairs. on the as political crisis deepens protest his return to the streets saying an agreed transfer of power is not happening as promised. bring chile's atacama desert west stargazers a while read about the lights as just too much of it. for real madrid and by munich are set to face to tell the in the champions league semifinal
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christiane or at large will aiming to maintain his record of scoring in every european game this season. french president emmanuel macron has the u.s. to move away from nationalism and called on his ally to work with france to face global challenges he made the comments in an address to u.s. congress received a three minute standing ovation as he entered the house of representatives says the two countries share a very special relationship but he warned the u.s. against shutting out the world saying it needs to lead the way toward strong multilateralism. let me say we have two possible ways ahead that we can choose isolationism withdraw and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a dumper
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e remitted to all fields. but closing the door to the word will not stop as evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us. dying estabrook is in washington she joins us now and so diane we are hearing a president back on speaking about a very special relationship between the u.s. and france but of course his partners back in europe want to know if he's going to be able to persuade president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal. and he pushed that point today during his speech to congress he talked at length about the u.s. is important role as a leader on the world stage and and he talked about iran and the iran nuclear deal and he conceded that it is not
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a perfect deal but he emphasized why it is so important for the u.s. to stick with it and not scrap it. we signed it boasts the united states and france that is why we cannot see we should get rid of it like that it is true to see that this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having something substantial and more substantial and said that's my position. what else did say beyond politics and challenges in terms of foreign policy and national security for both the u.s. and europe what did he have to say about trade and the global economy. well one of the things that he did say was the dangers of tariffs and he said that you know if
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at the moment europe the e.u. does not have the united states is not placed tariffs on steel and aluminum they're exam to but that exemption could end next week and he said imposing those tariffs could launch a trade war could make it difficult for you know the global economy to prosper and could erode wages and also the middle class they also talked about regulation in the form of global markets that's something that you know that trump the trumpet ministration has looked at rolling back regulations on the financial markets and he talked about the importance of keeping those some of those regulations in place then as they work in washington thank you well as emanuel concludes his u.s. visit we take a look at how the french are reacted to his host relationship with donald trump the trip featured multiple backslaps handshakes and kisses reports from paris on this
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loss the main bromance. there was hope the ceremony displays of affection and words like. the apparent friendship between the french and american presidents was on full show during emanuel machall state visit to washington politically the two men have little in common but the liberal macro is determined to get on with his conservative counterparts we have to make room for years in france opinion polls suggest donald trump is unpopular but many people support mike ross approach. what on that they are great friends doesn't matter michael is the french president and he must create strong ties with the u.s. . it's very important for france and for the u.s. and even for europe especially as trump seems to really appreciate president it's just a chill to have a good. analysts say that macros courting of trump is seen by many french people as
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a political tactic mcroy is probably really doing that for the strategy of trying to show from that he actually does respect him and to value the transatlantic relationship because at the end of the bay from the european perspective every might not like the american president but the u.s. was always remain an important partner since micros election he has nurtured his relationship with trump inviting him as france's guest of honor to last year's bastille day celebrations and talking regularly by phone mackerel says he was able to convince trump to keep u.s. troops in syria some people say that a macro is close mr trump is a risk because the u.s. president is so unpredictable but others say the french president has much to gain he can try and influence trump on important international matters such as the iran nuclear deal and it may help france's international standing rockwall seems to her very well thought through diplomatic strategy which is
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true create the largest amount of flexibility for france by making sure that the u.s. is on side michael will leave washington with few promises on a number of issues it's unclear for example whether trumbull impose u.s. trade tariffs on the e.u. or agree to an expanded iran nuclear agreement but if trump changes his mind on either issue many people in france may feel that all the back slapping and smiles were worth it natasha butler al-jazeera paris. well protests are continuing in amini as capital as the political crisis unfolds thousands of people timed out to the streets on the call from the opposition leader who accuses the government of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power celebrations to go after the acting prime minister announce fresh elections to write and pass but critics say they don't trust the current government to him to see the electoral process demonstrations began almost two weeks ago as the political reforms which the opposition is seen as
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a power grab rather than for say a walk on. the people on the streets in that tens of thousands why because those talks that would seem to go ahead with because it's between the acting prime minister and the opposition the acting prime minister who is part of the republican party that was said such this year's party still officially holds the reins of power it is still the largest party in parliament and a political force to be reckoned with and they were not willing to relinquish power before elections were going to go ahead they said they were willing to have elections but the opposition movement says under those terms no because we don't trust you to be able to oversee a free fair and transparent electoral process and that is why they have called for their supporters to come out and make their voices heard bring the city to a standstill and that is exactly what they have gotten done again today with the
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police nowhere to be seen near those acts of civil disobedience instead they surrounded the government buildings in the in the city center not far from where i'm standing now later. the leader of the movement the opposition movement will be speaking to his supporters to all of these people back home a public square in the center of the city. since filing that report robin is spoken to nicole passion yann the leader of the opposition civil contract party whose coordinated protests i think that situation is that the republican party has lost his power and. republican party should recognize victory of the people and without any condition there is no any job political contest or text in our process it is it is pure folly absolutely armenian process and i think it is it is the only process we
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can last we did with dean in time of the armenian vengeance that it is only movement that isn't connected to or even in the prayers or in the in the social media isn't connected with any foreign forces each is pure armenian it is pooled. armenian process in this process express the villain go armenian people watch what's coming for you want to news out from london an indian guru with millions of followers is sentenced to life in jail for rape. our exclusive report from inside north korea looking beyond the new clear we investigate the country's conventional military arsenal. and then later in sport a former tennis world number one struggling to hit the heights on his return from
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injury. an israeli court sentenced a soldier to nine months in prison for the two thousand and fourteen killing of a palestinian teenager. was shot during a lull in protests marking the day israel came into existence in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the soldier was offered a plea bargain and as a result he only admitted to negligence he says he didn't know his magazine contained live rounds and thought he was only firing rubber coated steel bullets are a force that has more from ramallah. now dinora was involved in protests on the fifteenth of may two thousand and fourteen to mark the creation of the state of israel the sixty sixth anniversary of that date the day the palestinians refer to as nakba the catastrophe he was pictured ship throwing at least one stone towards israeli security forces but it was minutes after he was shown throwing
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a stone but he was then captured on c.c.t.v. footage collapsing and being taken away to hospital he his body was later exuma and it was shown that he'd been shot through the chest with a live bullet now the israeli border secure border police forces who were on duty that day had been ordered to use tear gas and rubber bullets but not live ammunition the soldier accused of killing him ben barry was initially charged with manslaughter and deliberately replacing a rubber coated steel bullet with a live round in his assault rifle that was later downgraded that charge to negligent homicide with which he was convicted in a plea deal and he's now been sentenced to nine months in prison see i am no an audience father has told us that he is deeply unhappy with that sentence he says the family will continue in its actions to try and show the true colors of the israeli security forces and indeed appeal this sentence and there's also been reaction from the committee member of the p.l.o.
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had an usher always been talking about double standards when the palestinian teenager had to me accused of other convicted of slapping an israeli soldier was sentenced to eight months and this police officer border police officer convicted of killing a palestinian he's been sentenced to nine months. south korea has unveiled the may need seeing room for friday's historic into korean summit it will be the first time in more than a decade that the leaders of north and south korea have held direct talks kim jong un will sit down with in to discuss a range of issues including bringing a formal end to hostilities and nuclear weapons the room they use is in the house of peace in the south korean side of the truce village of john we have correspondents in both north korea and in the demilitarized zone james bays is reporting from pyongyang on the role of the military in north korea first though to kathy novak in thai song in the d.m.z.
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where the images have high hopes for the forthcoming summit. this is a farming village unlike any other in south korea it's inside the heavily guarded demilitarized zone that separates the two koreas north korea is just over a kilometer in that direction villagers who strayed over the border in the past were arrested by north korean guards so farmers get a military escort to their rice fields. we have to report every time we enter and exit village were farmers so we have to go out just tell our crops but so many restrictions apply to us which makes it very difficult when the nine hundred fifty three armistice ended hostilities in the korean war and the two koreas set up a village each inside the d.m.z. as a sort of model of what life is like on either side the south koreans call ketone on the other side a propaganda village they don't believe people really live there when south korea
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erected one hundred meter flag pole the north put up a one hundred sixty meter flagpole villagers are close enough to hear propaganda broadcasts from the north but they say they haven't heard any since monday after south korea announced it would stop broadcasting its messages across the border for about two hundred residents evacuation drills and a curfew from midnight to sunrise are a way of life but in exchange because this land is under un command locals don't pay taxes to the south korean government with about seventeen acres of farming land per family the average incomes are higher than those of other farmers and men are exempt from mandatory military service. the thirty five students at the only school inside the d.m.z. get personalized attention with only about five children per teacher and us soldiers visit to teach english. if you're not a direct descendant of an original resident and want to move here you have to be a woman and marry a local man men don't have that option because the south korean government doesn't
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want them taking unfair advantage of the military service exemption meanwhile inside north korea they are celebrating military foundation day which commemorates the founding of the korean people's revolutionary army in one thousand nine hundred eighty two while much has been made in recent is of pyongyang's nuclear capabilities little attention is paid to the country's substantial conventional. diplomatic editor james phase has been in pyongyang to find out more. they are everywhere but you're not allowed to film them we only got these pictures when we first arrived in pyongyang before it was explained politely but very firmly that taking pictures of military and security personnel was forbidden. the north korean military is believed to have over a million soldiers this city was badly destroyed during the korean war most of the buildings were built in the decades immediately after the conflict the military
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history of this now isolated nation is revealed as you travel around the capital city. this monument marks the defeat of the japanese who occupied korea until the end of world war two a few years later the korean war which had a devastating human cost on both sides this is a country that was forged in war and is still even now on a war footing. yet. younger koreans at this school taught the history of the korean war war images are displayed in the corridors. older koreans meanwhile need no reminders. forthcoming talks will center on north korea's nuclear program but the country has a substantial conventional last look to the principal target of their artillery guns the south korean capital seoul earlier there in the other half of this divided land i spoke to a lawmaker a military expert who told me the world should not only focus on the nuclear
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threats. the biological weapons are honestly more fearsome the nuclear weapons from our perspective the destructiveness of a one ton nuclear warhead can be achieved with only four kilograms of anthrax in terms of casualties in seoul it is estimated that north korea has stockpiled over five thousand tons of chemical weapons on. all military first is a longstanding north korean strategy in recent years the leader kim jong il has added another trying to cautious and partial opening up of the economy now for the first time on friday you'll be adding in high level diplomacy james days out zero pyongyang. two journalists working for the reuters news agency in myanmar accused of violating state secrecy laws have appeared in court while own who were arrested in december while investigating abuses in rockline state if convicted they could
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face a prison sentence of up to fourteen years last week a policeman who is appearing as a witness told the court that one of his senior officers gave the documents to the journalist to entrap them. officials in mexico say an award winning journalist was killed last year because of his investigative stories on drug trafficking and organized crime have evolved as was shot dead in may just weeks after he interviewed a leading figure in this in a lower cartel. a suspect was arrested on monday night until juana valdez was one of at least ten journalists killed in mexico last year. now light pollution is threatening to undermine our ability to search for life on other planets even happening in chile's atacama desert one of the darkest areas on earth i think obama's home to some of the world's most advanced telescopes but light pollution there is increased up to thirty percent compared to a decade ago you see
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a new man reports now from the parent observatory in northern chile. at sunset the views from the european southern observatory located in chile's at the camera desert are breathtaking but it's a night when the deep darkness and unique atmosphere and conditions of the at the camera these guys into heaven for astronomers. but at the pattern al observatory scientists probe the universe with giant telescopes but at twenty six hundred meters above sea level and one hundred fifty kilometers from the city of until five asked that these starlet skies are being threatened by light pollution we are in very isolated place in chile but we can see still hollows from the cities from the mines so it's it's very very disturbing to see all of these lights. from space you can see just how contaminated by light our
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planet is becoming making it more difficult to see the stars. although chile's government has introduced standards to significantly reduce street lighting in cities near observatories cheap lights are increasingly illuminating homes stores signs and billboards especially in the cities of last sit in a and. the impact he's grown use well no measurable so it's no longer a threat it's a reality. it's happening at a time when astronomers like that number selman believe they've never been closer to making the discovery of all time the great for adventure of humor i mean people right now with her. here which is good we're looking for life in the universe. and happening right now here in the program a bit. and for that darkness is crucial this is sort of structure may look familiar it was used as the location for the lair of the forces of evil in the james bond
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film quantum solace but in fact the reason why it is practically underground is to keep it light from leaking out at night from this pattern as residents of some one hundred and fifty astronomers and technicians. north in chile will house seventy percent of global astronomical infrastructure in less than five years along with the world's largest telescope but astronomers are sending out an s.o.s. warning that if mankind continues to over illuminated the skies we will lose the time long ability to gaze and be guided by the stars. we can cross now to our latin america it is how you see a new man who is in the attic on a desert and lucy a this is this is quite a place that you are exploring at the moment it doesn't well actually the scene behind me is a lot darker than where you are but tell us more about what it's like to be there.
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well it's beautiful as you can see in the daytime but of course that night that's when really the skies light up i've never seen so many stars in my life you really don't even have the sense that there are that many stars in the galaxy or in the universe when you live in the city because you just can't see them joining me now to talk more about that and the challenges that astronomers are facing because of this light pollution is astronomer and you know sunny from the european southern observatory here and by now eleanor first i'd like to ask you what exactly are the challenges that people like you are facing because of all the slights that we're seeing everywhere well first of all if you wanna run a professional. you need to stay far from light pollution so one of the reason why we do need to be professional telescopes in such places so isolated.
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is because we need to stay far from the cities to protect our telescopes earnings torments from like pollution but that's because they interrupt your ability to see this what's happening beyond ours are normal skies isn't it let's correct a busy pollution. affect the quality of what data in two ways we cannot see very faint and or far away sort of. and even voice at the start of our galaxy is quite bright and how we like pollution generate but rounds its means that generate noise. so i get we cannot see any more of the most finest detail and the tides defeat u.t. introducing in analyzing the data and what does this mean for the future of astronomy in general if this is if this can't be preserved preventative stopped it should it should be presented of straw that our programs also run by not all your target area but also by governments to try to protect the observatories because.
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continuous industry while they might affect not just science and actually affecting culture on life and scientific culture of life in general because. pollution makes this guy over and people doesn't look at that funny more. you don't look at something that you don't like to care about it's not. that you see but if you start it's nice when you're a talian from the country where the first invented the very first telescope but of course science has advanced so so much but there are billions of dollars being spent just here in this desert in order to see the stars to go beyond what we ever thought was imagine a bull what feel is what is your motivation. well the first motivation is what drives science research in general. we do need to understand.
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we do need to understand how beautiful wouldn't. be it from many different points of view and last but not least are. found to the money better spent to be such such machines which telescopes. the development of new technology and such new technology can be employed you know what are your team of for example the camera we do have a. solid are formed comes from. the previous development of. our called me in the sixty's well thank you so much if you're not a for sharing your insights with us this is an endless subject it's an absolutely fascinating one as well and we can only hope of course merriam that humanity will learn to keep the lights off so that we can learn more about what exists beyond
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what we can see or we can always have hope can't we thank you very much you're all very envious of where you are at the moment latin america and italy cinnamon there in the gorgeous atacama desert. so that for you this hour. the link between monday's a van attack in toronto and an online subculture that advocate advocates hatred towards women. deliver for the case fishing industry how leaving the customs union could complicate the supply chain. and the japanese baseball star is making a fast start their first major league baseball season. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia but weather system across eastern areas is clearing the way but we have got this area of cloud giving some showers across parts of the kuwait
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through into iran and iraq but also the little circulation further towards the west affecting the eastern side of the mediterranean so beirut and in lebanon across parts of syria will see the risk of showers jordan to seen some shower activity and indeed moving through friday you see quite a circulation developing here and some heavy showers returning towards parts of iraq so down across the arabian peninsula there's a bit more cloud around at the moment as likely to persist through thursday i think for most part should stay dry and the shower activity confined to northern parts of saudi arabia was ahead on through into start the weekend it should settle down sunshine return across the plain shit but not as hot as ours being just thirty three degrees in and a mere thirty five over in mecca so how do you across then into southern portions of africa the weather here is all looking fine for the most part sunshine all the way but we have got a frontal system which is just pushing towards parts of south africa you may see some rain developing for cape town later on she come further north across parts of
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botswana through into maybe or whether if you find highs of twenty seven in winter . within the borders of chernobyl's exclusion zone a toxic nuclear wasteland touching any vegetation is forbidden. grows the right insisted. defiantly surviving on their homeland they band together in a land contaminated by its past cultivated kind unshakable sense of belonging to witness the bush because of chernobyl on al-jazeera. the. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some of flood the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future with on call. phone lines explores the old tool real
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effects of trumps immigration policies. between war on the ban on a just. a come back with the news hour a recap of the top stories french president and. the u.s. to move away from nationalism and work with france to tackle global challenges that made the comments in an address to the u.s. congress protests are continuing in armenia's capital thousands turned out on to the streets answering a call from the opposition leader. who accuses the government of refusing to
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negotiate the transfer of power. and large scale strikes have been held in cities across south africa a federation of trade unions a staging the shutdown to protest against changes. the minimum wage. and other stories of watching dozens of migrants who captured the attention and the anger of u.s. president donald trump with their journey through central america have started arriving at the us mexico border is silent seekers will eventually turn themselves into border authorities trump has ordered officials to stop them. reports now from tijuana. more than one hundred central american migrants have arrived at the us mexico border for many of these men women and children the journey has been the ultimate test of physical and mental resilience. the most difficult thing has been traveling on the train because the children became seriously ill some of them fainted so you see it's difficult after traveling for
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a month from honduras carlos and his family are tired hungry and anxious. each one of us here has a story and each one of us has a case to make we've traveled all the way here with our families because we all have something bad that's happened in our lives and. these new arrivals are part of a larger group of migrants seeking asylum in the united states most say they're fleeing violence or persecution in their own countries including hundred all solved or and guatemala. the vast majority who want to get across and seek political asylum some are already organized with attorneys that are helping them prepare too but to answer questions when interviewed by u.s. immigration officials in the united states the department of homeland security announced recently that any illegal entries into the country by members of this migrant group will be referred for prosecution and i know you know that now we've got one of the asylum seekers are being helped by immigration activists and charity
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volunteers who are providing temporary shelter medical aid and food but their journey doesn't end here. well joins us live from tijuana now and members of this migrant group have arrived on the border as we've been reporting what are they saying to you and just describe the conditions that they're living in. certainly around one hundred twenty of these migrants arrived in yesterday just a stone's throw from the u.s. southern border another two hundred forty are expected to arrive sometime this afternoon at the height of this so we're talking about somewhere around one thousand five hundred individuals mostly from central america countries like. some from the but the vast majority of these individuals are from honduras many of them have broken away from that group so we're seeing a much much smaller number here in the one today these are people that face a tremendous challenge
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a long journey that began in southern mexico that has been over twenty five days almost a full month that these people have been on the road and these are women mostly women and children accompanied by by their husbands who are carrying very little to no money at all relying on the kindness of the mexican people relying on charity organizations volunteer doctors like you can see behind me volunteers who are providing shelter and food and many of these people you can see it in their faces that the tired the hungry waiting for that next step and for many of them it's still an unknown as to what happens next and president trump is saying that he has instructed the department of homeland security not to allow these migrants into the united states how is this going to end the plans of the migrants to turn themselves into border authorities. the trumpet ministration has announced that they will be sending immigration judges prosecutors to the border they as you said have warned migrants that they will not be allowed into the united states but i want to
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talk about the perception a little bit this is not a case where there will be hundreds of migrants that are going to be storming the u.s. southern border there are legal advocates that i've identified some around three hundred fifty individuals mostly women and children who will have a better chance of qualifying for political asylum of course that's a long process will be added to a long list of somewhere over three hundred thousand pull. nicol asylum cases that are backlog in the united states for those who are able to request political asylum it's a long it's a very long process they will plan to turn themselves in we're talking about some around three hundred fifty women and children who plan to turn themselves into border authorities following that legal route of requesting political asylum which of course they absolutely have the right to do so under international law. all right thank you very much from. what the latest. a self-styled religious leader in india who has millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison
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for rape. was convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl at one of his spiritual retreats in two thousand and thirteen indian security forces have been put on high alert in the northern state of righteous done for fear of a backlash from supporters jan reports. known for its extravagant and sometimes different costumes also known bapu or bapuji a season known has disciples around the world and in hundreds of hindu religious retreats known as a shrimp. whose such as a psalm say they meet people spiritual needs but some are accused of exploiting their followers for money property and sex by offering them a one stop shop for everything you have being you have you have spiritual family problem this man has all the answers security has been tightened across the northern state of raw just on that's after court convicted for the rape of
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a sixteen year old girl and sentenced him to life in prison. the allegations made against bapuji are completely false and there is no truth in it is not alone he has millions of followers who support him and will continue to do so us arm supporters say the guru practices black magic and can instantly transform fortunes but the guru has also been linked to the mutilation of four young boys in an alleged ritual . many in india have called for tough legal action against him and other self professed god men we demand his ashram his religious center be seized by the government he should be put behind bars and all his property throughout india no matter what it is should be seized a solemn as forty six year old son not only on are also accused of other crimes including the rape of two sisters over a period of ten years in the city of swat. police said saddam's son admitted the
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sex assaults and fathering a child with one of his victims but nearly all witnesses and the rape case changed their mind about testifying fearing expulsion from the community at least two witnesses were shot and killed that case is continuing these kind of. dying have a lot of political patronage. various political party did in india who. are doing election time who have become all powerful and they're good to lead and. they are above the law prosecutors are fighting back by using laws passed for the protection of children against sex offenders to stop religious leaders from breaking the law paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. danish event of peace and madsen has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering a swedish journalist on a submarine can wolf remains were found at sea of the shanty had mattson on his
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homemade vessel knots and admitted it to causing her body but says she died accidentally whilst on board prosecutors say wall died either by strangulation or having her throat cut. canadian police say most of the victims of the toronto van attack on monday women raising questions over the motive of the suspect shortly before plowing his vehicle into them the twenty five year old appears to have written a post on his facebook page read that the in-cell rebellion has already begun we will overthrow all the chans in stacey's and went on to refer to a previous attack by self described in cell elliot rodger so what isn't in south is short involuntary celibacy and online subculture comprised of mainly men who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women who they say reject their right to sex in cells described men who are successful with women as chance while women who
9:41 pm
reject in cells are described as stacey's at the most extreme in cells advocate rape and other forms of violence against women such comments have been documented on the popular site read it in cells sometimes talk of a beta uprising a movement led by males like them to overthrow what they say is oppressive feminism in society so if more on this let's speak to him or o'toole she's an author and professor from concordia university in montreal where she joins me now thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us so we've just described a group there and. like you said it is quite difficult to take this seriously and it really does sound ridiculous to even describe it in terms of the the toronto van suspect his involvement with any massaging his dick group the extent of it has to be established but can you explain how pervasive these groups are online
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how many follow as they tend to have. sure so. read it in cell thread that was shut down recently because it violated community standards had about four thousand followers and to give you like read it is absolutely dedicated to free speech so the idea that it would shut down a forum as popular as that will tell you something about the extent of the massage and the hatred that it contains and it's a subgroup it's a subculture this is you know it's part of the man who. an area of the all tryst internet is concerned with pick up artistry men's rights activism and also the kind of very very ill and solid besides any that you find on the. and and forums and quite it is a you know a subcultural ideology at the same time it's been quite and. it's
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it's. it underscored some notable violence in the past so for example the isle of these two murder was famously inspired by in cell ideology and he carried out his stabbing and murder rampage to gain revenge on women who wouldn't sleep. what type of individual is vulnerable or susceptible to this type of extremist ideology. i'm not sure i have the expertise to answer that properly i have to make some assumptions and but certainly the members of these communities you seem to be men and younger men there are men who seem to feel that they're not attractive that they don't have economic status so i'd imagine that they come from you know a wide range of backgrounds across society but i suppose when it becomes dangerous
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or trend we start to see these violent repercussions up in those things there are links to and mental health to childhood trauma so i suppose some some people are more susceptible to the rhetoric than others and the tone of the spaces and angela nagel talks about this really productively in her book kelong or me the tone of the spaces it's kind of like jokey for the logos is it ironic or is it not kind of tone you're not supposed to be able to tell whether they're joking or not and as angela nagel argues very convincingly in her book you know it's not apparent that the posters themselves know whether they're they're joking or not and and so you have people there who are just in it for the laugh they're making like what a disgusting jokes and then you have people who are taking it seriously so i'm not sure that there's just one ask you briefly one thing an important point that you raise in your article not just with this attack but with other acts of violence that have happened why do we struggle to accept violent massage me as
9:45 pm
a reason for an attack like this. a super difficult question and in my article i started by talking about the college technic and massacre here in montreal in december in one nine hundred eighty nine and you know at the time there was in spite of the fact that the perpetrator was carrying a list of feminists he wanted to kill of his pocket in spite of the fact that feminists had received death threats in spite of the fact that he told the women before he killed them that he was fighting them in asm in spite of all those things there was a. real reluctance to frame that massacre in terms of massage and there was a real reluctance to do a feminist analysis and that was certainly part of the backlash against the second wave of feminism that we were in in the eighty's and ninety's people just didn't want to give jus credence to the fact that this man was motivated by violent massage and that's why those women were in debt. and it does seem to be a similar kind of. reluctance to frame the current violence in us and in terms of
9:46 pm
the pilot massaging though our evidence is that before the shooting a post appeared on the facebook wall of the suspect. using in sell it terminology and praising the i leased it shooter so it's not absolutely continuous evidence because what could have happened is that a trial hacked this user is the attackers facebook page and shortly after the attack in the immediate aftermath and then that day supposed to make it look like this attacker was part in some movement no explanation seems to be seems to me to be quite unlikely it's a possibility but it would seem to me by the slim possibility and yet it has been proffered online as a caution not to start banning feminist drums like don't jump to conclusions even though we have. this quite is quite compelling evidence and in the language. you
9:47 pm
know what you're absolutely right and thank you so much for sharing your thought provoking ideas with us we really do appreciate it author and professor from concordia university in montreal their e-mail wrote to. the u.k.'s breaks it debate enters a new phase on thursday with the debate and vote on borders and customs trees and maize government is trying to avoid defeat but many m.p.'s say even if the u.k. leaves the e.u. it was stay in the customs union or risk economic disaster customs union means members don't impose tariffs on each other's goods there is an agreed commentary if imposed on goods coming in from known member states but it also limits the freedom of individual members to strike their own trade deals with countries outside of the union a customs union reduces checks at the border as well as economic trade barriers if the u.k. left the customs union delays at the border would slow down the delivery of goods and these are very real concerns for those in the fishing industry in scotland as lawrence lee reports it is anything liable to annoy the supporters of bricks it's
9:48 pm
it's europeans taking fish from british it's on the east coast of scotland another saudi to the story to see also after seven o'clock. am here or of really what's to be pages of five of those ago this warehouse was stacked with fish by now it's being prepared for market across the u.k. and the brood more than a hoffecker to europe that needs to go fast to fetch a decent price could leave the market get about eleven o'clock process and i've got evening and catch fire in the morning or go through the tunnel whatever. any delay at all to this volume. means an experience or a lower price for the process which in these times is critical for. many fisherman support brix it in the interests of protecting their waters and stops but just as many in the fishing industry would open borders with europe can they have both. protecting the rights of british fishermen has become
9:49 pm
a toe technic issue for many leading breakfasts as they say the u.k. must leave the european free trade area but staying in the european free trade area is crucial for those parts of the fishing industry which need to move their stock quickly to some of the best restaurants in places like france and spain and that's a big problem colonising which is a local delicacy but not if you live in the post for a week. to make a point about what happens to fish if it gets stuck in a truck for too long and the local m.p. here sent the government minister in charge of bricks it's a traditional fish pie in the post government ministers who support breck's it he says don't understand their own constituency. i believe they're simply choosing to look at the divisions in the tory party they're making the decisions based on politics gnostic economics not the interests of the people in these islands it's timely a look at the harsh realities of where they've got this do. of course it isn't only
9:50 pm
fish anything perishable goods reliant on a fast turnaround could be affected disastrously if british trucks are forced to queue for days before entering the continent. it wouldn't continue discussions with . the customs union but. the future does hold. in peterhead they're expanding the ports because they believe it's will grow. supporters of the shore. because they love to eat british fish. people here.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
sports now with santa. thank you very much mary i'm on a real madrid them by munich just kicked off their first leg of their champions league semifinal this game being played in germany a ryall are aiming for a third straight title and they won their last five games against buying. liverpool fans have been celebrating their team's big wing and the other semifinal they will beat roma five two in the first leg of that tie it and failed homicide us court twice set to take his tally for the season up to forty three the return leg is in
9:53 pm
its city next wednesday. our sports correspondent lee waiting says that liverpool have overachieved to reach the stage of the competition. well liverpool has a proud tradition in european football but at the start of the season i would really stickley not have expected reaching the semifinals of the champions league let's along winning the first leg against holland cup i'm a five so of course roma do have a good m.r. of hypothesized like goals if i can do the same things in liverpool that i did to barcelona in the last round the other thing that liverpool wouldn't have been expecting is for masala to turn out to be quite as good as he is of course it was a record signing of cosplay hyde's hopes that he would be a key player in their new looks a monday you can call but chilly school forty three goals and counting to a broken record after record to be one player of the year another record that he's broken now is the first african player to score ten goals in
9:54 pm
a champions league season that sends out a warning so the other semifinalists by a munich madrid who were played their first leg on wednesday night of course round with jade on the trophy holders of course they have cristiana the interesting thing now is that salary has moved into the bracket over now dolly messi in terms of his performances as the to sticks can he do it for the long term proposal of a pole so would be the european cup or champions league trophy. oh my i have issued a statement confirming the opponent the behavior of some of their fans police are investigating the assault of a liverpool supporter outside the enfield stadium before kickoff where there were clashes between supporters and minutes before the semifinal started two men from being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder fifty three year old a song called is in critical condition from the said that those involved had brought shame on the club. arsenal's outgoing arson vaguer has
9:55 pm
admitted that the timing of his departure from the club wasn't his this isn't vendor announced on friday that he would be leaving arsenal off to twenty two years in charge his team face a classical muddied on thursday in the semifinals of the european league. the timing was not redeem my decision and for the rest i've spoken about already honestly i don't know what i will do we di take the rest i returned to new to work. by my. side as all risk being to give my best to where i'm employed done to the last day of my contract the owner of english second tier team at leeds united claims the club's decision to go on the two of manama has been carefully considered these are due to play a two games in the country that's been accused of human rights abuses against its
9:56 pm
orange a minority the trip is being sponsored by private man mom bank but the club deny there is a financial incentive. from the tennis world number one novak djokovic is continuing to struggle on his return from injury he was beaten by slovak in qualifying marked in the close and the second round of the barcelona open talk of it to a has failed to reach the last eight in any of his five tournaments appearances since making his comeback from an elbow injury. and finding a champion rafa nadal progressed in straight sets he beat federer spaniard the roberto b.n. of the world number one and has now won thirty eight straight sets on his favorite place. and new report into corruption in tennis says there's a tsunami of match fixing in the lower levels of the sport the independent review
9:57 pm
panel spoke to more than three thousand players around the world close to five hundred said they had first hand knowledge of match fixing in the report found no evidence of top level players being involved but says low paid players are far more vulnerable it's a small step for a player who already intends to look for other reasons to then bet or to inform others of his or her intentions so as to make enough money to continue playing stand a small step for a player to decide deliberately to lose or to lose just a game or a set in order to make enough money to continue playing. n.b.a. champions golden state warriors have booked their place in the second round of the playoffs they sealed a four one series victory over western conference rivals the san antonio spurs who are is doing it even without stopping and steph curry who was sidelined with and left knee injury we do have kevin drongo who scored twenty five points on tuesday
9:58 pm
asked golden state one thousand nine hundred ninety one. japanese baseball sensation show he or timing is once again proving his worth the l.a. angels rookie pitch the hundred and one mile per hour fastball in the game which is the quickest by a starting pitcher of the season the twenty three year old helping his side to eight to seven win over the houston astros. and that's it for me and you back to mary i'm in london thank you very much dan oh well that wraps up the news myself but my colleagues will be with you in just a couple minutes and much more of the day's news a full roundup of the top stories coming up very shortly stay with out jazeera.
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paint the scene for us where they are on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know it's very challenging they believe but together because you have
10:00 pm
a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed up to the cheatwood as many of us are you. on all ages are you.


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