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zero award winning environmental solutions program which holmes never heard of the burton to a real job but. meeting the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest man made environmental problems threatening our planet. a new season of earth rise coming soon on al-jazeera. for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two. at this time on al-jazeera.
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the cole this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news out of live from i'm not seen dan is coming up in the next sixty minutes a felicity bombing at a vision registration center in the afghan capital kills at least thirty one people dozens more wounded. the man who's led mass protests against armenia's prime minister is detained after talks between them break down plus. these people kill us saw. this for. the legacy of a black teenager whose murder twenty five years ago exposed racism in london's police force and change the law. i'm touching on a franchise with the sport any clear day in the american. he stood up against race
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and justice how can you not be in a rage when you know that you're always at risk of death in the street. and now of course about calling captain it has been on the receiving end of a top international ana. but we start this hour with the breaking news coming from afghanistan a suicide attack in kabul the capital at least thirty one people have died it happened at a voter registration center in a palace of the capital where many of the country's shia hayes are a minority live many on a whole. police say a suicide bomb addition ated explosives at the doorway of a voter registration seemed in kabul where afghans received identification cards for elections and not toba longer of britain use them when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were
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women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in whist in kabul when many of the minority shia has a community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration seem to is they opened just last week part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner admits turnout so far is already love a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration same tis this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk made in holland
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zero zero am we can get the very latest now live to kabul and joining a. correspondent there abdullah bring us right up to date because i understand there's news of there being another attack targeting a similar kind of facility. yes we just received some reports that a bomb was placed in front of another voter registration center in northern afghanistan xbox one province and the capital of political marie we understand from local offices that at least six people were killed and another five were wounded and among these casualties that are women in children now following that attack afghan president of any. kundan attack in a statement saying that that that these savages. terrorist who did not
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believe in national and democratic in islamic values should realize that carrying such criminal acts. they cannot undermine the determination of afghans and they cannot determine what will the widespread participation in democratic process now that this process of voter registration is the first step to these election which will be held in october now when people will think twice to come out and i would because of the security concerns and given that there seems to have been another similar kind of attack designed clearly to disrupt these elections which are due to be held in october any specific community we were saying that it seems as though in kabul this is a district in which many of the country says are live.
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well. that there is widespread speculation about these attacks are now. attacks in kabul the have been attacks on the shia community in kabul in the past which are. the large gatherings were attacked and many a shia minority were killed. in battle and it's a different community that was a target clearly and violent in these two location the targets of the election or water registration and it seems that they want to derail the these elections and very quickly any claim of responsibility yet. we don't have any group that has claimed responsibility for. abdullah thank you. that several of armenia's key political opposition leaders have now been detained
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by the police they've been behind the mass protests that have stretched into a tenth day that cooling on the prime minister to resign that these are pitches of nicole passion there you can see him being bundled into a police van he was taken away just a short time ago and he has become the main spokesman for these demonstrators passion yun was held just after televised talks abruptly break down between him and the prime minister said. c.n.n. was elected by parliament to prime minister after serving a maximum of ten years of president well all of that has led to protests throughout the country with opponents cooling the move a power grab the unrest they say shows no signs of easing despite hundreds of arrests. now we can speak to maria tities seann who is editor in chief of the report which is an all my news service she joins us via skype from the capital yet of iran so it seems very much as though the police are now clamping down by
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detaining if not arresting many of the movement's senior leaders and that's great that's correct the situation continues to remain very tense very fluid. almost all of the leaders of the movement have been detained by police right now i am watching the live thousands of people have assembled in different parts of the city republic square which has become the focal point of the movement has been cordoned off by police people are being randomly detained a dragged away so it's a very very tense and fluid situation right now in the capital city and so this is clearly involving thousands of people i mean how representative would you say all these demonstrations of armenia's three point one million people. if we have a cross-section of different layers of society from young people to university students from state universities private universities we have ordinary workers we
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have all kinds we have the i.t. sector which is one of the most promising sectors in the country in large numbers protesting doing walkouts us so it's not a wide swath of society because people are really tired of promises that are being kept and the fact that they're stuck you see and power grab has basically given him a third term in office and this is something that he had explicitly ruled out in the past before the twenty fifteen referendum which changed the system of government in amenia. that's correct in two thousand and fourteen just ahead of the constitutional referendum he made explicit promises that he had no intention to seek the office of prime minister and now and when his term ended on april ninth. when the ruling republican party placed his name as their nominee this raised a lot of people's anger and rage i would say and we are seeing this now in the
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streets of the capital and throughout the country and given the media has. become more of a parliamentary system while the protest is satisfied to use the parliamentary process to get rid of the new prime minister with whom they disagree so much right my teen you know the problem with you know her soviet countries i'm sure you know as well as many other people the legislature the executive did judiciary is basically you know places of governance that are not accessible to the people and that is why people resort to the streets to do the ruling republican party has an absolute majority in parliament so for the next foreseeable four years if things don't change dramatically in the country they will be able to maintain their grip on power and because every successive election in armenia has been marred by voter gripes coercion use of administrative leave first people understand that their vote
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in the past hasn't mattered so today they are taking actions into their own hands and they're saying enough is enough all right for now maria. thank you very much indeed for bringing us right up to date with the that rather tense situation that you see live on your screen now in the capital of armenia get. in q. the israeli army has blamed the palestinian political group hamas for leading riots and attempting to destroy infrastructure at the garza border they've been for weeks of palestinian protests there so far and during the latest on friday israeli snipers killed four people one of them a fourteen year old boy in a statement the israeli army said during the riots burning tires were used to create smoke screens in order to mask attempts to damage the protective infrastructure rocks were hurled kites with burning items attached to them were flown with the intention of igniting fires in israeli territory but this myth is
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our correspondent he's been to meet the family of mohammed are you the youngest victim of the protests. that's right or are you had dreams for her some most mothers a good education marriage children. but a bullet to the head from an israeli sniper means this family now has to bury fourteen year old mohammad are you along with those dreams. while there are no hard allen says and. i used to tell him one day are living conditions will improve political divisions will and i had been pushing him to continue his studies despite everything. mohammed was protesting near the gaza israel border fence at east on friday if he was throwing stones they probably weren't very big. this family video from last year shows mohammad at the zoo he slight aged just thirteen here it's hard to imagine six months later he posed a serious threat to the israeli military. death prompted an unusually strong
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reaction from the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai martin off said it's outrageous to shoot children how does the killing of a child in gaza today help peace it doesn't it feels anger and breeds more killing . a former israeli military spokesman responded please go to gaza engage hamas and get them to stop sending people to the fence stop palestinian incitement and organize riots at the border and donald trump's advisor to the middle east stepped in a full investigation by israel of mohammad are you is underway as we mourn the tragic loss of a young life we must all resolve to avoid causing more suffering by responses to his death. mohammed's father says he couldn't stop his son joining the protest for palestinian rights what does and. he was always smiling always teasing to me his father who was not a kid but the brave the whole neighborhood loved him never said no to anyone he
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just want to see our original village in israel. the banisters. was buried the day he died the youngest victim so far but the palestinian great march of return bernard smith al-jazeera gaza hamas has vowed revenge for the killing of one of its members in malaysia police a palestinian engineer for the album which was shot ten times his family has blamed the israeli security service mossad for his murder. we try to deter these incidents but sadly it still happens we will try our best to solve these high profile cases that should not have happened here i give my surance is that safety and security despite these incidents will be ensured especially around the kuala lumpur area the victim was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel from kuala lumpur hospital mortem start of this morning i said. by the
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two suspects that killed the palestinian we believe to have a connection with a foreign intelligence organization the malaysian police we work together with interpol and shion pole to track the two suspects. more now from our correspondent . this is to an identified gunman opened fire at. the thirty five year old palestinian engineering lecturer was ambushed as he was walking to was in nearby boss in the capital kuala lumpur colleagues of the university are shocked and he's been by the killing so we don't see any thing dangerous where he met or to the only thing that we can see of his. and the only thing that could be is because of his expertise in his field of electrical engineering. a neighbor told reporters that he saw two european looking man nearby shortly before the shooting their family blame israel for the killing.
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of. the israeli mossad is to be held responsible for that because the israelis can't tolerate any well educated arab and particularly palestinian mentality israel considers any well educated distinguished arab or particularly palestinian figure as the real big threat for israel how mass which controls gaza said was a member of the palestinian group has repeatedly blamed israel's spy agency mossad for targeting its members including into his yes it is an expert in joan technology was shot in his hometown. in december to police said the killers of one . posed as foreign journalists hamas said he was instrumental in developing drones and was a command of its armed wing. brigades. we
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got a lot more to come on this and he's our including. a journalist killed during a live broadcast of antigovernment armrests in the plus. with crucial link between all. only reply. on so late. now have something to celebrate after being knocked out of the european football's champions league tatiana we have the details in sport. after several delays international inspectors have now been given access to the scene of the suspected chemical attack that took place in syria two weeks ago the syrian government and its ally russia deny responsibility for the attack and and the alleged cover up but the inspectors won't be assigning blame they'll only be
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trying to determine whether an attack took place here lopez heard a young report. the wait is over inspectors but the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons given access to the area of the alleged chemical attack in duma samples were collected but delayed access to the site is raising questions about the quality of the evidence and whether syria or russia cleared the scene the visit comes a week after o.p.c. w. inspectors first arrived in syria the u.s. and france have accused russia of blocking the investigation to buy time for mr lavrov who is who is a master of making these type of arguments i mean he would get up and stand in front of you for hours and tell you that well it could just as equally be you know martians landing from a flying saucer you don't know that and you know it's the kind of logic which says you know if they offer an alternative explanation which you can't prove is wrong
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then that tends to you know whittle away at the more dominant argument more than forty people reportedly died in a suspected chemical attack on april seventh the u.s. france and the u.k. retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites russia and syria have denied the use of chemical weapons they also deny hindering the investigation once the samples of the suspected chemical attack are analyze inspectors will submit of their report to the states parties to the chemical weapons convention depending on the findings inspectors could make a second visit to duma. the young al-jazeera. now to syria where rebel fighters from the district of kalamunda very close to damascus the capital have arrived in northern aleppo following one of the evacuation deals negotiated by the regime's ally russia many of the fighters belong to the armed group jaish al islam about half of the population of kalamunda are internally displaced and have
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been under government siege for years the syrian president backed by russia and iran is seeking to recover control of the last pockets of rebel territory around damascus. hundreds of people from pakistan's past student community are rallying in lahore they're demanding justice for what they say is decades of oppression protests began in february when the police killing of an aspiring model went viral online offices claimed the man had ties to the taliban an investigation was ordered which showed no evidence to back that claim the group says thousands of past june of disappeared over the years or have been the target of unjustified police killings well the pressure the pakistan second biggest ethnic group making up about fifteen percent of the population of more than two hundred million the majority live in the federally administered tribal areas of fattah that's near the border with afghanistan the area has some of the lowest literacy rates in pakistan with
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only four thousand schools in the region three thousand of those are elementary schools the group says they've been the targets of military operations ethnic stereotyping and abductions by security forces for decades the mobilization of the movement has been led by young social media savvy passions the leader of the movement manzo past seen is just twenty six years old when go live now to lahore and to that demonstration our correspondent there is come out hyder kemal describe what's going on behind you. yes in fact you can see the crowd behind me carrying both white as well as black flags now the white flag represents and up black of course the protests the protest is gaining momentum after the killing of nike parliament today as you mentioned bag
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earlier. and up thought it did getting all the momentum on the social media as you mentioned no most of their demands of the people ought to stop the extrajudicial killing which there is said to take in all cost several lives they want a judicial commission to probe they want to know about the missing people who have gone missing they want to be dry day to day should be tried if it is then they should be to need they always go on he added up the security both. are to be torn down as part of the local population is concerned there wander the movement of landmines because the fog region along the border had been a war zone for seventeen years so they want to remove all of those on mines were just become a threat to the local population and of all their wonderkid hanging all the senior police officer who is under custody right now and warranted for the extrajudicial
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killing of dozens of people in the city of karachi. kemal a long list of saddam's him by these past in protest is what sort of government representation is that to at least give them a hearing. where a lot of people never tell you dead there is no government because the prime minister was disqualified ten dome on board upturned charges the government is basically fire fighting those accusations don't match to put up. and they're doing radiator to read great gun turned out to be for the good our government nowhere to be seen you have to torture and right. you have the women's action forum and human rights activists from that day who are participating including the women who have come out to support the project. kemal thank you for that they're giving
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us the very latest from the scene in the whole well now let's speak to symbol con he's a political analyst and she's joining us via skype from the capital islamabad thank you for talking to us i'm just wondering this is second largest ethnic group and this is the culmination it would appear of decades of grievances how much pressure does that represent on the government in islamabad. quite a lot of been just doing i mean it's a very very interesting development which we all been watching last three or four months with a lot of strength and i think a lot of people don't really understand what out of it a lot of there are a lot of us who look at it as a social movement and this is basically a very very interesting time yalta when you do an election right now i guess and move in the middle of the election cycle so you're really seeing a time of a great mobilization but as far as a national movement is concerned as you said before it is been
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a long time coming that quite a one has been a conflict one for the last ten years a very active one pigs on the scene displacement of people destruction of infrastructure and i think i'm not at all and a lot of many people like me don't think we're not really one surprise that when does come up i nearly it's a social moment and i think it's coming coming in response to the extreme pressure that has been put on people on the ground the most key factor that is i think which is really taking a lot of interest and you know people and shaking people are is how critical of the military this movement has been military has been the key institution which has been dispensing counterterrorism operation and bringing peace and stability in the in the border area which was seen in august analysts and other well kind of terrorist attack right which pakistan right and i'm quite interested in the in this fatah region because it sounds very much as a these are people for the most passive live in this region who've been sandwiched still mostly train state and non-state armed groups. yes absolutely and also
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a big international war of mine is done on the other side on just around the border so it is a state non-state groups within which with the g.d.p. which was that they get on with and non-state group the military the state was fighting but only it's fighting on the border of a planet and which has also been the scene of an international war for the last seventeen years at least so this is a very very difficult position and you know what happens during such crisis time there's been a huge change within fire dark part of the changes being wrecked by the conflict itself but part of the gene has also been you know we learned a lot of people from part i would out to other parts of pakistan e cities and countries and there's a good question now the ask rugs got it all over the sun and which has also created its momentum as we've seen the kind of rally or is still there is there it would again that momentum they are although they're out of heart i would you i mean the idea this deal is going to get a lot of traction and a lot of conclusion and
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a lot of questions joining in and basically getting that reaction to come thank you very much indeed very good to get your perspective. now to the u.k. where it's been twenty five years since stephen lawrence an eighteen year old black man was murdered in a racially motivated attack in south london his death and the handling of the investigation sparked a public inquiry found that the city's police department was institutionally racist and the hayward report. stephen lawrence was murdered because he was black stopped by a group of white thugs in an unprovoked racist attack injustice was a shot at. our rule used to describe the lawrence case stephen spada told me that he had everything going for him stephen was a human being. didn't. book on people and he was have
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you know would have anybody. you know for somebody to actually kill. such a person to what reason would you have to kill somebody to stephen's murder changed britain's legal policing landscape for epa the failure to bring his killers to justice was a state of the country's legal system for years within days of stephen's murder the police were given the names of the five suspects but they failed to act and the subsequent botched investigation led the police to be accused of institutional racism. that was the judgment of an inquiry ordered by the government top to stephen's death when the five suspects appeared there was chaos the report found that stevens race had affected the way the case was handled. made seventy recommendations saying police attitudes towards racism had to improve
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and that the brace relations act needed to be strengthened to put an end to discrimination it also ordered targets for the recruitment retention a promotion of black and asian officers the most damning part of the report though was the claim that the police were institutionally racist i think it was fab back then and i think it's fair in the here and now because one of the things that people will look. on is has week quest has policing moved on and even though there has been some progress it's been slow the metropolitan police says it is not the organization it was at the time of stephen lawrence his killing it would take nearly nineteen years for toobin to be found guilty of stephen's murder these people killed. destroyed their lives stephen lawrence would be forty three level lawrence says he'd be given his son's
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killers but the justice will not be done until all those involved in his son's murder a behind bars ever heywood al-jazeera in london. a journalist covering the anti-government demonstrations in nicaragua has been shot and killed during a live broadcast and helen gahagan out in the please share it was reporting via facebook from the town of bloomfield that's on the southern caribbean coast one of his colleagues blames a government sniper nicaraguans government says ten people have been killed in four days of protests rights groups are putting the death toll much higher john home and has more now on what's behind the rest. president will take to finally came out and address the country after a full days of protest in nicaragua and what he said wasn't that conciliatory towards the protesters became outflanked not just by his cabinet but also by military and police figures which in itself tells
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a story of what he had to say was that the protesters might have shadowy political figures the high end so that didn't really seem an address. attempting to reach out to the protesters to try and find some sort of dialogue and these are protests the aren't just happening in the capital minard work but also in several other cities in the country the spark that really lit them seem to have been about changes to the social security structure mechanisms in the country but also there's been tension in this country before then president will take is seen by n.g.o.s and also by analysts have been undermining democratic institutions in the country in the bid to hang on to power he's now in his third consecutive term he's also been accused of turning the government into a bit of a family business his wife is also the vice president of the country now what we have to see is what's going to come next all the protests going to escalate is
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there going to be any attempts at dialogue and some people in nicaragua are asking will the army be a center on the streets to try and deal with this which would definitely represent some sort of escalation. richard would have the weather in just a little while and also coming out from the south is here and he's out india's government to praise the death penalty for the rape of children after anger over a recent incident. and seeing the lighter hong kong fishing village leads the island towards a renewable future. camera wrap it up the king of clay is just one win away from extending a raffle round in monte carlo coming up in sports the tatiana. through tranquil rave you can you. can freeze. and if it.
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the rain has been falling in northern parts of china at the moment the shots come from here bay where you can see the amount of flooding which has resulted from a pretty active cold front which is being sweeping through northern parts of china and it's going to move its way across the korean peninsula and then on into japan so there it is fragmented in the south lemon tree but it's still quite a potent affair meanwhile further towards the east japan has been under an area of high pressure which is give us a quite marvelous weather warmest twenty first storm of april on record and across much of western japan it's been very warm into the pool really making the most of fine sunny conditions but that will eventually change we've still got a little bit of time before that frontal system makes its way in and there you can see through sunday into monday that frontal system moving across the korean peninsula i think it could be some problems associated with this you could see one hundred millimeters or more in many areas and then as we head on through from monday through towards chooser you can see this front then pushing into wars japan
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so you can say goodbye to the sunshine in tokyo and the rest of the country there is that rain certainly across the western side of japan during the course of the day and after a temperature in the high twenty's twenty two in tokyo on the day and temperatures falling there after. the weather sponsored by cats own race. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. out is there a selects palestinians. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had the world fortunate to
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be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passion and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . toughest to take a look at the top stories here of the al-jazeera news to move voter registration centers in afghanistan have been told at least thirty one people died in a suicide attack in kabul another six were killed in badland province in the north
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of the country five centers have been attacked in the pulse week in the run up to elections in october. police in armenia have detained several of his vision leaders after nine consecutive days of mass protests against the new prime minister says. the opposition leader nicole passion young was among those detained shortly after televised talks between him and sarkozy and broke down. the funeral has been held for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the gaza border the israeli army blames protesters for throwing stones and lighting fires thirty nine people have been killed in the last four weeks. the shopkeepers in south africa's northwest province of counting the cost of days of looting that have left many of their premises disk. croyde protests against alleged corruption in local government and the lack of services turned violent and crowds attacked businesses the armrest
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was deemed serious enough of the south african president to abandon a trip abroad and return home catherine saw reports from the provincial capital gang. pinky being more cause baby is feverish she inhaled gas when police and protesters clashed but health workers in public hospitals are on strike and get help pinkie went to her mother's house in the city to give path because life is more difficult in the rural area where she lives a can take measured by readers because. there comes the lies and those political things they pose as the things that they do not deliver you understand the bigger they will get the houses and give people jobs when the jobs come from the government they dig people. a frustration are shared by many people in this region that's why they teach the streets i believe they want better
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public services from the local government houses and shops they also want the provincial leader to step down saying he's failed to do his job now also corruption allegations president serum of post says he needs time to hold more talks with aggrieved communities and the provisional didas life is returning to normal in my hand but many short remain closed people say they will wait for the outcome of consultations the president asked for but they also tell us that they are impatient for answers and won't wait too long. though many of the grievances are generally in the protests turned violent rowdy mopes band allies buildings and looted. little just to come over traders like actually learn torah are devastated everything in his shop was a the stolen or band this was his home too i do what i can now on that hopeless.
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you can see what. i don't want money to remove it is that this is not easy to remove that snow is you cannot replace reason some people say politics in targeted revenge attacks got in the way of what we're supposed to be peaceful demonstrations . and have family tallis this is the result of pent up anger catherine sorry al-jazeera my he can south africa the us president donald trump has accused the former f.b.i. director james comey of leaking classified information in his memoir komi has been promoting his new book in which he portrays trump as quote an ego driven liar komi was fired by trump last year as the f.b.i. investigated alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election well the president tweeted james komi is memos are classified i did not declassify them they
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belong to our government therefore he broke the law additionally he totally made up many of the things he said i said and he's already a proven liar and leaker where are memos on clinton lynch and others in that he's referring to the wrestling the previous u.s. attorney general. our correspondent in washington d.c. . these memos in question were written by james komi who at the time was director of the f.b.i. and they document the private conversations between komi and president donald trump in the early days of the administration komi said he wrote all of this down because he was concerned by several of the topics that trump brought up in these meetings and in particular two requests made by the president. asked him to drop a federal investigation into a senior adviser and also asked komi for a pledge of loyalty given this was when coleman was leading an investigation into
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possible russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential elections komi says he refused to offer his loyalty pledge and was soon fired by trump after his firing komi then shared two of these memos with a close friend who then disseminated it to a reporter called he says he did this hoping that release of this information to the public would provoke a special counsel investigation to be appointed and that is exactly what has happened with robert muller the special counsel now looking into trump's campaign associates possible colluding with russia in the can in the elections as well as a possible obstruction of justice by the president himself. india's government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve prime minister narendra modi's cabinet signed off on the older but it needs the backing of parliament within six months to become law the legal action follows
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widespread protests over a number of attacks including the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in kashmir lawyers of the government to set time frames to bring suspects to justice. yes i do think that there should be strong legal actions against these and particularly the victim is a minor one but i didn't think it did and so we already have in the song laws in this country what is needed is a conviction of the green it was a decision it is a good decision in fact not only for girls under twelve years old also for those older than twelve years old every rapist deserve it the death penalty should apply to every offender. there was some powers of welcome north korea's announcement that it will suspend nuclear and missile tests the news comes less than a week before the north and south korea due to hold a summit nuclear technology is a key part of north korea's governing ideology of self-reliance known as g h a r
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diplomatic editor james space has been given rare access to the capital pyongyang where he found out more about the self-reliance philosophy. welcome to pyongyang certainly the cleanest most orderly and probably the most controlled place i've ever visited. rush hour in the city yet the traffic is like the roads aquash although all of the little comfy. doubt this extremely hard. drive. this is how good. there's a center of. revolutionary slogans flags and drums. in this city the portraits in the statues tell the story of this isolated nation run by three men all from one family. the grandfather and the country's founder kim
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il sung the father kim jong il. and the son the current leader kim jong un who told he's too modest to have mosaics made of him but he's everywhere on the state controlled media on television and in the newspapers. in the center of the city the tallest landmark the jew che tower jew chair your self-reliance is the governing principle of this nation of twenty five million people our guide explained it's not about self-reliance of the individual but instead that individual koreans must do all they can to make then mation self-reliant we are holding the. apple in the febrile out there for lying in bed and the socialist power nation the death the main point and the nuclear weapons of course yes we made the
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nuclear weapons bear an effort there and technique is def the main point after to tackle. for years north koreans have been told the nuclear program is something that will keep their country strong and that the us is their mortal enemy both the messages that will now need modification as talks approach under some of the stiffest international sanctions ever imposed north koreans say ju che or self-reliance is the answer. in the subway trains inherited from east germany a growing old handful of new carriages were produced in north korea we were told this seat was designed by kim jong un himself. it seems the leader takes direct interest in many areas of national life he made a visit to the main chute factory at the plant producing the korean national dish kimchi made of pickled vegetables we were told the air conditioning system was
1:46 pm
supervised by the supreme leader and as an old people's home we were told he was the architect of this stack case. such benevolence is of course matched by total respect kim jong un has never granted an audience to the international media he's never given an interview i got about as close as an outsider can get to him i was attending a performance of a visiting chinese ballet company in pyongyang when supreme leader kim entered the theater the crowd clapped continuously standing ovation with cries of horror. a it only stopped when he himself signaled with his hands james phase al-jazeera pyongyang hong kong's government says the region lags behind the rest of china in them bracing renewable energy barely any of the city's power comes from green sources but if a pilot project creates that vessel they could soon be better able to harness the
1:47 pm
power of the sun the pollen reports. tire is hong kong's oldest surviving fishing village but it's becoming a new frontier in the territory when it comes to energy. but i also have of the circle upon it farai set up needs our tricity to run the water pumping system i chose solar panels as it would generate just enough energy as the pump doesn't need too much power. timmie says family have lived here for generations he says the villagers called sunlight god's blessing for centuries they use the sun to make the dried seafood products this village has become famous for last year they discovered another benefit when the world wildlife fund set up solar panels in the village cheap clean energy problem if they can't afford to install anymore not without government funds they don't really have to financial support and then they also don't have to you know extract of policy to motivate them to have to almost system
1:48 pm
the hong kong government is looking at investing in green energy this pilot project is successful this could be one solution clover cove is one of seventeen reservoirs in hong kong the solar panels power the nearby water works facility the water supplies department has been working very hard to integrate the green technology and the operation through medicaid is that impact off the climate change. other than harvesting the solar energy from the sun there are lots of benefits from in soaring to solar p.v. system currently only zero point one percent of hong kong's energy comes from renewables compare that to seventeen percent in china seventy eight percent of electricity comes from fossil fuels it's the city's biggest pollutant but environmentalist say hong kong has the potential to turn that around a recent university study found that a quarter of the city's three hundred nine thousand buildings are suitable for solar panel installation if used effectively the buildings could provide ten percent of hong kong's energy consumption cutting carbon emissions by three million
1:49 pm
tons a year companies that invest in green buildings get tax breaks at the moment though there are no clear incentives for small businesses or households. the proceeds from tommy's aquaponics farm go to skaf a nearby his next project it's the solar eyes the entire operation but he says he can't afford to go all green until there's a change in government policy to be gopalan of his era hong kong. coming up in just a little while the full season taffy on a work tell you with steve stricker saying to the n.h.l. stanley cup playoffs. us citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of
1:50 pm
a future put on. fault lines explores the all too real effects of trumps immigration policies. between war and the ban on a dozen. new rules spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this was not good enough and that's the south. we're at the mercy of the original count for palestinian al-jazeera slewed in world news.
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it's time for this will. thank you very much martine the american football player who inspired a movement against racial injustice has received on the stand to nationals top on a calling captain nick repeatedly nailed during the national anthem in protest against police treatment of black americans now he has been handed the ambassador of conscience award at a ceremony and the netherlands kevin cabot reports. really a standing ovation for the player who took a stand when the national anthem was played before games began and twenty sixteen colin kaepernick started kneeling in protest when he was quarterback for the san francisco forty nine ers how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagate freedom and justice for all. just to so many of the people living there how can you not be in
1:52 pm
a rage when you know that you're always at risk of death in the streets or in slaves in the prison system how can you willingly be blind to the truth of systemic racialized and justice before mateen might was with kaepernick as he received amnesty international's ambassador oakley school which is ironic that the stand colleen and i took wasn't a stand at all but it was to take a knee column didn't neil and process of a song or a symbolic piece of fabric but he know to bring awareness of the human rights still being to not people of color he didn't know because he was anti-american but he believes that america should be held to the standard that it has written on paper that we are all created equal. be kept in the form of protest wasn't popular with everyone it was viewed as unpatriotic by u.s. president donald trump. team understood by a players who copied kaepernick he's following and famous footsteps with this award
1:53 pm
previous recipients include anti-apartheid campaigner and former south african president the light nelson mandela but just like the ambassador of conscience award winners before him company chose to speak out despite the risks and expectation for him not to do that. his commitment to the movement is all the more remarkable because of the professional. a lemming levels of. it that it has attracted from those. thirty year old kaepernick remains out of a job he hasn't played in the n.f.l. since opting out of his contract with the forty niners a year ago. but he continues to be a role model for some youngsters inspiring a new generation such as these schoolchildren and to keep taking a stand given calvert zero. past the loner remain the all conquering kings
1:54 pm
of spanish football the fans have been celebrating get another masterclass from leno messi and co luis suarez scoring twice as they thrashed the via five a nail to win the cup a delray for the fourth season in iraq the victory helping ease the pain of being knocked out of the european champions league in the quarter finals. most of us how it happened to us in the super cup at the beginning of the season and it happened in the champions league because of the way we were eliminated and this was another chance we had a lot of one i won't deny when you lose a competition it makes us all more anxious to achieve something just yourselves off and to be great. on the first moment barcelona was a period all fronts firstly because they are used to playing in finals and secondly because they have some players who are like aliens and today they played at a top level. manchester united awaiting to find out who the hell face in england's f.a. cup final chelsea and southampton go head to head in the other seventy five told me
1:55 pm
find out later on sunday united silt the spot with a comeback victory over tottenham on saturday first and second tough goals from alexis sanchez and herrera ensuring the two one win united and now through to a record equalling twentieth cup final. the new orleans pelicans a fast team through to the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs they've beaten the portland trailblazers one hundred thirty one to one hundred twenty three to complete a four nothing clean sweep it's just the second time the pelicans of reach the second round since the n.b.a. franchise returned to new orleans sixteen years ago meanwhile the utah jazz have taken a two one lead over and oklahoma city thunder ricky rubio had twenty six points on the night along with eleven rebounds and a hundred to six the toss first playoff triple double in seventeen years donovan mitchell added twenty two points and one hundred fifteen to one hundred two when.
1:56 pm
the tampa bay lightning is through to the second round of the ice hockey the n.h.l. stanley cup playoffs with victory over the new jersey devils in fact that i tampa bay eliminated new jersey in game five rick alice i could show that nineteen years old in three hundred days became the youngest player in franchise history to score a playoff goal giving the lightning the lead in the first period three one the final result as they close out the series four one. but they'll need to wait a little longer to find out who progresses with them the boston bruins fail to clinch their series with the toronto maple leafs a four three loss on saturday means faeries is now at three two. rafael nadal could clinch the monte carlo masters title for a record extending eleventh time if he beats kind of to curry later on sunday the world number one defeated grigor dimitrov in the semi to advance to his twelve
1:57 pm
final at the event helen gleason has more. it's hard to believe that monte carlo is just crap an adult second tournament of twenty eight seen the spaniard has been in trade mark for him this week on the show no signs of the hip injury that he railed his season at the australian open. while the number five great go dimitroff was the king of clay's latest challenge on saturday and the bulgarian ultimately had to bow down to an adult clay court superiority a fix for six one win and the thirty one year old has now won thirty four sets in a row on his favorite. thanks i think i need to play a little better tomorrow. i lost a little bit of the grass. shots today comparing to yesterday on to before yesterday so i need to recover not for the morrow not so i am but was and try to make that happen japan's cain isha corey is the man who
1:58 pm
stands in the way of medal winning his eleventh monte carlo tracy. the form allows number four was out injured at the end of twenty seventeen but seen up back to his old self as he fought from a set down to beat alexander vera and reach his biggest final and naming team. thanks it's will be a whole new challenge against an adult though he's only ever lost four of the seventy one matches he's played on the court telling three things out there. like a more sport later montane on the thank you very much indeed with us all from this al-jazeera news out of don't go anywhere because the lovely elizabeth will be in this season just a moment or two with more of the day's news. a
1:59 pm
new poll ranks mexico city is the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have
2:00 pm
a boyfriend to your very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women cus it just only drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china. on a jazzy.


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