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tv   Chinas Prison Orphans  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2018 6:32am-7:00am +03

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area since turkey launched an offensive to clear it of syrian kurdish forces known as the y p g turkey says the white b.g. is a terrorist group thousands of people in pakistan have held mass sitting is demanding the arrest and execution of a police officer after a male model was shot dead as a second their rallies after the killing of twenty seven year old nucky mehsud in an operation on wednesday his family denies the police claim that he was a criminal the officer who led the operation has been relieved of his duties seven protests in kenya after the government arrested a second lawyer and vald in tuesday's mock you know gratian of the opposition leader rhino dingo protesters clashed with police in the capital nairobi where the lawyer mcgoohan i'm guna was taken from his home in a don't raid going to stood beside what he proclaimed himself the people's president to protest last year's election three private t.v. stations that are planned to broadcast the event remain off air despite
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a court ruling allowing them to resume their operations. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one to one east china's president that's all. on counting the cost some of the biggest names in tech out with record earnings but they're also under scrutiny by regulators in what's being called at the sec clash a look at business relations between the u.k. and china plus another scandal in the german auto industry counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. there the children with nowhere to go and no one to care for them. in china the sons and daughters of jailed criminals are often left shocked and alone for some a shelter in beijing is the closest they'll get to
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a place they can call home. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we meet the children growing up without their parents. to. say we're going out on. the material. in china when parents go to jail there is no government welfare system for the children they leave behind. many end up paying dearly for their parents' crimes. left alone homeless and vulnerable into shooting jank steps in the children's
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often ages across china provide hundreds of heart. when you saw your mom now when you do that bomb bomb are moderates and if we see only one or. two no i you. know it was under me and you get bombed when you have how you should act in a sitcom that white woman or how women would always get after friends or even want to get up big and shoot you know we didn't hear all that happened on the beat you know about whether she knew no one to watch and i wondered what do doctors that will. try to draw your head. today shooting jang is here to help three children fourteen year old twins yan and ways than one and
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they twelve year old brother home. need would you do or. you know on the minute you're the. only. phone with of lunacy in the year period you. could do whatever it was. and where you will all. go in the world who are going to be in. trouble with the u.n. the only living. woman wall you know. they're all in the mall or the. will you moved you were doing all of.
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in the midst of a lot that i've been shot that's a lot of. what's in their hands from the time that my town's went were made pants to not see that i am passing by and i did last one off and i just i'm a man that will be all that up and doing that and that to one of them are one of. the ways out jenna down a high that temple until there's a ballance off the bottom bacevich of the hop there should be don't announce it and experience and. move on. with. the passion so moche will monitor two of the six. is there she did well in town and i found him to be. it is a legitimate use of my mind to figure. that i was really. sick about it right now to knock
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the bottom ball it's out of the odds and i. will. try to tell her the truth. the unions in day out i laughed at the thought i got offered to listen to not to have to learn that by now and i know that i did this on. purpose to do it the old one urging. hospital nothing illegal or and oh and i didn't. get it out of pocket by. coming so. close the lid on the idea. well you certainly do not want to own up there to get me
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out of it at all no mater that is what you want to be happening paris and i will. further. until it is in the you very good to and from. pick it up. with a father heading to prison and then mother nowhere to be found the gen siblings had to be a new son village. man they could be there a long time. to father killed his girlfriend's baby needs suffocating her because she wouldn't stop crying. he then tried to get rid of the body by burning it he will most likely be executed.
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i got a lead on it i do. it if it is the way. they did then and. that they are as a former prison officer should change on those ten the harsh realities faced by children left behind. to stop more fulling through society's cracks she founded the first some village open huge in one thousand nine hundred ninety five she now runs nine such sentence across china caring for around five hundred children they are funded by n.g.o.s and private donations receiving no support from the chinese government. i'm. sorry here yeah. shout out. leave
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you on is just eleven years old he's bother is under arrest for he said one accident which lift a victim in a coma while he remains in jail awaiting sentence no one else in the family can afford to care for an album out so lou has been sent to some village it's not where he wants to be but there are no other options. and. one day which i'm not. going to judge there's no moral. thing yet. fairly well.
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it was them on the. edge a good guy had me very much ammunition. down. there. was a pleasure to welcome him well i ain't. nothing to him you. know how it. would go on a window back because i. don't have to up paying member of. the out ballroom i was. known to us was bugger going down on him. sure enough. it was good on you madea. was. asked to handle. all my son who. are you going.
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to come to move this time around so. soon. also. just. sheen way and chin bay out triplets only ice they've been here for almost
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a year and back. then you should not run afoul of. the it's. not nice not. move up. the food enough to. shoot. some of the. community. what do you got. to hunt for what you really need to have to work or kill for g.s.r. you know it's a still a comic about much of the. shop. sellers will cost us a fair. bit to have a lavish without help from the national to be helpful to adopt mama mama don't feel
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god mom. today the triplets of visiting them album. it's the first time they've seen her since she was sentenced for the murder a year ago if that's going to. assume that's not true to her family having this in a home. this is not america not our. we're back. to all you know who. home found out for some time her. own family. for. example. down there at the sound. my son was. a mother
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a little bit easier on my left in him than in him still in the sound of it in a medium omnipotence. are. you no show no one wanted to turn the momma's house as you can hear it as i said i live off to la for a while and. innocent john is still the serial down and down and there's a serious car wash all the noise around your car has a life i had out. of it why sammy and. now has our. heart to shit have. tired out of. town then you had a buyout. for a. while
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separation is heart surgery is reconnecting tao you one's mother hasn't seen her son for years. he was only three when she killed his father after a year of domestic abuse now that she's released from jail she hopes they can be together again. oh good two or three this was right it's out of our.
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own little bit oh. oh you are just a kid you know that there are a lot of. oh ah. to. see what. kind of. oh yeah. that guy is actually what i lack the cell that. you know. the way kind of every guy out how come i lol out of our. legit i do know that guy are the number to know about. as it is about sort of for the good. i found him then and i wouldn't have been since and so am i
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may go no way in when you should when they found the name you had in mind i have thousands of ha ha. so i hunt and i had to flee. in a mission then a total tour for mom up my heart with him yeah i know how to play that kind of normal. but still yeah happy that i am eventually lead yeah. yeah don't worry i am well michelle somehow or another how do i know i are trying to be nice for nothing harsh in you you that. already it was in the you were going to do with it. the whole vocal music i didn't leak out you know i was full of ways yeah i'll join in common. we're not
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talking about. what. a good good no good i'm on my chin this will show up so short a time well maybe we're not we're done if we do come. i see you should. follow me. oh no mercy of those you don't know what you know i did not plan to see my mom came true. you know she has a feeling of awe for you. in my head i don't feel about. my feet warm.
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to nothing not. the sound of them. who are off the road ah. now i found her mug and you are my sim. my land of the canyon that all i need to know can then so much.
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you know i thought you know. she was. really on the low end of the war. well though to me that. was only very very well and i was always you know. he. knew i was you are.
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today the jang siblings a gone to visit their father in prison. they haven't seen him in sixteen months. they are exhausted and nervous. from a heart attack. you know i think.
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we're back. out. here. no matter how we're you know. me you. know. oh no. i have. not got enough.
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wow will that. be. the literary quality you see how i'm. going to show you don't need a also if you happiness is hanging out. in the end. shot of. fusion don't you think. that. the sat down sternly well we are. that it. you.
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know not. not. for. the head to go when we have this. knowledge and had to. go back half. john and his sister would be able to visit they've each year. but sentenced to life you'll always be separated behind prison blocks. oh you one and his mother still live in some village they is slowly getting reacquainted
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and plan to soon move back to their hometown together. the triplets will also be that their mother once a year into she is released in twenty nine tain. college on monday i'm sure but i know that he meant. to get out. there heard. mayor de joria. said and get that clear no. i don't think it did. i don't. think. more than five thousand children have been cared for at sun villages since sujan jank made her vision into a reality many of them leave when their parents are released others remain until late two are adults but as soon as one leaps another at risk child arrives needing
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a home and some hope. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threat this fall opposers at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but. this time those committed by the church.
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has never been this risky. but nothing can stop them in their trucks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the legal route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions generally the more they'll put their lives in danger just to hurt the movie risking it all this time when al-jazeera al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. nothing to journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil war.
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divisions and mental wounds still run deep. as a once exiled tamil guerrilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. i think them and i think it's terrible you want to know the truth i think it's a disgrace. a controversial memo on the trump campaign in russia has released them across washington both sides claim vindication.


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