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journalist you know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations on this. is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters. and then all the countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an open war leader. who pay the price right top being prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. live from studio fourteen. welcome to the next stop the u.n. security council the u.s. decision to recognize israel's capital moved to the united nations the move protests around the world but with little chance of a resolution comes next. president is about to unveil a new security strategy for the united states and china and russia and the process trump says they are strategic to challenge american power and security we will all angles to be in the fall campaign visions because old disputes move because rudy party's leader in the votes being counted replaces jacob zuma ahead of the two thousand and. we will have a live report from. this race. running in schools and some speech and symbols that
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from might hate groups now been several online campaigns to pressure the social media company to crack down on such trades i'm satisfied i need to connect the best online using the hash tag a janie's and. then you'll with a news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live an al-jazeera dot com so the diplomatic fallout over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital now moves to the united nations just a few hours' time the security council is expected to vote on the draw for a solution rejecting it president told trump's decision documents prepared by egypt calls on all u.n. members not to establish diplomatic missions in the city israel has already slammed the proposal as an attempt to rewrite history and the united states is a likely to veto the measure i want my kind of joins us live now from the united nations and like this vote scott to be happening in what three ows all say what are
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we expecting. well it could be happening even sooner what is happening at present within the security council or about to begin is a shared jeweled session on the. mid east palestine this has been on the agenda for quite a while it will be addressed by nicholai mladin off in a special representative for the un to the region but after that session is done then it is likely that the draft resolution will be interested in produced into the council for the vote now as you mentioned this draft resolution has been drawn up by egypt it does not mention the us specifically but calls on all member states to recognize essentially all previous un decisions on the status of jerusalem it also says that any attempts to unilaterally alter jerusalem status should be considered null and void nolen void is the exact term that was used in the last general
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assembly resolution on the status of jerusalem in which it said that any actions there taken unilaterally affecting the status of the city must be regarded as null and void so what we are seeing in this resolution this draft resolution is essential a restatement of u.n. policy on the status of jerusalem for decades nick and mike when the vote actually happens the u.s. a just going to veto it on the. well it would appear so there has been no indication either way from the u.n. representative however most do expect that their veto will we've heard from israel who have rejected and condemned this resolution saying that it is an attempt to rewrite palestinian history despite the fact that it is based on a number of un resolutions will numerous u.n. resolutions however that may not be the end of it the palestinians have made very clear that should the u.s. exercise the veto it will show once again in and for size their isolation if the
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palestinians get the fourteen and the members to vote in favor of this draft but then what they intend to do is go to the general assembly where yes it would be a non-binding resolution if passed however it would further cast a spotlight on the u.s. is international isolation with regard to the status of the city of jerusalem or i might go back with here is a and when that happens and no doubt before as well that one of them need time thank you very much indeed reporting there from the united nations got one facebook message from burqa to lay is this what's the point of the u.n. security council when one country can veto it well officially recognizing jerusalem as a couple of israel puts the united states holds with at least seven u.n. resolutions and one of them is resolution four seven a and that calls on countries with diplomatic missions in that city to remove them it was adopted back in one nine hundred eighty after israel was censored by the
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u.n. for in that thing a law that attempted to take over east jerusalem and the u.n. resolution was passed within fourteen votes in favor and none against and the united states this day and now i just think interesting follow up to that this is from december the twenty fourth that's last year before donald trump was actually president as president elect and the u.n. security council had just voted in favor of a resolution demanding the end. settlement activity and the use of had abstained from the vote so the resolution was passed president donald trump the president let donald trump i should say did not like that and as you can see he says as to the u.n. things will be different after january the twentieth which was the date that he was to become president the scene was set all right so what you think about this story this latest development we want to hear from you tweet us as a journalist or just get in touch via facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid or indeed what's at nine seven four five one triple one four nine and
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newsgroup is the hash tag america for donald trump's presidential campaign theme will now be the centerpiece of the u.s. national security strategy trump will lay out his vision for america stressing the importance of national and economic security he would also take a hard line stance against china and russia in addition to talking about the threat posed by north korea in his speech trump is expected to say that the terrorists today is significantly more complex to achieve then jaring the cold war all right well let's speak to our white house correspondent can we how can he joins us now. from in the details a little bit here what's the main thrust. well the main thrust as you point out is that concern that the united states is facing a new front when it comes to national security threats and combating those threats may not involve traditional militaries and armies but instead working with
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a select tools that in the cyber warfare realm the speech is expected to identify that the threats posed to the united states include a mix of inexpensive weapons and cyber tools we have been seeing this for recent years in the united states not just the twenty sixteen meddling in the u.s. election by russia but also by china and other state actors when it comes to stealing personal information top secret security clearance holders for example in the u.s. government but also banks and u.s. businesses also facing cyber threats that this administration feels are a significant risk so expect that the president when he makes this announcement speech will be outlining those concerns but as well identifying both russia and china kind of returning to a cold war mentality if you will in terms of those threats which is certainly significant given the fact that some of the president's more public statements in
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recent months have been to try and work with those two nations now identifying them as key security concerns service going to be watching to see how those this national security plan is perceived overseas particularly. in russia and children. right and what's significant about all of this is that what it seems to be is a returning to a lot of the statements that we saw on the campaign trail particularly when it comes to this sort of america first ideology something that the president seemed to put on hold when he took office given the fact that we saw him actively work with china's president xi to try and rein in north korea if you will using china's economic influence now we expect that he will in this speech outline a pushing back on china's economic ambitions ambitions rather but also to its exertion of rights in the south china sea and also to when it comes to russia this is quite interesting because he has to this point sort of expressed
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a reluctance to. criticize lattimer putin a russian anyway particularly with respect to its actions in crimea so now we expect that there will be a bit of a departure from that which certainly puts donald trump at odds with some of his more recent public statements or it can be thanks very much for the can we talk reporting there from the white house let's take this on we can speak no to dispense who's a fellow and the director of the new international project of the institute for policy studies in washington d.c. joins us now from the fellows welcome to the program though the troops can be speaking of course of national security a bit to what degree has do you think has national security been home since trump has been in power. oh i don't think national security has been enhanced at all i think that this notion of america first has been translated in the trunk era to a very direct choice of war over diplomacy i think what we're seeing now and what
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we can anticipate in the speech which will be in the next couple of hours is a renewed focus on defining strategic competitors particularly russia and china in the context of exerting domination over them this is not about protection of people in the united states this is about using economic power really as part of a war strategy in this choice of war over or over diplomacy we're also talking about economic more the cause for isolationism that were a little bit part of the trunk campaign rhetoric is long gone the only the only real isolationism we're seeing is on the diplomatic front when we're seeing the u.s. pulling out of the paris climate talks pulling back from the moves towards normalization with cuba certainly trying to pull back from the iran nuclear deal that's what we're seeing isolation it's out of the international consensus that the recent provocative move on jerusalem that we just heard about earlier in your program that
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and a similar kind of move that does not take into account at all of international law or united nations resolutions or the long standing history of what rhetorical he was u.s. policy even if it didn't necessarily abide by those policies vary from it's a little socialist phyllis is going to jump in there we go to facebook comment from from donna who says what's significant is that you cannot believe a single word that this president says or anybody in his administration but if we try and get into his mindset and out of his his in a circle and his inner circle has a great deal of military advice doesn't it. and your this indian war over diplomacy how does that actually work in their moorings in the within real i mean like the first. what we're seeing is a move that he has surrounded himself with generals his his closest advisors are the generals and people like jim mattis general mattis the secretary of defense
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has been very clear about the threat for example of climate change as a strategic threat to the united states that's the pentagon's position in this speech he's going to make very clear that not only is is climate change not listed among the strategic threats to the united states but it goes on to say that the u.s. will work to as they put it counter and anti-growth energy agenda which means let's support fossil fuels so he's ignoring the advice of his generals who are trying to tamp down the military threats that the administration is making what we know i would not try to put myself into the mind of donald trump i don't think that's even possible or if it was i want to make it right we went and we went we would ask you to do that even further than that we wrote out a tied up in it would certainly do appreciate your perspective on this and thank you so much for your time i really do appreciate it thank you you thank. a message of strength that's what the state of kansas says it's sending to the country's
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blockading the gulf nation as it marks its national day the mayor of culture and other senior government officials have taken part in the celebrations it's a commemoration of the gulf countries unification in eight hundred seventy eight but this year's celebrations in the middle of a six month lol crisis in the gulf saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with culture back in june accusing it of funding terrorism a charge of course. has strongly denied let's speak know how to develop he joins us live from doha waterfronts of mohammed it's an important day of solidarity. yes it's been a big day qatar has always celebrated this day this particular time of year but never to this size and this magnitude that we have seen this afternoon for two hours the display of heavy weaponry all types of weapons on and military here on
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the streets of the around the corner here attended by thousands of both qataris on deck spotted communities and also the display that we have seen today never seen before in this country and thus done by design by by design it's not a coincidence they have the house planned well to show to the blockaded companies stopped after six months of blockade help out of the strong both militarily and socially the social cohesion we saw today the tides coming from everywhere. here to the cornice to show their solidarity and also explained to me it's as i have seen never before have they participated with this amount of people lost something of events taking place today and tonight the music on the sports events. and events by exporting its communities to show that they are in one in one hundred they are supporting qatar never seen before as i said so. that's a strong message that the party sending after six months of located it has emerged
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stronger both economically and socially and you know qatar has been importing eighty percent. of its goods from the blockaded countries now it has been able to compensate all of that and to create a new routes and it's like deals with the new partners and qatar has has struck lots of military deals with the u.s. france and the u.k. and it has one to today to show that the blockade has failed and let me just briefly if you would know if you just really a little bit but just just outline for us where we're at with the gulf crisis are we any closer to a resolution. we have been seeing this. huge amount of attempts diplomacy going on for the last six months headed by the enemy of kuwait and also we have to see the american sometimes showing those statements and other countries the french leader has been here none of them across has been
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here just a week ago and he asked the gulf countries to come to the negotiation that we have to see the summit we have seen the summit and the calls during the summit and the failure to house and did in so i mean there is despite the diplomacy and despite the attempts the crisis is not apparently going to go anywhere anytime soon the qataris are very much aware of this now so the policy here in qatar is not we're not relying on those efforts we're not dependent on any efforts to resolve this crisis anymore but we have to strengthen our economy we have to to make the nation . the cohesion of the nation social cohesion both among the qataris and also those reforms regarding the exporting its community here and how to deal with them all of that at the transactions the military transactions and the tools like any other house has done both in asia and also in europe and now in africa in the next few
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days all of that is i mean qatar is no longer apparently looking for now it's maybe it is looking forward but no longer really you know reliant on the possibility of a resolution of this crisis any time soon so for them the alternative is to strengthen the economy to strengthen their society and to wait for probably a surprise resolution to this to this crisis in the core of the harvard thanks very much indeed that's a view from the waterfront here in doha mohamed el reporting and i can tell you the emir of qatar is personal twitter account has been launched on this year's national day. to mean being. is the. human being how it is the handle and hasn't she tweeted yet but will you know tweet when he says when he does it. the votes being counted in south africa are off to thousands of delegates from the ruling party voted for the new leader the new head of the african national congress will lead the party into the two thousand and nineteen general elections
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current president. and. zuma formerly nominated as candidates on sunday the battle for the top job is excluded divisions of course and even threats of a split within the party go straight to johannesburg tanya pages standing by tony we were speaking this is the third day in a row we've been speaking about this we are expecting the results of a long time ago where we are now. we are still expecting them to come on monday we had been told sunday but we are several hours into the day and there are still and now if you like for it to happen there is a big vote count take place it isn't just the presidency that is up for grabs it is the top six positions which they are voted on already which are being counted and there were four thousand and eight hundred delegates so if you like it sort of six different elections and one so quite
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a lot for them to get to and they may need to do the count a couple of times just to make sure if it is particularly tight because they will want to make sure that they are far too in void of any controversy or contain or possible challenges to the eventual outcome so we are still expecting it to come through on monday but unfortunately we don't have a time for its delivery. just tell us a little bit more about what's at stake here and the personalities involved. well those top two presidential candidates throughout the campaign were eventually the only ones formally nominated and coming in it was. he had the clear advantage with four hundred more nominations. her surname zuma. for and against her she kept the name her and president jacob zuma divorced many years ago. has helped her in the sense that she's drawn
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a lot of her support from his really substantial support base and also from the emcees officials. the women's league and the youth league have thrown their weight behind her campaign and she's borrowed a little bit from some of the rhetorical that he uses with quite what some would say a populist campaign she's been very pro pool she's a very experienced politician in her own right. but she hasn't really spoken out at all against corruption which is what many south africans believe as one of the biggest problems in this country and of course her husband has been blighted by corruption scandals for most of his political life on the other side of the fence if you like his deputy president. he has been criticized for not being vocal enough and speaking out against president zuma but of course that would have put him in a difficult position as his deputy but he has been very vocal in talking out against corruption during his campaign without naming particularly he's got
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a very strong business background he's a very wealthy man one of south africa's wealthiest and has a very good head for business and a good head for the economy and for that reason he's deemed to be sort of the more safer ground in terms of improving the fiscus because south africa's growth has slowed it's really only about one percent and unemployment is about twenty seven proceed so many south africans will be looking for the kind of be able to really improve the economy so then lives. trade because that's been one of the big problems the a.n.c. his face this criticism that it hasn't done enough although it has made enormous strides and improving people's lives and it just hasn't done enough to improve people's lives enough to tell you right we may well be speaking again before this newsgroup is over because i can tell you that south africa's a.n.c. chairwoman says that the announcement will be in five to ten minutes time so stand by because as and when we hear it or as of as when you hear it will be
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speaking against a tiny page of time they will leave it there but will be back with you just as soon as that announcement is made of the new leader of the a and c. in the meantime we move on and the u.n. is calling on countries to ensure the safety of people on the move. as a well as the world observes international migrants day the total number of international migrants has increased from an estimated one hundred seventy five million in two thousand to two hundred forty four million in two thousand and fifteen nearly two thirds of those migrants are living in europe or asia and one in every ten migrants is a child under the age of fifteen meanwhile greece is closing some of the refugee camps as it continues with its policy of integration one county north of athens was shut down in early november while many of its seven hundred residents of the move to apartments in athens somewhat to stay put john how has this. while busy continues to store those of the refugee routing to europe in
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a little warehouse north of athens some lives a changing for the better right know yes. i'm. happy now i'm ready to have you have. come a spring. here refugees from afghanistan pakistan and iran run a business making bags and backpacks using old tents and other material from the camp they want lived in i can support my family i take care of my children better as long as i have a job here. i have to stay here lisa campbell founded the ngo that set up this business what it does is give them a reason to be able to stay here because they are safe here their kids can go to school here they have medical care here there are there are reasons to stay angry if you have a job. the greek government has closed
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a number of refugee camps on the mainland preferring to try and integrate refugees into society all that remains of camp is the sitemap and whatever these budding entrepreneurs could salvage this is a pile of beds recovered from a recently closed refugee camp this canvas will soon be turned into designer items it is if you like upcycling of the refugee crisis this business turning a lot of misery into a little bit of hope and happiness made in greece here or at least the exercise in integration is going well so i think it's a great improvement for the area and people can get to know what these refugees and organizations are doing. but lisa campbell knows they're really only scratching the surface of a much bigger problem i want to know that i've done has made a difference in these lives. and maybe the example somebody else can pick up and
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maybe other people can do the same thing to help those thousands upon thousands of dollars. but it's a start and the bags are selling like hotcakes online to whole al-jazeera greeks were a social media producer so how tos been looking at the connection between migration technology would be filled. once upon a time migrants and refugees felt a lot more isolated than those now but along came technology and social media how pink's it bridge that gap now projects like this one connecting europe are trying to understand how social media platforms are empowering migrant women for example it looks at feminist poetry by somali british writer or son shire which went viral has resonated amongst refugees and migrants in the twenty seven year old writes who was born in kenya to somali parents and raised in london now she rose to fame on
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line for being quoted in the singer beyonce as album lemonade now the project found that. an online presence has connected and mobilize women from african and somalis asper in the digital media platforms worldwide on issues of race womanhood and immigration now a mobile friendly website we came across is called virtual volunteer and it's been launched by the red cross and red crescent societies now what it does is it helps migrants access reliable and practical information in that new countries now the virtual volunteer is being used by more than thirty four thousand migrants in greece italy and sweden and it's just been rolled out on monday in the philippines and asked to respond to specific needs of overseas workers and their families now an estimated twelve million philip. migrant workers mostly working in the gulf states are there and that's important for them to access information on their legal as well as of course their health nice now migrants are contributing quite
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significantly to examine growth world wife both both in their house and home countries so much so that they sent five hundred and ninety six billion dollars to their countries of origin just this year alone and check this school out which i found also online our technology is also using location trackers whether it's through your phone to help track migration movements and if you take a look at this map what i've done hare i'm just going to click the cats one now they go this is all the migrants thought heading into cats and if you if i click on one of the costs is there the biggest one they got you biggest number of migrant workers come from india according to this in two thousand and five and if i move if i can move that was those coming in and those leaving their they show you where the categories are living in all the different countries as well now exists despite a call for social media giants to crack down on people smuggling using their power
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forms to know migrants like what's been happening in libya for example social media has actually been integra is keeping migrants and refugees alike connected to their loved ones and helping them access verified information in the words of mustardy she's a syrian migrant living in paris she says in her poem facebook has become our homeland now if you're a migrant yourself and we want to hear from you want to hear your story maybe where you've left or you've moved to perhaps even the challenges that you have faced. a.j. news great leave your comments live on facebook and you can see me at night so thanks very much did a fascinating result think you know you but it's a story we did a couple days ago which suggested e.u. complicity in refugee to be. in libya it's written by john doe he's a news director of amnesty international's europe and central asia program very much worth a read from up there the situation. for our facebook audience so all the love of
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food is pretty up a recipe for peace here for one time at a base in colombia also ahead on the grid we'll look at the new regulations on twitter cracking down on hate and abusive tweets social media companies wiki branding white nationalists who usually use their platform to post racist. hello there we're seeing fair amount of clout on the satellite picture across the middle east at the moment it's all working its way in from the west and gradually tracking its way eastwards and this is a developing feature so there's not a great deal of rain to it all and choose day but on wednesday as it works itself towards the east will see some more heavy downpours begin to develop and a fair amount of snow as well so particularly for some of us in turkey it does look rather wet and to expect
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a few disruptions here towards the east though largely fine and dry for most of us here with a couple getting to double figures up to ten degrees and there's a bit further towards the south and we've had quite a few showers around here in doha just a few but there's been plenty more around the u.a.e. and across into oh man that system though is moving away from us and easing now so i don't expect a great deal more rain as we head through the next couple of days temperatures in doha generally whoring around twenty three degrees at the moment which is seventy three in fahrenheit if you had down towards the southern parts of africa for a fair amount of cloud and rain with us at the moment you can see it here all swirling down and then working its way down into the eastern parts of south africa and this is a region where we've seen most of the heaviest rains over the last day of say that system just pushing its way. and we are at the united nations in new york where nikki haley is the u.n. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. the key holy is dressed in the u.n. security council are there out of reach by injecting itself yet again in between
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the two parties to the conflict by this placing the blame for the failure of peace efforts squarely on the israeli settlements the resolution gave a pass to palestinian leaders who for many years rejected one peace proposal after another it also gave them encouragement to avoid negotiations in the future it refused to acknowledge the legacy of failed negotiations unrelated to settlements and the council passed judgment on issues that must be decided in direct negotiations between the parties if the united nations history and the peace efforts proves anything it is that talking in new york cannot take place a face to face negotiations between the regional parties it only sets back the cause of peace not advance it as if to make this very point resolution two
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three three four demanded a halt to all israeli settlement activity in east jerusalem even in the jewish quarter of the old city this is something that no responsible person or country would ever expect israel would do and in this way resolution two three three four did what presidents trumps announcement on jerusalem as the capital of israel did not do it prejudged issues that should be left in final status negotiations given the chance today the united states would veto resolution two three three four for another reason. it gave new life to an ugly creation of the human rights council the database of companies operating in jewish communities this is an effort to create a blacklist plain and simple it is yet another obstacle to a negotiated peace it is a stain on america's conscience that we gave the so-called b.d.s.
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movement momentum by allowing the passage of resolution two three three four to the united nations shame this is been a disproportionately hostile place for the middle east the most enduring democracy the united states refuses to accept the double standard that says we are not impartial when we stand by the will of the american people by moving our us embassy but somehow the united nations is a neutral party when it consistently singles out israel for condemnation. for decades israel has withstood wave after wave of bias in the un and its agencies the united states is often stood beside israel we did not on december twenty third two thousand and sixteen we will not make that mistake again this week marks the one year anniversary of a significant setback for middle east peace that the united states has an undue
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measure undiminished commitment to helping bring about final status negotiations that will lead to a lasting peace are hand remains extended to both parties we call on all countries that share this commitment to learn the hard lessons of the past and work to bring israel and the palestinian people in good faith to the peace table thank you very much i think the representative of the united states for his statement are now gives the floor to the president. and he was the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley saying that we stand by the will of the american people to move the embassy and more important she said if the vote happens that the you know the united states will veto that vote and just to remind you this is all about the diplomatic fallout over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and in just a few hours time. could be any time now actually the security council expects to
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vote on a draw for resolution rejecting president donald trump decision and the document prepared by egypt calls on all u.n. members not to establish diplomatic missions in the city as i say the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. saying that said the u.s. will veto that vote if it happens and she's also said for decades israel has withstood waves and waves of bias against israel at the united nations but the u.s. has undiminished commitment to a final peace process let's bring in mike hanna our correspondent to joins us from the u.n. so mike this vote presumably coming up what do you make of what nikki haley had to say. yes well nic let's just clarify first for our viewers this is not a debate about the resolution of the draft resolution that egypt hopes to introduced within the coming hour or so this is the discussion previously shared chilled for a briefing by the u.n.
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special representative to the mideast palestine the u.s. ambassador there opting to take her right to speak after the briefing had taken place by a nickel i'm not going off she was referring to a u.n. security council meeting exactly one year ago today in which resolution two three three four was passed and historically the u.s. abstained in that particular vote it was the only time during president obama's eight years in office that the u.s. did not veto a vote pertaining to israel the u.n. ambassador u.s. ambassador making very clear that should that vote happen today the u.s. would definitely veto it the vote was on condemning israeli settlement building we heard there from nikki haley that the settlement building is not necessarily in itself an impediment to peace this a very controversial statement indeed given the u.n. position on the matter but very clearly indicating that she will be vetoing this
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gyptian resolution when it comes to the table others will not we heard from the un's u.k. ambassador and this is what he had to say. the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on jerusalem because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions and. we call on all parties to a new efforts in favor of a long and sustained on a sustainable peace in the middle east that we also cool on all political leaders to encourage everyone to refrain from violence it is only in a peaceful situation that the chances of peace will be maximized and my given this diplomatic impasse of this disagreement is going on at un security
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council and given the fact the united states has a veto on anyway what happens next what are the options. well we've heard from the palestinian delegation that there is every intention should the u.s. exercise its veto to take the matter to the general assembly now there is no veto in the general assembly however any resolution taken there is non-binding and like in the security council so what the palestinians are attempting to do is to keep the glare the publicity spotlight on the whole issue of the status of jerusalem in particular to spotlight the degree to which the u.s. is isolated from the rest of the world on this matter and that is what it is attempting to do or would tend to do should the u.s. wield its veto within the security council but once again being very clear if it goes to the general assembly that vote unlike in the security council is not
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binding on members very much a publicity act by the palestinians in terms of highlighting the isolation of the u.s. from the rest of the world. nikki haley was pains to express that the united states is still a very keen to push the peace process forward that they are going to come up with a so-called ultimate deal and that will come to the fore early next year but given all the as to these disparate views where are we with that process. well we also heard from the french ambassador who spoke to journalists on his way into this regular briefing he also indicated that france would vote in favor of egypt's resolution but he also said though that he was pleased to see the president trying to committed himself to the peace process and that controversial announcement about the status of jerusalem president trump saying as well that he believes that all of these matters are the subject of final status negotiations so the french at least
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are indicating that there may still be a role for the u.s. to play or attempting to soften the blow of the unilateral u.s. recognition of jerusalem as a capital of israel one must remember that other parties have attempted to get involved in mideast peace negotiations we've had france has set up meetings we've had the european union involved most recently russia attempted to get some kind of negotiated track going but for decades now effectively the only game in town has been that by the united states the united states has to a degree pushed away other parties who wanted to get involved in trying to broker some kind of peace process the trump administration very clearly is a publicly committed it says to what president trumps describes as the ultimate deal referring to it rather like a real estate matter rather than a matter of deep political religious and social importance but there it publicly at least is the u.s.
6:42 pm
position it is still going to push towards some kind of negotiation process about how we get there very difficult to see the particularly when the palestinian leadership are not going to meet any u.s. officials given their recognition of jerusalem right ok mike will be back with us as the hours unfold in the minutes unfold there at the u.n. h.q. in new york have a timing thanks very much andy. well we move on to chile which is elected conservative billion and sebastian pinera a new president defeated his center left opponent in a runoff and shifting the country towards the political right it is the second time to. speak to a lot of america it's a. couple of. years back to see to be. yes it was perceived to be tight first actually in the first round it was perceived
6:43 pm
that he would win very easily then it turned out that it was a very tight race but in the end most people who had voted in the first round for the center left and left wing candidates decided to stay home or certainly enough of them to give a very comfortable when i'm at his house right now we have just wrapped up or he has just wrapped up a news conference with the international media he's talking about what he's going to be doing next talking about national unity certainly the market as expected has applauded his victory the it went up seven points today the chilean stock exchange the chilean currency has also strengthen to the dollar and a short while ago we saw a very unusual but very chilly and ceremony take place and that is the president the current left wing president michelle bachelet coming here to this house to have breakfast with being added to discuss the transition this is happened already three times first when first left office when that one and became president
6:44 pm
then when he left she came back then this ceremony happened and then now again he's back at his house and so they're going back and forth in this left right right left situation in chile but what is going to happen next is still a very very big question for this country just how much to the right of us down here to go once he takes office in march nick it's a very big question is the question the all the people of chile are asking which direction it is going to take and what is it going to mean for elements of the economy basically people trying to get food on the table. exactly but several seem to get i think he really won on the on the the premise that he is better at economics than the left the center left wing government that actually is economy has been very stagnated over the last four years but at the same time president actually undertook a series of badly needed or and certainly very popular structural reforms and
6:45 pm
social reforms so pineda has got to find a way to make the economy grow as he promises that he will the market likes him investors like him they say they'll come back to chile now and at the same time not do this at the expense of these social reforms the chileans are clamoring for it is going to be a delicate balancing act sure and how to. fit into the whole scheme of things within latin america. what's very interesting president elect premier has just announced that all of the conservative presidents of the region and also in many of them in europe the president of spain for example the whole have been calling him to congratulate him in fact anyone missing on this list has been president donald trump but he definitely fits into this trend the swing to the right that we've been seeing over the last few years in latin america and there will be several elections in key countries like brazil. colombia coming
6:46 pm
up this coming year and it will be interesting to see whether what happened in chile is going to have an influence on that outcome. thanks very much indeed reporting from santiago chile. now the second general of the organization of american states is calling for a new presidential election in honduras there have been protests off the last month's contested vote between the incumbent on orlando hernandez and the opposition leader salvador nasrallah has this report. on journeys react to the announcements that one orlando hernandez is back as president supporters of his challenger donors round a convinced of electoral fraud. and convinced they can stop an end is from taking office. this is the moment the announcement was broadcast to the nation in computing all of the ballots after resolving all the challenges with the tribunals has got the final results and we make this known to the honduran people in this
6:47 pm
declaration from the president of the republic we have the national party of honduras one orlando hernandez with forty two point nine five percent it was meant to put an end to three weeks of unrest after nasrallah challenge the results initial count suggested the leftist candidate had won then the tally was reversed giving conservative hernandez a slimly. on sunday nasrallah flew to washington d.c. to argue his case for a new election updating his supporters on the way. the struggle continues and will continue or any other things that are scheduled shouldn't be surprised if they are obviously peaceful has back a former president manuel zelaya wasn't so diplomatic he will never leave the electorial court imposes a fraud in favor on one orlando hernandez and violent popular action would change their vote for salvatore. the vote was contained long before it was house and his
6:48 pm
opponents argue he should never have run the one juror and constitution limits presidents to one term but two years ago the supreme court dominated by judges appointed by hernandez rule the term limits don't apply to him then came the allegations of voting irregularities. the electoral observer mission has observed a process of law electoral quality and therefore cannot settle the doubts over what has been announced the organization of american states is calling for a new election the president who named his posse is defiant in. the electoral court as the only electoral authority brings the final and definitive results for that reason the organization of american states or another institution cannot see anything different about the story but his words appear to change a little on the streets where there is no certainty the division between hernandez in this role is increasingly entrenched with more protests planned shallop bellus
6:49 pm
al-jazeera. this is the scene right now the conference in johannesburg. is that fever pitch everybody is expecting an announcement imminently votes have been counted after thousands of delegates from the ruling party voted for the new leader let's bring in tanya pages standing by first time there we heard that there was going to be announcements. about twenty minutes ago. things have been delayed conference where you hear. well exactly the same we are all on the edge of our seats if you like waiting for this announcement of who will be the successor in this highly contested race for the presidency of the a.n.c. not just that but the other top five leadership positions all up for grabs so any
6:50 pm
moment now we are expecting it to come through there's been a lot of speculation on social media already based on the body language of the two presidential candidates on stage but nothing's official until it's official. and just remind us again of the two main competitors are and which way i mean generally speaking with which way. well going into this election it was defeated president who had a pretty clear advantage he had about four hundred more nominations then his rival in. so has campaigned on an anti corruption message that something that most south africans have become really quite sick and tired of under the presidency of jacob zuma he's pretty pro-business he's had a very successful business career and it was deemed by many people to be the right
6:51 pm
man to look after the economy and it is him on that stage that some of the other leaders are coming up and taking selfies with at the moment which tells you a little bit about where they believe the vote has gone his rival in. peps to change by that surname zuma she used to be married to the president and didn't talk a lot about corruption during her campaign but she's a very solid strong politician in her own right she has a long history in the. she lived in exile she's a trained pediatrician she has been a minister in every post apartheid government so extremely experienced a very pro poor but many thought ran on sort of a populist agenda pushing what her husband head her ex-husband had talked about a lot in many of his speeches this idea of radical economic transformation.
6:52 pm
and of those two presidential candidates in any moment now. thanks very much we will indeed be back with you just as soon as that happens it's still people a lot of people milling around in the hundreds in the who may well be that it's going to happen relatively soon but in the meantime let's go to our social media reduces our. twitter changed the rules has actually the social media companies changing its rules to crackdown on hate speech and. abusive content now it's been a long time coming twitter users have had a campaign called ban the nazis and it looks like i just have a bit of an issue that technically been a thing about now and this person for example says if we can see it when i first joined twitter i thought i could handle the nazis after one year i found out i can't please ban them twitter they go they can see just a little bit of the tweet and so twitter has responded and it starts on monday which is today now according to the company's new rules users will be banned if
6:53 pm
they affiliate with organizations whether by their own statements were actively both on and off the platform use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes or use hate for images or symbols in a profile image or profile header and it says you also may not use your username display name or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior such as targeted harassment or expressing hate for speech now most people welcome the move but some are still skeptical on whether it will actually change things now this person for example has tweeted that he wants to be wanting to exterminate jews homosexuals and never was is not a political opinion it's a violent threat we're ready know what nazis want and it isn't free speech i'm skeptical but hopeful for twitter is not see now this person says the rules need to apply equally to those on the right and the left not to have a partisan flavor in order for your site to have respect from or participants now
6:54 pm
twitter facebook and you tube have been many a time to restrict their policies against hateful content they've been a bit slow off the mark but switzer did recently start removing the blue very fake verification tech one that we always see on the side from accounts belonging to white nationalists and this is one of them just not that's not him they go richard spencer if i just move up there now he is the us president of the national policy institute a well known white nationalist. organization apologies for the technical issues are out there but do you think the move will have any effect on you or any or are you skeptical it's will let us know using the hash tag a news group so thanks very much to fix what is coming up to tell us about the day's top sports trends and it's going to make three easy to sling if you're an english cricket for. counting the cost the mouse wins over the fox we'll look at disney's acquisition of
6:55 pm
twenty first century fox and how it will impact on media landscape also net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view like content and making the most of the greeks but some of. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the arab league to get on to the sport itself thank you very much nic well english cricket fans are wishing they weren't talking about this australia has it were claimed one of the sport's biggest prizes the ashes the aussies won the third test in perth and they had to take on salable a three nil series lead just look at this heat map showing tweets across the globe as that result was decided but this also tells you a lot about the who's interested in the series and that's largely only three
6:56 pm
countries australia england and the cricket loving nation of india and the past twenty four hours that there are actually more tweets about this series of from india than from the two competing countries but you can't take the joy away from the. obviously in an ashes series. issue first showing cricket as an english cricket is for that matter. and there's always that added pressure and you know this month a series ashes series as captain in you know i wanted to to make my mark and do something really special and what the boys have done over the last couple of weeks is has been exceptional while that man you just heard from the australian captain steve smith that might be one of cricket greatest ever players the debate that's going on online over the past week after he scored two hundred thirty nine runs right now he averages sixty two point eight nine runs to every time he bats that's
6:57 pm
the second highest average in cricket history international cricket council's own scoring system currently rates him ask cricket's fifth greatest batsman of all time but remember he actually started out as a leg spinning all rounder not prominent as a batter when he voted in two thousand and ten well it's not hard to find praise for steve smith from cricket fans while the why then from his rivals to indian batsman a role he asara tweeting to his ten million followers want to play steve smith that doesn't look like he's going to get out does he well played hashtags ass's australian fan and cameron bird to added i've not seen a player like him bats in a total bubble yet the mr thing at the same time you can actually see his single mindedness hashtag ashes again while english fans as samuel daniel disagrees on his greatness don't be so silly smith with all your rubbish in england well if you want
6:58 pm
to let us know your thoughts on twitter at santa h. underscore a sports story of the school sports i'm also back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i hand you back to nick. sana thank you very much indeed i will do if this news great but says plenty more still to come lauren taylor in london is standing by plenty of news about to happen that seeing he said to the replacement for jake ingeniously head of the a.n.c. is about to be a nazi also developments at the u.n. security council in new york but for us here at a.j. news grid to get in touch with us are all those methods but from studio fourteen here and we'll see you at fifteen t.n.t. when she's to.
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travel often. by trying to use and cuckoo farts frog level. i comes in the. valleys and scotland's. this adventure. discover chops because faraway places consider. going to get these cats i always. you are making very pointed remarks there online the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal or if you join us on sat no evil person just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about
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people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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