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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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scaping a woman. finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism in religion and the struggle to be accepted. al-jazeera tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese and call australia home. once upon a time in punchbowl this time on al-jazeera. protests in palestine as president prepares to recognize that this feud at city of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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and barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london will have the latest on that story from the u.s. in jerusalem and around the world because there has been global condemnation turkey's president and the king of jordan a warning that the move will fuel extremism in other news russia's president vladimir putin says he will seek another term as president in next year's elections and thousands of homes under threat as wildfire rages in southern california. hello thank you for joining us in just a few hours u.s. president donald trump is due to announce of the citizen to recognize drusilla as israel's capital and move the american embassy there it's a highly controversial decision palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank and
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gaza are calling for three days of rage world leaders have voiced their concerns with many warning trump against the move the status of. roessler is central to the middle east peace process though it's been left unresolved in years of negotiations israel claims the whole city has its capital but this is never been recognized by any major player internationally until now herefore says is in occupied east jerusalem and sent this report. for palestinians living in occupied east jerusalem the sudden arrival of winter on wednesday matched the news that the us president was set to recognize the city as israel's capital. this is an insane move that will inflame the whole region because he's attacking all of our values our sacred places and our humanity and jerusalem according to un resolutions is the capital of two states if he does this today he will destroy the peace process that america is sponsoring while some of his colleagues have been publicly welcoming the
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move israel's prime minister steered clear of the topic during a speech to foreign diplomats in jerusalem making only this oblique reference in a video for his facebook page as he drove away as our historical national identity is receiving important expressions every day but particularly today that's moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv was a campaign promise to important trump financial donors such as las vegas casino magnate sheldon adelson as well as trump's core right wing evangelical base president trump leads them more than ever as his popularity ratings plummet jerusalem will remain the capital. trump is certainly not the first to make such promises on the campaign trail but he will be the first to translate them into potentially hugely consequential action before his speech briefed arab leaders which led to this question at the state department briefing. i'm wondering if you can say that the that he's gotten the support of anyone for any decision that he
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might make so again i'm not going to characterize those conversations minutes later the white house press secretary was similarly coolly about the decision. no again he spoke with five leaders that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe. israeli mayor of jerusalem said the embassy move could take two minutes by switching the sign on the current u.s. consulate in west jerusalem white house staff who didn't want to be named later said that was not going to happen building a new embassy would take at least three to four years they also said that president trump was simply affirming what they called reality both historical and modern that connected the state of israel to the city they argued issues of sovereignty would not change and said that not moving the embassy twenty two years after it was required by congress in one thousand nine hundred five had made any difference to the peace process the trumpet ministration remains committed to
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a two state solution they said if that's what both parties wanted us officials have been trying to convey to reporters in washington that the phrasing of donald trump's speech will be all important even after this declaration allowing for final status negotiations to settle the question of exactly how jerusalem might be shared in a two state solution but as far as palestinian officials are concerned this really does mean an end to the peace process with the united states as its chief broker there saying that it would scupper the peace plan offered by donald trump even before its unveiling for the united states has definitively chosen sides are a force that al jazeera occupied east jerusalem. and we have correspondents covering the story from the u.s. and occupied east jerusalem first let's get the latest from kimberly halkett that the white house for us kimberly we're expecting this statement from the president about two hours from now do we know why he's the sighted to make this announcement just shy of a year in office. well the end of the first year in office is exactly why he is
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making this announcement now this is a president that has been mired in scandal from accusations of obstruction of justice to collusion with russia there is still a criminal probe underway there have been four trump associates that have been charged including the former national security advisor michael flynn this is a president very much focused on results has had challenges legislatively and is looking to deliver on at least some of his campaign promises he has often boasted he's done more in the first year than any other president but when you look at that under a microscope there is some issues that remain to to certainly be delivered on of this would be one of them so is harry fossett pointed out this would help solidify that base which has been largely stagnant for the president he wants to try and say that he is keeping a campaign promise but time is running out as the first year in office soon comes to an end we were just hearing that there has been global condemnation and
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certainly concern over this decision kind of reaction has there been there politically in the u.s. and not just talking about his republican base or his party but the democrats as well well certainly there are some very prominent democrats who are cautioning against this that the that there are concerned about the appearances when it comes to the u.s. being an honest broker and trying to negotiate any solution in terms of peace between the israelis and the palestinians but the white house is disputing that saying that this simply reflects the political reality on the ground this in no way will affect that process if both sides are willing to come to the table achieve peace that will still be achieved and this will not alter that in any way of course there are others of course in washington that dispute that the say that this is going to make that all but impossible still the white house pressing ahead the white house press secretary saying that the president who is known for changing his mind on this issue is solid in his thinking. kimberly halkett with the latest from
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the white house kimberly for now thank you and harry fawcett joins us live now from damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem just on the outskirts there of the old city of jerusalem of course harry with all those religious places so vital to so many people how is this decision and this announcement that is coming being felt and lived there. well i think as you saw in that report people here are pretty flomax to this is even being considered by the americans words like insane the fact that it runs contrary to the u.s. sponsored peace efforts over the past decades and that is so such an outlier in terms of the international community this would be the only u.s. embassy here in jerusalem if it were to be to be placed here the other thing that we're hearing from palestinian officials is that this would really demolish any
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chances of the success they say of the trying peace plan even before it is officially unveiled. the most powerful political faction in the palestinian orthorexic is calling for. a break with the united states over the over its efforts as a peace broker so this would it there's a lot of pressure on one of us as well as there is on donald trump from his base he is this elderly president who has not had an election since two thousand and five still there in office and if he were not to to show a sufficiently strong reaction to this unprecedented move from the united states that would be a potentially very politically difficult thing for him as well and as well as the palace in officials as well as the wounds here in occupied east jerusalem who have these vital. religious sites here the arcs of most most most foremost
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amongst their thoughts there is also a christian population here and the christian patriarchs and heads of the churches inside east jerusalem they too have protested against this they've sent a letter to donald trump calling on him to review this decision saying that it would yield conflict and violence and cause irreparable harm so really there is a chorus from here against this this declaration being made but in the full knowledge and full expectation. but nonetheless it will be. hairy for said a live from occupied east jerusalem harry for the moment thank you and now let's cross to gaza and speak to bernard smith was there for us a partner just in the past few months we've seen a reconciliation between hamas which will gaza for years and and that fattah in the reaction to this what have been the differences or how or how do you how do you see the reaction there well to give you an indication barbara as the sums in gaza on the call to prayer echoed across the city from those same mosques there were calls
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for people to come out and protest this expected decision from donald trump there is enormous frustration not just here in gaza but also in the occupied west bank palestinians frustrated that after twenty five years of on off peace talks with the israelis they haven't got them anywhere and now despite the entreaties of arab leaders leaders from across the globe not just leaders to the americans not to recognize jerusalem as the sole capital of israel it's all been ignored so they feel frustrated and angry and the big challenge for the palestinian leadership in the west bank and here in how to manage that hamas is leadership here used to run gaza is in the process of hundred control back to the palestinian authority and hamas spokesman has said that a basset ministration should read itself with the. illusion that rights can be entry achieved through an american backed deal so the challenge for the leadership
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in gaza in the west bank is how to manage the frustration the palestinians here feel barbara. fairness made in gaza bernard thank you. and as we heard from byrne at another's there's been international condemnation of the planned u.s. move the turkish president tried to pay better had warned that it will make the region less secure. protecting the current status of jerusalem is very important and it is important that the islamic world unites and acts as one if any attempt to change the legal status of jerusalem should be avoided no one has the right to play with the fate of millions of people such a move would only help to promote the ill and tensions of the terrorist organizations. well the turkish president made those comments at a press conference with jordan's king abdullah who spoke of jerusalem as being too middle east stability jordan has also called for an emergency meeting of the arab
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league there is no alternative to the stupid state solution and jerusalem is key to any peace agreement and it is key to the stability of the entire region i did reemphasized to the us president yesterday our concerns on the decision to move the us embassy to jerusalem therefore it is imperative now to work fast to reach a final status solution and a peace agreement between palestinians and israelis and this must allow palestinians to establish their independent state side by side with israel and its capital and. ignoring the palestinian muslim and christian rights in jerusalem will only fuel further extremism and undermine the war against terrorism. well still to come here on al-jazeera we will continue our coverage on jerusalem we're going to take a closer look at the key historic moments which have shaped and created jerusalem
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as we know it now. also we're going to be in the paul world voters are hoping to use the ballot box to force real change after a devastating earthquake to end a half years ago. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across southern and eastern parts of china and taiwan is so gently looking fine some showers likely effect taiwan at times but for shanghai straight towards hong kong where the conditions are dry and fine the showers across more central parts of vietnam had to go on through into friday made to see the showers popping up slightly but for how noisy should be dry and fine and it's fine across the rest of indo china for the most part across into asia and here you see the circulation in the bay of bengal region which is launch
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the worst days for the time being so for many areas where the conditions are not looking too bad at least that moment but we'll eventually see some showers pushing into wards kolkata and along the east coast otherwise to me looking fine certainly cooling off for delhi their highs of twenty one degrees moving on into friday a largely fine for most wanted to share a little caroline time with the sri lanka scene some drier weather conditions now across into the arabian peninsula the weather here to me looking fine before last the us when we've had over the last few days of pleasant weather conditions in doha so so looking fine for abu dhabi muscat there at twenty three degrees from mecca medina still remains generally quite pleasant but we have got a front moving down to the north of the could be wanted to showers later on.
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witness documentaries back. at this time on al-jazeera. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a protester is already on the streets of palestine ahead of president trying to expect that announcement that the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and the american embassy there the
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proposed move as also being condemned by world leaders the arab league will hold an emergency meeting on jerusalem on saturday to the scuffs a situation israel claims all of jerusalem as its capital but this is never been recognized by any major player internationally until now. well fighting for control of jerusalem goes back thousands of years from biblical times to the roman empire to the crusades but the current battle for the ancient city is a story that the think plea twentieth century roots about as high of now explains. two major events within weeks of each other in one thousand nine hundred eighteen have in part led to events now first the signing of the balfour declaration when the british government announced support for the creation of what it called a national home for the jewish people in palestine the signing was soon followed by the so-called battle of jerusalem where british troops defeated the ottoman turkish
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army which had controlled jerusalem for centuries after nearly thirty years of british colonial rule the state of israel was created in one thousand nine hundred forty eight after the so-called war of independence with west jerusalem captured effectively dividing the city in half with the historic and religiously important east under jordanian control that changed in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war between israel and arab states israeli forces seized large areas of territory including east jerusalem hopes were raised in one thousand nine hundred three with the signing of the oslo accords which ended the first intifada or uprising and laid out a framework for the creation of a palestinian state those efforts ended in two thousand with the start of a second uprising where jerusalem was the frontline of riots and suicide bomb attacks the israeli government began building the separation wall in two thousand
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and three and continued to approve the construction of huge jewish settlements on occupied land making the creation of a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital increasingly difficult to see now the united states one of the key brokers between the palestinians and israelis is breaking with years of precedent by recognizing all of jerusalem as israel's capital and unpredictable consequences could be the result. well for more on this we're joined by al-jazeera is a senior political analyst sheryl with us in the studio so i mean we're waiting for the speech in two hours but we pretty much know what the president of the u.s. is going to announce we also know he signed a waiver so i mean the embassy is not going to move realistically even if he gets everything going for three years to say so what actually changes with his announcement i think what we're seeing barbara is that his so-called ultimate deal materialize into some sort of you know
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a few signs and signals as to what washington means to do in israel palestine and before i get to the actual plan that we have that's been leaked in various ways it's just important to signal who's behind it because trump is totally ignorant not in general well on israel palestine he's totally ignored and he doesn't have much of a history of much of our knowledge or experience so the american president is getting his advice on israel palestine his speech has been written by these three people it's a trivial one is his david friedman who's the american ambassador to israel and the us is very close a friend of his and a walking partner and there is jason green bought who's a lawyer he was his realistic lawyer and he is his diplomatic adviser and then there is his son in law judge who we all know now as the man leading this thing
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so what's in common between these three people well these are three radical zionist jewish americans who are in fact sponsors of certain israeli settlement activities illegal settlement activities in the west bank so you can imagine you have a trio who is advising leading dictating the entire speech the entire. policy what could come out of it what even if there is something positive coming out of it we know that it is only in order to neutralize whatever hidden agendas or whatever negative is coming out of it so very cognisant of of of jerusalem as the capital of israel. basically takes away the the most important rally for the palestinians for the arabs in the question of israel palestine because jerusalem is more than buildings this war than real estate
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jerusalem symbolizes something that is religiously and nationally profound for palestinians and every new mention about sort of you know what's behind trump decision and from the u.s. side but when it comes to the arab response because perhaps predictably we've heard all this very strongly worded statements but where do you see any of the statements actually going now what to be honest with you some of them are not strong at all and some of them we haven't heard. so i think it sort of varied between concerns criticism and condemnation that if you condemn nations a lot of concern just for example today we heard from the can go jordan concern and concern and of course is the custodian of that well i'm concerned you know i mean the doesn't really lead to much. so while generally speaking out of bleeders are opposed to this step in fact they are humiliated by this step because for the arab street this also underlines what the impression has always
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been is that arab leaders are in the pockets of the american president but be that as it may i think while they might agree on taking a critical response to this initiative that this americans are there i'm afraid they're not they will they're not united in action i mean i'm just not sure whether they will convene next week and if they do convene whether they will come up with an ultimatum to the american presidency in us far as if america does recognize jerusalem as kept in reserve then arab and muslim leaders will take such and such steps it will be interesting that arab league meeting sort of talked about for saturday well my one we're waiting to hear in about an hour an hour and a half from the president and you'll be here with us so you're speaking again and i want to share thank you now let's get some other of the day's news starting in yemen who the fighters have broken up a rare protest by dozens of yemeni women in the capital sanaa.
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have women gathered outside a military hospital demanding a proper burial for ousted president ali abdullah saleh he was killed by the iran back to the rebels on monday after switching alliances to the saudi led coalition who these fired shots at the women causing them to disperse. russian leader vladimir putin says he's going to seek reelection as president next year the sixty five year old has been in power holding the post of either president or prime minister since the year two thousand opinion polls suggest putin would comfortably win a fourth presidential term. there can be no better place and no better reason for making this announcement thank you for your support i will put forward my candidacy for the post of president of the russian federation. united nations members have agreed that plastic waste needs to stop entering the
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oceans ministers at the un environment assembly in nairobi are expected to sign that resolution on wednesday however there is no timetable for the resolution and it's not legally binding catherine soy has more now from nairobi. several resolutions were adopted in these all including the resolution on plastic pollution that called for among other things more collaborative effort and the establishment of a committee of experts to look into gaps and regulations and come up with a framework and also setting up a mechanisms warney tearing mechanisms to measure what plastic is out there how much is being dumped and all this after intense negotiations and producing through evidence that has been presented by santas and environmentalists from across the world on the strength of the commitment and the underpinning data that was referenced the evidence that was used we actually can say that if these commitments
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go forward one point four billion people will actually breathe clean air over the period of these commitments but four hundred eighty thousand kilometers and sound like a lot but it's thirty percent of the world's coastlines will actually be clean not cleaned up but clean and that nearly nine hundred eighteen point six billion u.s. dollars is on the table for future investment in not only r. and d. research and development but also innovation to find solutions to combat pollution delegates i've talked to are generally happy with the progress they see they say that they see a sense of direction policy wise but what needs to be done going forward is stakeholders need to work together and there needs to be commitment and political goodwill from member states because the end of the day for this campaign to be successful it all comes down to the individual member states. more than twelve
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thousand homes are under threat by wildfires in southern california the largest and most destructive is raging in the foothills above the city of ventura that's about eighty kilometers northwest of los angeles the blaze is being. fanned by halt to dry winds and so far burned through at least one hundred fifty structures and fifty thousand hectares of land. in the paul will go to the polls on thursday as part of the second phase of the country's elections more than two years after a devastating earthquake survivors are hoping their new elected representatives will help them rebuild sabina shrestha reports now from camden. political party flags fly tourney outskirts of guttman do reminding everyone of voting day on thursday a series of small explosions in the past few days doesn't seem to have deterred these new parties security staff are watching every polling dates and final preparations are being made not far away is another reminder of failed promises by
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politicians tin sheds that continue to be home for survivors of the quake two and a half years ago one thousand of parties were killed judy my body is one of the millions of people who lost their homes during the quake. party leaders have been saying they're going to help us i'm hopeful i will go and vote maybe the ladies will help me rebuild my house one of those voters this election is about development and it's also supposed conservative in a palace path to becoming a federal republic state representatives are being elected for the first time voting has already finished in the remote. districts. it is the turn of voters in areas where access to polling is relatively easy they're due to close at five p.m. local time when folk counting the entire culture. there are two main political alliances the left alliance is
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a maoist former rebels with about communist party unified marxist leninist the other is the democratic alliance of the party congress and the right of center parties sixty percent of candidates are being elected for a spouse the post proportional representation decides the remaining forty percent the system was introduced into the minorities and the marginalized but critics complain not enough women or minority candidates have been fielded by political parties that mark this is all about call opportunity level playing field for candidates if elections become expensive political party it is money and they are not transparent. must a lot of people will be excluded people who don't have many. men leave him in don't have money people do not have money so they are going to be x. excluded from the democratic process or they would end up just being voters so this is one major area of political reform fifteen million eligible voters will have to
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wait to find out which parties will win a mandated to form the next government the election commission says it will take around a week for the result to be announced. out of syria that amount of. time magazine has named the group silence breakers as its person of the year the women started their hash tag mean to movement that triggered an international outcry on sexual misconduct and assault it followed a series of accusations against powerful figures in the entertainment industry like the film producer harvey weinstein that the annual award is given to a person or group who most influenced the news during the past year. the. now reminder of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is shortly expected to announce
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a controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the american embassy there palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank and gaza are calling for three days of rage the status of jerusalem is central to the middle east peace process although it's been left unresolved in years of negotiations it was partitioned into east and west after world war two but israel has illegally occupied east jerusalem since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven world leaders have condemned the possible move the arab league will hold an emergency meeting on jerusalem on saturday to discuss the situation jordan's king abdullah says the rights of all really religious groups in jerusalem must be protected. there is no alternative to the stupid state solution and jerusalem is key to any peace agreement and it is key to the stability of the entire region. i did reemphasized to the us president just today in our concerns on the decision to move the us
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embassy to jerusalem therefore it is imperative now to work fast to reach a final status solution and a peace agreement between palestinians and israelis will have a force that has the latest from the mask to skate in occupied east jerusalem the other thing that we're hearing from palestinian officials is that this would really demolish any chances of the success they say of the trump peace plan even before it is officially unveiled. the most powerful political faction in the palestinian authority is calling for. a break with the united states over the over its efforts as a peace broker. let's go to yemen now where who the fighters have broken up a rare protest by dozens of yemeni women in the capital sanaa. the women gathered outside the military hospital demanding
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a proper burial for ousted president ali abdullah saleh he was killed by the iran back to the rebels on monday after switching allegiances to the saudi led coalition those are the top stories more news in half an hour coming up next it's witness stay with us. the.


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