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by Cloanto IT srl

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Amiga Forever  is an  Amiga  preservation,  emulation  and support package published by Cloanto, which allows Amiga software to run on non-Amiga hardware legally and without complex configuration. The Windows version of Amiga Forever includes a "player" software developed by Cloanto which seamlessly uses "plugins" such as  WinUAE  as emulation engines, while relying on its own user interface for configuration and authoring. In addition to supporting common disk image...
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Community Software
by Apple Inc.

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iDVD included over 100 Apple-designed themes for DVD menus and submenus, which allowed for the easy creation of DVD menu systems. Each theme included "drop zones," onto which movies or photographs could be placed, some of which could be animated automatically. Any theme could be applied to each of the menus in an iDVD project. [3] iDVD integrated tightly with the rest of the  iLife  suite, as well as with  Final Cut Express  and  Final Cut Pro .  iMovie  projects and  iPhoto...
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