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Videogame Replays
by Electronic Arts

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NHL '97 PCCD Update for Windows 95 Version 1.1 (c) Electronic Arts 1996 Installation ------------ This update consists of two files, HOCKEY.EXE and README.TXT (this file).   Simply copy HOCKEY.EXE into the directory that you previously installed  NHL '97 into (probably C:\NHL97WIN if you chose the default during  installation). Note that this update is for Windows 95 gameplay only.  If you installed  NHL '97 from DOS, please obtain the update NHLDOS.EXE available from the  same source....
Topics: Windows extras, Windows game patches
Game Source Code Collection
by Apogee Software

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Blake Stone: Planet Strike is the sequel to the computer game Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, made by JAM Productions and released on October 28, 1994, by Apogee Software. Source code was released in 2013 to promote the sale of the Apogee Throwback Pack on Steam.
Topic: Commercial Source Code