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CD-ROM Software Library
by CAPS Software

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Futuristic soccer game for MS-DOS. The image file is provided in bin/cue format because the game has CD audio tracks, a feature that is not supported by the ISO format.
Topics: games, dos
CD-ROM Software Library
by DMV Software

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Shareware CD collection of over 200 MS-DOS games. Uses a textmode menu that shows a brief description for each game. The games shown on the backside of the case are Xyphr, Sango Fighter and Pinball Dreams. The games in the screenshots are Robot, Virtual Reality Game and Dschump. Note: The menu cannot be used to start the games. It will just copy the selected game to a hard disk folder, then the user has to exit the menu and manually start the game from DOS. This process is so tedious that it is...
Topics: dos, games, spiele, cd, spielesammlung, ms-dos, shareware, collection, compilation
Shareware CD-ROMs

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Collection of shareware arcade games for MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 / Windows 95. Has separate launchers for DOS and Windows. The first screenshot shows the Windows launcher, the second one shows the DOS launcher. List of Windows games: Ralley-K! CutOut Dodger Mario!!! Mc Fly Paddle Battle Paranoid Per.Oxyd PicBall Pop-a-Hoop Recycle Mania! Richochet Squeezie Turoid TZ-Breakout WinBrick 96 Win-Breakout Champ Kong Gobman Jumpin' Oids Trugg Revenge of Frogger! Quatris III - Sphera Squark Zoop (TM)...
Topics: sharebert, games, shareware, action, arcade, dos, windows 3.1, windows 95