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CD-ROM Images
by Enterbrain

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Contains: Original Untouched "Sim RPG Maker 95 Value!" Disk Image (BIN/CUE) Translated .ISO image as well. Designed for Windows 95-2000.may not work well on modern versions!
Topics: RPG, Maker, 95, Value, SRPG, Sim, Simulation, Enterbrain
Community Video
by Bandai

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Tamagotchi TV is a DVD Menu Game, That was sold as a pack-in bonus with the Tamagotchi V5 Familetchi specifically in Japan This is the Japanese version, for the English version check here : contains a few games some short animations and a shopping channel, all of which allow you to unlock items on the V5 Familetchi using its password system. ISO Dumped by kusatchi1
Topics: Tamagotchi, Familetchi, DVD, JPN, Tamagotchi TV
CD-ROM Software Library

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ISO image of "エンたまの世界へようこそ! CD-ROM たまごっち - メルカリ" (translates roughly to : ) "Tamagotchi: Welcome to the world of En-tama! CD-ROM" it contains a guide on how to use the Entama and e-tamago, that runs in Macromedia Flash Player 7
Topics: Tamagotchi, Entama, CD-ROM, Bandai
CD-ROM Software Library

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Tamagotchi Paint program  for Classic Mac (OS 9), Windows 95-98. and 3.1 (note: Only runs in 256-Bit color mode) have to use japanese verison of windows 98, see Running on windows 10: I managed to get the program to run under Windows 10 Pro x64 using WineVDM (Compatibility layer for Windows 9x applications), just run the install, set otvdmw.exe compatibility settings to 256 colors. and then start TAMAGO.EXE from the CD-ROM :D
Topics: Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Paint, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, MacOS 9