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GEM Programmer's Guide Volume 1: VDI Third Edition: January 1989 OBJECTIVE This guide describes the features and operation of the Graphics Environment Manager..(GEM..) Virtual Device Interface (VDI), the successor to the Digital Research. .Graphics System Extension (GSX..). You can write graphics applications using GEM VDI capabilities. AUDIENCE This guide is intended for microcomputer application programmers with operating system and graphics programming experience. ORGANIZATION This guide...
Topics: Atari, Atari ST, Atari TT, GEM, VDI
GEM Programmer’s Guide Volume 2: AES Third Edition: January 1989 This programmer’s guide has three major purposes: - Introduce a programmer to the concepts and structures underlying GEM Application Environment Services. - Prepare the programmer to write a GEM application. - Serve as a reference guide for the programmer writing a GEM  application.
Topics: Atari, Atari ST, Atari TT, GEM, AES