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Feb 10, 2021 Dave Scheifler

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Uploaded with permission of the author, Dave Scheifler. Part 1 of the JauntTrooper (Doomsday 2000) series. This is the only Windows/PC release of the series. Windows 3.x version It can be played on most 32 bit Windows systems. (not 64 bit Windows systems natively) Personally tested on Windows 3.1 and Windows 98. Version 1.0 Note: To run this game successfully on Windows 3.1 under DOSBox requires a special  DOSBox build. The DOSBox SVN Daum build does work for this game. Version 1.3 Note: Does...
Topics: JauntTrooper, Jaunt Trooper, Mission Thunderbolt, Doomsday 2000, rpg, roguelike, Windows 3.x,...