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The Apple II Library: Games
by Sanctum Software

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Cracked version of Might & Magic: Lava Pits of Aznar for the Apple II. Contains the original side 2 that was obtained online and a fixed version of side 2 that allows the game to be played to completion.
Topics: Apple II, text adventure
CD-ROM Software Library
by Alternate World Simulations, Walt Donovan

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These disk images we made possible by the recovery efforts of the wonderful people at the Computer History Museum (CHM). Download contents:     OrbQuest.pdf The OrbQuest manual/primer     OrbQuest_[CPM-Apple].dsk Bootable CP/M disk for a CP/M ready Apple II The "TERM.CTL" file on the disk was modified for Apple II CP/M screen control codes     OrbQuest_[CPM-Osborne-SSSD].IMD The original OrbQuest disk as recovered by CHM. Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk...
Topics: CP/M, Apple II, Osborne 1, games, rpg