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CD-ROM Software Library
by Hasbro Interactive

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  There's trouble in Candy Land ! King Kandy has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Licorice and has been placed in the palace dungeon ! It's up to to you and Captain Cookie(gingerbread man) to outwit Lord Licorice, rescue King Kandy and save Candy Land. Captain Cookie, must find six candies throughout Candy Land so that Gloppy, the molasses swamp monster, can form into a bridge that will get you across the Molasses Swamp and into the candy palace.     According to the game's instruction...
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CD-ROM Software Library

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  Fasten your seatbelts for a fun and fast-paced educational ride with Lil' Howie voiced by Howie Mandel. This unique and unforgettable approach to learning teaches your children valuable language skills they need now. Features: Enjoy hours of fun and learning with nine interactive educational scenes; Experience more than 100 games, puzzles, riddles, word searches, songs and scary stories; Smart software adjusts to your child's skill level by age and ability; Add words including this week's...
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