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Community Software
Jun 18, 2022 GAIA (HYPERSPACE)

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The MC was used to be just a normal Taxi driver until his life gets changed by opening a mysterious box otherwise known as the Pandora's Box. His current objective is to violate 5 female passengers while no one's there not only in the taxi but also on his house, the park and places where they belong. The targets are highschool girl, miko, vionilist, waitress and OL. This game contains an animation sequence depending on the place where you are with any women you violate, it's such animation that...
Topics: hyperspace (japan), eroge, adv, 18+, nsfw
Community Software
Jun 16, 2022 Petit Ume

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Games nowadays are a huge waste of time and can't be played comfortably. If you're busy and wants a game that can be completed in a very short time, then this one's for you! Play and finish together in a very short time, the story and action are very light. Easy!!! Very easy!!! An action game just for you! Sister Aiko Seto suddenly stands up in front of the MC Ryuto Agisawa and asks him to do her favor of defeating the alien parasites invading the female human brain; He initially refuses, but...
Topics: nsfw, eroge, adv