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Shareware CD-ROMs
by Walnut Creek CDROM

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Originally posted to by MeiMei. Official Slackware96 Linux Release 3.1 ELF CDROM. This is it, the *Official* Slackware(TM) Linux CDROM, created by the author of Slackware.  Linux is a unix-like 32bit multi-user, multi-tasking operating system for your PC compatible computers.  It supports a wide range of softwares, including C compilers, programming libraries, X windows, Emacs, TCP/IP networking (including SLIP/PPP). This FOUR disc CDROM set contains a huge collection of...
Topics: Linux CD, Shareware CD, Linux distributions, Linux utilities, Linux games, DOS utilities
Shareware CD-ROMs
by GES Italia

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Originally posted to by MeiMei. \001A    ASP/ASAD Shareware \005A    C.A.D. \006A    Communications \007A    Data Base \008A    Demo Programs \009A    DTP/Clipart \010A    DOS/System Related \011A    E-Mail \012A    Education \013A    File Compression \014A    File Processing \015A    Floppy Disk \016A    Fonts \017A    Food/Nutrition \018A    Games & Recreation \019A    Games/Hints/etc \020A    Games Scenery/Utils...
Topics: Shareware CD, DOS utilities, DOS games, Windows 3.x utilities, Windows 3.x games, OS/2 utilities,...