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by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, Krantz Films

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This is the complete Spider-Man '67 collection. All 3 seasons and all 52 complete episodes of Spider-Man  are here. Each DVD originally comes (and also rips) as an all-in-one track with each episode (or episode parts) in their consecutive order. I have split all chapters (so every episode/episode part) and have individually titled each. There was no loss or re-encoding in the splitting process, and now it is much more organized! The Insert page is included, as well as a cover image. See...
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CD-ROM Images
by Microsoft Corporation

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This is the ISO of Windows 10 1903, for those not interested in installing a fresh copy as 2004 only.
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CD-ROM Images
by Microsoft Corporation

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These are ISO images created with ImgBurn from clean Windows 7 Professional SP1 install disks (32 bit and 64 bit respectively). These ISOs are English by default. Hopefully these are of use to someone who wishes to create virtual machines, or even install on older hardware! The 3.1 GB file is 64 bit, while the 2.4 GB file is 32 bit. This can be verified by the folder structure:
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CD-ROM Images
by Microsoft Corporation

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Here is an ISO of my Windows 7 Ultimate install disk. It is 32 bit only, it appears to be an OEM disk.
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Community Software
by Microsoft Corporation

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This is the installer for Windows 7 programs such as Windows Movie Maker.
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CD-ROM Images
by Microsoft Corporation

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Windows XP x86 ISO. Created from a spotless disk with ImgBurn.
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