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From the back of the jewel case: What's on this cd rom. - Rise of the Triad shareware version - More than 70 levels for Rise of the Triad - Saved games of the shareware version of Rise of the Triad - Cheats - Editor - Frequently asked questions & answers - Loader - Network programs - Patches - Pictures (viewers included) - RTS maker (sound) - Utilities You must have the original Rise of the Triad game if you want to make use of the extra levels.
Topics: Rise of the Triad, ROTT, Game utilities, Game mods, Game Content
The DOOM Level CD Collection
1996 Action Ware

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From the back of the CD-Rom jewel case: What's on this cd rom, - Cheats - Editors - Pictures (viewers included) - More than 1600 extra levels (WAD files) - Sounds, turn your Doom II game into a real nightmare - Text about everything you want to know about Doom II - Patches for upgrading your Doom II version.   note: you must upgrade from Doom II version 1.2. - Programs for use with Doom II (utilities etc.)
Topics: Doom, Doom 2, Doom II, Game utilities, Game mods, WADS, Game Content