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CD-ROM Software Library

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From the back of the jewel case: What's on this cd rom. - Rise of the Triad shareware version - More than 70 levels for Rise of the Triad - Saved games of the shareware version of Rise of the Triad - Cheats - Editor - Frequently asked questions & answers - Loader - Network programs - Patches - Pictures (viewers included) - RTS maker (sound) - Utilities You must have the original Rise of the Triad game if you want to make use of the extra levels.
Topics: Rise of the Triad, ROTT, Game utilities, Game mods, Game Content
CD-ROM Software Library
1994 Media Products

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Welcome to WinGames vol. 1 - Featuring over 212 games for Windows 3.1 Please note that all games on this CD is SHAREWARE / FREEWARE / PUBLIC DOMAIN or some other form of free distributable software. All the games on this CD are installed into different directories. Use your Windows File Manager, or other file browser to try the games. Use the Windows Drag And Drop interface to create icons for your favourite games on this CD. Visual Basic Runtime .DLL's VBRUN100.DLL VBRUN200.DLL &...
Topics: Shareware CD, Windows 3.x games, Windows 3.x utilities