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From the back of the jewel case: What's on this cd rom. - Rise of the Triad shareware version - More than 70 levels for Rise of the Triad - Saved games of the shareware version of Rise of the Triad - Cheats - Editor - Frequently asked questions & answers - Loader - Network programs - Patches - Pictures (viewers included) - RTS maker (sound) - Utilities You must have the original Rise of the Triad game if you want to make use of the extra levels.
Topics: Rise of the Triad, ROTT, Game utilities, Game mods, Game Content
CD-ROM Software Library
1996 CD-Factory

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Contains: ------------- AIR FIGHT 1.0 Angela's Bug Swat Bad Toys v.1.0 Badlands Blackjack Balru Bingo ver. 2.51 Black dog Cribbage Brain jam Canasta for windows ver. 2.5 Cribbage Pro ver. 1.3 Cyber Tarot v.2.3a Double dynamite Video Slots v. 1.1 Duel ver. 2.0 F18 No Flight Zone Fructus Glass Bead Challenge GoMoku Narabe v.2.0 Gold Monkey v.2.1 Herman Jiji and the mysterious forest Ch.1 Moraff's Morejongg Moraff's Ultra Blast Quatra Command Recycle Mania !!! Riskit for Windows Schlaumeier v.1.1...
Topics: Shareware CD, Windows 3.x games