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Operating System CD-ROMs
Nov 3, 2021 Microsoft

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This is the ISO file for Windows 8 Build 8056 (fbl_dnt2_bus) in 64 Bit. If you are using VMware to install this build, you have to set the hardware compatibility to 9.x. BIOS Date: 07/27/2011 Timebomb: 03/11/2012 Key: H9VCT-63NFW-FWHDR-F4J43-972K8
Topics: Windows 8, Windows 8 Build 8056, Windows 8 Beta
Operating System CD-ROMs
Feb 4, 2021 Microsoft

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This is the ISO File for Windows 10 Build 9883. The ISO is prepatched so you can install it in VMware. MSI setup will not work in this build. This is the last leaked build to use 6.4 as the kernel version. To install in VMware, set BIOS date to 11-06-2014 and disable the network adapter. ;) Info from:  Windows 10 build 9883 - BetaWiki
Topics: WIndows 10 Build 9883, Windows 10 Beta, Windows 10, Windows 10 9883