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Jun 24, 2022 mikeyeldey95

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Unlock the potential of your Sega console with  mikeyeldey95 . Relive the experience of 90s computing and the early Internet in this all-new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. The ROM file is available for free below for all to enjoy. Features: Over  20 original mikeyeldey songs Desktop user interface and Start Menu application launcher 5 Minigames: 3D Maze  – A familiar classic comes to the Sega Genesis. Ambulance  – Arcade traffic weaving game. Ring the siren and floor the gas...
Topics: mikeyeldey95, Windows 95, Sega Genesis
Software Library: C64: Games
Feb 1, 2022 JHB

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The general concept remains the same: the player controls a catapult at the bottom of the screen that shoots bubbles of random colors. When three or more bubbles of the same color touch on the playfield, they are removed, with any bubbles falling away that are not attached to the ceiling, sidewall, or another bubble. The ceiling periodically descends, pushing the bubbles downward. The game is lost if any bubbles touch the bottom. In single-player mode, the goal is to clear pre-set bubble...
Topics: Puzzle Bobble, Commodore 64