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Console Living Room: Sega Genesis/32X
Sep 15, 2022 SEGA

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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine  is a version of Puyo Puyo  with a storyline involving characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog  games. The evil Dr. Robotnik decides to turn the citizens of Beanville into robots. It's up to the player to save them from their doom. The player drops pairs of beans into the dungeons, trying to create groups of four in matching colors. He or she must challenge Dr. Robotnik's robots to a battle and defeat them, and eventually face the Eggman himself.
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Topics: Dr. Robotnik, Sega Genesis
Console Living Room: Sega Genesis/32X
- Tradewest

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Fun 'N Games  presents a mixture of games and applications. The main menu is divided into four sections: Paint A paint program that offers different tools and brushes, a few pre-made backgrounds and objects as well as the option to import figures that were created in the sub-games Stylin' Stuff and mix 'n match. Games Mouse Maze: A Pac-Man-clone in which the player guides a mouse through a top-down labyrinth. To complete a level, all cheese symbol have to be collected while cats have to be...
Topics: Sega Genesis, Fun N Games
Console Living Room: Sega Genesis/32X

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Travel through time along with Ecco the dolphin, in the only game that could call itself a "dolphin simulator". Indeed, you can do pretty much everything a typical dolphin does, including eating fish, surfacing in order to breathe, using your biological sonar and of course, jumping out of the water to amaze your friends. The storyline is actually deeper that one may think by looking at the box illustration. As Ecco, you are the only dolphin who managed to escape from a giant whirlpool...
Topics: Ecco the Dolphin, Sega Genesis