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Console Living Room: Sega Genesis/32X
Sep 15, 2022 SEGA

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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine  is a version of Puyo Puyo  with a storyline involving characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog  games. The evil Dr. Robotnik decides to turn the citizens of Beanville into robots. It's up to the player to save them from their doom. The player drops pairs of beans into the dungeons, trying to create groups of four in matching colors. He or she must challenge Dr. Robotnik's robots to a battle and defeat them, and eventually face the Eggman himself.
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Topics: Dr. Robotnik, Sega Genesis
Console Living Room: Sega Genesis/32X

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Art Alive  allows the player to create drawings. Art Alive comes with over 50 graphics and animations ready to be used in the player's drawings. Use drawing tools such as the pencil, eraser, paint bucket, paint can, line tool, rectangle tool, and circle tool to create original artwork. The game also includes pre-drawn backdrops that can be colored in with the paint bucket.
Topics: Sega Genesis, Art Alive